The Black Attack: White Female Officer Recovering After Being Stabbed in the Throat by Savage Negress


Officer Jill Kidik was accused of racism by a prominent black official she cited in 2011. That incident could have left her a little bit vulnerable to a surprise knife attack by a violent black woman.

Daily Mail

A woman who allegedly stabbed a Connecticut police officer in the neck several times is being held on $2million bail.

Chevoughn Augustin, 39, has been charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of officer Jill Kidik, 34, in Hartford on Thursday.

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Mestizo Cop Threatens to Kill White Man with Camera (Video)

YOu better watch this. 8 minutes.

A white man with a camera is threatened with death by a cop who points his gun at him for taping.

Muzzie Mom Stabs Daughter, Abducts Pickaninny Sister

The police must have screwed up. Here’s the wanted poster on Twitter.

Muzzie mom has been captured. Here’s the police photo.

So why did the Tulsa police originally publish a photo of a much whiter looking woman along with the photo of the pickaninny?

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Black Panthers Demand ACTION After Video Shows Officer Punching “Teen” in Face at Mall

You want a dead mall? Let black teens run wild and take over.

Watch a TV news report embedded at the bottom of this post showing the arrest of a black teen at Mayfair Mall that’s ignited black outrage.

CBS News

Disturbing cellphone video shows the moment police officers fighting with a 17-year-old in a Wisconsin mall parking lot punch the minor in the face. The dramatic video was captured by a fellow mall shopper, who later posted it on social media.

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Bodycam Footage Exposes Hoax in Black Woman’s Complaint Against White Cop


A dindu female made a video accusing a white police officer of racism. The police released their own bodycam video showing that she did not accurately describe her encounter with a man in blue over a speeding ticket.

TNB. Every encounter with a white police officer is racist, since there’s one race that routinely fails to follow the rules.

Her video and the police bodycam video are embedded in the story.

Fox News

A South Carolina woman who said being pulled over for speeding by a “white cop” was a “traumatic experience” is having her story questioned after police body camera footage from the incident showed a less intense series of events unfolding.

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Yale Dinduess Complains of Racism When Cops are Called After Confrontation with White Female Student

A white female attending Yale University (possibly a Jew) called police when she saw a strange black female sleeping in a common area of a dormitory.

Personally, I prefer people who mind their own business, but the girl who called the police may have had good reason. The CNN story only reports the African female’s side of things. I guessing that the white female is laying low in fear of being kicked out of school or having his butt kicked by angry Negros.


A white person voices suspicions about an innocuous person of color. Police are summoned. And the encounter is posted on social media, sparking outrage about racial profiling.

I guess I’ve been racially profiled too. I was told by local police to leave the library’s patio when working there after hours, posting on this site.

Have you been racially profiled by the police?

A person I know has had their home raided by police several times. Each time they found nothing illegal. That person is white.

When police receive a call from someone they have to respond.


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President of Nordstrom Rack Personally Flying to St. Louis to Apologize to “Teens”


Have you ever heard of a company president flying to see a white person to apologize for a company mistake?

Neither have I.

But the sacred Negro is different. The gods must be appeased or the earth will erupt with lava flows and thunder and lightning.

You won’t believe the disgusting cucking done by the company president. Scroll down to read a faggoty fags groveling.

CBS News

BRENTWOOD, Mo. — The president of Nordstrom Rack was to fly to St. Louis to personally apologize to three black teens falsely accused of theft at the chain’s Brentwood Square store, reports CBS St. Louis affiliate KMOV-TV. Mekhi Lee, Dirone Taylor and Eric Rogers II were shopping for prom clothes when they started noticing several of the employees watching them and following them around the store.

Nordstrom Rack is one store that’s going to be robbed blind now. The question is whether the invitation to blacks to shoplift will be enough to drive the company out of business. The company president is a moron.

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