Car Plows into Paris Crowd Killing Child, Trump Blames Alt-Right Nazi Thugs

Since the Paris, France, car attack story is still developing, let’s get American President Donald J. Trump to tie it to the alt-right.

He’ll be right in line with (((Big Media))) if he finds a way to blame White Nationalists. Hey, that WN might be yelling “Allahu Ackbar,” but what does it matter. The official narrative now is that the alt-right is responsible for everything bad in America, so why not the world.

Sputnik News

One person was killed and several more were injured after a driver directed his vehicle into a group of people outside a cafe, according to published reports.

The dead victim was an eight-year-old female, and estimates of the number of wounded range from five to eight, though police marked the number as five. The BMW auto struck patrons at a pizzeria in Sept-Sorts, which is a roughly one hour commute from Paris, French media outlets said.

The assailant was detained by French police as of Monday night, but officials have yet to determine whether the attack was intentional and planned out, the AP reported. According to a French news station, however, the attack was deliberate.

On December 19, a truck was weaponized in Berlin and used to run over a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing a dozen people.

I know he’s the American president, but traitor Trump should declare a state of emergency in Paris since the alt-right might try to march there.

An American in Paris, Trump Style

American President Donald Trump is having a great visit with his new buddy, French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump has described Monsieur Macron’s wife, Brigitte, as “beautiful.”

What a charming, gentlemanly thing to say.

Even the usually dour Melania, along for the visit, must be having fun.

The Sun

PRESIDENT Donald Trump was captured complimenting the French president’s wife’s body in video posted by the French government’s Facebook account.

The footage shows Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron, and their wives chatting after their tour of the museums at Les Invalides.

Trump at one point turns to Brigitte Macron and tells her: “You’re in such good shape.”

He repeats the observation to the French president before turning back to the French first lady, and remarking: “Beautiful.”

Brigitte Macron was her husband’s former high school teacher and their relationship has drawn international attention because of their age difference.

But many have denounced the comments as sexist, noting that the Macrons’ age difference is identical to that of Donald and Melania Trump.

In a news conference, Trump saluted America’s “unbreakable” bond with France.

He made the gushing comments during a news conference in Paris today as part of a trip to France for the Bastille Day celebrations.

Setting aside the fluff, it’s a dazzling development to see Macron take so well to the older Trump. If he thinks of Trump as an older brother or confidant, then so much the better. Everyone had Macron pegged as a politically correct liberal, but so far he’s showing signs of independence from Angela Merkel, who must be jealous at what’s unfolding in Paris.

There are more pictures and story at the Sun.

‘No Trump Zone’ Planned in Paris Ahead of President’s Visit

I was looking to post something about the warm relationship that is apparently developing between American President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.

There’s nothing out there that I could find. As usual, the press emphasizes the negative, not the positive.

However, it is newsworthy to note that anti-Trump demonstrations are planned during the president’s visit.

Common Dreams

As the Trump administration attempts to deflect questions from the press regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s controversial meeting during last year’s campaign with a Russian lawyer, the president himself has kept a relatively low profile ahead of a scheduled trip to France this week—but the French aren’t expected to give him a warm welcome as hundreds of demonstrators plan to form a “No Trump Zone” in Paris, where they will march in protest of Trump’s visit and his policies.

Trump was invited by French President Emmanuel Macron to attend France’s national celebration of Bastille Day, where the two would honor the cooperative relationship their countries have shared on what would also be the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entering World War I. Trump accepted the invitation despite the two leaders’ disagreement on issues including Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change policy, and a frosty exchange they shared at the NATO Summit in May.

The group “Paris Against Trump” is behind the plans for a “No Trump Zone” in the Place de la Republique in the center of Paris. As the group wrote on Facebook, “Trump is not welcome in Paris. We are opposed to his positions on the climate crisis, his international politics against migrants, his sexist speeches and behavior, his Islamophobia and racist remarks, his military plans around the world and his neo-liberalism and capitalism.”

Trump will apparently not be able to escape Americans who disapprove of him, as the organizers have said the group will include “an American contingent.”

The planned protest will likely mirror the reception Trump got in Europe last week when he arrived for the G-20 Summit. Thousands of protesters in Hamburg greeted him with signs saying “Welcome to Hell.” The protest turned violent as German riot police confronted the demonstrators with water cannons and tear gas. During his earlier stop in Warsaw, demonstrators chanted “Go Home Trump!”

Trump is unpopular across Europe. A recent Pew poll found that only 14 percent of French citizens have confidence in his ability to lead, with similar approval ratings throughout the continent.

