The Black Attack: Two White Sisters Dead, Man Shot in Home Invasion by Negros



Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Two sisters were killed and a man critically injured in a triple shooting in McKeesport early Friday morning.

Melodie Robb, 52, of McKeesport, and Kimberly Lesko, 55, of Versailles, died in Ms. Robb’s home in the 400 block of Gross Street when someone opened fire around 3:30 a.m. Friday. A third victim, who has not been identified, survived and was hospitalized in critical condition.

Ms. Robb’s husband was also in the home during the shooting but was upstairs and was not injured, said Ms. Lesko’s son, 27-year-old Jeromie Anderson, of Versailles.

“By the time he loaded his gun and got downstairs everybody was gone,” Mr. Anderson said.

His mother lived in Versailles and was spending the night at her sister’s home in McKeesport after receiving treatment at a nearby hospital for a deep cut, he said. She didn’t have a vehicle, so Ms. Robb picked her up from the hospital.

Ms. Lesko called Mr. Anderson’s brother around 11 p.m. Thursday and told him she’d decided to stay at her sister’s home in order to get some rest, Mr. Anderson said.

“And then this happened,” he said.

Police said two of the victims were found in the living room and another in a bedroom. Neighbors reported hearing at least four shots.

Mr. Anderson has no idea who would have wanted to kill his mother.

“She was always there for us,” he said. “She worked hard her whole life, worked hard and raised us basically by ourselves because our dad had a drinking problem. He’s clean now, has been for 15 years. But she took us to baseball practices, helped with our homework, worked two jobs.”

He grew up in the Gross Street home where the shooting happened, he said. When his mother moved out of the house, she sold the home to her sister, who has lived there for years.

Mr. Anderson said the house was “pretty beat up,” and said Ms. Robb didn’t have much money.

“She lives day to day,” he said. “They didn’t have the money to fix the house.”

Mr. Anderson said the family is accepting donations to pay for their funerals.

The initial mystery has been solved with the naming of two Negros, one of whom is still on the loose.


One suspect has turned himself in and another is still wanted in the investigation of last week’s robbery and home invasion that left two sisters dead in McKeesport.

Allegheny County police describe Kylee Lankford, 19, as “armed and dangerous.” He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and about 150 pounds.

Another suspect, Miras Kelly II, also 19, turned himself in Thursday and was taken to the Allegheny County Jail, where he was expected to be arraigned overnight. Calls to his defense attorney, Bill Difenderfer, were not returned.

Both face homicide charges in the fatal shootings of Melodie Robb, 52, and Kimberly Lesko, 55, who were found dead Sept. 1 in a home on Gross Street.

Hopefully, suspect Lankford will resist arrest and pay the penalty for his resistance.

Mixed Race Monster Charged with Murder in Death of Beautiful College Coed Jenna Burleigh

In my experience as a college professor who at one time hung around with students, there’s only two reasons for a college coed to leave a bar with a male that she just met moments ago:

1. Sex.

2. Drugs.

I believe that drugs are a more common motivation than sex, but often the two go together.

This is a developing story, so there are many unanswered questions. Still, we feel compelled to republish the mantra: Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

CBS Local Philly

Philadelphia Police announce charges have been filed against a man in connection with the death of a Temple University student that went missing Thursday.

In a press conference Saturday night authorities say that Joshua Hupperterz, 29 has been taken into custody and is facing multiple charges including the murder of 22-year-old Jenna Burleigh.

Burleigh had been missing since the early morning hours on Thursday. She was last seen around 2 a.m. in the area of Pub Webb, a bar at 16th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue near Temple’s campus.

Police say Burleigh met Hupperterz, a former Temple University student, at the bar and were seen leaving together on video Thursday morning.

Police believe Burleigh was killed on 16th street. They say that Burleigh’s body was transported from 16th street to Jenkintown, and then eventually to Wayne County where officials would recover her body.

Officials say Burleigh body would be found at the lake front property of Hupperterz grandmother.

Authorities has executed a search warrant at an off-campus apartment in the 1700 block of North 16th Street Friday.


Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross stressed at Saturday’s press conference that this investigation is still in its early stages as they are “still trying to determine a cause of death.”

Police say they are still investigating weather or not anyone else could be involved.

Ross says that this investigation is very complicated, but they just want to make sure they dot every ‘I’, and cross every ‘T.’

