College ‘diversity council’ posts FAKE so-called racist flyers

Liberal Marxist f*cks, probably Jews or nonwhites, at a liberal college secretly distributed the “offensive” flyers above on campus.

Sure enough, the snowflakes were triggered by the hate embodied in the idea that some white people in America would like to live in a white country.

Campus Reform

The “Diversity Leadership Council” at Gustavus Adolphus College has admitted to posting racially offensive posters around campus after the school’s Bias Response Team received multiple reports on the matter.

The signs, which are now being labeled a social experiment, notified “all white Americans” to report “any and all illegal aliens to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement” because “they are criminals.”

Provocatively declaring that “America is a white nation,” the flyers assert that it is the “civic duty” of white Americans to turn illegal immigrants in to law enforcement.

Many Gustavus students and alumni reacted angrily to the white nationalist signage, with some inquiring “what the fuck” in disbelief, others calling it “disgusting,” and one succinctly stating “Fuck. That.”

One alumna even posted on Facebook that her cousin had discovered the signs at Beck Academic Hall and reported it to the school’s Bias Response Team, remarking that “it isn’t much of a surprise something like this was posted” at that particular building.

She then goes on to urge alumni to express their disgust with professors they know who have class in Beck, and even asks faculty members to “take five minutes from tomorrow’s lesson plan to talk about how fucked up this is with their students.”

But the following day, March 21, that same alumna took to Facebook again to explain that a friend of hers, who had also filed a complaint with the school’s Bias Response Team, had received a response from Dean of Students Jones VanHecke explaining that the offensive flyers were actually “part of a series of educational ‘invisible theater’ events taking place this week that have been planned by I Am We Are theater troupe, the Diversity Leadership Team, and the Bystander Intervention Committee.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the action that you have taken by filing a report and making sure that the incident was brought to the attention of the college,” VanHecke continued, saying that taking action “as a bystander demonstrates that Gustavus students care about each other and their collegiate environment and are willing to take a stand against hate and bias.”

In response to the outrage over the flyers, the Diversity Leadership Council published a statement the night the posters surfaced admitting that members of the organization had “posted these signs” in “an effort to help educate [their] peers and campus community about issues of bias, and the importance of being an active bystander.

“We want to help put an end to bias-related incidents that happened on our campus, social media, and in our communities by forcing individuals to have dialogues about forms of hate and bias,” the statement continues. “We hope that members of the campus community will reflect on today’s events and join us in ensuring that no one student or group of students are ever a victim of this form of discrimination.”

Many commenters, though, duly pointed out in response to the statement that the alleged social experiment likely caused more harm than good.

“Sometimes I walk around crowded theaters yelling ‘fire!’” one person commented sarcastically. “I do it because I want to create awareness; thus no punishment is warranted.”

“You hurt a lot of people, tarnished the college’s reputation, and will be losing alumni donations. I hope it was worth it,” one commenter remarked, while another noted that she found the tactic to be “wildly inappropriate,” saying that “as an alumni” she “won’t be donating…anytime soon.”

Why don’t these f*cks as a “social experiment” distribute some Black Lives Matter flyers that threaten to kill police. Would the snowflakes report those flyers?

Most people alive today probably can’t remember, but once upon a time in the West the greatest threat to a college’s reputation was a panty raid.


Panty raids make a lot more sense than the sh*t that’s going down on campus now.

Outrage in New Zealand: Cops Shoot, Kill Airport Security Dog That was Delaying Flights

The outrage is growing over the shooting death of Grizz, an airport sniffer dog who got loose and thus delayed some flights.

The name Grizz will live forever with the name Harambe as a testament to man’s stupidity and cruelty.

Excerpt from

Firing a tranquiliser gun to stop a dog running loose on Auckland Airport tarmac was “implausible”, an expert vet says.

Grizz, an Aviation Security dog, was shot early on Friday morning after escaping from his handlers.

His escape caused lengthy delays for more than a dozen flights.

Airport staff spent three hours trying to catch him without any success, and eventually asked police to shoot him so that flights could resume.

* Do you know more about this incident? Email

His death has shocked commentators, including TVNZ’s Hilary Barry, who suggested authorities should have tranquilised the dog instead of killing him.

