Tucker: PA Professor Blames ‘Toxic Masculinity’ for Texas Church Shooting


OK, here’s how the Marxists, trained in the Saul Alinksy methods, work their smear jobs.

For one thing, it takes a catchy phrase to get people’s attention. It’s best if the phrase conveys a negative image in people’s minds.

Colleen uses the phrase “TOXIC MASCULINITY.”

I’m sure that she didn’t coin the phrase, but it’s a good one for propaganda purposes.

Let’s see how she uses that phrase to slander men, then we’ll get back to the Alinksy strategy that’s at work here.

Fox News Insider

The director of women’s and gender studies at a Pennsylvania university claimed “toxic masculinity” is “killing everyone” and blamed the phenomenon for the Texas church shooting.

Professor Colleen Clemens at Kutztown University in Berks County, Pa. tweeted that “Toxic Masculinity is killing everyone – repeat – toxic masculinity is killing everyone – repeat.”

Tucker Carlson said he asked Clemens to come on his program to discuss her accusations, but that the woman replied that she “feared for her safety.”


Catalina Magazine publisher Cathy Areu told Carlson that “toxic masculinity” is a real phenomenon, as men commit more violent crimes than women.

Toxic masculinity is killing everyone. REPEAT. Toxic masculinity is killing everyone. REPEAT. Toxic masculinity is killing everyone. REPEAT. https://t.co/WFhAdphE14

— Colleen Clemens (@clutzclemens) November 6, 2017
Clemens’ initial tweet linked to a WPVI news story reporting that President Trump said the shooting was not a “gun [control] situation”

She later tweeted that “ad hominem attacks are petty and useless. Engage with my ideas? All for it. Trolls need not apply.”

Ad hominem attacks are petty and useless. Engage with my ideas? All for it. Trolls need not apply. Feel free to continue making assumptions about me. But in the meantime, I will be teaching while you sit around tweeting. SAD!

— Colleen Clemens (@clutzclemens) November 8, 2017
“Feel free to continue making assumptions about me. But in the meantime, I will be teaching while you sit around tweeting. SAD!” Clemens tweeted.

Obnoxious Cathy Areu showed up at Tucker’s request to discuss the “toxic masculinity” claim.

When a Marxist professor wants to target a group, say men, then the professor must find something negative about men to bitch about. In this case, men commit more mass murders than women. Thus, the claim:

“Toxic masculinity is killing everyone.”

So some vague concept is the killer, not specific individuals. And that vague concept is killing “everyone.”

Hyperbole? Much!

Obviously, muh cute prof doesn’t like masculinity, or at least she thinks she doesn’t like it.

Most men never commit murder. Most masculine men never kill either. Let’s say Donald Trump, Arnold Schwazenegger, and Chuck Norris are masculine men. Agree?

They and millions of other masculine men never kill. The onus is thus on muh prof to prove her thesis.

Since blacks commit murder far out of proportion to their numbers in the population, do you think that Colleen would ever talk about “toxic black masculinity?”

I don’t think so because then her Marxist friends would label her as a racist.

One more thing. Men were certainly freer to express their masculinity in the 1950s than today, yet mass shootings never happened that I can recall.

What changed?

Lots of things, including the indoctrination of women into the man-hating cult of feminism.

It’s too bad about Colleen. In a different world, she would have made some man a nice wife.

Harlem Pimp Suspect in Disappearance of Beautiful Blonde Teen Who Called Him “Daddy”


A teen. A pimp. Harlem. Missing for two months.

This isn’t going to turn out well, I fear.

New York Daily News

A Pennsylvania teenager reported missing in Queens nearly two months ago had filed an assault complaint against a Harlem man before she vanished — and cops believe the attacker could be her pimp.

On Aug. 25, the 32-year-old assailant, who has multiple arrests for promoting prostitution, had stolen $300 from 19-year-old Corinna Slusser while she was in the shower. When she demanded the money back, he allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall, according to court papers.

Slusser, who relatives believe is a victim of sex trafficking, reported the brutality to police, and cops arrested her suspected pimp on Aug. 28, charging him with strangulation and criminal obstruction of breathing.

The Daily News is withholding the man’s name since he may play an integral role in solving Slusser’s disappearance.

