Black Teen Kenneka Jenkins Death in Hotel Freezer Ruled Accidental by Police, as Family Hints at Conspiracy


There’s no way that the freezer door seen in the photo below could be mistaken for an exit or anything other than a freezer door.

Yet teen Kenneka Jenkins apparently wandered into the freezer, closed the door, and then subsequently died of hypothermia.

Her family is skeptical of that scenario. It’s possible that someone could have pushed her into the freezer, either as a practical joke or out of pure meanness.

Police say her demise was an accident. What say you amateur sleuths?


Police in Chicago have closed the investigation into the death of the 19-year-old who was found dead in a hotel freezer in September.

On Friday, authorities ruled Kenneka Jenkins’ death accidental and released photos, surveillance videos, audiotapes, and a timeline of events leading up to the teen’s death.

Jenkins was last seen in the early hours of Sept. 9 at a party on the ninth floor of the Crown Plaza Hotel and was reported missing that afternoon, according to Rosemont police. Police found her body inside a hotel freezer shortly after midnight on Sept. 10.

Authorities previously said the teen died of hypothermia due to cold exposure in the walk-in freezer. They also noted that alcohol intoxication and the use of a drug for treating epilepsy and migraines were also “significant contributing factors.”

“The death of any child is tragic; but the death and circumstances surrounding Ms. Jenkins are especially sad,” the police chief said.

Ah yes. So tragic.

Hotel surveillance video that was previously released showed the 19-year-old stumbling through the hallways of the hotel and eventually into the kitchen, but never show her walking into the freezer as there was no camera pointing toward that direction, police said.

Authorities have now released an entire timeline of what they believe happened leading up to Jenkins’ death. After leaving her home on the west side of Chicago at 11:30 p.m. on September 8, Jenkins showed up to the hotel party in Rosemont.

The teen’s death initially sparked rumors and conspiracies of foul play, but police have said in their report that there is “no evidence” suggesting that the death was not accidental.“While there were many theories, rumors and much speculation floating around social media regarding the death of Ms. Jenkins, none were supported with facts. While all leads and theories were investigated by our department, what we have reported throughout the investigation and again, today, are facts,” the report said.

Lawyers for the teen’s mother said graphic photos that police released on Friday of the teen lying face down in the freezer, covered in dirt, and without a shoe, “raise more questions than answers.”

Darwin award or foul play? The police have ruled Darwin Award. It would take some kind of stupid to end up frozen like Kenneka.

It’s possible.

Cops investigating racist video that shows students simulating sex

White youths acting stupidly captured their stupidity on Snapchat footage.

White boys on a middle school football team are seen in a hazing type of activity that involved demeaning black youths, who also are apparently on the team. Watch a TV news report, above, that shows some of what went on, along with condemnation by black parents.

Rather than engage in foolishness, racially aware white youths should practice racial solidarity, helping each other advance in school so that as adults they can gain control of the legal system, higher education, and the entertainment industry. We’re in an undeclared race war and we need leaders at the top in government and industry who reject egalitarianism.

New York Daily News

Police are investigating clips shared on Snapchat that see white student athletes from a Virginia school pinning down black students and simulating sex while shouting racially charged comments.

Parents were outraged over the incident, which occurred in the Short Pump Middle School locker room on Oct. 13, while advocate groups have called for a federal investigation, KSLA reported.

The clip in question starts off with a simple question: “Ever wonder what happens in a football locker room?”

A football player’s parent — who was not identified — told WTVR all the black football players were held down on the floor while their white teammates “dry humped them” and shouted racist comments.

“What’s up with you blacks,” one student can be heard saying in the video.

Another says: “We gonna f— the black outta these African-American children from Uganda.”

In an open letter to parents, officials explained the school had been aware of the video since Monday, prompting many to wonder why they waited so long to take action.

Principal Thomas McAuley called the actions in the Snapchat clips “appalling, disturbing and inexcusable,” adding he hopes to put procedures in place to prevent such things from occurring again in the future.

