Anal Couple Sue Printer for Sending Satan Pamphlets in Place of “Wedding” Programs

The printing company is groveling over the brilliant trolling by an unidentified employee.

There is an alternative explanation though.

Could the fags themselves substituted the material they say offends them in order to collect a payoff and receive sympathy from their fellow turd burglars?

It wouldn’t be the first time drama queens have created a hoax.

NBC News

On the evening before their wedding in western Pennsylvania, Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg sat down together to open up a package they had received from Vistaprint that morning. The package was supposed to contain 100 wedding programs they ordered for their big day. The box’s contents, however, were not what the couple had imagined.

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Three colored high school football players rape 14-year-old girl at gunpoint outside Pa. fair, police say

It’s only right that the victim of the filthy Niggers under arrest for rape not be named. However, a careful reading of this story will convince you that the victim is white and that the perps committed a hate crime.

These f*cks are apparently back in school, but have been warned to stay away from the girl.

Yeah, that’s gonna work out, I’m sure.


YORK, Pa. — Three 16-year-old boys have been charged with raping a 14-year-old girl at gunpoint after leaving a Pennsylvania fair, according to court documents.

Those arrests came at the end of a two-month investigation by the West York Police Department and the York County District Attorney’s Office.

Kelvin J. Mercedes, Andrew R. Miller, and Daishon M. Richardson from York, Pa., have been charged with rape by force, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful restraint and terroristic threats.

West York Police Detective Michael Mendez Sr., the lead investigating officer, said the girl knew the teens before the incident outside the York Fair, also known as “America’s First Fair.”

All three were members of the Central York High School football team and are charged as adults.

West York Police Chief Matt Millsaps said two of the teens were picked up without incident Tuesday. The third made arrangements to surrender to authorities at the York County courthouse on Tuesday.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the three had posted $25,000 bail each, but were waiting at York County Prison to speak with probation on the conditions of their supervised bail. The three were released on Wednesday night.

In addition to being monitored after their release, Richardson, Miller and Mercedes are not allowed to have any contact with the victim, according to District Judge Jennifer J.P. Clancy’s office. A preliminary hearing on the case is scheduled before Clancy on Jan. 11, according to online court dockets.

Family members of the three declined to comment on Wednesday morning.

Julie Randall Romig, the director of communications for the school district, said Wednesday in an email, “Law enforcement officials have advised that this is a non-school related issue and, therefore, we do not have any comment on the ongoing police investigation.

When asked about whether the suspects will be in the general population when school resumes, school board president Eric Wolfgang said that it was a good question. He suggested talking with the superintendent.

The investigation

Minutes after midnight on Sept. 17, West Manchester Township Police were called to York Hospital for a report of a sexual assault, according to a search warrant filed by West York Police.

Once there, West Manchester Township Police spoke with the 14-year-old victim who said she was assaulted after leaving the fair, the warrant states. The attack occurred sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Sept. 16.

The victim “advised she was taken to unknown locations, where she was forced to perform oral sex on three males and then forced to have sexual intercourse with … them.”

The girl identified Miller and Mercedes by their first and last names and knew her third assailant only as “Daishon.” West Manchester Township Police established Richardson as the third suspect and determined the assaults occurred in the borough of West York, the warrant states.

Mendez interviewed the victim on Sept. 22.

She told police she went to the York Fair to meet up with friends, according to an affidavit of probable cause. While they were walking around, the three suspects followed behind them.

She said the boys told her they wanted to show her something and to follow them. They left the fairgrounds and eventually walked to a business parking lot across from an athletic field at a West York Area school. Mercedes allegedly put a gun to her head, told her to get on her knees and to perform a sex act.

She told investigators that she did what they told her to do because she was afraid she would be killed.

She was forced to perform oral sex on all three suspects, the affidavit states.

They then walked to an unknown yard that had a “well,” the victim told investigators. The suspects took turns holding her down and sexually assaulted her, the affidavit states.

Mendez said the “well” actually was a crumbling fire pit in a West York resident’s back yard.

The victim said that after the second round of sexual assaults, she was thrown roughly into a maroon SUV or van and was driven back to the fairgrounds. Mendez said investigators did not know who owned the vehicle or who was driving.

Mendez said the girl then went home, told a relative what had happened and was taken to York Hospital for a forensic rape examination. Hospital staff contacted the police.

