Hillary: White Women Who Voted Against Her Pressured by Brothers, Fathers


So much failure, so many explanations.

Daily Caller

Hillary Clinton has an explanation for why women — white women, in particular — voted against her last November: they caved in to pressure from their husbands, fathers, boyfriends and male bosses.

Clinton made the excuse during an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin during a promotional tour of her book, “What Happened.”

In the interview, Clinton was asked why, given that she was the first female presidential candidate, she fared worse than expected among female voters.

In typical Clinton fashion, she deflected the blame, suggesting that women who voted against her were somehow manipulated by men in their lives. She also claimed that “sexism” from supporters of Bernie Sanders might have played a part in her poor showing among female voters.

“You yourself in the book acknowledge that a good number of young women didn’t vote for you, which is presumably not a sexist choice. They just weren’t inspired by your message,” NPR’s Martin said to Clinton.


Antifa Flyer Cites Plan to “Purge” White Children from the Planet

Jeff Sessions is reportedly investigating White Nationalists. We must pressure everyone to investigate the Antifa too.

There’s a psy op here. The “Heebs” actually control the Antifa, although they also control the banks, movies, TV, higher ed, etc.,–every aspect of the lives of white people. I’m not sure why the Heebs are mentioned as masters of all whites. It may just be Kike bragging because I’m reasonably sure that a Kike wrote the flyer.

Seen at Microchip’s Twitter.

When Jesus Said to Feed the Poor …

Did he really have in mind what you see above?

Did Jesus authorize government to tax workers to death to support what you see here?

Was Jesus really giving heavenly authorization to mankind to create large government bureaucracies so that the person above could overeat?

Does Jesus love obese people more than others?

Was Jesus thinking that feeding the poor would make them harder to kidnap?

Do you think Jesus loved big butts more than small ones, so he said to feed the poor?

Did Jesus advocate the creation of an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to compel us under threat of imprisonment to shovel more food into the mouths of the poor?

Would Jesus want the U.S. national debt to be in the trillions, with the country facing financial ruin, just so that the poor would be overfed?

Did Jesus mean that you should feed the poor so that they overpopulate, thus creating billions of new, starving poor in an endless cycle of poverty?

Was Jesus asking people to voluntarily feed the poor or was he saying that tyrannical government that forces us to feed others is a good thing?

Candidate Jesus: Vote for me and I will raise your taxes to feed the poor. Did he really say that?

Harvard’s Special Snowflake Argues that “Everything is About Race”


Blame whitey, whitey being the white male, for every failing of every nonwhite who ever took a breath.

Would you be surprised that the “oppressed” probable Jew who wrote this spew, Ted G. Waechter, is also seemingly a “queer?” I can’t make this stuff up.

The comments on Harvard site are hilariously critical of our social justice warrior. It’s worth a click to read them.

The Crimson Everything is About Race

“Don’t make this about race.”

I’ve heard this sentence a lot recently, read it a lot online. Saw its use launch a Facebook flame war while I waited for my plane to board at the end of spring break. It’s the easiest way for white people to invalidate experiences of oppression and avoid fraught debates about justice in America.

But of course it’s about race—everything is. Our country was built on oppression, and race is everywhere, at every moment on my standard trip back to Harvard.

The view from my airplane window is about race. Colonizers killed Indigenous people for those tidy plots of farmland. We profited from those fields by exploiting and terrorizing slaves. We rejected demands for land return and reparations, compounding racist domination based on the pretext of “free market” capitalism, and we devised new ways to produce and preserve systemic injustice. It is impossible to separate the wealth that paid for my plane ticket from structural oppression. When I land at Logan, it’s about race.

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Britain: Ungrateful Afroturd Law Student Trashes “Racism” at Oxford University

ntokozo owabe

The colored fellow … uh … gentleman of color pictured above is one African turd that should be flushed down the toilet back to South Africa.


An Oxford University law student, who called the French flag a ‘symbol of violence, terror and genocide’ after the Paris attacks, has now criticised his university for its ‘systemic racism’.

Ntokozo Qwabe, from South Africa, wrote a lengthy 1,000 word post on Facebook hitting out at British media for perpetuating a ‘racist myth’ and speaking out against Oxford University.

He writes: ‘[The British media] are hell bent on depicting us as ‘threatening’ – feeding the racist myth that the gathering of a critical mass of people for a cause organised by mostly people of colour…is somehow inherently ‘violent’ or can be compared to terrorist groups.’