Relatives in Pennsylvania reported Slusser missing on Sept. 12, after she didn’t go to her grandfather’s funeral in Florida.

The avid social media user hasn’t posted anything online since Sept. 10, when she put up a photo of herself tagged in the Bronx.

Relatives said Slusser met her pimp in March — who she called “her daddy” — and moved out to New York to live with him.

She remained in contact with her family for several months but began acting strangely in early September, around the time her grandfather died.

Slusser first told relatives that someone had stolen her ID and she couldn’t travel to Florida to go to the funeral. She also seemed terrified and said she had wanted to come home but had no money for a bus ticket.

No one in the family has heard from Slusser since that point, said one relative, who wished not to be named.

I found most of these photos of Corinna on her pictame. There’s lots more if you just look her up on a search engine.

If she’s still alive she would probably be traveling with a lowlife Nog, which would make her stand out.

Her family is seeking $3,000 in donations to use to hire a private detective. They might be well advised to hire a cadaver dog to search for her body. I don’t think she’s coming home.

Corinna Slusser Go Fund Me

High School Students Mock Exhibits at Holocaust Museum


Uh-oh. Some high school students are about to be sentenced to indoctrination camp.

Jewish Forward

A school district in Pennsylvania is investigating social media posts from students on a senior class trip that mocked exhibits at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

The senior class from the Forest Hills School District visited the museum in Washington D.C. last Wednesday as part of its senior class trip.

Senior class president Gabe Singer told the Associated Press that most students were respectful. But some other students reportedly made inappropriate posts to social media, including disrespectful statements next to a photo of a pile of shoes take from Holocaust victims at a Nazi concentration camp that was posted on Snapchat. Those students “made a mockery of what they saw,” Singer told AP.

In a public letter Singer apologized on behalf of his classmates and called their actions “unacceptable,” according to the AP. He said he hoped that students who come after his class will still be able to visit the museum.

Forest Hills School District Superintendent Edwin Bowser told the Associated Press on Friday that school officials are looking into the students’ conduct.

The last name Singer is Jewish. How can we be sure that what Gabe Singer is saying is true. As a Jew, he has a vested interest in stirring the pot.

Besides, if my school sends me to the Holocaust Museum on a field trip, am I not allowed to reach my own conclusions about the truth of the Holocaust? Forcing me to agree with the Jewish point of view shouldn’t be part of the deal.

Until Gabe Singer or someone else can produce proof that the students did something wrong, we should all remain unconvinced.

That said, wouldn’t it be nice if the truth had seeped down to the high school level to the degree that a large group of students have become so-called Holocaust deniers.

Pennsylvania police investigating RACIST PUMPKINS

The rebellion by white youths against political correctness continues. So does the overreaction by public school officials who are tasked with keeping blacks from starting a race war on school grounds.

One day a big American high school is going to explode into violence resulting in multiple deaths. They’re a tinderbox.

Meanwhile, every school day diversity holds back white students who are bullied, beaten, and intimidated. Their stories never make the news. Instead, the press focuses on trivial crap like pumpkin carvings done off campus on student’s own time.

And the police are called in to “investigate,” meaning terrorize the white students into submitting to diversity.

This cannot be allowed to stand.

NBC Philadelphia

High School Students Pose With Swastika & KKK Pumpkins

The photo shows current and former Coatesville Area High School students posing with pumpkins with the “KKK” symbol and a swastika carved into them.

A Chester County school district called a photo of students posing with pumpkins bearing a swastika and the letters KKK “reprehensible and intolerable.”

“We are extremely disappointed that any of our students would display this kind of hatred and vile behavior,” a school district spokesperson said.

“It’s reprehensible and intolerable, and this photo causes deep sadness and concern. We work extremely hard to promote a tolerant, respectful, inclusive learning environment, and this is in direct opposition to everything we stand for and believe in.”

Three current students from the Coatesville Area High School were shown smiling in the photo, which made the rounds on social media this week. One of the people pictured is a former student, a school spokesperson said.

The photo was not taken on school grounds or during school hours, according to the school district.

On Wednesday, several people could be seen standing outside the high school holding signs that read “Not funny” and “It’s not a joke!” One parent told NBC10 her daughter and other students were planning to walk out in protest, but school security prevented them from going outside.