The victim told police the assault was photographed or videotaped. Mendez explained that the girl, while being assaulted, saw a light from a cellphone and thought one of the teens took a photo or a video.

Sometime later, the girl said she received a text picture from Miller showing him holding the gun she said was used to threaten her.

She also said that Miller texted her telling her she was beautiful and that Richardson texted her telling her to stop lying, according to the affidavit.

Mendez said the teens’ cell phones were confiscated and examined. No video or pictures were recovered.

If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

A parent did not do her (or his) job. A wise adult should have warned this girl, “Avoid the groid.” We have to make our girls Nigger-wise.

The school system and the police failed to do their job as well. The only thing that blacks perceive as true punishment is pain. These three have probably had run-ins with the law before. They should have been horsewhipped.

For this crime, they should be hung in public in front of a jeering crowd of white people.

Dindu First Graders Physically Attacking Pennsylvania Teachers

The mini version of obsolete farm equipment makes life miserable for everyone.

Just think of the public schools as a training camp to ready Dindu youths for life behind bars. First, ya gotta hit yer teacher!!!

Daily Mail

Dozens of teachers have quit their jobs in Pennsylvania’s capital city amid a wave of violence from students as early as the first grade, it has emerged.

The Harrisburg Education Association (HEA) said that at least 45 teachers resigned between July and October, and more have followed since. Those who remain are now demanding more help from administrators.

‘I have been kicked, punched, hit, scratched. I’ve had a student physically restraining me in front of my other students,’ first-grade teacher Amanda Shaeffer told board members, according to Penn Live.

She added that ‘many of the personal things that I have bought for my classroom have been broken or destroyed.’

Shaeffer was joined by around half a dozen other teachers and several parents on Monday as she called for faster and tougher steps to be taken against transgressors.

They want the creation of a coalition of teachers, parents and administrators to help address violence in schools, and more consistency in how incidents are dealt with.

They’re also calling for better training and support for dealing with kids who are suffering from abuse at home, or mental health problems.
‘We aren’t complaining. We are here begging for help so that we can help those students,’ said HEA President Jody Barksdale.

She called for the board to do something in January, but says that ‘not much’ has changed in the almost a year since then.

‘Teachers and students are being hit, kicked, slapped, scratched, cussed at…. and observing other students flip over tables, desks and chairs,’ she said.

‘Teachers have had to take the rest of their class into the hallway top protect them during these outbursts.’

Just three or four sites are responsible for the majority of the complaints, the HEA said. It wouldn’t identify which schools are suffering.

‘We have a lot of schools in the district where things are going really well,’ Barksdale said. ‘But there are a few buildings where a lot of these behaviors are standouts, and that’s why we’re here. To address those standouts.’

Superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney agreed to the formation of a group to deal with the problem, but told Fox News 43 she would need help from home too.

‘Once we meet and find out that there are needs that we need to have serviced, that means it’s going to take parent involvement to make that happen.’

She added that she had no plans to resign: ‘I try to see the good, and think that these students and kids need me, and I’m trying to do something positive and different.’

The school district responded by saying that it is ‘unfortunate that our teacher organization has chosen to engage in public discourse opposed to factual and substantive discussions.’

It said it hired 130 people, including 30 professional staff, between April and August, but still has 38 professional job vacancies ‘as a result of resignations due to a host of reasons and retirements.’

It said it already offers development and mentoring programs for teachers, and has an ‘open door policy’ if staff have concerns.

It added that its success ‘hinges on all stakeholders taking a positive and committed stance on moving the quality of education forward for every student; this includes professional responsibility, accountability and true ownership of the work’.

The little savages learned their behaviors from their “parents” so getting the parents involved is going to be a waste of time.

These mini monsters need to feel the sting of the whip and the pain of the paddle.

Nothing less will do. They still won’t be able to learn much because their minds are too defective, but at least they’ll refrain from violence once they are subjected to pain when they misbehave.

Wanted, $40K Reward: Black Suspect ID’d in Murder of Pennsylvania Officer


Hopefully the worthless Negro suspect wanted for the murder of a rookie Pennsylvania police officer will resist arrest and be shot dead.

That would be justice.

An injustice would be to send him to Negro State University (aka prison) for the rest of his life. That would be a vacation for him.


NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (WPVI) — Police have identified the suspect in the shooting death of a Pennsylvania police officer.

