Britain’s Sun Features Photo Essay on Primitive Monkey-Eating African Baka Tribe


Never forget, goyim, that we are all equal in every way except skin color. More photos:

The Sun offers 14 total pictures and the story to its readers. Interestingly, a neighboring tribe viewed these creatures as subhuman. If Obama were still president, I’m certain it would be a priority for bring them to the States, put them on welfare, and urge them to vote Democrat.


Bad News! Giraffes Threatened with Extinction

baby giraffe

There are too many black Africans, armed with the white man’s guns and other killing technologies (Jeeps, airplanes, etc.). Africa’s wildlife stands no chance of surviving unless the black African’s population is dramatically reduced.

Do not donate to any charity that is involved in feeding or improving medical care for the African. There are too many of him and not enough giraffes. Giraffes are far more likable, enriching creatures than the African human species.


Paris (AFP) – Wild giraffe numbers have plummeted by 40 percent in the last three decades, and the species is now “vulnerable” to extinction, a top conservation body warned Thursday.

The population of the world’s tallest land mammal dropped to below 100,000 in 2015, mainly due to shrinking habitat and illegal hunting, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reported.

The group added 742 newly-discovered birds to the global species inventory, but said 11 percent were already facing annihilation and 13 previously unknown species have already disappeared in the wild.

“These majestic land animals are undergoing a silent extinction,” Julian Fennessy, co-chairman of the IUCN’s specialist group on giraffes, said in a statement.

Previously, giraffes held the status of “least concern” on the IUCN’s Red List, which tracks the conservation status of fauna and flora and ends with the category “extinct”.

Giraffes are spread out across southern and eastern Africa, with smaller pockets in west and central Africa.

Of nine distinct subspecies, four small populations saw increases. But four larger ones experienced sharp declines, and one remained stable, according to the report.

Numbers have crashed in 30 years from an estimated 157,000 to about 97,500 last year, the IUCN said.


The main culprit is the ever-expanding human population, which has caused a spike in poaching and encroachment upon the giraffe’s natural habitat.

“As one of the world’s most iconic animals, it is time that we stick our neck out for the giraffe before it is too late,” said Fennessy.

The report was part of an update of the Red List, unveiled at a meeting in Cancun, Mexico of the 196-nation Convention on Biological Diversity.

The global assessment now covers 85,604 species of plants and animals, of which 24,307 face the threat of extinction.

– Downward spiral –
“Many species are slipping away before we can even describe them,” said IUCN director general Inger Andersen.

The update “shows that the scale of the global extinction crisis may be even greater than we thought,” she said.

Earth has entered a “mass extinction event” in which species are disappearing 1,000 to 10,000 times more quickly than just a century or two ago, according to scientists.

There have been six such wipeouts in the last half-billion years, some of them claiming up to 95 percent of all lifeforms.

The revised Red List now catalogues 11,121 species of birds.

The recently described Antioquia wren of Colombia is now listed as “endangered”, in part because half of its habitat risks being wiped out by a single dam, planned but not yet built.

Most of the newly discovered birds were known but are being recognised for the first time as distinct species.

Those already deemed extinct — preserved in lab and museum specimens — were island-dwellers, making them vulnerable to predatory or disease-carrying invasive species such as mosquitos that transmit avian malaria.

The Pagan reed-warbler from the South Pacific, along with the Oahu akepa and Laysan honeycreeper from Hawaii, are examples.

“Unfortunately, recognising more than 700 ‘new’ species does not mean that the world’s birds are faring better,” said Ian Burfield, science coordinator for BirdLife International, which collaborated in the global assessment.

“Unsustainable agriculture, logging, invasive species and other threats are still driving many species towards extinction.”

Illegal wildlife trade driven by collectors is emptying forests of some species, the reports said.

Such trafficking caused the African grey parrot of central Africa — prized for its ability to mimic human speech — to be reclassified from “vulnerable” to “endangered”.

A recent analysis in Nature of nearly 8,688 “threatened” or “near-threatened” animal and plant species showed that three-quarters are over-exploited for commerce, recreation or subsistence.

More than half are suffer the conversion of their natural habitats into industrial farms and plantations, mainly to raise livestock and grow commodity crops for fuel or food.

A fifth of species are affected by climate change.

If the giraffe, lion, elephant, and other endangered species is to be saved it will be the white man who does the saving. Blacks have long been called “the white man’s burden.” That’s truth!

Animals are capable of love, as shown by the kiss this Rotterdam giraffe is giving his dying zookeeper friend a farewell kiss.

Animals are capable of love, as shown by the kiss this Rotterdam giraffe is giving his dying zookeeper friend a farewell kiss.

Asian ‘Ivory Queen’ In African Court Over Elephant Poaching in Tanzania


The mass die off of African elephants continues because of the demand for ivory from Asian countries, primarily China. The African does the the dirty work for Asians. Glan, pictured above, is alleged to have been a leading figure in the illegal killing and export of ivory.

