World Celebrates “Go Topless Day” on Saturday by Letting ‘Em All Hang Out


Breasts, male and female and tranny, were on display worldwide in public on Saturday.

Looking at the video embedded below, it looks like more Nogs showed up for Go Topless Day in New York City on August 26 than did boobies.

The gawking Nogs are prominent in the video, which is terrible in quality. For completeness, I’ve embedded the second video created by the same person.

The uninteresting story is covered at many news outlets, including the New York Post. Rather than bore you with the story, I’m posting selected photos of the freaks who turn out for this brand of annual feminist political activity.

The USA is a joke now. The Muslims will be in charge in a hundred years and the descendants of these degenerates will be wearing burkas or in harems.

Women Are Going Online Wearing “Make America Great Again” Swimsuits

President Donald Trump may be behind on his “repeal and replace” promise, but if the new MAGA one-piece swimsuits are any indication, he’s having a positive effect on American culture.

Tasteful is always nicer than trashy. Here’s the story, followed by a sample of photos of women wearing the new swimwear.


This summer, the one-piece swimsuit made a rush back into popular culture and supporters of Trump took advantage to boast their pride with their favorite slogan.

Dozens of women strutted their pride of America in their red, white and blue “Make America Great Again” one-pieces and Instagram account @american_asf was right there to chronicle the most beautiful women showing off the suit.

Dozens of women were reposted wearing the suit, including avid Trump supporter and political TV analysis Tomi Lahren.

“Sick of winning yet? Me either,” the 25-year-old wrote on her Instagram post earlier this summer while wearing the “MAGA” swimming suit.
Lake Michigan to Texas, dozens of women strutted their stuff in the newest political fashion trend. Go through the gallery above to see photos of the “MAGA” swimsuit from this summer.

I need to produce and market these.

Comedian Joseph Levitch Has Died

In general, I’ve stopped doing celebrity obituaries. However, who could not feel a little of his or her childhood melt away today when it was announced that Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Levitch) had died at age 91.

NBC News has run a photo essay tribute to the man who acted like a child.

Here’s four more from the 26 photo tribute.

Insofar as I am aware Jerry never went into the dirty type of so-called humor that characterizes comedy today. The last I heard a couple of months ago I think he was defending President Trump in an interview. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I never heard any animosity toward white people from him.

Here are a few selected quotes from Jerry:

Link to Wikipedia page on Jerry Lewis

Juleps in June: A White Tradition Lives On as Debutantes Come Out

Nine lovely, classy young women and their families came together in New Orleans recently for a debutante event called Juleps in June.

The coming out of a young woman traditinally announced her availability for marriage in the future to an appropriate suitor.

What a great tradition. Although the left strongly disapproves of white traditions, this one lives on for now.

One more thing. I don’t believe I saw any Jewish names at this event.

More photos, with IDs at NOLA.

When Jesus Said to Feed the Poor …

Did he really have in mind what you see above?

Did Jesus authorize government to tax workers to death to support what you see here?

Was Jesus really giving heavenly authorization to mankind to create large government bureaucracies so that the person above could overeat?

Does Jesus love obese people more than others?

Was Jesus thinking that feeding the poor would make them harder to kidnap?

Do you think Jesus loved big butts more than small ones, so he said to feed the poor?

Did Jesus advocate the creation of an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to compel us under threat of imprisonment to shovel more food into the mouths of the poor?

Would Jesus want the U.S. national debt to be in the trillions, with the country facing financial ruin, just so that the poor would be overfed?

Did Jesus mean that you should feed the poor so that they overpopulate, thus creating billions of new, starving poor in an endless cycle of poverty?

Was Jesus asking people to voluntarily feed the poor or was he saying that tyrannical government that forces us to feed others is a good thing?

Candidate Jesus: Vote for me and I will raise your taxes to feed the poor. Did he really say that?

Troll at Work: Signs Call for Retarded Negro Congresswoman Maxine Waters to be Impeached

Heh, heh. Maxine’s Plan B: Blame whitey.

Read the story at American Mirror.

The artist known as Sabo created these posters. He also did some nice trolling on Hillary during last fall’s election campaign.

ABC7 reports that pro-Trump protesters at Maxine’s town hall were ejected.


A few of Sabo’s earlier projects:

Proof that Redheads are the Most Beautiful People of All

I’m loving this story out of Britain’s leftist, anti-racist Metro News..

It ignores the usual leftist claim that all races are equally attractive to instead promote the idea that redheads are the most beautiful. It illustrates that idea with a photo essay that offers 21 photos of gingers.

Here are 5 of my favorites. Click on the link to see the rest.

Black hair, brown, red, or blonde, the Caucasian race offers enough diversity for any sane person. Throw in eyes that are brown, green, blue, or grey and there’s still more diversity.

Diversity is not to be found in races that offer only brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair.

Evolution was not kind to the darker races. Thanks, evolution.