Authorities are searching for 29-year-old Rahmael Sal Holt.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Police believe Holt gunned down 25-year-old officer Brian Shaw in New Kensington, about 18 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, Friday night following a traffic stop and foot chase.

Authorities say they know why Holt was pulled over, but have not revealed why.

A $40,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest.

Shaw had served as a part-time officer in three other towns before joining the New Kensington police force full time in June. He was taken to a hospital after the shooting but was pronounced dead there a short time later, according to authorities.

Nicole Drum, whose family lives directly across from the shooting scene, told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that she was on a couch in her living room when she heard six or seven shots, including one that hit her house. She looked outside and saw Shaw fall. She was the first person to reach him.

“I was trying to talk to him,” she said Saturday. “He wasn’t responding.”

Brad Larocca, who lives next door to the Drums, also heard the shots, which he said came rapidly. He said Shaw tried to sit up before collapsing.

“I don’t know if he was trying to talk,” said Laroccoa, who also tried to help the officer. “He was gasping for air.”

Larocca said he didn’t know if Shaw also fired his weapon.

“Whichever one was shooting knew how to use a gun. It was quick,” Laroccoa said.

Drum said her home was hit twice – once under the front porch, and again on the second floor – but neither shot went inside the house. Her father, Wayne Drum, who was not home when the shooting occurred, said police recovered the bullet that hit the porch on Saturday morning. He was told it was a .40 caliber slug.

The Drum home has a surveillance camera mounted under the second-story eave. Wayne Drum said it had captured everything, but the video was fuzzy since it was taken at night. He said police took his hard drive, telling him they would be able to enhance it.

Police officers from neighboring towns continued to scour the area for the suspect Saturday. SWAT teams and police dogs assisted.

By all accounts, Brian Shaw was a well-liked nice guy who loved dogs.

Even if his killer receives justice, Brian is still dead. More will die until America confronts the Negro problem.

Tucker: PA Professor Blames ‘Toxic Masculinity’ for Texas Church Shooting


OK, here’s how the Marxists, trained in the Saul Alinksy methods, work their smear jobs.

For one thing, it takes a catchy phrase to get people’s attention. It’s best if the phrase conveys a negative image in people’s minds.

Colleen uses the phrase “TOXIC MASCULINITY.”

I’m sure that she didn’t coin the phrase, but it’s a good one for propaganda purposes.

Let’s see how she uses that phrase to slander men, then we’ll get back to the Alinksy strategy that’s at work here.

Fox News Insider

The director of women’s and gender studies at a Pennsylvania university claimed “toxic masculinity” is “killing everyone” and blamed the phenomenon for the Texas church shooting.

Professor Colleen Clemens at Kutztown University in Berks County, Pa. tweeted that “Toxic Masculinity is killing everyone – repeat – toxic masculinity is killing everyone – repeat.”

Tucker Carlson said he asked Clemens to come on his program to discuss her accusations, but that the woman replied that she “feared for her safety.”


Catalina Magazine publisher Cathy Areu told Carlson that “toxic masculinity” is a real phenomenon, as men commit more violent crimes than women.

Toxic masculinity is killing everyone. REPEAT. Toxic masculinity is killing everyone. REPEAT. Toxic masculinity is killing everyone. REPEAT.

— Colleen Clemens (@clutzclemens) November 6, 2017
Clemens’ initial tweet linked to a WPVI news story reporting that President Trump said the shooting was not a “gun [control] situation”

She later tweeted that “ad hominem attacks are petty and useless. Engage with my ideas? All for it. Trolls need not apply.”

Ad hominem attacks are petty and useless. Engage with my ideas? All for it. Trolls need not apply. Feel free to continue making assumptions about me. But in the meantime, I will be teaching while you sit around tweeting. SAD!

— Colleen Clemens (@clutzclemens) November 8, 2017
“Feel free to continue making assumptions about me. But in the meantime, I will be teaching while you sit around tweeting. SAD!” Clemens tweeted.

Obnoxious Cathy Areu showed up at Tucker’s request to discuss the “toxic masculinity” claim.

When a Marxist professor wants to target a group, say men, then the professor must find something negative about men to bitch about. In this case, men commit more mass murders than women. Thus, the claim:

“Toxic masculinity is killing everyone.”

So some vague concept is the killer, not specific individuals. And that vague concept is killing “everyone.”

