The Legal Murder of Alfie Evans: British Judge Issues Death Sentence on Sickly Toddler, Blocking Trip to Rome for Treatment


Britain is legally murdering a young WHITE boy named Alfie Evans.

Alfie’s parents are appealing a British judge’s ruling that is denying them the right to leave Britain with Alfie for treatment available in Rome, Italy.

For once, Pope Francis has done a good thing. He’s praying for the little lad.

The doctors in Rome, Italy are also doing a good thing. They’ve offered to try a new treatment on Alfie that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has denied the charming youngster. Those Italians are good guys. I love the wops.

The dagos even gave alfie CITIZENSHIP to facilitate his trip to Italy. The British authorities have rebuffed that gesture.

The Independent

A judge has ruled that terminally ill Alfie Evans may be allowed home, but will not be allowed to go to Rome for further treatment.

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Asian Female Doctor Offended Because White Nationalists Refuse to be Treated by Her

A free market medical care system would work very simply: You want to see a doctor, you pick whomever you want.

It would be perfectly rational for any white person to prefer a white doctor, just as it would be rational for an Asian to pick an Asian, a black a black, and so forth.

But for many in our current system, you’re assigned a particular doctor. For example, I’m assigned to a Mexican female doctor. There’s no way I’m seeing her. I ignore messages from her office to come in for a checkup, blah, blah, blah. It’s my little way of sabotaging the System.


Dr. Esther Choo is an Asian-American emergency room physician who has practiced medicine for more than a decade. Yet, she says, a few times a year, a patient will refuse to let her treat them. Solely because of her race.

Choo, who works in Oregon, first shared her experience of dealing with racist patients who shun her care in a viral Twitter thread last Sunday.

“The conversation usually goes like this. Me: ‘I understand your viewpoint. I trained at elite institutions & have been practicing for 15 years. You are welcome to refuse care under my hands, but I feel confident that I am the most qualified to care for you. Especially since the alternative is an intern.’ And they invariably pick the intern, as long as they are white. Or they leave,” she wrote in successive tweets.

“I used to cycle through disbelief, shame, anger. Now I just show compassion and move on,” she added.

Choo’s tweets, in which she noted that there were “a lot of white nationalists in Oregon,” came a day after a counterprotester was killed following a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And Choo’s experience of intolerance is not unique in the medical community, she told CNN’s Christi Paul on Saturday.

“What I’m hearing from my colleagues is that this is a daily occurrence for many of them, at least experiences of prejudice. The patient who outright refuses care is less common, but I definitely heard from a lot of people this week that they have also had that exact same experience,” she said.

Patient prejudice towards doctors is now so common that many medical professionals “consider it a routine part of our jobs,” Choo emphasized.

“Maybe it’s that they’re from another country or because of their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation or their gender. But I’m hearing it from a lot of physicians that this is not unusual,” she described.

Asked by Paul whether she had ever been able to change a patient’s mind after they initially refused treatment from her, Choo said that it was rare.

“A few times I’ve been able to talk patients into receiving care from me. Or we can negotiate some sort of compromise where they will be seen by maybe a resident physician who is white, and I’m still guiding care, but I don’t actually enter the room,” she said.

“Usually you cannot. I’ve found in my experience that you cannot talk people out of their ideology,” she added.

This piece basically says that if you’re not willing to set aside your natural preferences, which harm no one, then you’re a racist.

Don’t buy it. It just means you’re normal. Just like women will usually prefer a woman doctor and men a male doctor. Normal.

Dr. Death: The Nonwhite Headshrinker Charged with Killing Patients May Have as Many as 30 Victims

narendra nagareddy

The physician in this story is clearly of Indian origins. He didn’t give a rat’s rear end about his patients. Not when there’s so much money to be made by writing prescriptions for drugs.

Practical advice: Never become a patient of a nonwhite doctor.

Sky News

A Georgia psychiatrist dubbed Dr Death has been charged with murder in the overdose deaths of three patients.

Thirty-six of Dr Narendra Nagareddy’s patients died while he was prescribing them painkillers, court documents allege.

Twelve of them died of prescription drug overdoses, post-mortem examinations confirmed.

The doctor could face further charges for at least 30 other deaths, the Henry Herald reports.

Nagareddy – who was arrested in January – allegedly ran a pill mill out of his office in an Atlanta suburb.

In one 11-month period ending in July 2015, he prescribed nearly 500 times the amount of oxycodone prescribed by any other colleague at the Southern Regional Medical Center.

District Attorney Tracy Graham-Lawson said at least 11 of the counts Nagareddy faces include negligence to sign or date prescriptions.

He faces 59 other charges of unauthorised distribution of a controlled substance.

Nagareddy prescribed hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone, fentanyl and amphetamine salts to patients who were suffering addiction, anxiety and depression.

A probation officer raised the alarm after noticing that three people in her caseload who had died were patients of Nagareddy.

The Georgia Composite Medical Board suspended his licence after his arrest.

Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels in the US.

Overdose deaths from opioids, including prescription drugs, have nearly quadrupled since 1999, with over-prescribing blamed as a key cause of addiction.

If I’m not mistaken, a doctor would have to be insanely careless not to sign or date prescriptions. That failure may have been an effort to avoid detection, although surely unsigned, undated prescriptions would set off red flags at legitimate pharmacies.

If this monster was admitted to the U.S. legally, then we have another example of how the immigration laws of the U.S. have failed. America needs a law restricting the practice of medicine to white people with a minimum IQ of 120. Turd skins with 100 level IQs admitted to the practice of medicine via affirmative action are killing white people.

Dare I say it? Killing whites deliberately.

