Action Star Steven Seagal Under Siege for Pro-Trump, NFL Remarks

When the leftist Twitter bots and zombies can’t refute your arguments, they just insult you with ridiculous insults. There seem to be thousands of Tweets claiming Steven is a nobody. So why is he trending on Twitter!

The alt-right is far better at Twitter than the alt-left. That’s one reason we’re winning.

EW, the big celebrity news website, joins in Seagal bashing with this headline:

Steven Seagal compared to ‘Bond villain’ as he slams NFL protests in bizarre interview

I just up voted the video.

Wikipedia reports that Seagal’s father was the son of Russian Jews.

Piers Morgan Destroys Muzzie-Weasel Sadiq Khan (Video)

Britain can keep out Jews Michael Savage and Pamela Geller because they’ve said mean things (truthful as they were) about Muslims. Both of them are Trump supporters, I believe, not some Jewish KKK/Mafia types.

Yet Britain can’t keep out or follow 400 Muzzie terrorists who fought for ISIS and them came back to Britain.

Watch Sadiq squirm under a barrage of questions from Piers and his lovely female co-host.

Less than 2 minutes.

Khan is “dirty.” He’s one of them.

Allen B. West

According to the Daily Mail, Khan attended a conference with one of the London Bridge murderers’ close friends who is accused of training one of the 7/7 bombers.

The London Mayor spoke on the same platform as Sajeel Shahid, a militant who is said to have helped to train the ringleader of the July 7 London bomb attacks.

It emerged today Shahid was gym buddies with killer Khuram Butt, who butchered seven people in the deadly rampage on the capital’s streets on Saturday night.

The pair once ran martial arts classes together at the all-Muslim Ummah Fitness gym in east London.

Mr Khan spoke at a 2003 conference alongside Yasser al-Sirri, who had been sentenced to death in Egypt over a political assassination attempt, while another speaker was Sajeel Abu Ibrahim, better known as Sajeel Shahid.

Shahid called for violence against British troops and ran a training camp in Pakistan where known terrorists learned how to make bombs and fire rocket-propelled grenades.

One of his ‘graduates’ was Mohammed Siddique Khan, who led the gang of four suicide bombers on the deadliest terrorist attack ever committed in Britain, killing 52 people on the London Underground and a bus on July 7, 2005.

At the conference, Mr Khan gave a speech about representing a 9/11 conspirator and criticised two anti-terrorism bills for targeting Muslim groups.

This is the same Khan who, earlier today, was asked what he would do about the reported 400 jihadists who took up arms for ISIS then returned to London and replied “I can’t follow 400 people.”

Follow them?

How is there any need to follow them when they’re right under your nose and by your side?

Piers Morgan: Media fueling ‘crazy hysteria’ against Trump

When Piers Morgan was with CNN, he was the leftist loon you loved to hate. Now, he makes sense, at least when he talks about Donald Trump and America.

Less than 5 minutes.

Published on Feb 15, 2017 editor-at-large speaks out on ‘Hannity’

Hillary’s Contempt for Working White People Cost Her the Dream

hillary supporters snowflakdes crying

Piers Morgan is a friend of President-elect Donald Trump. In this column in the Daily Mail he explains why Trump won and Hillary lost.

Although Piers is polite and reserved I think he understands the truth: Hillary Clinton holds us in contempt.

The feeling is mutual, you witch! And we don’t like your pathetic, weak supporters much either.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The key issues in this campaign were not climate change, legalising marijuana or gay marriage.

They were the economy, jobs, immigration, and terrorism.

Trump tapped into each of these with clear, defined, loud messages that he rammed home day in day out for 16 months and which grabbed huge media attention.

Love him or hate him, he was constantly speaking about things that Americans really worry about.

He also positioned himself against the corrupt, self-interested, lobby group infested political system that these same Americans feel strongly has enriched itself at their expense.

Hillary Clinton perfectly personified that system; a career politician who has repeatedly fleeced her positions of power to make millions of dollars for herself and her husband, and who carried with her a permanent smug sense of entitlement to be America’s first female president.

I was struck by the sheer scale of cocky complacency which enveloped the Clinton camp in the past few weeks as Election Day approached.

It smacked of precisely the same ‘there’s no way we can possibly lose to these ‘ignorant, racist, sexist Neanderthals’ establishment mentality that provoked Britain into Brexit in June.

Hillary herself dripped with haught, superior arrogance, referring to Trump’s supporters as a ‘basket of deplorables’.

I genuinely don’t think she ever gave any serious thought to losing to someone like Trump, who will now become the only President never to serve in political life or the military.

In that regard, she reminded me of General John Sedgwick, who reassured his Union Army men in the American Civil War as enemy snipers lurked: ‘They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance….’

General Sedgwick was then promptly shot dead before he could finish the sentence.

