Polynesian Beat Up Black for Sex with His Sister Because of White People Says Negro Writer


The left can’t stand the idea that nonwhites will attack other varieties of nonwhites because of their race.

In reality, many nonwhites have a strong negative reaction to members of the Negroid race. It’s not supposed to be that way in the leftist’s mind. Thus, they have to concoct the ridiculous theory that whites are to blame when a nonwhite individual takes a whack at an uppity Negro.

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Dipshit Employee Who Triggered Bogus Missile Alert in Hawaii Has Been Fired

I’m willing to bet that the longtime employee who triggered a false missile attack alert in Hawaii earlier this month is a low IQ, totally incompetent nonwhite affirmative action hire.

After 10 years on the job and multiple screw ups, “employee 1” has now been fired. The state will not reveal any details about the pineapple person who created a panic. If specific info about the loser were released it might wake a few people up to the idea that only white people should be in charge of white technology.


The unnamed state government employee who caused a panic after sending out an alert that missiles were about to strike Hawaii has been fired. Three more staff, including the head of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, have also resigned, but the case of the Missile That Wasn’t There still leaves Americans with plenty of questions.

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Hawaii ‘ballistic missile threat’ alert to phones was false alarm, officials say

Hawaii is a fuxated jambalaya of race mixing.

It’s an extreme liberal state that should probably go back to being its own country, ruled by a primitive native king.

Today, somebody, not yet identified, made a big mistake.

It’s what you get with a third world people. They loved their guy, Obama, who let the nuclear missile threat fester and did nothing.

They deserve to live in terror until they admit that Trump is right about Little Rocket Man and everything else.

Excerpt from NBC News

Hawaiians were thrown into a panic Saturday morning after an emergency alert was sent warning of a ballistic missile threat. But emergency officials said minutes later it was a false alarm caused when someone pushed the wrong button, leading to an uproar over how such an error — with potentially dangerous consequences — could occur.

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Masturbating Coconut Nigger Attacks White Mom Who Warned Others, Leaving Her with Facial Fractures

Amanda Edwards’ white privilege earned her a reward.

You can see it in the photo above–a beating by a fapping Pacific Islander.

If nonwhite immigration is a bag of sh*t, then the coconut niggers are at the bottom of the bag, with some of the highest rates of poverty, deportation, and criminality of any group.

Naturally, it’s white racism that’s the cause of their problems.

How dare Amanda Edwards object to fapping in front of women and children? That’s racist.

New York Daily News

A Washington mother of three said she was attacked after she tried warning people about a man fondling himself in public.

Amanda Edwards told Q13 Fox that she had walked to a Safeway near her Federal Way home Monday night to pick up food for her children.

As she was leaving, Edwards said a man drove up next to her in the parking lot and asked for directions as he fondled himself.

Edwards told the guy to leave her alone, but he then pulled up to another woman and her child who were also in the parking lot.

The 35-year-old mother said she started screaming for them to get away from the man, and the guy drove off.

As Edwards was walking back to her home, she said someone approached her from behind and started hitting her. She told the outlet that she thinks the man in the parking lot followed her and attacked her because she warned others to stay away from him.

“He was extremely aggressive and when he came up and he said, ‘I got you,’ and when he started laughing – it was one of the most evil laughs I’ve heard,” she said.

“He put time into following me and getting out of his car and running up on me and attacking me and I feel like if he got away with it, he would probably feel like he can do it again.”

Edwards said she was knocked unconscious during the attack.

“The next thing I know I was waking up on the ground (before) running home,” she said. “I didn’t realize I had been hit multiple times in my face.”

The vicious beating left Edwards with bruises and four facial fractures, which require surgical plates reconstructed in her cheeks, Q13 reports.

Edwards described her attacker as a Pacific Islander man in his 20s or 30s with a slim build. She said he was driving a 4-door white sedan with extensive damage to the entire passenger side of the car.

A spokeswoman with the Federal Way Police Department told the Daily News that detectives will interview Edwards and they are attempting to gather video evidence from the night of the attack.