The University of Oxford student is referring to the Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford movement, of which he is a co-founder, to remove a ‘racist’ statue of the colonialist Cecil Rhodes.

He writes that the way in which the university is configured ‘normalises and props up the existence of systemic racism, patriarchy and other oppression that students at Oxford go through daily.’

Oh, the pain, rejection, and oppression muh nigga experiences EVERY DAY. Go back, my friend, leave all that butthurt behind and start life fresh on the African continent. Oxford will be the better for it and so will you.

The nerve of these ungrateful a**holes who are given opportunities most Euro peoples would never be given and all they do is whine and complain. If Qwabe won’t go back on his own accord, he really should be expelled for slandering the name of Oxford University and the British people.

i don't give a shit gif

monkwy gif

Acclaimed Black Woman Professor/Author Married to White Man Condemns White Racism in Latest Book

claudia rankine

When I read drivel and also read that what I’m reading has won awards and is highly acclaimed, I chalk it up to the corrupt system. Quality is what the media critics (many of them Jewish social justice warriors) say it is. Thus, we get bombarded by sensationalist crap that offers nothing to us other than the “agenda” of egalitarianism, which is intended to create a tyrannical despotism that enriches the elites.

Claudia Rankine is high up in higher education. Her thinking follows the Cultural Marxist line. Whites are the oppressors, blacks the victims. She adds a twist, though. Whites victimize themselves by their racism.

You have to wonder if Claudia Rankine’s “white” husband is a Jewish liberal. His name is John Lucas. Marrying a black is the ultimate capitulation to a load of white guilt–an apology for slavery, Jim Crow, and lynchings. Soon, guys like Lucas, to rid themselves of their guilt, will be marrying black MEN. LOL.

john lucas

Her acclaimed book is called Citizen: An American Lyric. The following excerpt is taken from an interview related to the book. The bolded parts are questions put to the author.

The Guardian

What the book does most powerfully is to make it clear that racism is everyone’s problem.

Racism is complicated. White people feel personally responsible for racism when they should understand the problem as systemic. It is interfering as much with their lives as with the lives of people of colour. And racism can lodge in them. It isn’t them yet it can become them if they are not taking notice.

What she calls racism is race realism, a survival mechanism that is embedded in the psyche of all people, not just whites. The intelligence of the Euro descended peoples in America and elsewhere manifests itself in a system that tries to protect innocent people from the carnage that results from racial integration and race mixing. In short, race realism attempts to preserve a first world nation since third world nations are all nonwhite.

“Because white men can’t/ police their imagination/ black men are dying.” What was in your mind when you wrote that line?

When white men are shooting black people, some of it is malice and some an out-of-control image of blackness in their minds. Darren Wilson told the jury that he shot Michael Brown because he looked “like a demon”. And I don’t disbelieve it. Blackness in the white imagination has nothing to do with black people.

Michael Brown didn’t just look like a demon, he was demonically possessed, ready and willing to murder Darren Wilson. It is not an “out-of-control image of blackness in their minds” that causes cops to kill blacks. It’s the act of resisting arrest in a violent, threatening manner.

But New York intellectuals love this kind of reasoning and turn of phrase. So perhaps Claudia Rankine does deserve her awards, money, and fame.

Read more about the honors and awards bestowed on Rankine at Wikipedia. Since I was a part of the conspiracy of higher education to propagandize whites with the genius of nonwhites, I can assure you of one thing: There’s no need to be impressed. Her honors and awards are BULLSH*T.

Drudge on Alex Jones Show–Full Interview (Video)


The interview actually starts at about the 6 minute mark. Matt Drudge says things we’ve never heard before. It’s an amazing interview. Drudge asks Hillary to give up her security and her guns since she wants to take your guns.

Drudge also describes how the Supreme Court plans to shut down his web site, this one, and every other blog on the Internet. He’s an insider. He has been told what the future of the Internet is and it ain’t going to be the truth.

Media Matters offers a story on the interview, which includes quotes from Drudge.

Sample Drudge quote:

DRUDGE: You’ve got to be the greatest you can be. Now. Now. Before this country is so completely altered and we’re left with Hillary’s brain in the Oval Office in a jar. ‘Cuz that’s what we’re getting. She is old and she’s sick. She is not a contender. They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things. It’s like a head on a stick. And then on the Today show with [Savannah Guthrie] Aguthrie [sic] — a head on a stick.