Breaking All Over: James Alex Fields, Jr. Charged with Murder in Charlottesville Car Attack



James Alex Fields, Jr. is being identified as the prime suspect who allegedly rammed his car through a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. Registration records demonstrate that a car owned by Fields was involved in Saturday’s deadly car incident in Charlottesville. Fields allegedly drove his gray 2010 Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counter-protesters opposing a white nationalist rally. As a result of Fields’ alleged actions, 19 people have been injuries and one 32-year-old female has died.

Fields is a 20-year-old male from Maumee, Ohio. He allegedly plowed his vehicle through a crowd of protesters at a Unite the Right rally. As a result of Saturday’s vehicular incident, a Snapchat video has surfaced appearing to show Fields surrendering to police.

Rumors circulated on the web on the identity of the driver. People on the internet checked the license plate of the vehicle and tracked it down to musician Joel Vangheluwe​ who completely denies any involvement in today’s incident. He shot down the rumors by stating that he attended a wedding with his girlfriend when tragedy struck Charlottesville. Vangheluwe also said that he had sold the gray 2010 Dodge Challenger.

The next buyer on the list is James Alex Fields, Jr. Even though he is a prime suspect at the moment, it is not yet confirmed whether or not he was the driver.

Tech reporter for The Hill​ Taylor Lorenz reports that police believe the suspect didn’t intentionally mow down protesters out of malice intent. Lorenz reports that authorities believe that the suspect acted out of fear as protesters swarmed the vehicle, some allegedly acting violent.

The car that struck the protesters is currently registered to James Alex Fields, Jr.

The photo below allegedly shows Fields being arrested.

This is a good shot of the car after the arrest.

More later as the facts about Fields come out. Here are some Tweets that show how the Twitter left is calling this.

Mulatto Halle Berry Says Her High School was RACIST, Old Classmates Set the Record Straight


Academy award winning actress Halle Berry’s mother was white. The sperm donor that resulted in her being born to the mudshark was a Nog. Naturally, after a few years of abusing everyone in the family, the Nog took off, according to Halle Berry’s Wikipedia.

You might think that she would be grateful to the white race for accepting her mulatto person.


She’s stuck on that “all white people are mean racists” sh*t.

PJ Media

Is it just me or does it seem like every last celebrity has a story about his or her miserable childhood? It’s almost like having a sob story is a job prerequisite for these people. Actress Halle Berry is certainly no exception. For years she’s been giving interviews recounting tales of the racism and bullying she experienced as a biracial student in a predominantly white school. Most recently she complained to People about her high school, where Berry claims there were only “like 3 out of 2500 students” who were black.

The X-Men actress says she was bullied “because of the color of my skin.”

“Because my mother was white and my father was black… we got called Oreos and names, and kids just didn’t understand, so we were different. We were the brunt of a lot of jokes. So, I think my need to please and my desire to achieve was because I was constantly trying to prove that I was as good as the other white students. I felt very ‘less than,’ and I thought, ‘If I can beat them at everything, then I can be as good as them.’”

Only that’s not the way her classmates remember it and they took to Facebook en masse to set the record straight. It all started when someone posted the People article on a private Facebook group called “You know you grew up in Bedford,” which is the city where Halle attended high school. Former students immediately jumped on her comments. (I’m not including the full names because these comments below are from a private Facebook group.)

Heh, heh. There’s a good feeling seeing a Nog busted for its insane antiwhite bullsh*t. Not only did the whites not mistreat her, they literally turned her into a princess. Let’s expose the Nog’s lies.

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Daily Beast Propaganda: “Mom Deported Because She Didn’t Change Lanes”


Beatriz del Carmen Morelos Barajas was in the United States illegally. The law says that she is subject to deportation. She would have known that. It’s a risk she took. The fact that she dropped four sprogs in the United States is irrelevant. They can go live with her in Mexico if they want.

Daily Beast

The moment that would forever change the lives of Beatriz Morelos, her husband, and their four children came just after noon on July 23, as she drove from work to their home in Painesville, Ohio.
The 33-year-old mother of three girls and a boy was traveling along Interstate 77 when she failed to put an entire lane between her vehicle and an Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser parked on the shoulder.

Trooper Scott Boyle of the Ohio Patrol, who had graduated from the academy just four months before, responded with a rookie’s zeal and pulled her over. He issued her summons #OHP280747072320171314 for violation of Section 4511.213 of state vehicular law, which requires motorists to “change lanes into a lane that is not adjacent to that of a stationary public safety vehicle.”

That would have been that, but Morelos was an undocumented immigrant. And in Ohio that meant she had been unable to obtain a driver’s license. Boyle arrested her for violation of Section 4510.12, which states that no person “shall operate any motor vehicle upon a public road or highway or any public or private property used by the public for purposes of vehicular travel or parking in this state unless the person has a valid driver’s license.”