But Callum Irvine, head of vet services at the New Zealand Veterinary Association, has poured cold water on those claims, saying they were unrealistic.

“There just isn’t ready access to tranquiliser guns and darts in New Zealand, and even if authorities did manage to get their hands on one in time, there are so many other factors to take into consideration, like how close the animal is, the animal’s weight, age, and how much adrenaline was also running through the body.”

Irvine, a vet of 19 years, said although vets have access to sedative drugs as part of routine practice, most wouldn’t carry tranquiliser darts or guns because there isn’t usually much need for them.

“The bottom line is that probably no vet clinic in the country actually has or uses tranquiliser guns or darts anymore.

“The only place that you might see a tranquiliser gun used is in a wildlife park or in a zoo, and even then, very rarely – it’s a fairly crude form of delivery of sedation.”

He said guns and darts are designed for animals that are already enclosed, so the shooter would have to get quite close to the animal in order to hit it.

“We don’t know the circumstances under which the dog was shot this morning – but the reality is that it administering sedative to an animal on the loose can be very difficult.”

There was also no guarantee the animal was going to respond in a certain way.

“If it’s not done right, a partially sedated animal can become even more distressed, and fearful and difficult to manage – and become even more of a danger to those around it.”

Grizz’s handler said he was “very upset” after the dog was shot dead.

Nicky Thorburn posted on Facebook, saying that his father was the Avsec handler in charge of Grizz at the time.

“It was a last resort, my dad is very upset about this,” he said.

“I’m reading disgusting comments . . . and people need to understand how traumatising and upsetting this was for him.

“Please have compassion.”

Thorburn said his father, Noel Thorburn, had worked in customs and aviation security for more than thirty years, and was considered one of the best at what he did.

Airport spokeswoman Lisa Mulitalo said Grizz was only killed as a last resort.

Fifth Grade Slave Auction Assignment Raises Hackles of Black Parents


In college it’s called active learning. The professor is supposed to get the students doing something other than transcribing a lecture.

Making slave posters would be an example of active learning. Actually, even in college in some of the weaker disciplines doing assignments like the one seen in the picture above are commonplace. They call them poster projects in the university.

What would make the true slave experience more meaningful in schools would be an active learning assignment in which white slave owning students were to whip their black slaves out in the schoolyard.

Slave posters don’t go far enough. The sting of the cat o’nine tails should be felt by the mini fifth grade slaves.


SOUTH ORANGE, NJ (WABC/CNN) – Slave auction posters were removed from a New Jersey elementary school hallway after complaints by some parents.

Fifth-graders drew the posters, part of a required school assignment, while learning about colonial America.

Some parents said the posters disrespected black kids, while other parents said the history should be taught.

One poster listed the names of available slaves. Another poster specified that only cash is accepted for the slaves available at John Carter’s plantation.

The principal apologized for the assignment. “I apologize for any unintended pain, anger or offense caused by the assignment,” wrote Alyna Jacobs, principal of South Mountain Elementary School.

The South Orange-Maplewood School District plans to hold a community meeting to decide the future of the assigment.

In a note to parents, Superintendent John Ramos said for the last 10 years the school used the project as part of a larger Colonial America unit.

If schools want the real truth out there, then they might talk about blacks holding black slaves. An active learning class assignment could be set up to have blacks whipping blacks, as in the Congo, below.

Texas Cheerleader Spells Out “Nigger” During Cheer Routine


Cheerleaders are usually cute and sassy.

The Texas high school cheerleader now in trouble for spelling out “nigger” in a cheer routine looks cute, although the photo of her is grainy. She’s certainly sassy, what with being all politically incorrect.

She’s learning that the secular religion of egalitarianism, including the sect of Negro Worshipers, allows no apostasy.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A Texas high school cheerleader is accused of sharing an offensive video of herself to social media performing a cheer routine that spells out a racial slur while in her cheer uniform.

The less than 10-second video shows the unidentified young woman wearing an Amarillo High School cheerleading uniform as she illustrates ‘N*****’ in a cheer with hand movements.

The offensive racial epithet is also spelled out in a caption across the screen of the video that was first shared to social media via Snapchat.