The left may not welcome Trump to Paris, but they sure welcome filthy African parasites and violent Muslim scum. If we get lucky perhaps a Muslim jihadist will attack the anti-Trump people, mowing them down with a truck or blowing them up with a bomb.

By the way, I wouldn’t put much stock in any polls taken across Europe. Fake news and fake polls are not exclusive to America. And it must be said that the Hamburg riots are an annual affair at G20. They were not aimed specifically at Trump. The reporter who put this story together is a liar.

Here’s the real Hell that the left will never acknowledge.

ISIS Promises Total Destruction of Paris if Demands Not Met

ISIS is testing France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron.

And why not? Macron appears as weak and faggoty, not someone that tough Muslim terrorists would respect. Macron now has a chance to show some backbone by pro-actively rounding up suspected terrorists and deporting them.

If he does that, the Western world will be happily surprised.

Excerpt from Daily Star

ISIS has delivered Paris a terrifying final ultimatum – warning to follow a list of demands in seven days or face a “bloodbath” leading to its total “destruction”.

The terror group has sent a telegram to the country with a chilling image of an AK47 on top of the ISIS flag and a French newspaper surrounded by bullets.

It states “French people have begun to taste the terror” and warns “what awaits you is even more destructive and more terrifying” including “car bombs, trucks rushed, improvised explosive devices”.

Promising that “all this will become your daily life until you are collapsed”, the eight page document lists eight demands the new President must follow to “in order to stop this bloodbath”.

Among them is “the immediate cessation of the bombing against ISIS” and “the withdrawal of all French troops of all countries of the Muslims”.

It also demands the “immediate sales of arms” to ISIS, “the release of all Muslims” arrested on terror offences”, and for “all Muslims to be free to leave France and live in the Islamic State”.

The group warns the country has seven days to respond, saying: “Oh the French people, think fast, think well and act quickly, before it is too late.

“If you do nothing, you will see very soon that we will destroy the French State, as it tries to destroy ISIS – otherwise known as Daesh.

“But the destruction of the French State will also by the destruction of the French people.

“You have no idea of what awaits you…”

The document, which has been sent to French news organisations as well as the authorities, also directs threats to the country’s police officers.

It warns: “French police, if you continue to obey your government blindly, in oppressing as well your people that the Muslims, be aware that your bullet-proof vests and your pistols do you not suffice in the face of our Kalashnikov and our seat belts of explosives.”

The telegram concludes: “Oh the French people, you have just to elect a new President supposed to represent you.

“The latter has 7 days to respond favourably to our requests by making a formal declaration.

“In the case of refusal, these next 5 years are likely to be the last that you will live.

Because the next wave of attacks which will hit the France will be much more appalling than the previous ones. And this will be the last war that you will steer…”

(((Liberals))) would say that the French have to try harder to overcome their racism. If only they were nicer to them, then Muslims would be nice right back.

It’s your fault France. Be nice to the poor jihadists.

Meanwhile, stock up on flowers. You’re going to need them for the meaningless memorials you’ll create.


Anti-fascists burn cars in wake of Marine Le Pen’s shock French election win

Just as in the USA when they find something to protest, violent antifa took to the streets of Paris, France to protest the presidential election results that saw “far right” Marine Le Pen enter the May 7 final voting.

Demonstrators took to the streets in the wake of Marine Le Pen’s shocking advance in France’s presidential election – burning cars and scuffling with police.

French police detained three people in election night protests, as demonstrators danced around bonfires and dodged riot police.

Protesters have waved red flags and sung ‘No Marine and No Macron!’ in anger at the results of Sunday’s first-round presidential election.

A Paris police official says that no injuries have been reported in scuffles between protesters and police at the Place de la Bastille.

Later, around 300 people gathered at a peaceful protest at nearby Place de la Republique, waving red flags and dancing around the flames of a bonfire.

Some sang ‘Now burn your electoral cards’ or ‘No Marine and No Macron!’ referring to centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who topped the first-round vote and advance to the May 7 runoff.

Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right populist Marine Le Pen will battle it out for France’s presidency, remaking the country’s political landscape and setting up a showdown over its European Union membership.

Politicians on the left and right immediately urged voters to block Ms Le Pen’s path to power in the May 7 election decider, saying her virulently nationalist anti-EU and anti-immigration politics would spell disaster for France.

Another Muslim Attack Hits Paris Three Days Before French Election

Sky News is covering today’s terrorist attacks live, following a couple of minutes of unrelated material.


More later. This is a developing story.

Walking Tour Video: Paris is Lovely in the Spring (in 28 seconds)

It’s not the West your father knew. Vive Le Pen.

For good measure here’s a youtube video posted here last year that shows Paris streets today.