Meanwhile, officials condemned the photos and turned them over to police. School officials also contacted parents of the students who were pictured.

The photo follows another recent controversy at Coatesville Area High School in which members of the school’s cross country team took a photo of a doll hanging from the ceiling inside a locker room.

The superintendent of the Coatesville Area School District said the students responsible claimed it was a foolish prank with no intent of racial intimidation. School officials are still considering possible disciplinary action against the students involved in the so-called prank.

The school district will continue to investigate the pumpkin incident and also work with other groups, including the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Mid-Atlantic Equity Center and NAACP this week to have conversations with students about racism, a spokesperson said.

I looked at the way this story was reported on two more news sites. They always say there’s a firestorm or there’s outrage, but they never document this claim, except sometimes with a couple of quotes from blacks.

Who gives a f*ck what blacks have to say? Until they clean up their own culture they have no right to tell white youths what they can and can not do.

Married 65 Year Old Anti-Abortion Congressman Who Asked Preggers Girlfriend to Get Abortion is Retiring




There are five issues here that I can identify:

1. Adultery. Americans disapprove of adultery, unlike the French and I suppose some other cultures.

2. Age. Women strongly approve of “cougars,” older women with younger men, but disapprove of older men with younger women. As far as I’m concerned age differences are a nonissue.

3. Abortion. Americans are conflicted about abortion. I’ll restate my position. I’m for legal abortion for nonwhites, but not for whites. The white race is facing an existential crisis that takes legal abortion off the table for whites.

4. Hypocrisy. Americans hate it.

5. Politicians. The word is an insult to a lot of people.

Did I miss anthing?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Anti-abortion congressman Tim Murphy, who is in the midst of an affair scandal, has announced that he will retire when his terms ends next year.

The Republican lawmaker from Pennsylvania revealed his decision on Wednesday after it was divulged that not only did he have an affair with a woman half his age, but also asked that she get an abortion when he thought she was pregnant.

Text messages exchanged on January 25 between the 65-year-old congressman and 32-year-old Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist in Pittsburgh, show Edwards asking Murphy how he can privately ask her to obtain an abortion while publicly opposing the procedure.

‘And you have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week when we thought that was one of the options,’ she wrote, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

‘I get what you say about my March for life messages,’ Murphy responded. ‘I’ve never written them. Staff does them. I read them and winced. I told staff don’t write any more. I will.’

Edwards, it turned out, wasn’t pregnant. Murphy’s spokeswoman had no comment on the report.

Murphy is married to Nanette Missig and has an adult daughter, Bevin.

‘Tis better to retire than campaign next year and lose big.

Fire Chief Out After Using N-Word on Black Steelers Head Coach



Contrast the national headlines over an emotional use of the word “Nigger” to the rapid fading from view of the Nashville church shooting story that involved a black immigrant killing one white person and wounding seven.

Even if you believe that the use of the word “Nigger” is objectionable by white people, is it really justified to force a man out in the case of a situation in which 200 black football players allegedly disrespected the country that gave them their opportunity to become instant millionaires? Emotions do run high sometimes.

The chief resigned. Never resign. Make them fire you.

CBS News

PITTSBURGH — Volunteer fire chief Paul Smith resigned from his position Tuesday in wake of a shocking message he posted on Facebook using a racial slur, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In a statement to the newspaper, Smith said, “The media dragged my fire company and township into this as well as my family.”

Smith’s Facebook message grabbed national headlines and came amid the fallout after the Pittsburgh Steelers game Sunday, when the team decided to stay in the tunnel at Chicago’s Soldier Field during the national anthem.

The fan reaction was mixed from support for the players to outraged fury over their decision. However, as CBS Pittsburgh reported, many local residents felt Smith’s response crossed the line.

Smith, the chief of Cecil Volunteer Fire Station #2, posted a derogatory response on Facebook which directed a racial slur at Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin.

Reaction to Smith’s post in Cecil Township was quick and negative.

The Cecil Township Board of Supervisors said in a statement Tuesday that it’s “deeply disturbed by the comments made by Volunteer Chief Smith, and in no way, shape or form condone his comments.”

Dylan Pareso, who lives across the street from the fire hall, said, “I’m completely upset, especially for a town like this, coming from the fire chief, that’s disrespectful in my eyes. I don’t agree with it one bit.”

