Mexican vs. Mexican: Video of El Paso Cop Pointing Gun at Violent Children Goes Viral

A group of El Paso, Texas beaner youth acted exactly like NIGGERS on Thursday, cursing and threatening a cop and then claiming that they dindu nuffins.

The cop is being roundly condemned on social media and is under investigation.

Ironically, the cop isn’t white, but rather it’s easy to see that he’s a Latino too. Some of the bean parents are active in calling the cops “pussy ass nigger,” and other sh*t.

The video of the incident went viral on Facebook. It’s no longer there, but it’s embedded in a Tweet at the bottom of this post.

The goal of the left is to completely eliminate policing, while decriminalizing almost every crime. The left thrives on chaos and that’s part of the legacy of Obama, who gave nonwhites permission to disobey the police. Ultimately, the left wants a tyrannical police state based on leftist principles. That would include flooding every American city, town, and village with howling mobs of beaners, such as those seen in the video.

El Paso Times

A video showing an El Paso police officer pointing his gun at a group of children has gone viral, with more than 2.7 million views on Facebook.

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Bikinied Nagger Slammed by Texas Cop Breaking Up ILLEGAL Pool Party Gets $148,000 Settlement


Heroic Officer Eric Casebolt was one of what appear to be a dozen police officers called to break up an illegal black teen pool party that was being held on private property without permission.

Hundreds of black teens scattered when the cops arrived. Then they decided to hang around the scene and mouth off.

In other words, TNB.

I counted 13 posts on this site in the summer of 2015, using the search box above and search term *casebolt*. You can watch the brave officer dispensing obedience lessons in the video embedded below.

It was disturbing when everyone in the world attacked Casebolt and he was forced to resign for doing his duty.

Now, the mouthy 15 year old nagger bitch he took down has collected a large settlement resulting from her lawsuit.

The sheboon says she’s going to celebrate by throwing another pool party.


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Jewish Princess Arrested on NJ Beach Goes on Media Tour Defending Herself


Emily speaks to a very sympathetic interviewer:

The comments seen at the source site say that Emily Weinman’s effort to convince the public that she’s not an entitled JAP have failed.

The police bodycam video clearly show her refusing to comply with lawful requests, followed by spitting and kicking when police tried to arrest her.

Let’s chalk up her media appearances as another example of Jewish chutzpah.

Excerpt from

The 20-year-old woman who was punched in the head and wrestled to the ground by Wildwood police during a Memorial Day weekend arrest isn’t offering any apologies and says she suffered neck, back and emotional injuries.

The interview came a day after a prosecutor announced officers involved in the violent confrontation would not be charged.

Here’s the video that initially sparked outrage toward the police:

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Diddy Drops NFL Ownership Interest: “I don’t want to oppress black men.”


Good news. Negro hip hop artist Sean “Diddy” Combs did not win with his bid to buy the Carolina Panthers NFL football team.

More good news. He’s no longer interested in owning an NFL team.

As an owner, he claims he would have to “oppress black men” because of the NFL’s new wimpy policy on player behavior during the playing of the National Anthem.

Only the sacred Negro gods would claim that a million dollar a year salary and fan adulation is oppression when it’s combined with a requirement to behave just a little during the three hours a week you’re in the stadium.


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Facing a Black Player Boycott, President Trump CANCELS White House Visit of Philadelphia Eagles Over Disrepecting National Anthem

LOL! Trump just said to the NFL’s protesting negros, F U.

This is great news. No president that I can recall since Kennedy or Johnson at least has had the balls to stand up to asinine afro nonsense.

Democrats are having a fit.

While the Eagles rarely if ever kneeled, the team stayed in the locker room during the playing of the National Anthem. Kneeling or staying in the locker room is fine with the Democrats.


The Philadelphia Eagles will not be attending a ceremony at the White House to honor their February Super Bowl victory, according to a statement by President Donald Trump.

The decision comes a day before the event was to occur.

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Two Florida Cops Suspended for Hitting Handcuffed White Man on the Ground


Watch cell phone footage of the arrest:

One white and one Latino officer have been suspended while an investigation into excessive force and police brutality is conducted.

The media reports that the suspect had only one handcuff on his wrists as he was being hit, so it’s questionable to claim he was under control.

Dunkelberger was not seriously injured. You can see the officers holding back as they tried to get the suspect’s attention via blows with their batons.


HALLANDALE BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have released surveillance video that shows a different view of the controversial arrest of a man in Hallandale Beach.

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3 Cops Charged with Assault for Punching, Siccing Police Dog on Crazy Nigger Standing in Middle of Highway


The plan by the (((powers that be))) to drive white men out of police work took another step forward when three of the officers who arrested Kyron Dwain Hinton, above, were charged criminally for their actions.

As usual, we have a nog who refuses to obey lawful orders. He’s literally standing in the middle of a busy highway daring motorists to run him over. Naturally, police would want to deal with this extreme safety hazard as rapidly as possible.

Watch the full 12 minutes of video of the incident in the video embedded below.

News Observer

Video by police and bystanders across the country have opened a window on questionable use of force — with guns, Tasers, hands, fist and feet.

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