Hillary got her come-uppance for failing to identify what was really engaging her fellow, less well-off Americans and for constantly mocking those who were attracted to Trump’s outsider appeal.

I watched all the millennials sobbing in shock at her quickly dismantled ‘victory’ party last night and thought: ‘you all only have yourselves to blame.’

I saw them all tweeting their derision at Trump, snorting with incredulous laughter at what they saw as this idiot clown daring to play in their world.

As Trump roared around Middle America rallying the poor, jobless and downtrodden with increasingly powerful speeches offering hope and change, the Clinton brigade were bopping up and down to Hillary’s celebrity mates like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry all calling her ‘Madam President’ and saying how wonderful she was.

In the most obscene illustration of this revoltingly elitist back-slapping, Madonna even publicly promised to give oral sex to everyone who voted for Hillary.

An offer than might well have swayed many to vote Trump.

Madonna made me physically gag but so frankly did all the other celebrities sucking up to Camp Clinton.

It showed how detached these people all were from the real world.

Their message was clear: ‘Hillary stands for wealth, fame and success.’

The press congratulated Hillary for her ending her campaign surrounded by fawning celebrities like that a**hole Bruce Springsteen, who claims to represent the working man.

I saw it as more of Hillary surrounding herself with the people whose values I hate. There were also rappers spewing the f-word, calling women whores, twerking, etc.

Meanwhile, at the end, there was Trump with us, his deplorables. We fed off his energy and he fed off ours.

I expect President Trump’s tone will change. It has to as he seeks to govern. But Trump, for all his wealth and vanity, is not going to forget his promise to Make America Great Again.

It all boils down to this: Hillary is a snob, while Trump isn’t.


Piers Morgan: 20 Reasons Hillary Would Be a Terrible President (#11 through #20)

hillary clinton poster  c l i n t o n

This is the second installment of Pier Morgan’s excellent analysis of Hillary Clinton’s deplorable record and indecent character. You can read the first installment, posted yesterday, here.

Daily Mail

11)She carries with her a dripping sense of entitlement based on her gender that is deeply irritating. Hillary may as well have two tattoos on her forehead proclaiming: ‘Born to be First Female President’ and ‘Vote for me – I’m a woman!’

12)She wouldn’t inspire me to open a cookie jar, and I normally need no encouragement to do that. Contrast her oratory style with someone like Michelle Obama – whose fire and passion has electrified this race in recent weeks. Hillary’s a dull, lifeless, robotic speaker by comparison.

13)She’s not Bill, one of the smartest, most brilliantly charismatic politicians America has ever seen. There’s a sense with Hillary that she’s riding on the coattails of her husband’s huge popularity. Would she be anywhere near winning the presidency if many Americans weren’t thinking this was a way of getting Bill back to the White House too? I don’t think so.

14)I fear that beneath the constant, smug, apple-cheeked smirk lies a fairly unpleasant piece of work. Former Secret Service agents have painted a picture of a vengeful, mistrustful, abusive, angry, sarcastic, demanding, disorganised, unpunctual boss.

15)She would push for a new cold war with Russia in an effort to prove her toughness with Vladimir Putin. You can tell this by the hateful rhetoric which spews from her mouth every time she mentions his name. This is a very worrying thing for the world.

16)Republicans hate her even more than they hate President Obama. This will be a massive issue if she wins. Obama’s woeful inability to do business with the opposition rendered him incapable of even passing a single new gun law after Sandy Hook. What hope for Hillary, with all her Washington enemy-making over the past 40 years, to achieve any meaningful deals?

17)Her baggage is horrendous. From Whitewater to Vince Foster, Hillary’s past is scandalously dubious and troublesome. Does this matter? Yes. It goes to the heart of her character. She’s dodgy, period.

18)The way she attacked Bill’s lovers in the past leaves an unedifying taste in the mouth given all her lofty moral pronouncements about the way Trump treats women. Hillary didn’t just stand by her philandering man, she trashed the women he bedded. Very unfortunate for the self-styled Emmeline Pankhurst of US politics.

19)She’s chillingly ambitious to the expense of anything else in her life. It seeps from every pore. This is a career politician who has repeatedly shown she will trample over anyone and anything that gets in her way, and who conveniently overlooks moral and ethical issues if they don’t suit her agenda or progression to power.

20) Madonna has offered to perform free oral sex for anyone who votes for Hillary. I literally cannot think of a single more compelling reason not to vote for her.

Piers Morgan: 20 Reasons Hillary Would be A Terrible President (#1 through #10)

dog pee hillary

Ever wanted a set of talking points you could use to convince your libtard friends why Hillary Clinton would be a disaster as president?

Piers Morgan has come up with a concise list of 20 reasons Hillary belongs anywhere but in government. Piers is an anti-gun liberal. You may remember him from his CNN talk show when he replaced Larry King several years back. Now that he works for the Daily Mail, he mostly shows common sense.

