Poll: Most Americans Oppose White Supremacists, But Many Share Their Views

When a polling firm comes calling, there’s always the question of whether a large number of people will lie to the pollsters and thus provide inaccurate results.

You have to suspect that people are somewhat reluctant to express pro-white views to a stranger.

The good news is that the biases mean that the real number of White Nationalists is higher than the poll results show.

Huffington Post

A new poll in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, finds that while Americans widely say they oppose racism and white nationalism, many still appear to hold far-right, white supremacist views.

The Ipsos poll, for Thomson Reuters and the University of Virginia Center for Politics, was conducted online from Aug. 21 to Sept. 5 ― in the weeks following the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. It sampled around 5,360 American adults, asking questions about race that respondents could agree or disagree with to varying degrees.

“While there is relatively little national endorsement of neo-Nazis and white supremacists,” according to the release describing the poll’s findings, “there are troubling levels of support for certain racially-charged ideas and attitudes frequently expressed by extremist groups.”

While the vast majority of Americans polled expressed support for racial equality when asked in so many words ― 70 percent strongly agreed that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally ― people’s responses got murkier when it came to expressing their viewpoints on particular issues related to race and extremism.

For instance, while only 8 percent of respondents said they supported white nationalism as a group or movement, a far larger percentage said they supported viewpoints widely held by white supremacist groups: 31 percent of Americans polled strongly or somewhat agreed that “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage,” and 39 percent agreed that “white people are currently under attack in this country.”

“The poll results do show both an American public that overwhelmingly rejects racist affiliations and movements but at the same time is more tolerant of racially insensitive positions,” Kyle Kondik, communications director at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told HuffPost.

“The results may be what you might expect from a country that is arguably defined by racial conflict,” he added. “And one that can vote for an African-American for president who ran on unity less than a decade ago, and then turn around and vote for a vehemently anti-immigrant candidate who exploited white grievances just last year.”

The poll addressed several hot-button issues surrounding racial justice in America ― and in many cases, the majority of respondents seemed to agree with more conservative viewpoints.

When it comes to the debate about removing Confederate monuments, for instance, most Americans polled (57 percent) said they think the statues should remain in public spaces, and less than one-third (26 percent) said they think they should be removed.

Touching on recent heated debates surrounding free speech versus hate speech, the poll found a majority of Americans (59 percent) agreed with the statement that “‘political correctness’ threatens our liberty as Americans to speak our minds,” a view often touted by conservative leaders ― including President Donald Trump.

Even support for interracial marriage ― 50 years after the landmark Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia ― isn’t as widespread as one might think: Around 1 in 6 Americans, or 16 percent, strongly or somewhat agreed that “marriage should only be allowed between people of the same race,” while 65 percent of Americans disagreed.

As NAACP Legal Defense Fund staffer Janai Nelson told HuffPost last month: “Calling out extremists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis is an important but very low bar for where we should be as a society at this stage in our democracy.”

“What we should be [having] is a much more nuanced and deepened understanding of how those ‘isms’ manifest in policy, in systems, in a cloak of oppression that still lives with us,” Nelson said.

Check out UVA’s summary of the poll’s findings here, or view the results directly here.

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In case you were wondering, the John Wayne quote above is true, as reported by Snopes.

John Wayne had much of interest to say about nonwhites. Click on the “continue reading” button to see more.

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Trump’s Wall Is Unpopular With People He’s Trying To Keep Out

I can’t stop laughing at the idea that any true American cares what Mexicans, et. al., think about the wall.

Excerpt from the Daily Caller

President Donald Trump’s border wall is not well liked amongst several countries where Trump is trying to enforce illegal immigration to the U.S., according to a Pew Research Center poll released Friday.

In 18 of the countries surveyed, the border wall received the most disapproval, especially in Latin America, where 94 percent of respondents in Mexico and 90 of respondents in Colombia decried the wall’s construction.

The House passed a spending measure with a vote of 235-192 that included funding for a portion of Trump’s border wall. The funding was included as a part of a so-called “minibus,” which packaged together four appropriations bills aimed at funding the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Energy, water projects and funding to the legislative branch.

The Sheeple Awaken: Majority of Germans Now Worried About Migrants


Zero is the ideal number of refugee parasites for Germany to take. However, a large number of Germans still believe the old bullsh*t that Germany needs migrants to fill a shortage of skilled labor.

The problem is the refugee turds from the Middle East don’t come to work. The come to take over. They come to sponge. They come because their own countries are a mess.

This news from Germany isn’t perfect, but it’s not bad.

The Local Germany

Increased numbers of refugees are giving Germans second thoughts about their support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming policies, with more than half now saying they are concerned about the new arrivals in the latest polling.

In the latest “Deutschlandtrend” survey commissioned by public broadcaster ARD, 51 percent of people said they were afraid because of the large numbers of refugees arriving compared with 47 percent saying they were unafraid.