“We will include staff, parent, administrator and student representatives in this dialogue,” the letter reads. “Our hope is to use this very unfortunate event as a meaningful learning opportunity.”

The Short Pump Middle School football team has already forfeited the rest of their season in light of the footage. And while they will no longer play any other games this season, officials said they will continue to hold practices.

Outrage Building as SC Police Taser 86 Year Old Combative Negro, Putting Him in Intensive Care


No, the outrage isn’t because a Negro had the nerve to attack police officers, whose race has not been verified. The outrage is because the police used a taser on him.

I guess next time, to save trouble, they should just shoot the SOB?

According to Albert Chatfield’s fambly, he dindu nuffins.

Herald Online

An 86-year-old South Carolina man was in intensive care Thursday after being shocked with a Taser by a Kingstree police officer during a traffic stop, according to an attorney representing the motorist.

Albert Chatfield was taken to McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence on Monday with a broken nose, lacerations to his face and head and bleeding in three spots on his brain, said state Rep. Justin Bamberg, an attorney who is representing Chatfield.

Kingstree Police Chief James Barr Jr. said an officer used the Taser after Chatfield exited his vehicle, began yelling at officers, and started stepping backward towards traffic.

Officers stopped Chatfield after a 911 caller reported just before 8 a.m. Monday that a driver in a white SUV was tailgating a car and not allowing the driver to turn, Barr told The State newspaper on Thursday. Two officers in separate patrol cars spotted Chatfield’s white Ford Explorer in the town limits.

Barr said he would not identify the officers involved, citing the ongoing investigation. However, officer Stephen Sweikata wrote in an incident report that he pursued Chatfield. A copy of the incident report was provided to The State newspaper.

Chatfield is black. The report does not indicate the race of the two Kingstree officers.

Sweikata saw Chatfield’s SUV and started to make a U-turn to follow him, but Chatfield made a U-turn to avoid the officer, the report states.

“Mr. Chatfield took them on a quarter-of-a-mile chase before he stopped,” Barr said. “Once his vehicle came to a stop, he jumped out of his vehicle and headed toward law enforcement in a rage. Officers were giving him commands to stand down and stop.”

Chatfield continued yelling at the officers on the side of the road and “took up a fighting stance” against Sweikata, the report states.

“He was just hollering, really not making sense,” Barr said.

Sweikata deployed his Taser on Chatfield, with the prongs striking Chatfield in the chest and rib areas, the report states. Barr said the officer shocked Chatfield for one five-second cycle.

Chatfield fell onto his back, was handcuffed and moved away from traffic, according to Barr and the incident report. He appeared to be disoriented but was still responsive and communicating when EMS arrived, Barr said.

The incident report describes Chatfield as 5-foot-9 and 173 pounds. When asked why the officers did not physically subdue Chatfield, Barr said the Taser was the last resort because of Chatfield’s stance toward officers and the danger he posed to himself by stepping closer to traffic. No charges have been filed.

Bamberg, the attorney representing Chatfield, said his client was not armed and never fought with the officers.

“Unless the officers reasonably felt that Mr. Chatfield was a threat of serious bodily injury to themselves or to a third party, they should not have tased him in the first place,” he said.

He noted that the incident report says Chatfield was “walking/jogging” backward in the lanes of traffic, and questioned how he could be aggressive with officers if he was backing away from them.

“It’s my understanding he was never close enough to touch anybody, nor did he act like he was about to attack anybody,” Bamberg said. “He just wasn’t listening.”

Chatfield was taken to Williamsburg Regional Hospital and later airlifted to McLeod Regional Medical Center.

At McLeod, Chatfield was put into a medically-induced coma, which he is now out of, Bamberg said. He cannot talk beyond mumbles and groans, and has a pacemaker which doctors are still testing to see if it was damaged by the Taser.

“Him being tased did not cause the medical condition that he was having,” Barr said. “He was having some preexisting conditions that the family knew some of.”

Chatfield’s daughter told a doctor at Williamsburg Regional that her father “had acted out with her” Saturday, and that she believed he was not taking his prescribed medication, according to the police incident report.