It doesn’t sound like a very strong response by the police, does it? Women need to be alert to who’s behind them every second, ready with a big hat pin or knife or gun (where legal). Increasingly, white moms are on their own.

Mystery Meat American Army Sergeant Indicted for Aiding ISIS


Sgt. Kang is probably a Pacific Islander by ethnicity. His loyalty is allegedly not to his people, though, but to the Muslims of the Middle East.

According to this report, he didn’t try to hide his feelings of animosity toward the U.S.

So, how do these rats get into the military!

NBC News

A 34-year-old Army sergeant was indicted in Hawaii on Friday and faces four counts of attempting to provide material support to ISIS.

Sgt. Ikaika Erik Kang, an air traffic control operator with the 25th Infantry Division at U.S. Army Pacific Command in Hawaii, was taken into custody by an FBI SWAT team earlier this month after he was surveilled for nearly a year, according to court documents. The indictment said he attempted to provide the militant group secret information, a drone and other gear, as well as military training.

He faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 for each of the four counts he’s charged with, according to the Justice Department. He is set to appear in a preliminary hearing on Monday.

Kang allegedly sought to provide ISIS with classified military documents and training and declared his allegiance to the jihadist militant group, according to an FBI affidavit.

A search of Kang’s computer found 18 documents marked “SECRET” — 16 of those remain classified today, according to the FBI. The Army sergeant also said he wanted to join the group and considered traveling to Turkey, where he believed ISIS had a consulate.

According to the indictment, he is also accused of providing “a GoPro Karma drone, a chest rig (which is a piece of military-style equipment worn over the shoulders that has chest pouches and is typically used to hold tactical equipment, ammunition, and other military gear), and other military-style clothing and gear.”

Authorities arrested Kang on July 8 after he pledged loyalty to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, and said he wanted to kill “a bunch of people,” the FBI said.

“People still say it’s illegal to join them, but the way I look at it is they’re just fighting people who are committing genocide there,” Kang said, according to the affidavit. “I’m just going to go there … and fight these guys who are committing genocide.”

Kang’s attorney, Birney Bervar, previously told NBC News that Kang, who served in Iraq in 2010 and Afghanistan in 2014, “may have some service-related mental health issues which the government was aware of but neglected to treat.”

The Army referred Kang to the FBI in August 2016, the affidavit said, and reported that he had made threatening remarks and statements about supporting ISIS since 2011.

Kang’s father, Clifford, told NBC News-affiliate KHNL that his son enlisted in the Army after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack and later converted to Islam.


Felonious Child Molester Mary Kay Letourneau Loses Her Boy Toy Darkie Hubby to Separation


The school teacher who shocked the nation in the 90s with her reckless and illegal sexual relationship with her 12 year old Pacific Islander student is back in the headlines.

Her boy toy, whom she married after leaving prison, has filed for legal separation.

CBS News

The man who married his former sixth-grade teacher after she was jailed for raping him has filed for legal separation from her.

King County court records show 33-year-old Vili Fualaau asked the court for a legal separation from 55-year-old Mary Kay Letourneau on May 9. They have two daughters together.


In King County Court documents, Fualaau said the couple has no children who are still dependent, and neither he nor Mary Kay own property, and he said he’s unaware of any debts. Fualaau asked the court to divide the personal property fairly as the court decides, CBS affiliate KIRO reports.

Spousal support is not needed, Fualaau wrote in court documents filed in Issaquah. He did not want an order of protection.

Letourneau is a former suburban Seattle teacher who became tabloid fodder when she was convicted in 1997 of raping the then 12-year-old Fualaau. She was 34 and a married mother of four, and Letourneau first met Fualaau when he was a student in her second-grade class at Shorewood Elementary School in Burien.

On February 25, 1997, following a tip, police interviewed Fualaau. Letourneau was then pulled out of a teacher’s meeting and arrested for statutory rape. She gave birth to first daughter while she was out on bail.

In August 1997, in an agreement with prosecutors, Letourneau pleaded guilty to child rape in exchange for a 3-month jail sentence and probation and under the condition she have no contact with Fualaau.