At 1:15 p.m. the following day, Morelos appeared in Painesville Municipal Court. She pleaded guilty to both charges and was fined $100, along with a list of other costs, including $5 for “legal research,” $15 in “sheriff fees,” and $8 for “special projects.” The total came to $250, and she would have only needed to pay it to return to the modest apartment complex where she lived with her family.

But a computer check had shown that she had been detained in Nogales, Arizona, while illegally crossing the border from Mexico to the United States back in 2000. She had been returned to Mexico in 2001 but soon after had crossed the border again and eventually settled in Painesville. She married David Casillas, who is residing legally in the U.S. on a work visa. Their four children were all American born and are now aged 3 to 13.


For 16 years, Morelos and her husband had worked manual jobs that her lawyer, Elizabeth Ford, describes as tasks most Americans would not want to do. Her record shows no encounters with the police other than the traffic stop late last month.

None of that mattered. The Ohio authorities notified ICE, which took Morelos into custody. Morelos, who is also known as Beatriz del Carmen Morelos Barajas, was lodged in the ICE holding facility at the Seneca County jail in Tiffin, Ohio, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Painesville.

“On July 24, Beatriz del Carmen Morelos Barajas, an illegally present citizen of Mexico, was arrested by U.S. immigration authorities, following her local arrest in Paynesville, Ohio,” ICE reported in a statement. “Morelos was previously removed from the United States in 2001. ICE has reinstated her previously issued final order of removal, and she will remain in agency custody pending removal from the U.S.”

The reinstatement of the 2001 order meant Morelos would be deported without any further legal proceedings.

“No judge, no case heard,” the attorney, Ford, said.

To make her plight a total nightmare, Morelos was slated to be sent across the border at Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The area is so dangerous that the U.S. State Department has posted an advisory against venturing there.

The nice Mexican lady is back in Mexico, where her husband drove to be with her. The rest of the long propaganda piece at the Daily Beast provides details about how dangerous and horrible Mexico is. Why, it’s downright mean of America to send these poor innocent moms back. That’s the propaganda spiel anyway.

Since Beatriz is a nice lady maybe she can work in Mexico toward stopping the crime and violence. In other words, maybe she can:


Wetback Kept Girlfriend’s Body in Freezer While Mudshark Moved in and Assumed Her Identity


A man stored his girlfriend’s body in a freezer with the help of another woman, who assumed the dead girlfriend’s life by moving into her home, using her credit cards and caring for her dog, US authorities have said.

Arturo Novoa and Katrina Layton were arrested and charged with corpse abuse after the woman’s body was found last weekend in a home near Youngstown, Ohio.

A judge set a £1,000,000 (£756,000) bond for Novoa, 31, and Layton, 34.

Authorities suspect the body found in the freezer is that of a missing woman named Shannon Graves, who was 28 when she was reported missing.

They are awaiting official identification and information on the cause of death.


Ms Graves had not been seen for months, according to a missing person’s report filed by her family in June.

Her sister told media outlets that Ms Graves’s friends last saw her in February.

She said it was not unusual for Ms Graves to go a while without talking to her family.

But they said she never left home without her car, dog and phone, and all three remained behind.

Youngstown prosecutor Dana Lantz said that around the time police believe Ms Graves vanished, Layton moved in with Novoa and began using Ms Graves’s car, phone and credit cards and taking care of her dog.

Novoa asked a friend to keep a padlocked freezer, police said, but the man became suspicious because it had been locked for a week.

The friend managed to open the freezer, found the remains and called police, investigators said.


Heavy picks up the story by recounting Arturo’s criminal past.

Novoa is a felon with a checkered past.

According to WFMJ, he “has spent time in the state penitentiary, then was convicted for having a gun when not allowed, due to his prior felony conviction.”

The Vindicator reported that Novoa was charged in 2006 “with aggravated arson and obstructing official business after throwing a flaming object onto the porch of a home on Cooper Street, where Novoa lived. In 2010, 24 at the time, Novoa was indicted by a Mahoning County grand jury on charges of illegal gun possession, and in 2015 was issued a summons for drug abuse of marijuana, according to records.”

The Heavy piece goes on to note that Arturo worked in a local restaurant and was an aspiring rapper who went by the name Anthony Gonzales.

When you look at that handsome face you can see why two white women flocked to be with Arturo. So irresistible. And what loyalty to his woman. He couldn’t bear to be away from Shannon so he kept her in a freezer. Yes, Arturo is every white woman’s dream man.

No Third Trial for Cincy Ex-Cop Who Shot, Killed Unarmed Negro Motorist

The family of dead Negro criminal Sam DuBose tried to escape Officer Ray Tensing during a traffic stop. Tensing, being dragged by DuBose’s car, fired at the man mashing down hard on the accelerator.