“At 86 years old, he’s in his right mind most of the time but he will also have periods of confusion or paranoia,” Bamberg said. “That is what they are referring to with regard to his condition.”

Each officer was wearing a body camera that was working and activated during the traffic stop, Barr said. There also is dashcam footage of the incident, he said.

Barr said no footage will be released while the case is under investigation. The State newspaper has requested a copy of the footage under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

Kingstree, a town of about 3,200 residents, is located about 80 miles east of Columbia.

Slant Teen “Dr. Kitty” Botched Illegal Plastic Surgery on Woman’s Face, Police Say


It’s Canada. Dr. Kitty won’t be deported if she’s convicted.

Toronto Star

Police have arrested a 19-year-old Toronto woman who allegedly offered plastic surgery in an unlicensed basement medical clinic through “discreet” advertising placed in at least one local restaurant.

Jingyi “Kitty” Wang was taken in by the Toronto Police Service on Friday, Oct. 13, and charged with aggravated assault after receiving a complaint from a woman who developed a serious infection after responding to an ad proffering the services of a “Dr. Kitty” and undergoing a cosmetic facial procedure beneath a private home in the Bayview Ave. and Sheppard Ave. E. area. The victim had to seek the services of a licensed plastic surgeon to cure the infection and also required corrective surgery, police say.

The unfortunate patient reportedly underwent a surgical procedure for “face filler,” Toronto police spokesperson Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said on Sunday evening. The victim has not been identified, but Douglas-Cook said she believes she is a young woman “close in age” to the accused.

The ad touting Dr. Kitty’s services — “very vague in terms of what was being advertised,” but allegedly featuring a barcode that interested parties could scan with a cellphone for more information — was apparently placed in a restaurant in the Yonge and Finch area in April 2017, raising concerns that there might be more of them out there and that more people might have responded.

“Who knows how many other establishments this ad is placed in?” Douglas-Cook said. “It’s quite discreet how it is, so there’s a possibility that there may be others and a very high likelihood that there may have been others who would have responded to this ad and sought the services of this person.”

Wang was arrested Friday after police raided the alleged basement clinic at Bayview and Sheppard E. She appeared in court Saturday. Details on when her next appearance will take place were unavailable on Sunday evening.

You have to suspect the victim in this story is another Asian. Which raises the legit question about how “superior” and smart these people really are.

Plastic surgery in a basement? By a teen?

No thanks.

Canadian Police Expose Hoax in case of Nonwhite Woman Who Claimed Racist Death Threats Against Her


A white man was fired from his job after Nimra Amjad, pictured above, accused him of making racist threats toward her.

The only thing is that it appears she successfully perpetrated a hoax.

The repulsive Canadian police should be arresting her sorry a**, but instead are letting the matter drop.

Read the story and you’ll see why having a Facebook account is a bad idea.

Police drop investigation as story of racist death threats against Calgary trustee candidate unravels

A Facebook account posted threats against Nimra Amjad in August, but it appears the wrong person was blamed

The man whose name and photo were connected to online racist death threats against a Calgary school board trustee candidate says not only did he not do it, but he dated the woman he’s accused of targeting.

Now, Calgary police confirm their hate crimes unit is no longer investigating the comments Shawn Street allegedly made to Ward 3 and 4 school trustee candidate Nimra Amjad back in August.

“I did not do this, I had nothing to do with this in any way shape or form,” said Street, who was fired from his job following the media attention and public outrage around the story.

Street says he was told by Calgary police that Amjad was uncooperative with their investigation, refusing to provide a statement and failing to return the investigator’s phone calls.

Police wouldn’t go that far, but did say when the investigator asked Amjad for further information, it “was not immediately provided and the complaint was then withdrawn.”

“Investigators are respecting the wishes of the complainant and the case has now been closed,” said CPS in a written statement.

An email chain forwarded to CBC News by Amjad shows the lead investigator, Cst. Craig Collins growing impatient with the alleged victim.

