Rumor! Puke! Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner Dating 22 Year Old “Woman”

Let’s see if I have this right.

When Bruce Jenner thought he was a man, he dated women. Normal.

Now that he thinks he’s a woman, he’ll date women. Except the woman he’s dating is genetically a man. So he’s now dating a man who like him thinks he’s a woman.

I’m not sure if either one of them has had his penis mutilated into the shape of the female organ, but until further evidence, it looks like we have two chicks with d*cks who are being normalized by the press.

If you feel like having a nice healthy puke, be my guest.

Page Six

Caitlyn Jenner‘s Gen Z pal continues to feed speculation that the two are dating.

Sophia Hutchins, 22, whose friendship with the “I Am Cait” star has been on our radar since November, took to her Instagram stories to further perpetuate rumors of a possible romance.

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Columbus Police Chief Investigating Cops Who Arrested Stormy Daniels


When checking Twitter a few hours ago, it was clear the left was outraged over the arrest of Stormy Daniels for illegal touching in a Columbus, Ohio, strip club.

It was, according to them, Trump’s revenge and more reason to impeach the president. The evil cop bastards who arrested Stormy should be hung by the balls until their d*cks drop off, they implied.

The media conveniently does not mention that two other “exotic dancers” were also arrested.

A good, old-fashioned tough guy police chief is hard to find these days. They’re generally affirmative action negros and dykes. It’s clear that the purpose is to drive white males out of police work.

Columbus’s dyke chief is probably jealous that Stormy didn’t rub her grotesque tits against her. She’s launched an investigation into the male and female cops, whom I assume are white, whose sting operation lead to Stormy’s arrest.

Washington Times

The police chief in Ohio’s capital city says the actions of officers who arrested porn star Stormy Daniels will be reviewed.

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Jewish DA Drops Charges Against Stormy in Record Time and She Hightails it Out of Town


Criminal charges are sometimes dropped, but the speed with which the charges lodged against Stormy were thrown out by a Jewish DA is suspicious.

I’ll bet the charges against the two other strippers arrested at the same time haven’t been dropped.

And what’s this about a human trafficking investigation?

There’s an allegation that Stormy’s heavily tatted genital area is covering up a brand by a sex cult. Photos below.


Prosecutors in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday dropped all criminal charges against porn star Stormy Daniels, hours after police arrested her for alleged illegal physical contact with patrons at a local strip club during a performance there.

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Stormy Daniels Arrested, Handcuffed at Strip Club (LMFAO)


Trump accuser Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) stands accused herself. Multiple witnesses are prepared to testify that Stormy was involved in illegal touching while performing on stage in an Ohio strip club. Those witnesses are police officers from the vice squad. The touching was girl on girl. LOL!

It couldn’t happen to a nicer whore.

ABC News

Adult film star Stormy Daniels was arrested on Wednesday while performing at a strip club in Ohio, according to her lawyer, who called the arrest a “politically motivated” setup.

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Teacher Who Pleaded Guilty to Sex with Student Arrested for Allegedly Selling Meth Out of Her Car


Sadly, unless there’s a major transformation in her life, such as finding religion, another white woman has been lost to a life of degeneracy.

With no husband and children to live for, Sarah Lindsay Lewis’s natural inclinations to nest-build have been shut down. We could make odds on how long before she’s found dead from drugs or from a beating by her suppliers. I might give her five years.

Deseret News

PROVO — A former high school dance teacher who pleaded guilty a year ago to unlawful sexual activity with a minor, spent three days in jail last week for allegedly selling drugs out of her car.

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50s Heartthrob Who Kept his Faggotry Secret Dead at 86

Tab Hunter’s abnormal sexual attraction to men was an open secret back in the day. Women who fell for the good looking star probably were unaware that he had no interest in them when there was man meat to be had.

Excerpt from The Guardian

Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter, the beloved boy-next-door of 1950s Warner Brothers classics like Battle Cry, The Burning Hills and Damn Yankees, died Sunday at the age of 86.

The likeable Tab had a big hit record. Here he is singing on the Perry Como show in 1957.

Tab Hunter (not his real name) had a Jewish father and German mother, according to his Wikipedia page. That may explain partly his degenerate lifestyle.

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Unfunny Jew Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Trump to Promote His New TV Show


The Jewish owned entertainment industry is giving a Jewish loser a chance to bash President Trump on TV.

People who like stupid, cruel humor must like Sacha Baron Cohen. It’s not his Jewishness that offends the rest of the population, but his degenerate mind and mouth.


Sacha Baron Cohen is lining up a return to TV, and has teased his comeback in a video trolling Donald Trump.

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