I’m posting the first ten reasons here and will post the final ten tomorrow. Or just click on the link to the Daily Mail to see all 20 now.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Here are 20 reasons why I think Hillary Rodham Clinton would make a terrible President.

1) I don’t trust her. The email scandal just about summed up her complete inability to tell the truth. An expert lawyer who became Secretary of State with multiple BlackBerries but didn’t have a clue how emails or servers work or what constitutes classified material? Oh pur-lease, Madam Pinocchio, do you think we’re all completely stupid?

2) She’s greedy. I mean properly, outrageously, snout-in-the-trough avaricious. A woman who for decades has exploited her political status to fill her boots with tens of millions of dollars, fuelled by $200k-a-pop speeches from her Wall Street chums like Goldman Sachs.

3) Hillary’s a rank hypocrite. She bangs on ad nauseam about women’s rights but sucks up to and solicits cash for the Clinton Foundation from draconian regimes like Saudi Arabia that stone women to death and refuse to let them even drive cars.

4) She’s a dangerous war-mongerer. The Iraq War was an unmitigated fiasco that led to turmoil throughout the Middle East and spurred the rise of ISIS. It was the biggest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam and Hillary voted for it. She was also heavily responsible for the dismal Libya invasion. When people say they don’t trust Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger, I suggest Hillary the Hawk is far more likely to press it.

5) She’s a flip-flopper extraordinaire. On endless issues from Iraq to gay marriage, Israel to TPP and the Keystone Pipeline, Hillary will say one thing but think nothing of saying the complete opposite later if it’s politically expedient.

6) She has a chronic superiority complex. Never was this more vividly exposed than with her disgraceful comment that half of Trump’s supporters were ‘a basket of deplorables’. That’s tens of millions of fellow Americans she was insulting, many of them honest, hard-working people.

7) She’s an embellisher of stories to make herself look better. We all remember her heroic tale of having to flee sniper fire in Bosnia with her daughter Chelsea in 1996. There was just one problem – she didn’t.

8) She’s held lots of jobs but performed none of them particularly well. As Secretary of State she was widely considered inefficient, ineffectual and complacent – sometimes to lethal consequence as we saw with the Benghazi fiasco that cost the lives of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. Hillary’s undeniably very experienced, but how valuable is all that experience if you’ve never excelled at anything you’ve done?

9) She’s oddly charmless. I’ve watched her speaking at the debates and various rallies, and indeed at last night’s Al Smith dinner, and she exudes the warmth and wit of a sour-faced Pit Bull terrier. As for that perpetual creepy Jack Nicholson ‘Shining’ smirk she does.. UGH.

10)Her health remains a major concern. That video of her keeling over after leaving a 9/11 memorial service was deeply troubling. Particularly when we know she had a serious head injury after passing out in 2012. Hillary is 69 next week and doesn’t exude good health, fitness or vitality, which are fairly essential components of being a modern day President. Trump’s 70 but has extraordinarily impressive energy.

Piers has done a real public service here by writing concisely about why NO ONE should cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. Jill Stein of the Green Party would be a far better choice for the #nevertrump people. However, Trump is so far into exposing the sham democracy that is America today that one ought to give him the chance to #draintheswamp.

Piers Morgan: Trump has “left Hillary shaking in her Goldman-Sachs financed boots”

lucky trump cereal

When Britain’s Piers Morgan had his talk show on CNN a few years ago, he was the Brit you loved to hate. He alienated millions of Americans with his anti-gun agenda and his other liberal views.

Once he became the Daily Mail’s op-ed writer, a different side of Piers emerged. He’s still more liberal than many of us are, but at least he mixes common sense in with his opinions.

His analysis of the Trump movement offers a list of 10 things that explain the Donald’s success. Most of us will be familiar with these 10 factors, but it’s nice to see them put together in a list, along with Piers’ brief examples.

The Trump Train has so far run over 17 Republican opponents, and swatted away a derisory effort by GOP grandees to derail it.

Now it has the Clinton Chariot in its sights, and anyone who thinks they know the outcome is talking out of their derrière. It’s going to be the greatest collision since Muhammad Ali climbed into the ring with George Foreman in Zaire 42 years ago for the Rumble in the Jungle, and just as unpredictable.

Here are 10 reasons why Trump’s torn apart the lazy, arrogant, detached Washington elite in America and left Hillary Clinton quaking in her Goldman Sachs financed boots.

1) He’s the ultimate outsider. Trump’s not a politician and he doesn’t speak or behave like a politician. He’s his own man, good, bad and ugly, and his campaign has so far been all of those things. It may not be pretty, it has definitely been regularly offensive, but it’s also been spectacularly successful. To deny that is to be a particularly stubborn, blinkered ostrich with one’s head implanted 3ft under the sand.

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