Earlier in the day Jenna’s father Ed Burleigh had this to say on Facebook following the news of his daughter’s death:

“Our Beautiful Angel Jenna is now in Heaven. Now I know for sure that you can have a “broken heart” RIP honey.”

Temple University’s President Richard M. Englert released a statement following Saturday’s press conference:

“The Temple University family was deeply saddened today to learn of the death of Jenna Burleigh, 22, of Harleysville, Pennsylvania, who transferred to Temple this week. Police on Saturday arrested Josh Hupperterz, 29, of Hawley, Pennsylvania, and expect to charge him in Jenna’s death. Hupperterz is a former Temple student. An investigation continues with police from Temple, the city of Philadelphia, and other departments. Jenna joined the Temple community just this week as a junior transfer student from Montgomery County Community College, majoring in film and media arts. Our deepest sympathies go out to Jenna’s family and her classmates, both here at Temple and at Montgomery County Community College. This is a tragic event, and anyone in the Temple community could be deeply touched by it. We want to remind you that Tuttleman Counseling Services is available on Main Campus, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by calling 215-204-7276. After regular business hours, for psychiatric emergency services 24 hours a day, contact Temple’s Crisis Response Center at Episcopal Hospital at 215-707-2577 or contact Campus Safety Services at 215-204-1234. Students who require assistance off-campus should dial 911. As always, students should call Campus Safety Services at 215-204-1234 from off campus or 1-1234 from campus if they feel unsafe for any reason.”

The Daily Mail reports that there was $20,000 cash in Hupperterz’s home, along with bags of marijuana. The only question I can think of that’s left unanswered with that news is did he try to rape her?

Does a bear poo in the woods? The question answers itself.

Police Union President Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters Outside Philadelphia Officer’s House ‘a Pack of Rabid Animals’


Every time a cop kills a black thug Black Lives Matter raises a stink. What’s different this time is that they went to the cop’s house to protest (really, to agitate). The police union president responded with harsh words toward BLM, something rarely seen.

Excerpt from NBC Philadelphia

Philadelphia cops held a rally of their own Thursday night in response to a protest last week by local Black Lives Matter activists outside the home of a cop identified in a fatal civilian shooting.

The rally was held at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 headquarters and featured several speakers. Emotions quickly escalated and FOP President John McNesby made one jarring statement.

“When you go to work each day, you shouldn’t have to worry that a pack of rabid animals will suddenly show up at your home and openly threaten your family,” he told the gathered crowd of a couple hundred people, according to WHYY.

That “pack” he referred to is the dozen or so activists who protested last Thursday outside the Northeast Philadelphia house of Officer Ryan Pownall. He has been identified by the police department as the officer who shot David Jones in the back as Jones ran from a confrontation with Pownall in June.

Philly FOP Wins Right to Challenge Release of Cops’ Names
McNesby went on to describe the protesters as “racist hate groups determined to instigate violence.”

A local leader of the Black Lives Matter movement said Friday that McNesby’s comments are ridiculous.

“We’re not going to dignify that with an answer,” activist Asa Khalif said. “That ridiculous comment doesn’t deserve a response. I’ll simply say, ‘Justice for David Jones.'”


The Black Lives Matter demonstration last week occurred on Bridle Road in the city’s Bustleton section for about an hour.

Shouting “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace,” the group demanded Pownall be charged with murder.

Pownall, a 12-year veteran of the police department, shot the 30-year-old in the back and buttocks on June 8 following a struggle. The officer stopped Jones for riding an illegal dirt bike in North Philadelphia.


A witness in back of Pownall’s police vehicle watched Pownall pull his service weapon and warn Jones not to touch the gun, police said. The two men scuffled before Jones allegedly grabbed his handgun, according to police.

Jones then fled. Surveillance video obtained by NBC10 appears to show Jones running away when he was shot.

The same witness later told NBC10 that Jones had dropped the gun before running. A fully loaded .9mm handgun was recovered at the scene.

Jones died at Temple University Hospital.

The shooting remains under investigation by both police and the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office. Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the department is looking into whether protocol was followed.

Pownall remains on administrative leave.

Black Lives Matter, along with others, have been protesting the shooting for weeks. In July, the group marched on the Police Administration Building and City Hall demanding a larger investigation.