Sky News

A Chinese businesswoman nicknamed the Ivory Queen has appeared in a Tanzanian court charged with running a criminal network which smuggled tusks from more than 350 elephants.

Yang Feng Glan could face more than 20 years in prison if she is found guilty of trafficking 706 pieces of ivory from the east African country, which had an estimated value of more than £1.7m.

The 66-year-old has lived and worked in Tanzania since the 1970s – and shortly after she was charged in October, her lawyer said she planned to enter a not guilty plea.

Glan’s alleged crimes took place between 2000 and 2004, and she is being held at the maximum-security Segerea prison in Dar es Salaam as the trial continues.

Conservation groups say poaching on an industrial scale caused the number of elephants in the wild to shrink from 110,000 in 2009 to just 43,000 in 2014.

As I wrote last October, buy nothing made with ivory and shun those who do make such purchases.


One Picture Shows the Tragedy of African Wildlife and the White Response to It

africa poaches

The title of the photo is “Wildlife Reserve Worker Weeping Next to Poached Rhino.” Besides the African, the Chinese are complicit in this crime as well, as they desire the Rhino horn for its alleged medicinal qualities.

But there’s a question that must be posed now: Who will weep for the dead white race after the African rampages through Europe and America and white bodies are lined up like so many dead rhinos?

Source: imgur

Read more about the source of this picture and what white people are doing to try to save the remaining African wildlife at reddit.

Wicked Monsters Banned for Life From Hunting After Illegally Killing at Least 40 Deer

deer poachers


Two men have lost the privilege to hunt in Tennessee, and most of the United States, for life.

Eddy Albert, 21, and Densibel Calzada, 23, both residents of La Vergne, Tenn., might not have known that a permanent hunting ban for poaching deer in Tennessee could also mean no hunting in other states However after illegally killing numerous deer they learned a message that will last them a lifetime.

“Their actions were among the worst I have seen for their lack of respect to our landowners and to our wildlife,” said Matt Brian, a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency sergeant assigned to Rutherford County.

“Most of our states now abide by what is called the Interstate Wildlife Violator’s Compact, which means a ban in Tennessee is upheld by every compact member,” explained the officer. Albert and Calzada entered guilty pleas Feb. 3 in Rutherford County General Sessions Court.

Their sentence included the hunting bans, thousands of dollars in lawyer expenses and court costs, confiscated rifles and bows, $5,000 each in restitution fees, and at least $1,800 each to post bail.

A jail sentence seems more appropriate to me when someone trespasses, endangers human lives, and shows utter and total disrespect for the law and wildlife. Both of these retrograde miscreants mocked the animals they killed, while taping themselves celebrating their great victories as mighty hunters.

Experience shows that people who practice animal cruelty are dangerous to other people too. Eddy and Calzada will likely reoffend. Police need to keep an eye on them even after their probation ends. If they violate probation, then off to jail with them.

deer eating popcorn gif

SHOCKING Elephant Slaughter: 100,000 Elephants Killed in Africa


This delightful sight will never be seen again if the elephant is hunted to extinction

This delightful sight will never be seen again if the elephant is hunted to extinction

Unless Western man intervenes, between African poachers and their Chinese clients, there will be no more elephants in Africa. The soul of man will be diminished by the loss of this noble creature, who is both loving and highly intelligent.

Associated Press

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa between 2010 and 2012, a huge spike in the continent’s death rate of the world’s largest mammals because of an increased demand for ivory in China and other Asian nations, a new study published Monday found.

Warnings about massive elephant slaughters have been ringing for years, but Monday’s study is the first to scientifically quantify the number of deaths across the continent by measuring deaths in one closely monitored park in Kenya and using other published data to extrapolate fatality tolls across the continent.

The study – which was carried out by the world’s leading elephant experts – found that the proportion of illegally killed elephants has climbed from 25 percent of all elephant deaths a decade ago to roughly 65 percent of all elephant deaths today, a percentage that, if continued, will lead to the extinction of the species.

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World Elephant Day Was Yesterday: Five Beautiful Images of These Majestic Creatures

By clicking on the link below you can see 13 more dramatic pictures of gorgeous African elephants. The link actually takes you to the last picture in this post, where you can navigate through a slideshow that is captioned with information about elephant preservation. Click on each image to fill your computer screen with incredible beauty.

I learned three things from reading the captions:
1. Poachers are shot on sight.
2. The Chinese are behind the extermination of the elephant.
3. If the elephant is to be saved, as usual it’s going to be left to the white man to get the job done.

I pray that people who read this talk to others about the possible extinction of the African elephant. We can sabotage the poachers and the Chinese by demanding that the US government act decisively to curb elephant hunting by cutting off aid to uncooperative countries.