Actress Allison Mack Arrested for Recruiting Women into Weird Sex Cult

Allison Mack is a Jew. Enough said.

A star of the popular Superman TV prequel Smallville has been charged with heinous crimes related to sex trafficking.

Allison Mack is reported to have been involved with supplying slaves to 57-year-old Keith Raniere, the leader of an American self-help ‘sex cult’ organisation called NXIVM.

The actress is now set to stand trial, accused of being a key player in a diabolical ‘secret sisterhood’ called D.O.S., involving exploitation, blackmail and the branding of Raniere’s name on victims’ skin.


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(((Amy Schumer’s))) Sorry to be White Remarks Gives Drudge Readers a Chance to Unload on Jews

Amy Schumer, a Jew, claimed to be white while appearing on The View.

Others have long noted that Jews say they’re white when it benefits them, then deny it when that helps them.

The value of Amy opening her yap is not on what she says, but in how she exposes the twisted mindset of a Jewish female who hates white Christians.

The comments at the source site reveal that her day in the sun is over. The Jewish critics may like her but since very few others do, it’s plausible that she’s going to see her movie career end soon.

Not soon enough though.

Daily Caller

Amy Schumer confirmed she is, in fact, white Friday on “The View.”

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WTF! Trump Considering Pardon for Degenerate Negro Boxer Jack Johnson, Convicted of Sex Trafficking White Women


President Obama had the chance to pardon dindu boxer Jack Johnson, who had a major taste for white wimmens.

Obama failed to act, so why should Trump.

New York Daily News

President Trump is considering going to the mat for the late boxing legend Jack Johnson.

Trump, spurred by a phone call from Sylvester Stallone, tweeted Saturday that he’s thinking about posthumously pardoning the trailblazing fighter.

So now Trump is using Stallone as a presidential adviser? He played a boxer in the movies, but he’s not really a boxer.

Or a student of history.

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Husband Drives Teacher Who Used School Walkout to Have Sex with Student to Police Station


When middle school teacher Kerri Hoffman’s husband was driving her to the police station to confess her sex crimes, the conversation or lack of it must have been interesting.

Even without her confession, police had plenty of evidence of her slutting around due to her communications with the unidentified 15 year old boy.

People reports that the boy is in the eighth grade. That suggests to me he’s a borderline NONWHITE moron.

New York Daily News

Oklahoma teacher arrested for raping student on day of walkout

An Oklahoma middle school teacher was arrested for raping one of her students multiple times — including before and after a teacher walkout at the state Capitol.

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Eight Dead: Dyke Couple Adopt and Abuse Children, Drive Off Cliff When Investigation Opened

The friends of two dykes married to each other mourned the loss of the women by noting that they were great parents and social justice warriors.

These two odd balls clearly preferred dark children over children of their own race. Maybe the ladies were secret KKK members who had a fetish for abusing nogs, but probably not.

There were probably just crazy.

Crazy enough to drive off a cliff, killing everyone in the photo above.

Fox News

A family of eight killed this week when their SUV plunged off a California highway had a visit from Child Protective Services just days before the deadly crash, the sheriff’s office said, as neighbors described other troubling incidents.

That’s a real carload of niggers these two loons adopted.

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Married Teacher Bombarded Her Students with Naked Pics, Threatening to Fail Them All if they Didn’t have Sex with Her

Teacher of the year?

This hot to trot Latina told 40 boys in her class that she would fail them unless they had sex with her.

To entice the lads, she sent them erotic and pornographic photos of herself.

The classroom fun played out late last year, but I missed the story, so here it is, better late than never.

The Sun

A COLOMBIAN high school teacher forced students to have sex with her – and threatened to fail them if they didn’t.

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Nickelodeon Cuts Ties with Hitmaker Jew Producer Rumored to be Pedophile


Haha. Even mainstream CBS reports Jew children’s TV producer Dan Schneider’s fetish for the feet of his pre-teen and teen stars.

However, the real story eludes Jewish owned CBS. Scroll down to read about a degenerate pervert involved in deflowering virgins, fathering illegitimate children, and paying for children’s abortions.

CBS News

NEW YORK — Nickelodeon is ending its relationship with longtime producer Dan Schneider, who has been with the network since 1993. The power player is one of the most prolific creators of children’s television, and masterminded some of Nickelodeon’s top shows, including “Henry Danger” and “iCarly.”

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