America’s Favorite Negro Bill Cosby Blames Racism for his Rape-Related Legal Troubles

Will the race card work for Bill Cosby the way it worked for O. J. Simpson during his murder trial?

Cosby’s lawyers will need to pick a jury as dumb as the Simpson jury.

“If the condom doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

Daily Mail

Bill Cosby says racism could be to blame for his sexual assault lawsuit during his first interview on the allegations in two years.

Cosby, 79, sat down with Sirius XM host Michael Smerconish, 55, during an interview that will air on Tuesday, and answered ‘could be’ when the presenter asked about his daughter’s claim that ‘racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal’.

‘Could be, could be,’ Cosby told Smerconish. ‘I can’t say anything, but there are certain things that I look at, and I apply to the situation, and there are so many tentacles.

‘So many different — nefarious is a great word. And I just truly believe that some of it may very well be that.’

But Smerconish also noted that both Black and White women had accused him.
To which the fallen comedian answered: ‘Let me put it to you this way: When you look at the power structure, and when you look at individuals, there are some people who can very well be motivated by whether or not they’re going to work.

‘Or whether or not they might be able to get back at someone. So if it’s in terms of whatever the choice is, I think that you can also examine individuals and situations and they will come out differently.

‘So it’s not all, not every, but I do think that there’s some.’

But Lili Bernand, a Cosby accuser who was born in Cuba but identifies as Black, has reiterated that racial discrimination has ‘nothing to do with it’.

‘What about us black women whom he sexually violated?’ Bernard told NBC in November 2016.

‘We’re talking about a man who serially raped at least 60 women and that’s where the focus must be, race has nothing to do with it.’


Race always matters. But not in the way that Bill Cosby and his legal team will argue. It’s not anti-black racial bias that put Bill Cosby in the doghouse with the public and the legal system.

Cosby clearly had/has a taste for white meat. Yes, a few of his alleged victims are nonwhite, but as seen in the lineup above, most of them are white.

It wouldn’t be politically correct to call Cosby an anti-white racist. Maybe he hates white women, or maybe he’s a white supremacist who views white women as superior to black women.

Black Cop Who Dumped His Emaciated Dog in Trash Arrested


Blacks seem to commit animal abuse at a much higher rate than the general population. It’s another form of cultural enrichment that diversity brings to your town and mine.

Inside Edition

A police officer who allegedly dumped his emaciated dog in a trash bag in a Philadelphia park has been arrested.

Michael Long, an 11-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, is accused of leaving the pit bull for dead in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park last November. Long, 33, surrendered to police on Thursday.

A dog walker alerted the SPCA after seeing the pup’s nose sticking out from a trash bag. Photos taken shortly after she was found show her cowering on the ground, with her rib bones visible through her fur.

The SPCA took in the 3-year-old dog, who has been renamed Cranberry.

They learned she had a microchip, which they say led them to Long.

Following months of treatment, Cranberry was adopted, the SPCA told

“Cranberry is doing wonderfully now,” spokesperson Gillian Kocher said. “She is in her new forever home, has recovered completely physically and has the same sweet and loving personality that she has always had.”

She was adopted by a man who followed her story on the news, Kocher said.

“He was so touched by her story that he came in to make a donation and met her,” she said. “He returned twice while she was recovering, and when she was ready to go home, he made it official.”

Following the investigation by the SPCA, Long surrendered himself to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit on Thursday.

He is charged with two misdemeanors for animal cruelty, one misdemeanor for possession of an instrument of crime, and a summary charge of animal cruelty, police said.

“He has not acknowledged any wrong doing in this case as of this time,” Kocher said.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has suspended Long for 30 days with the intent to dismiss at the end of the 30 days, police said in a statement. He was assigned to the 18th District.

This story was posted on the web about a month ago. Long should be gone soon.

Prosecutors Seek to Use Cosby Jokes about Quaaludes, Spanish Fly at Rape Trial

Bill Cosby certainly had a taste for white women, even as he maintained a marriage to a black woman for decades.

The evidence that he’s guilty of drugging women for sex is compelling. However, prosecutors want to use his jokes about sex in his trial. That’s too much for me, even if I have no sympathy for America’s former favorite black TV dad.

Cosby was a comedian. He told jokes for laughs. Audiences like sex jokes. Admissions of guilt are relevant in criminal trials, but the prosecutors seem to be overreaching in this case.

Excerpt from the Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Prosecutors preparing to try actor Bill Cosby on sexual-assault charges want to use not only his explosive deposition testimony about getting quaaludes to give to women before sex but also his riffs on trying to slip women the supposed aphrodisiac Spanish fly.