The day after she cancelled a meeting with him 20 minutes before it was supposed to take place, Collins tells Amjad that he has “spent a considerable amount of time and effort in conducting this investigation, which the Calgary Police Service takes very seriously.”

“I note that you have utilized the media in regard to this incident …This investigation is reaching Day 6, and you have not provided any formal statement to the police, despite numerous attempts by the police to obtain your statement.”

Amjad’s story changes

In an interview with CBC News, Amjad changed her story numerous times.

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British Father Talks About Murdered Mudshark Daughter’s Toxic Relationship with Sikh Boyfriend

The Sun

A YOUNG woman has arrived home to a nightmare scene.

Her flatmate, 24-year-old Alice Ruggles, is lying in a pool of blood. Her throat has been slit from ear to ear.

The friend, Maxine McGill, dials 999 and sobs down the line: “Oh my God, she’s dead, she’s dead.”

She has discovered Alice lying on the bathroom floor in the home they share in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

As the call comes in, officers turn on their body cameras and start filming. Emergency services arrive and perform CPR on Alice, but she is pronounced dead shortly after.

During the call Maxine identified a suspect, Lance Corporal Trimaan ‘Harry’ Dhillon whom she calls an “absolute psychopath.”

Back in the major incident room at the police station, an officer plays the detective chief inspector a recording of a phone call Alice made to police 11 days before her murder.

She can be heard saying: “I split up with my boyfriend about three months ago. Since then, I know that he’s hacked into my Facebook and also my phone. And then tonight I had a knock on my door and there was no one there. It happened again two or three times.

“He’s left some flowers and chocolates on the outside windowsill.

“I’m concerned. My friends have been telling me to call the police. I’ve been putting it off but I just feel a bit shaken up tonight.”

Asked her ex’s name by the officer she replies: “Harry Dhillon.”

At 3.24am on Thurs day morning, their suspect is brought into Forth Banks Police Station in Newcastle.

The rest of the story at The Sun describes how quick police work was able to gather sufficient evidence to arrest and ultimately convict Dhillon, who is identified as having a Sikh background. features Alice’s father, Professor Clive Ruggles, condemning police for not doing something to PREVENT Alice’s murder.

It may be presumptuous of me for saying this but I assume her father did nothing to prevent her murder either.

What I’m talking about is a warning to Alice throughout her childhood to stay away from nonwhite males.


Speaking about his daughter’s death, Professor Ruggles said: “I think procedures let her down. There were many things that happened when she eventually contacted the police.

“The first thing that let her down was her being unaware of how much danger she was in in the early stages. By the time she really did ring the police there were hundreds of messages, he was bombarding her on the phone. He was controlling and obsessive.

“The event that really pushed her into being persuaded to call the police was there was a knock on her window. She was in a ground floor flat at midnight and when she opened the windows he was there outside and placed some chocolates an flowers on the window sill and was backing off.

“How could that have done anything but scare her to death?”

Alice’s family has set up The Alice Ruggles Trust to raise awareness of stalking and campaign for improved legal measures to stop it.

Professor Ruggles said: “We have to raise awareness. People don’t often realise they’re being stalked or how serious it is. Stalking is a word we use in a jokey way, it’s serious. We’ve got to help people raise awareness and let them know there is help out there.

“We’ve also got to work with the police and CPS to improve procedures. We don’t want to blame anyone but we want to see procedures changing.”

White dads must also have the guts to warn their daughters to avoid sand groids.

Dhillon has been sentenced to 22 years for the murder.

Dindu Down: Highway 80 Police Shooting Captured by Helicopter Cam (Video)

A “respectable” black business owner was the prime suspect in a murder. He led police on a long chase before the fool decided to jump from his vehicle and start shooting at a small army of cops.

In a split second, he was swiss cheese.

Just remember he dindu nuffins.

When do the riots start!

Scroll down for your choice of videos of the incident.

SF Gate

A driver killed by police officers after a freeway chase and standoff on Interstate 80 in Emeryville was identified Thursday as a 45-year-old man who chauffeured wine tourists around the Napa Valley and was wanted in connection with a killing nearly two years ago in Fairfield.

