Proof that Redheads are the Most Beautiful People of All

I’m loving this story out of Britain’s leftist, anti-racist Metro News..

It ignores the usual leftist claim that all races are equally attractive to instead promote the idea that redheads are the most beautiful. It illustrates that idea with a photo essay that offers 21 photos of gingers.

Here are 5 of my favorites. Click on the link to see the rest.

Black hair, brown, red, or blonde, the Caucasian race offers enough diversity for any sane person. Throw in eyes that are brown, green, blue, or grey and there’s still more diversity.

Diversity is not to be found in races that offer only brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair.

Evolution was not kind to the darker races. Thanks, evolution.

Spring Break Miami Pics Reveal Young Scholars of Color in Some of their Finer Moments


There’s no need to read the story at the Daily Mail. It’s loaded with pictures of America’s deeply tanned citizens fuxating some nice beachfront property.

This post shows five pictures from the article. Click on a picture to enlarge it. Click on the link to see the rest. There’s also a twerking video there.

Britain’s Sun Features Photo Essay on Primitive Monkey-Eating African Baka Tribe


Never forget, goyim, that we are all equal in every way except skin color. More photos:

The Sun offers 14 total pictures and the story to its readers. Interestingly, a neighboring tribe viewed these creatures as subhuman. If Obama were still president, I’m certain it would be a priority for bring them to the States, put them on welfare, and urge them to vote Democrat.


Mysterious Sandbar in Middle of Ocean Puzzles Sailors Until Something Unexpected Happens


What would a sandbar be doing in the middle of the ocean? The mystery of it caused a group of sailors to detour to take a closer look.

What they found surprised them. The last of the 10 pictures in this post provides the shocking explanation for the mystery.

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Dog and Deer Become Best Friends–Kissing Follows

This little photo essay features images from When I lived in an acreage subdivision, my dogs, one of them anyway, loved to make friends with the deer, just like you see in the pictures below.

dog and deer friends2

dog and deer friends3

dog and deer friends4

Dogs are nicer than most people. Thus, they can be friends with almost any living creature. If only man were as nice as the dog!

NAKED FREAKS: The Folsom Street Fair–Why Wasn’t Obama There?


As per this breaking news report from San Francisco’s KRON4, hundreds of thousands of degenerates attended today’s Folsom Street Fair in the City by the Bay.

The 32nd annual Folsom Street fair took place Sunday. Almost 400 thousand people attended the festival which is also known as the world’s biggest leather event.

It took place on Folsom street, between 8th and 13th streets.

Men and women walked around in minimal or no clothing at the event. They also participated in various erotic events.

People from across the country came to attend this year’s event.

There’s also this report from CBS Local San Francisco stating that a federal judge approved a nude march through San Francisco by “body freedom activists” to coincide with the “fair.”

Under an ordinance limiting public nudity that was implemented in February of 2013, nudity is allowed in permitted parades on city streets but not in marches on the sidewalks.

On with the naked parade. Leftist insanity at its finest.

The goal is to enslave everyone to his carnal desires, which can be very strong indeed. Once enslaved to sex, then comes devil worship and the end of the West. The folks you will see in the photo essay below are not going to keep Western civilization alive. They are parasites, feeding off the flesh of productive families across America.

In the name of inclusiveness, Obama and his progressive buddies, Hillary, Bernie, et. al., have pushed the faggot agenda on all of us. Embrace the faggotry or be labeled with some new stupid made up word that a leftist faggot has coined.

obama gay

I can’t break out photos from today’s “Fair” (fairs used to be family events with a pie contest, a livestock contest, etc.) so here are some photos selected randomly from Google images that show past “fairs.”

The first one is from Wiki commons and is mild. I’ll put the remainder behind the “continue reading” button to save you from having to buy too much eyebleach.


Warning! It gets worse.

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Animal Rescue: Meet Lucky Kelsey, the Starving, Diseased Pup Saved by Kindness


Click on the continue reading button see nine more pictures of Kelsey that document her amazing journey back to life and happiness.

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