The previous poll, just three weeks ago, put that same number at 38 percent.

The turn in the polls has been reflected in changing rhetoric from mainstream politicians, with Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel telling Der Spiegel on Friday that “we are quickly hitting the limits of our capabilities in Germany.”

While there was no legal limit to the number of asylum seekers Germany might host, Gabriel said, “there are practical limits to the capacity of local communities”.

The Chancellor’s approval rating sink nine points over the last month, to 54 percent.

Meanwhile support for the chief critic of her asylum policies from her own conservative camp, Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer, surged 11 points to 39 percent.

Less than half of respondents – 48 percent – said they were satisfied with Merkel’s government, down five points.

This story of violence at a Hamburg refugee center explains why Germany should be worried.


Poll: 64 Percent of Americans Cannot Identify All Three Branches Of Government

It’s no accident that school children are being dumbed down and brainwashed. It’s much easier to control people when they know nothing and their attention is on the NFL, the Kardashians, and all the other nonsense that both government and media promote.


500px-Scene_at_the_Signing_of_the_Constitution_of_the_United_StatesIn the wake of Constitution Day, there is a truly depressing survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center that found that 227 years after the signing of the Constitution only 36 percent of Americans can actually name the three branches of government. Thus, 64 percent of Americans cannot name the three parts of our tripartite system.

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Incredible Infographic: Percent of People Dissatisfied by Country–And Americans Aren’t Very Happy

Click to enlarge and make the infographic readable.

Click to enlarge and make the infographic readable.

Sure the Russians, Chinese, etc are relatively happy. They have governments that look out after their interests. In the USA, the illegal immigrant is more valued than the hard-working, tax-paying citizen.

Dare I say it? I will! Screw Obama, Congress, Bill Gates, Marc Zuckerberg, George Soros, MSNBC, … Oh hell! The list is too long, but you get the idea.

Source: Zerohedge

Scotland! Please Say “YES” to Independence


Scotland will soon be voting on whether to become an independent nation or remain affiliated with Britain. Remaining within the United Kingdom means remaining a puppet for the New World Order, with forced massive immigration leading to the extinction of the Scottish people. Multiculuturalism has led to chaos, hatred, economic decline, and racial and ethnic war everywhere it has been forced on people.

The ultimate goal is the extinction of the troublesome white race, the one people who stand in the way of the Satanic power elites and the concentration of the world’s wealth into their hands through the enslavement of humanity.

Whites are hard to control, so must be exterminated slowly via miscegenation and more quickly through the black and brown criminals and disease ridden parasites being imported into every Western country by governments promoting the New World Order.

Nationalism, in which a unique people and their customs and bloodlines are preserved, is in accord with natural law. Nationalism is the only philosophy and political system that can save the West.



Support for Scottish independence is at its highest level ever according to a new poll, with nationalists rapidly closing the gap against unionists just two weeks before Scots vote whether to split from the UK.

YouGov’s poll showed the unionist lead had shrunk from 22 percent a month ago to just 6 percent. Overall, support for independence leapt to 47 percent in August. The figures, published in The Sun, suggest a significant shift in opinion ahead of the September 18 referendum.

Rural Scotland--Casting a vote for the New World Order will mean losing this

Rural Scotland–Casting a vote for the New World Order will mean losing this

The Scottish people have been told by their traitorous leaders that if they vote for independence their economy will suffer. The real truth is the opposite. By limiting immigration, the Scots will be able to preserve their wages and not squander their wealth on the hoards of parasites who have been invading their country.

Africans, illiterate Mexicans, and violent Islamists have nothing to contribute to Western civilization. But everywhere in Britain the people are told that their cultures need to be enriched by vibrant diversity. Take heed, my Scot cousins. Diversity = death.

Edinburgh--this beautiful capital city will devolve into a third world sh*thole, overrun with Africans, Muslims, and the world's most ignorant savages, unless the New World Order agenda is defeated.  In 50 years the city will be a violent slum overrun with disease and drug gangs.

Edinburgh–this beautiful capital city will devolve into a third world mess, overrun with Africans, Muslims, and the world’s most ignorant savages, unless the New World Order agenda is defeated. In 50 years the city will be a violent, decaying slum overrun with disease and drug gangs.

Infographic: Gallop–Immigration Most Important Problem for America, But What Other Problems Concern USA’s People

gallop imm over time

Funny how a full scale invasion of illegals will create a spike like the one on the right of the graph. Wait till the diseases start spreading and see the spike go up some more.

gallop poll imm most imp

Government corruption and abuse of us is almost as important an issue as immigration, significant to sixteen percent of the USA’s citizens.

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Congress. Thanks for nothing.

Welcome to the turd world, where every low IQ parasite sucks the blood of the country dry, demanding more and more from corrupt abusive politicians who are happy to give them OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.