In a court filing Thursday, they say the comments show his familiarity with date rape drugs and should not be dismissed as “merely jokes.” They quote Cosby making Spanish fly references in his 1991 book “Childhood” and in an interview that year with talk show host Larry King.

Spanish fly is made from a green beetle called the Spanish fly, in the family of blister beetles, and has been sold as an aphrodisiac. In the book, Cosby says he and his adolescent friends needed the potion to get girls interested in them.

“They’re never in the mood for us,” Cosby wrote. “They need chemicals.”

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said in the court motion that Cosby “may cling to the cloak of comedy to avoid culpability.”

“(But) these are powerful and damaging admissions,” Steele wrote, “in two instances coming straight from the defendant’s mouth and in the other from the tip of his pen.”

A hearing on the trial evidence is scheduled for Monday in suburban Philadelphia.

What do you think? Should Cosby’s jokes be used in evidence against him? Would you want your jokes to be used against you during a trial?

Cosby memes relating to white women and rape are his legacy now.

The myth of the good Negro took a hit with Cosby’s troubles. It’s too bad that Martin Luther King didn’t live long enough to be exposed while he was alive. We might not have the dreaded King holiday every year if the world knew he allegedly liked to beat up on white prostitutes from time to time.

“Teens” Out of Control: Philly SEPTA Brawl Just One of Many Which Occur Every Day Now

Young scholars of color seem to get frisky after school these days.

It must be because they’re cooped up in a dungeon known as a classroom for eight hours.

I can’t find a video of the black attack that is the subject of this post anywhere but on several news channels. You can watch it at the NBC link.


NBC Philadephia

Officials are searching for several people who they want to question in connection to a large brawl that occurred at a SEPTA station in Center City late Thursday afternoon.

A teen boy told NBC10 he was near SEPTA’s Race-Vine Station when he noticed a group of teens throwing ice at other children. The teen said he told the group to stop and was then jumped by them outside. He ran into the SEPTA station but the group caught up to him and attacked him again.

“When you’re getting jumped it’s like you kind of just have to stay calm and like just cover your face,” the teen said.

At least three other teens were also hurt during the brawl. The attack was captured on video and later posted on social media.

“It was horrible because my son looked like he was helpless,” The mother of one of the victim’s told NBC10. “He was defeated and they were still kicking him like he was an animal on the ground.”

SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel told NBC10 the incident was one of many recent fights that have occurred at stations throughout the city.

“At 15th and Market I can’t tell you how many fights there have been in front of police officers,” he said.

An increased number of SEPTA officers are on duty during after school hours from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in response to the disturbances.

On Sunday SEPTA police released photos of eight people who they want to question in connection to the fight. While the eight individuals are not persons of interest or suspects police still want to speak to them as part of their investigation. *Note* The tweet incorrectly states that the incident occurred on Wednesday rather than Thursday.

As I Tweeted to SEPTA, ban them from the trains and let them walk. All of the “teens.”

And for good measure, my favorite remedy for misbehaving Negros:

You have to take each species as it is. If you have a species that is unimpressed by jail, suspensions, courtrooms, lectures, and so forth, you have no choice but to impose PAIN as a punishment. Our ancestors knew that. We too politically correct to get it.

Watch how white teens dealt with their energy in Philly back in the 50s. If you’ve never seen the original American Bandstand, this is going to look very odd to you.

Philadelphia’s Largest Cinco de Mayo Celebration Canceled in Fear of Immigration Crackdown

Call it the Trump effect.

Illegals, at least in Philly, have decided to lay low this year.

The fear of deportation has been scared into them.

It’s about time.

NBC Philadelphia

One of Philadelphia’s most prominent Latin American events, El Carnaval de Puebla, has been canceled this year because of what one organizer called “the severe conditions affecting the immigrant community.”

The annual parade through South Philadelphia has taken place in late April or early May for the last decade and is the city’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebration. Organizer Edgar Ramirez said as many as 15,000 gather from as far as New England and Chicago.

The decision to cancel El Carnaval, Ramirez said in an interview Friday, was “sad but responsible” in light of the immigration crackdown by federal authorities.

He said the entire Mexican-American community, both those here legally and those undocumented, are disheartened by reports of large-scale arrests and detainments by officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This week, ICE announced that 248 people in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia are now in federal custody awaiting deportation after a two-week sweep.