Mary Plumley told CBS Pittsburgh, “For a fire chief or for anybody like that to say something like that is wrong. They don’t need to be in that position.”

“It’s not good. No, I don’t like it at all,” Janet Vickers said.

Wes Leopold reacted to Smith’s post, saying, “It’s kind of a dumb thing to do. I think, there’s enough tension in this country. He’s definitely adding to it.”

Chief Smith is out of the country on vacation, but on Facebook, he responded to CBS Pittsburgh.

“I am embarrassed at this. I want to apologize. I was frustrated and angry at the Steelers not standing the anthem. This had nothing to do with my Fire Department. I regret what I said.”

“My fire department should have never been dragged into this. It was a bad judgement by me, for which I am very embarrassed, for them and my township.”

Also Tuesday, the Steelers’ president Art Rooney II released a statement on Twitter to reiterate that the team’s decision to stay in the locker room was meant to remove themselves from making a political statement.

Meanwhile, Steelers lineman Alejandro Villanueva — the only Steelers player standing outside the tunnel for the national anthem before their game Sunday — said on Monday that the he did not intend to make a political statement. He said the national anthem situation got out of control and he is taking the blame.

“Unfortunately I threw my teammates under the bus, unintentionally,” Villanueva said. “Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself I feel embarrassed.”

With that apology, Villanueva went from hero to zero. As I’ve written before, he probably doesn’t want to be the target of super violent career-ending tackles on the field made by black activist thug players.

The Black Attack: Two White Sisters Dead, Man Shot in Home Invasion by Negros



Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Two sisters were killed and a man critically injured in a triple shooting in McKeesport early Friday morning.

Melodie Robb, 52, of McKeesport, and Kimberly Lesko, 55, of Versailles, died in Ms. Robb’s home in the 400 block of Gross Street when someone opened fire around 3:30 a.m. Friday. A third victim, who has not been identified, survived and was hospitalized in critical condition.

Ms. Robb’s husband was also in the home during the shooting but was upstairs and was not injured, said Ms. Lesko’s son, 27-year-old Jeromie Anderson, of Versailles.

“By the time he loaded his gun and got downstairs everybody was gone,” Mr. Anderson said.

His mother lived in Versailles and was spending the night at her sister’s home in McKeesport after receiving treatment at a nearby hospital for a deep cut, he said. She didn’t have a vehicle, so Ms. Robb picked her up from the hospital.

Ms. Lesko called Mr. Anderson’s brother around 11 p.m. Thursday and told him she’d decided to stay at her sister’s home in order to get some rest, Mr. Anderson said.

“And then this happened,” he said.

Police said two of the victims were found in the living room and another in a bedroom. Neighbors reported hearing at least four shots.

Mr. Anderson has no idea who would have wanted to kill his mother.

“She was always there for us,” he said. “She worked hard her whole life, worked hard and raised us basically by ourselves because our dad had a drinking problem. He’s clean now, has been for 15 years. But she took us to baseball practices, helped with our homework, worked two jobs.”

He grew up in the Gross Street home where the shooting happened, he said. When his mother moved out of the house, she sold the home to her sister, who has lived there for years.

Mr. Anderson said the house was “pretty beat up,” and said Ms. Robb didn’t have much money.

“She lives day to day,” he said. “They didn’t have the money to fix the house.”

Mr. Anderson said the family is accepting donations to pay for their funerals.

The initial mystery has been solved with the naming of two Negros, one of whom is still on the loose.


One suspect has turned himself in and another is still wanted in the investigation of last week’s robbery and home invasion that left two sisters dead in McKeesport.

Allegheny County police describe Kylee Lankford, 19, as “armed and dangerous.” He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and about 150 pounds.

Another suspect, Miras Kelly II, also 19, turned himself in Thursday and was taken to the Allegheny County Jail, where he was expected to be arraigned overnight. Calls to his defense attorney, Bill Difenderfer, were not returned.

Both face homicide charges in the fatal shootings of Melodie Robb, 52, and Kimberly Lesko, 55, who were found dead Sept. 1 in a home on Gross Street.

Hopefully, suspect Lankford will resist arrest and pay the penalty for his resistance.