Miami Cheesecake Factory Suspends Employees Who Allegedly Mocked Black Man in Maga Hat

I’m speculating that the employees who hassled a Florida black man wearing a MAGA cap were black or Latino. White people would congratulate him or at least leave him alone.

By the way, this nog has a hot girlfriend, who’s either Latina or white. Scroll down to see her photo.

Local 10

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Police officers were called to Miami-Dade County Cheesecake Factory this weekend after a man said he was harassed by the staff for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

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Blacks Hold Giant BBQ Party to Protest White Woman’s Police Call on Illegal Nog BBQing

Recently, a white woman called police in order to stop a group of blacks who were illegally using a charcoal grill in a public park. Dat’s racissss, ya know.

Every so-called racist incident these days is just a subtle messaging that the law should never apply to blacks.

If a white police officer or a civilian attempts to bring blacks into compliance with the law, then it’s racist and that white person is going to have his photo on the Internet and possibly on TV. That raises the danger of assassination by a crazed black thug, but does the press care?

The Hill

Area residents had a massive cookout at a park in Oakland, Calif., just two weeks after a white woman called the police on a black family for setting up a charcoal grill in the same park.

Asshole reporters!

The white female didn’t call because they were setting up a grill, but because they were breaking the law against grilling in that location.

Calling the police is a fine thing to do when you see the law being broken, but of course, blacks don’t believe the law should apply to them because it’s racist.

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White Woman Calls Police on Naggers for Illegal Grilling and then … (Video)

Someone plopped a turd in the milkpail in that multicultural paradise that is California.

I do believe the white woman in the video above. It’s hard to picture California allowing charcoal grilling in public parks.

However, the cowardly Oakland police would not shut down the grilling, thus allowing the polluting activity to continue.

Law and Crime

A white woman called the cops on a black family for barbecuing at a park in Oakland, California. After the family confronted her, she broke down in tears and complained about being harassed.

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White Male Cops Risk Lives to Pull Zonked Out, Uncooperative Druggie Out of Burning Car (Video)

I think this one minute video is going to go viral since it’s being featured on several news websites.

The unidentified man rescued is either white or a light mestizo. Since the place is New Joisy, my money is on Latino. As usual, the heroes are white males. Speculation is rampant on youtube that he’s on drugs. The story plays down that angle.

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Owner Blames Woman for Pit Bull Shoe Fetish Incident on NYC Subway

Like some men, the now infamous pit bull who tried to steal a woman’s shoe on an NYC subway likes women’s shoes. I guess if men can have that sexual fetish, then why not a doggo.

All dogs love to find an old shoe and chew on it, although not usually with the owner’s foot inside it.

After watching the video above that shows doggo doing his chew thing, plus two more videos, including one showing the arrest of the owner, I’ve concluded that there are no more white people in New York City. Only mongrels.

There may be pure bred dogs in the city, but pure bred white humans seem nonexistent. So does peace and quiet. NYC breeds conflict. It must be hell to have to live there.

New York Post

The cur collared for assault after his service-dog pit bull chomped down on a subway straphanger blamed the victim as he was led out of a police station Thursday.

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Pleasingly Plump Black Woman in Fight with Second Dark Plumper has Pants Come Down in Burger King(Video)

“The fight was surely a whopper.”

The nice TV news lady made a funny.

Watch the 2 minute video below to enjoy the entertainment provided by America’s amusing colored ladies.

Journal Sentinel

WAUKESHA – A fight between a manager and a customer at Burger King that erupted in full view of the front counter resulted in one arrest on Monday, April 23.

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Police Investigating Pitbull That Mistook Woman’s Foot for Dinner on NYC Subway

There’s a surprise ending to this story.


Police are investigating a pit bull attack on a New York City subway after video footage of the incident spread across social media Tuesday night.

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