After she spells out the word in the video, the student laughs and the video ends.

It’s unclear where or when the video was recorded, but school officials are investigating, as the person in the video is in fact a student and a cheerleader at Amarillo High School.

Amarillo Independent School District (AISD) released a statement concerning the video.

‘AISD has learned of an inappropriate video containing a student which was recently distributed on social media,’ the statement reads.

‘AISD students who choose to participate in extracurricular activities, such as athletics and cheerleading, are held to a higher standard for their behavior outside of the school day.

‘These expectations are set forth in AISD’s Code of Ethical Behavior for Extracurricular Activities, and every participating student agrees to be bound by these higher expectations.

‘AISD does not ever condone racist language or behavior. Because this situation involves an individual student, federal student privacy laws prevent us from commenting further.’

Watch, while it’s still up on youtube:

This is the only uncensored version of the video that I could find. It was published by an anti-white youtuber. I left him a nasty message and up voted the video since he’s leaving all kinds of comments on youtube about how horrible this girl is. If you have a mind to, then go after him the way I did. Always remember that to an anti-racist nothing is more important than the feelings of a black.

Pat Buchanan on Trump’s First Firestorm

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan, as keen an observer of politics as there is, has drawn some lessons for Donald Trump from the firestorm of lies and protests resulting from Trump’s mislabeled “Muslim ban.”

Actually, candidate Trump faced numerous firestorms. The travel ban is his first as President Trump.

Pat Buchanan at Lew

This ban, went the weekend wail, is the “Muslim ban” of the Trump campaign. But how so, when not one of the six largest Muslim countries — Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey — was on the list? Missing also were three-dozen other Muslim countries.

Of the seven countries facing a 90-day ban, three are U.S.-designated state sponsors of terror, and the other four are war zones. Clearly, this is about homeland security, not religious discrimination.

The criterion for being included in the travel ban appears to be that these places are the more likely breeding grounds for terrorists.

While the establishment may no longer be capable of inspiring and leading the nation, so detested is it, it has not lost its appetite or its ability to break and bring down presidents.

And Trump is vulnerable, not only because he is an envied outsider who seized the highest prize politics has on offer, but because his agenda would cancel out that of the elites.

They believe in open borders, free trade, globalization. Trump believes in securing the Southern border, bringing U.S. industry home, economic nationalism, “America First.”

They want endless immigration from the Third World to remake America into the polyglot “universal nation” of Ben Wattenberg’s utopian vision. Trump’s followers want back the America they knew.

Our foreign policy elites see democratization as a vocation and an autocratic Russia as an implacable enemy. Trump instead sees Moscow as a potential ally against real enemies like al-Qaida and ISIS.

There is another reason for the reflexive howl at Trump’s travel ban. The establishment views it, probably correctly, as the first move toward a new immigration policy, built on pre-1965 foundations, and rooted in a preference for Western-Christian immigrants first.

When the Times rages that “American ideals” or “traditional American values” are under attack by Trump, what they really mean is that their ideology and agenda are threatened by Trump.

We are headed for a series of collisions and crises, and what has happened in Europe will likely happen here. As the Third World invasion and growing Islamization of the Old Continent — which the EU has proven unable to stop — has discredited centrist parties and continuously fed a populist-nationalist uprising there, so may it here also.

And Trump not only appears to have no desire to yield to his enemies in politics and the media, he has no choice, as he is now the personification of a surging Middle American counterrevolution.

Undeniably, there are great numbers of Americans who agree with the libels the Times showered on Trump and, by extension, his backers whom Hillary Clinton designated “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic … deplorables.”

But by whatever slurs they are called, Middle Americans seem prepared to fight. And history shows that such people do not calmly accept the loss of what is most precious to them — the country they grew up in, the country they love.

They have turned to Trump to lead them. Why should he not, having been raised up by them, and knowing in his own heart what the establishment and the media think of him and would do to him?

Ten days in, and already it is “Game On!”

There is absolutely nothing that Donald Trump can do to win over the (((media))), so he might as well continue to be a thorn in their side, draining the swamp, making Americans safer, and trolling them with his brilliance.