After three months, she was released, but Seattle police officers later found Letourneau and Fualaau in a car. Letourneau was arrested for a probation violation in February 1998. A judge vacated the plea bargain and sentenced Letourneau to 7-1/2 years in prison, and she gave birth to her second daughter while in prison. She was released in August 2004.

Letourneau and Fualaau were married in Woodinville on May 20, 2005. She was 43 and Fualaau was 22.

In May 2009, Letourneau and Fualaau had a “Hot For Teacher” night at Fuel nightclub in Pioneer Square. He was the DJ while she mingled with guests, signed T-shirts and took photos.


As I recall, her white first husband was disgusted by Mary Kay’s sexual depravity and had no desire to stay with her.

But hey white guys, there’s a new single white woman available for your marrying pleasure. Anyone up for it?


Letourneau exhibited a whole lot of crazy back in the day. Although Vili did not request a protective order, he needs to watch his back. He also needs to have Mary Kay’s daughters keep an eye on her.

She seems the type that would kill herself.

Mudshark Who Cheated on Her Marine Husband with Mystery Meat Fellow Marine was Strangled and Thrown Down a Desert Mine Shaft

christopher lee

Liberals like to claim that having sex outside your marriage is a good thing.

The murder of Erin Corwin by Christopher Lee offers evidence to the contrary.

Erin’s husband Jonathan was a handsome white male, serving in the Marines when fellow Marine Lee murdered his wife, who was pregnant with Lee’s baby.

Erin is prime example of a backstabbing mudshark who cucked her devoted husband while he was serving his country.


The mainstream media will not even mention the fact that scumbag Lee is nonwhite. Judging from his appearance, he’s a Pacific Islander or some other variety of Asian, perhaps Filipino.

Daily Mail

A former Marine shocked a California courtroom Monday when he took back his ‘not guilty’ plea and admitted in court to strangling his 19-year-old victim then throwing her head-first down a mine shaft.

Christopher Lee, 27, was accused in 2014 of killing Erin Corwin, wife of fellow marine Jonathan Corwin, then throwing her body down a 140ft mine shaft. He denied the claim at the time, but now says he needs to own up.

‘I’m no longer scared to tell the truth. People have to know what I did,’ he told San Bernardino County Superior Court Tuesday, according to The Desert Sun.

After his outburst, deputy district attorney Sean Daugherty asked Lee whether he was the person who strangled and killed Corwin. The ex-Marine said ‘Yes I am’.

Lee, his wife and their daughter were neighbors with the Corwins at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms when Erin vanished in June 2014.


Her body was found in a mine shaft in a remote part of the desert near Joshua Tree National Park two months later. Suspicion quickly fell on Lee.

He initially told police he was not responsible for her death, but it later emerged that he had been researching how to dispose of bodies online prior to her disappearance.

Additionally, fired 22-caliber bullet casings and rebar found at the scene were matched to Lee by investigators.

And two weeks before she disappeared, Corwin – who had been having an affair with Lee behind her husband’s back – discovered that she was pregnant.

Officials say that Lee was the father, and it was suggested that he had killed her because he was afraid his wife, Nicole, would take their six-year-old daughter, Liberty, away from him.

Once again a white woman pays the ultimate price for her mudsharking. I can see Biblical justice in her death. She sinned. She paid the price that God inflicts for sin. She just paid it sooner than most.

The death penalty should apply to all mudsharks.

There’s another race traitor in this tragic tale too. That would be Lee’s white wife, who is just another mudshark. My white brothers should avoid this woman. Raising Lee’s stinking brat would be a terrible way for a white man to waste his life and financial resources.

Jonathan Corwin is the real victim in this case. Here’s a good looking young guy who thinks he has a good wife whose physical appearance is a good match with his. Then one day his wife disappears. She’s found dead two months later. And it’s discovered that she had a filthy brown sewer rat Marine as a lover.

Corwin should think about getting himself a service dog. Unless he’s stronger than steel, he needs one. That dog will be more loyal than his woman.