Pownall was called a “racist, bigot pig cop” and Khalif said he has “a murderous spirit” — referring to another shooting that the officer was involved. That 2010 shooting left Carnell Williams-Carney paralyzed when a bullet hit him in the back. The shooting was ruled justified and Williams-Carney lost a federal lawsuit against police.

McNesby’s speech about Black Lives Matter followed a personal attack on Khalif last week, when he called Khalif a “punk” who shoud’ve been arrested for protesting without a permit.

“I can’t use the words I want,” McNesby said Friday. “To take it to someone’s house, a police officer’s house, he doesn’t have any respect.”

“He’s a two-bit punk who doesn’t have the respect of decent protesters, if there is any in this city.”

The article goes on to discuss efforts to bar the city from releasing the names of officers involved in shootings for 30 days.

Unfortunately for America, blacks have a large group of big city officials pandering to them. Police have the incentive to let them run wild because of the lack of political support for them. That’s one of the costs of diversity, which is NOT our strength.

New Petition Asks the White House to Label George Soros a Terrorist


Spread the word to those who are awake and willing to listen. The White House petition calling for the government to name George Soros as a terrorist needs more signatures to reach the magic 100,000 mark.

But as one GOP candidate found out, don’t notice that Soros is a Jew or you’ll be called an antisemite. See Scott Wagner’s story below in this post.


The “puppet master” might just have the strings on his U.S. marionette cut, if those who support a new petition have their way.

A recently published petition on the White House website asking for billionaire currency manipulator and protest consigliere George Soros to be declared a terrorist is now circulating and gaining support. The petition has a goal of gathering 100,000 signatures and currently stands at just above 40,000 signees.

The petition claims Soros, who is known to many as the man who funds many anti-democracy protest groups, has “attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens.”

Here is the body of the petition:

Whereas George Soros has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens, has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United State, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government, the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.

Soros, 87, is no stranger to controversy outside the U.S. as he has been monikered “the man who broke the Bank of England” and “the man who broke the Bank of Thailand.” Essentially, Soros works to devalue a country’s currency, all the while betting against the strength of said currency, in order to line both his and his investors pockets. He’s also been instrumental in fueling an ideological Civil War through funding various protests.

Make no mistake: Soros’ motivations and actions are completely questionable, and much like England and Thailand, some say Soros has set his sights on crippling the U.S.

Meanwhile, a GOP candidate for governor in Pennsylvania has been skewered as “antisemitic” for calling Soros a “Hungarian Jew.”


YORK, Pa. (AP) – A Pennsylvania state senator seeking next year’s Republican nomination for governor says he doesn’t plan to apologize for calling billionaire Democratic donor George Soros “a Hungarian Jew” with “a hatred for America.”

Sen. Scott Wagner told the York Daily Record on Monday that “everybody’s getting their knickers around their ankles over this and there’s no reason for that.”

Wagner’s comments were recorded by an opposition tracker at a tomato festival in Pittston last week.

He says if Soros was Catholic, he’d have called him a Hungarian Catholic, and meant no offense by it. He says his comments weren’t meant to be disrespectful or racist.

On Monday, the state Democratic Party described Wagner’s comments as anti-Semitic.

Wagner says he has a long record of donating to the York Jewish Community Center.


Building The Golden Gate Bridge – 1950s Educational Documentary


White engineering did the impossible. I learned a lot watching this 26 minute color documentary. Go back in time to when America was a true industrial power. BTW, the Golden Gate Bridge was built with American steel.

Published on Jul 4, 2017

Bethlehem Steel built the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, and it was an obvious source of pride for the Bethlehem-headquartered company, so much so that the company produced this film about the construction.

Includes stock shots of the completed bridge while an informative narration and illustrations describe the structural aspects of bridge design.

Never forget that the white race has shared the technology of bridge building with other races around the world. I don’t know. Perhaps we should have kept that knowledge to ourselves and left the other races to figure it out on their own.

Breaking: Cosmo Dinardo Confesses to Four Murders of Missing Young Men, Apologizes

In the Twitter video below, Cosmo Dinardo is asked by a reporter why he killed four young men who were reported missing last week and what did he have to say to the families.

Cosmo’s response: “I’m sorry.”

Well, I’m glad that’s wrapped up. Cosmo is sorry. That makes it all nice in the eyes of liberals.