Demilo Trayvon Hodge, a San Leandro resident who owned Executive Excursion Limousine Service in Napa, died Wednesday morning after he was shot by Richmond and Fairfield police officers, an incident that shut down the freeway during the heart of the commute.

Videos of the standoff that emerged Thursday showed that Hodge disobeyed police commands to surrender before rushing out of the black sport utility vehicle he used for winery tours while pointing what appeared to be a handgun at the officers. Hodge fired at the officers, Emeryville police officials said, and they responded with a barrage of more than 30 shots.

Hodge was wanted on suspicion of murder in connection with the shooting of 68-year-old William Freeman in Fairfield on Dec. 10, 2015, said Lt. Robert Lenke, a Fairfield police spokesman. Detectives had been trying to solve the case since Freeman was found dead in his Sunset Court home during a welfare check, and they only recently obtained an arrest warrant for Hodge.

On Sept. 8, Fairfield police released sketches of two men believed to be linked to Freeman’s death, but they did not discuss a possible motive for the slaying. Efforts to reach Freeman’s family were unsuccessful.

According to state records, Hodge was in and out of prison between 1999 and 2004 after being convicted for making criminal threats in Santa Clara and for stalking in San Mateo County, and then repeatedly violating his parole.

News of his death in a gunfight with police shocked many of his friends and business associates.

James Smith, 68, a neighbor of Hodge’s father in East Oakland, said Hodge was devoted to his father, had at least one daughter he spent time with and was proud of overcoming his past troubles to become a businessman. He was determined, Smith said, not to go back to prison.

“He was getting his life together,” Smith said. “When he was younger, he was mixed up with the wrong crowds.”

Hodge had worked as a beverage delivery driver and ran a reptile business before deciding to branch out on his own. He got into winery tours through Brian Sayles, who operates a similar service. Reached by phone Thursday, Sayles said he was stunned to learn his friend, a “good guy,” had been killed.

“I just want to breathe,” Sayles said. “The guy that I met was not the guy that I saw on TV.”

On social media, Hodge posted numerous photos of tours he led to Napa Valley wineries, often featuring smiling bachelors and bachelorettes. In a May 2016 interview with the Napa Valley Register, Hodge said helping clients made him “feel good,” adding, “It’s like therapy to me. It makes me appreciate my life.”

In the article, Hodge said he had plans to become a mentor for youth. He said Brent and Bridget Cudd, owners of the Best Western Plus Inn at the Vines, “really took care of me when I first came to Napa and had some hard times. They carried me when I was almost on my last leg.”

In a phone interview Thursday, Bridget Cudd said she had met Hodge through a mutual friend. “I’m still in shock about all that’s happened,” she said. “He seemed like a very good, kindhearted man.”

The standoff and shooting on the freeway happened after Hodge was spotted in Richmond and tried to flee police, who disabled his SUV with a spike strip, officials said. The incident is under investigation by Emeryville police and the Alameda County district attorney’s office.

One video showed Hodge’s black Chevy Suburban at a standstill on westbound I-80 near the Powell Street exit as a dozen or more law enforcement vehicles surrounded it. Some officers crouched behind their cars with weapons drawn. The encounter lasted more than 20 minutes, and police tried to persuade Hodge to surrender, even speaking with him on his cell phone.

The SUV began to slowly creep along the road despite warnings from officials. The car stopped, and a police official asked Hodge to place both hands out of the window, while opening the door with the handle on the outside. He raised both hands, which at that time appeared empty, then placed them back in the vehicle.

At a couple of points, popping noises can be heard on the video, but Emeryville police could not say Thursday whether the sounds represented gunfire, less-lethal beanbag rounds fired by officers, or something else. Hodge did not appear to be wounded before emerging from the SUV and allegedly firing upon the officers.

Take a quick look at how to make Swiss cheese on Twitter, or scroll down past the Tweets to watch an eight minute youtube.