Mexico Imploding: Riots, Looting Over Increased Gas Price (Videos)

The five days of unrest in Mexico since the new year hasn’t been on the U.S. news much. Sitting within 150 miles of the Mexican border as I am, it’s natural to worry about a huge flood of new invaders rushing the border and pouring into the United States.

The videos below show Mexicans acting like blacks act in America from time to time. I’ve never seen Mexicans behave quite this way.

NBC News offers a selection of still photos, including the one above.

GLP offers a thread with the first three videos below. I’ve added a fourth one. This may turn out to be one of the biggest under reported stories of the year.

If Mexico goes into full collapse mode like Venezuela, then there’s going to be big trouble for the U.S. Trump’s wall isn’t up yet. A million starving Mexicans rushing the border checkpoints would create chaos. Not even Trump would have the guts to order that the Mexicans be fired upon by American troops.

This commenter on youtube helped put the last video in perspective:

Adolf Goldstein Shekelblatt1 minute ago
+Steven Gutierrez Gutierrez
Hey Pedro, if the white race falls, the entire world falls. Who do you think created and maintains western civilization? Your kind votes for communists 70% of the time. Without whites you’ll be back to feudalism within 2 generations.

We will be monitoring the Mexican situation as events warrant.

British Police Killing of Armed Kebab Thug Sparks Outrage Among Other Kebabs


Metro News, being a leftist rag, fails to mention that the scum pictured above was a drug dealer. It leaves out a lot of the sh*t he’s done.

Friends and family of Yassar Yaqub who was shot dead by police on the M62 held a vigil for him yesterday evening at the spot where he died.

His parents were joined by friends on the motorway near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where they lit candles and held banners demanding justice for Yassar.

He was shot dead in a planned operation and officers found a gun in his car.

Speaking at the roadside his father Mohammed Yaqub said he felt his son was ‘killed unlawfully’.

‘He hasn’t got a bad past, because he’s never been convicted of anything,’ he told the BBC.

Oh yeah, he beez a good boy. He turnin’ him life arounz. He DINDU NUFFINS!

Mr Yaqub senior said he wanted ‘answers, full answers, nothing but the truth’ about his son’s death.

‘How can you kill someone like this, at a time like this, without giving him a chance to get out or anything? We’re not in America, we’re not in third-world countries,’ he said.

Wednesday evening’s vigil carried off ‘peacefully and respectfully’, according to the BBC.

According to the creators of a Facebook page called Justice 4 Mohammed Yasser Yaqub he was killed unlawfully.

Nearly 2,000 people have followed the page that states: ‘Mohammed Yasser Yaqub murdered by Yorkshire Police! Ambushed, assassinated and left to die.. How can we live in a world that thinks this is acceptable?’

During the vigil helium balloons were released and men wore jumpers saying: ‘No chance to surrender, No warning shots, Unlawful killing #justiceforyassar’ and ‘No justice, No humanity, No peace #justiceforyassar’.

Better question: How can we live in a world in which scum like this is allowed into Western countries?

A handwritten banner, which was taped to the signpost along with flowers and one of the jumpers, read: ‘Stop police assassinations’.

A marked police car drove past the vigil on the motorway, but did not stop and there was no other police presence.

The crowd quickly grew with around 150 people showing up to pay tribute to the young dad-of-two.

Many lay flowers at the bottom of the grass bank and comforted each other as they gathered.

Some of the crowd, which had family and school friends in it, wore T-shirts with a photo of Yassar printed on them.

Damn it. The piece of shit left two sprogs. Too bad they weren’t caught in the shooting too.

West Yorkshire Police said it empathised with the ‘heightened tensions’ and was working to maintain community cohesion, while Naz Shah, Labour MP for Bradford West, appealed for calm.

Mr Yaqub was from Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. In 2010, he was cleared of attempted murder and a firearms offence after it was alleged that he opened fire on a car in Birkby Hall Road, Huddersfield.

People living close to Rudding Street said on Tuesday that Mr Yaqub’s house was targeted by gunmen more than a year ago.

In June 2015, police said two people suffered minor injuries when a shotgun was fired in Rudding Street by gunmen in a ‘targeted attack’ as children played.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.