CBS Local Philadelphia

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — An attorney for the person of interest in the missing men case says his client has confessed to the murders.

Attorney Paul Lang says Cosmo DiNardo confessed to killing Jimi Patrick, Tom Meo, Dean Finocchiaro and Mark Sturgis. Lang added that DiNardo told authorities where their bodies are located.

DiNardo apologized after walking out of the courthouse in handcuffs.

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub announced during a midnight press conference that Finocchiaro’s body was discovered in a 12-foot-deep common grave that also contained other human remains on the DiNardo family property in Solebury Township.

Weintraub still has not called DiNardo a suspect, but Finocchiaro’s death has been ruled a homicide.

Investigators continued to focus on a spot identified by cadaver dogs.

At this point, the three other young men who disappeared last week, Jimi Patrick, Tom Meo and Mark Sturgis are still considered missing.

Weintraub says investigators have not yet identified the other remains found in the deep grave.

Cosmo’s defense is shaping up early, I believe. CBS Local Philly reports that a friend of Cosmo says that he was normal until last year, when he was in an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) accident. That accident allegedly left him with injuries to the frontal lobe of his brain, that part of the brain which exercises self-control.

The trial, if there is one, will be one of the most watched in recent history. The senselessness of the murders, the number of dead, and the hiding of the bodies so diabolically guarantees it.

Human Remains Found in Deep Grave Belong to One of Four Missing Young Pennsylvania Men


A story out of Pennsylvania about four young men missing since last week took a tragic turn early Thursday morning when police announced that a body had been recovered from a mass grave.

I expect that over the next 24 hours that we’ll learn that all four missing young fellows will be accounted for, found decaying under the earth in a hastily constructed burial ground.

Police have yet to articulate a theory of the crime. Cosmo Dinardo, pictured above, is being held on unrelated charges, with bail set at $5 million. One of his ex-teachers describes him as a “model citizen.”

We have our work cut out for us to try to get a handle on how and why a model citizen may have committed four murders. Various reports say that he was involved in trying to sell one of the victim’s cars to a friend for $500. Killing four kids around your own age to profit by $500 makes no sense in any world that most of us are familiar with.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail reports that the suspect in this case is a drug dealer who has bragged about killing others before.

ABC News

Authorities say they’ve found multiple human remains in their search for four missing young Pennsylvania men and they can now identify one of them.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said early Thursday morning that one victim has been identified as 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro.


Weintraub says they found all the remains in a 12.5-foot-deep common grave on a sprawling farm in suburban Philadelphia.

Finocchiaro, 22-year-old Mark Sturgis, 21-year-old Tom Meo and 19-year-old Jimi Tar Patrick have been missing since last week.

On Wednesday, authorities arrested the son of the property’s owners, 20-year-old Cosmo DiNardo, on charges he tried to sell one of the missing men’s cars a day after he was last seen. He’s being held on $5 million bail.

ABC is giving this horrific story in-depth coverage. Here’s another ABC story on the homicide:

Weintraub did not mention the three other missing men, but added, “there are additional human remains inside that grave. So this painstaking process will go on. We’re not done yet. This is a homicide, make no mistake about it. We just don’t know how many homicides, we have yet to know the answer to that questions.”

Weintraub said, “I can’t comment on the type of homicide that it is at this point, but I am comfortable classifying it as a homicide.”

He reiterated that the investigation is two-pronged: “We’re still investigating the evidence, the investigation as you all know has taken two tracks –- recovery on one side and ascertaining what actually occurred on the other side, and we’re still avidly pursuing both of those avenues at this time.”

Cadaver dogs led investigators to the grave, he said. “We had cadaver dogs, and I don’t understand the science behind it, but those dogs could smell these poor boys twelve-and-a-half feet below the ground.


And When asked what the condition of the remains are, he said, “I don’t want to comment on that but you can draw some logical conclusions — they were found inside a twelve-and-a-half foot deep hole that we had to excavate.”

Weintraub concluded the press conference, saying, “And I want to let you know that we reiterated over and over again, and it goes to say one more time to the families, that we’re strong, and we’re going to remain strong, and we’re going to see this investigation to the end, and we are going to bring each and every one of these lost boys home to their families, one way or another and we will not rest until we do that.”