Hyperbole? Much!

Obviously, muh cute prof doesn’t like masculinity, or at least she thinks she doesn’t like it.

Most men never commit murder. Most masculine men never kill either. Let’s say Donald Trump, Arnold Schwazenegger, and Chuck Norris are masculine men. Agree?

They and millions of other masculine men never kill. The onus is thus on muh prof to prove her thesis.

Since blacks commit murder far out of proportion to their numbers in the population, do you think that Colleen would ever talk about “toxic black masculinity?”

I don’t think so because then her Marxist friends would label her as a racist.

One more thing. Men were certainly freer to express their masculinity in the 1950s than today, yet mass shootings never happened that I can recall.

What changed?

Lots of things, including the indoctrination of women into the man-hating cult of feminism.

It’s too bad about Colleen. In a different world, she would have made some man a nice wife.

Harlem Pimp Suspect in Disappearance of Beautiful Blonde Teen Who Called Him “Daddy”


A teen. A pimp. Harlem. Missing for two months.

This isn’t going to turn out well, I fear.

New York Daily News

A Pennsylvania teenager reported missing in Queens nearly two months ago had filed an assault complaint against a Harlem man before she vanished — and cops believe the attacker could be her pimp.

On Aug. 25, the 32-year-old assailant, who has multiple arrests for promoting prostitution, had stolen $300 from 19-year-old Corinna Slusser while she was in the shower. When she demanded the money back, he allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall, according to court papers.

Slusser, who relatives believe is a victim of sex trafficking, reported the brutality to police, and cops arrested her suspected pimp on Aug. 28, charging him with strangulation and criminal obstruction of breathing.

The Daily News is withholding the man’s name since he may play an integral role in solving Slusser’s disappearance.

Relatives in Pennsylvania reported Slusser missing on Sept. 12, after she didn’t go to her grandfather’s funeral in Florida.

The avid social media user hasn’t posted anything online since Sept. 10, when she put up a photo of herself tagged in the Bronx.

Relatives said Slusser met her pimp in March — who she called “her daddy” — and moved out to New York to live with him.

She remained in contact with her family for several months but began acting strangely in early September, around the time her grandfather died.

Slusser first told relatives that someone had stolen her ID and she couldn’t travel to Florida to go to the funeral. She also seemed terrified and said she had wanted to come home but had no money for a bus ticket.

No one in the family has heard from Slusser since that point, said one relative, who wished not to be named.

I found most of these photos of Corinna on her pictame. There’s lots more if you just look her up on a search engine.

If she’s still alive she would probably be traveling with a lowlife Nog, which would make her stand out.

Her family is seeking $3,000 in donations to use to hire a private detective. They might be well advised to hire a cadaver dog to search for her body. I don’t think she’s coming home.

Corinna Slusser Go Fund Me

High School Students Mock Exhibits at Holocaust Museum


Uh-oh. Some high school students are about to be sentenced to indoctrination camp.

Jewish Forward

A school district in Pennsylvania is investigating social media posts from students on a senior class trip that mocked exhibits at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

The senior class from the Forest Hills School District visited the museum in Washington D.C. last Wednesday as part of its senior class trip.

Senior class president Gabe Singer told the Associated Press that most students were respectful. But some other students reportedly made inappropriate posts to social media, including disrespectful statements next to a photo of a pile of shoes take from Holocaust victims at a Nazi concentration camp that was posted on Snapchat. Those students “made a mockery of what they saw,” Singer told AP.

In a public letter Singer apologized on behalf of his classmates and called their actions “unacceptable,” according to the AP. He said he hoped that students who come after his class will still be able to visit the museum.

Forest Hills School District Superintendent Edwin Bowser told the Associated Press on Friday that school officials are looking into the students’ conduct.

The last name Singer is Jewish. How can we be sure that what Gabe Singer is saying is true. As a Jew, he has a vested interest in stirring the pot.

Besides, if my school sends me to the Holocaust Museum on a field trip, am I not allowed to reach my own conclusions about the truth of the Holocaust? Forcing me to agree with the Jewish point of view shouldn’t be part of the deal.

Until Gabe Singer or someone else can produce proof that the students did something wrong, we should all remain unconvinced.

That said, wouldn’t it be nice if the truth had seeped down to the high school level to the degree that a large group of students have become so-called Holocaust deniers.