“The group of six organizers decided to cancel unanimously,” Ramirez said. “Everyone is offended by the actions of ICE. They did not feel comfortable holding the event.”

The fear of federal immigration officers targeting the well-known celebration would have cast a dark cloud over what is among the most colorful and joyful on Philadelphia’s Latin American calendar, he said. Carnaval celebrates the May 5, 1862, Battle of Puebla, at which Mexican forces defeated French invaders.

Some 450 carnavaleros, or marchers, take part in the parade. Some of the carnavaleros made history on New Year’s Day 2016 when they marched in the city’s well-known Mummers Parade. Carnaval itself has often taken place on Ninth Street between Wolf Street and Washington Avenue, though it spills onto many of the side streets.

“We have people who travel all the way from Chicago, Connecticut and New York. We don’t want anything to happen to them,” he said.

ICE Officer Khaalid Walls of the agency’s Philadelphia office said in an email that “ICE’s enforcement actions are targeted and lead driven. ICE does not conduct sweeps or raids that target aliens indiscriminately.”

Isn’t it interesting that a gentleman named Khaalid is responding for ICE.

I tracked down his Twitter picture, although his Tweets are protected.

It’s only a question, but it needs to be asked: Can this individual be counted on to maximize the effectiveness of ICE operations? Or is he an Obama mole?

Trump’s Full Speech, GOP Retreat 1/26/2017

I wasn’t going to post this, but Trump’s speech was so mesmerizing that I changed my mind. The video starts with a nice prayer, followed by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell before Trump starts speaking at the 3 or 4 minute mark.

This video is highly up voted.

Today was Trump’s first ride on Air Force One, which he used to travel to the GOP retreat in Philly. Exciting!

THE BLACK ATTACK: Young White Soldier’s Face Shattered by Black Mob During Mummer’s Parade in Philly



Another hate crime against whites has gone largely unreported. A 19 year old soldier, his mother, and his girlfriend were on the receiving end of a vicious attack by a mob in Philadelphia on New Year’s Day.

Philadelphia police are investigating an alleged New Year’s Day assault in South Philadelphia in which relatives of a 19-year-old soldier say he was beaten by a large group of men who made insulting comments about the Army.

Sgt. Eric Gripp, a police spokesman, said authorities have been unable to speak to the victim because he was at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital with a broken jaw. Gripp said a relative told authorities that 12 men attacked the man around Third and Oregon Streets after 11 p.m. Sunday after they made “derogatory remarks about the Army.”

Gripp said that police did not learn of the alleged assault until the next day and that the investigation was in its early stages. Another police spokesman, Lt. John Stanford, said investigators were looking for video and other evidence from the scene.

Lori Freni told Fox29 on Monday that her son, Austin, was wearing an Army jacket when he was attacked. The station reported that the assault occurred as Lori and Austin Freni and his girlfriend were leaving festivities related to the Mummers Parade.

Attempts to reach Lori Freni on Tuesday were unsuccessful. She told Fox29 that she and her son’s girlfriend also were hit by some of the men while trying to stop the assault.

Freni told the station that her son was “in rough shape” and that his jaw would have to be wired shut.

Stanford said investigators anticipated speaking with Austin Freni once he has sufficiently recovered.

Two weeks ago, Fox29 reported that a Good Samaritan had paid for Austin Freni to fly home from Fort Benning, Ga., for Christmas because Lori Freni recently lost her job due to medical disability and his father was deceased.

Since the press will only say things like “a group of young men blah, blah, blah,” we have to infer the truth they are trying to conceal from us. That truth is that the mob was black. More details:

Washington Times

“Me and his girlfriend tried pulling them off and they hit us,” Austin’s mother, Lori, told a local Fox affiliate Monday. “We got hit in the face. She got thrown in the street. He’s got to get plates put in his jaw and his mouth will be wired shut for the next eight weeks.”

Ms. Freni, whose husband recently died of brain cancer, said the family is “lost” and in “complete disbelief” after the latest tragedy. She said the attack happened shortly after one of the men made a disparaging comment about her son’s U.S. Army jacket.

“How anyone can put down the military makes no sense to me,” Ms. Freni said through tears. “These are guys that give up their lives to fight for our freedom and you’re going to beat them down?”

Mom needs a wake-up call when it comes to feral, savage blacks that roam the streets of America’s large cities. It was his white skin that drove the mob to violence. A black soldier would not have been attacked.

The commenters over at Free Republic are awake to a degree about race and the media’s efforts to conceal the truth. More need to wake up. Racism is a survival instinct.

ape mob