Jewish Doctor Explains How His Semen Was Found on Drugged Patient’s FACE

dr david newman

Hmmmm. Dr. David Newman’s accused of drugging patients and fondling their breasts too. What a lowlife, if the charges are true! Real men want a real live awake cooperating partner when there’s sex involved. But perverts? Drugged women brings to mind Bill Cosby.

A doctor accused of masturbating on a drugged patient claimed he got semen on her face by accident.

Dr David Newman allegedly drugged the woman before ejaculating on her face at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

But the 44-year-old ex-medic said he masturbated in a lounge before treating her, and accidentally got semen on her, the Sun reported.

When shown a picture of the patient on January 12 – the same day he saw her – Newman told police: ‘I am embarrassed because I wacked off in the lounge, and it was possible that the ejaculate may have gone from my hands to the woman’s blanket.

‘Semen may have also transferred from my hand to her face during the time I treated her.’

He turned himself in a week later and was arrested.

Prosecutors said that DNA taken immediately after the alleged assault matched Newman’s.

Assistant District Attorney Eun-Ha Kim said that Newman gave the woman an extra dose of morphine, after a nurse had already done so, ‘in absolute violation of hospital protocol’.

Three more women, aged between 18 and 21, have since come forward and accused Newman of groping their breasts during the summer and fall of 2015, the prosecutor said.

One came into the ER for a cold, another for an eyebrow rash and the third a headache.

Kim added: ‘There was simply no medically legitimate reason to fondle these women’s breasts.’

Kim offered him four years in prison if he pleaded guilty to the top count, but defence lawyer Susan Necheles rejected the offer.

She said: ‘Mr Newman obviously denies all of these allegations. They’re not true. This case appears to be a case that will go to trial.’

Newman, who is no longer employed at Mount Sinai, pleaded not guilty to five counts of sexual abuse.

Jewish Doctor Accused of Sedating Patient, Ejaculating on Her Face

david newman

Well, here’s another crime that white men will be getting the blame for. The scene of the alleged crime is Mt. Sinai hospital in New York.

A doctor is being investigated for allegedly sedating a patient then ejaculating on her face and chest.

Dr. David Newman, a leading emergency physician practising in New York, has been suspended from seeing patients, according to officials at Mount Sinai Hospital.

The 45-year-old, who served in Iraq, is accused of giving a female patient with shoulder pain a shot of morphine after nurses had already administered pain relief.

According to New York Daily News, the woman claims she was instructed to remove her top and bra to change into a medical gown for an X-ray.

The patient then accused Newman of fondling her breasts, before he moved away from her bed.

The woman then heard sounds which led her to believe he was masturbating. She then felt liquid, which she suspects was semen, on her face.

She was unable to move during the alleged incident due to the heavy medication.

A nurse then apparently came into the room and found the woman unconscious. The nurse, later joined by another physician, tried to wake the woman and ask what had happened.

Once she regained consciousness the woman saw the substance on her face and chest.

Sources say she wiped the suspected semen off with a gown, which she placed in a plastic bag to give to police.

A statement from the hospital says: ‘We are aware of an allegation that has been made against one of our physicians.

‘This is a matter under investigation and we are fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities. We take this matter very seriously and are conducting our own internal investigation.’

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Medical Advice from Hippocrates

hippocrates quote

This ancient advice has a modern feel to it.

America’s Down-Low Gay POTUS Calls for Outlawing Gay Conversion Therapies


NewsweekLogo-1 [Converted]

In a move aimed directly at Christian conservatives, the gay man from Kenya who is allegedly the president of the United States has called for an end to a technique that may very well cure people of that mental sickness called homosexuality.

Gay conversion therapy, as it’s called, probably won’t turn every faggot undergoing such therapy into a flaming, woman-chasing, heterosexual, but it may help some and even cure a few.

That’s why it MUST be outlawed as part of the gay agenda in America. It just wouldn’t do to spoil the narrative that gays are born that way.

In a free country, gay conversion therapy, which is just talk, would never be outlawed. But the pretense that America is a free country is just that, a pretense.

If Christians are starting to feel like a persecuted minority, I can’s say as I blame you. The goal is clear. Exterminate Christianity by any means necessary. Softly in the beginning, but getting harsher and uglier every day.

Christians have a choice as to which Christ they decide to follow. The soft, meek Jesus that liberal churches preach or the manly, angry Jesus who was tough as nails. I vote for the latter.

New York Times

President Obama is calling for an end to such therapies aimed at “repairing” gay, lesbian and transgender youth. His decision on the issue is the latest example of his continuing embrace of gay rights.

In a statement that was posted on Wednesday evening alongside a petition begun in honor of Ms. Alcorn, Mr. Obama condemned the practice, sometimes called “conversion” or “reparative” therapy, which is supported by some socially conservative organizations and religious doctors.

The petition has received more than 120,000 signatures in three months.

“We share your concern about its potentially devastating effects on the lives of transgender as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual and queer youth,” the statement, written by Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama, says. “As part of our dedication to protecting America’s youth, this administration supports efforts to ban the use of conversion therapy for minors.”

In an interview on Wednesday, Ms. Jarrett said Mr. Obama had been moved by the story of Ms. Alcorn’s suicide. But she said the problem went far beyond Ms. Alcorn.

“It was tragic, but I will tell you, unfortunately, she has a lot of company,” Ms. Jarrett said. “It’s not the story of one young person. It is the story of countless young people who have been subjected to this.”

Mr. Obama will not explicitly call for a federal law banning therapists from using such therapies on their patients, but he is open to conversations with lawmakers in both parties, White House officials said on Wednesday. Instead, he will throw his support behind the efforts to ban the practice at the state level.