The DuBose family long ago accepted a $5.3 million settlement in payment for the life of the worthless Negro parasite.

In the intervening time period, Tensing endured two murder trials, with a hung jury each time. The feds are still looking to indict him for a federal crime, but the state of Ohio has given up trying to prosecute a white cop doing his job.


A white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black motorist during a Cincinnati traffic stop won’t face a third murder trial, Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters announced Tuesday while saying he’s asking federal authorities to consider possible civil rights charges.

Deters said he’s dropping the case against Ray Tensing, 27, on the eve of the two-year anniversary of the death of Sam DuBose, 43. Two previous juries couldn’t reach a unanimous agreement on murder and voluntary manslaughter charges against the former University of Cincinnati officer.

“After two trials and probably a million dollars, the best lawyers I could come up with were unsuccessful at conviction. I have come to the conclusion we cannot win this case on these facts,” Deters said. “We did everything we could to secure a conviction. We left nothing on the table and its incredibly disappointing professionally. It’s disappointing personally.”

Deters said he discussed the matter with multiple jurors, both black and white, and they said there will never be a conviction in this case.

Tensing’s attorney said Deters made the right decision because jurors he talked to after the second trial all said they felt there would “never be a unanimous decision” reached in the case.

“The system worked exactly as it’s designed to work,” Mathews said. “We tried it with two separate juries, and neither one could come to a unanimous decision, and that’s our justice system working.”

Tensing shot DuBose in the head after pulling him over for a missing front license plate on July 19, 2015. The officer, since fired, testified he feared he was going to be killed. The shooting is among cases across the nation that have called attention to how police deal with blacks. It also highlighted the challenges prosecutors face in getting jurors to convict police officers for shooting when they say they are under threat.

Tensing testified in his own defense at both trials and said he feared he could be dragged or run over as DuBose tried to drive away.

“I meant to stop the threat,” he told jurors in his second trial. “I didn’t shoot to kill him. I didn’t shoot to wound him. I shot to stop his actions.”

DuBose’s family and civil rights groups wanted a third trial. DuBose’s family earlier called for a federal investigation and wasn’t satisfied by Deters’ announcement the case will be reviewed.

“They should have done both (third trial and review),” said DuBose’s sister, Terina Allen. She said DuBose was “no threat” to Tensing. She pledged to hound Tensing “the rest of his life.”

U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman said authorities will review evidence from the state court trials to assess whether there are possible federal civil rights offenses that might warrant prosecution.

Deters said Glassman’s office contacted his office after the second hung jury. He said case information has been turned over to the federal authorities.

“I’m hopeful that the U.S. attorney’s office will see fit to proceed in this matter,” Deters said.

Federal authorities recently announced they had ended an investigation without charges in a 2014 police shooting of a black man in a Wal-Mart store in Beavercreek, Ohio.

DuBose had significant amounts of marijuana and cash on him, and Mathews contends he was desperate to get away from police because he knew he would be headed to jail.

An expert hired by prosecutors said his frame-by-frame analysis of the former officer’s body camera video showed Tensing was not being dragged by the car.

To convict Tensing of murder, jurors had to find he purposely killed DuBose. The charge carries a possible sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

The voluntary manslaughter charge means killing during sudden passion or a fit of rage. That carries a possible sentence of three to 11 years with conviction.

Mathews earlier requested that Hamilton County Judge Leslie Ghiz acquit Tensing after the two mistrials. She scheduled a July 24 meeting on the case.

The university fired Tensing after he was indicted. It restructured its public safety department and made other policing reforms. The university reached a $5.3 million settlement with DuBose’s family, including free undergraduate tuition for DuBose’s 13 children.

DuBose’s sister says she’s going to haunt Tensing for the rest of his life? Ha. She’ll run through her share of the $5 million and come back for more. That sum of money buys a lot of hair weaves, marijuana, junk food, and fake nails.

White Woman Killed, 8 Wounded as Men in Black Invade Gender Reveal Party and Start Shooting


Police have revealed no details about the hoodie-wearing gunmen who recklessly shot up a house full of women and children in Cincinnati, Ohio yesterday.

The neighborhood in which the shootings occurred appears to be working class, as seen in the photo below, which shows one of the victims on crutches after being shot in the leg.

Fox News

One woman was killed and eight other people, including three children, were injured late Saturday after two men wearing all black opened fire at a gender reveal party in Ohio, officials said.

One of those injured was the pregnant woman who was giving the party.

A gender reveal party is where friends and family gather to announce the sex of the baby. The unidentified woman told Fox 19 that she lost her child, a boy, after being shot in the leg.

Officers responded to the home in Colerain Township, outside Cincinnati around 11:30 p.m., said police spokesman Jim Love. He told Fox 19 that five adults and three children were all watching television in the living room when the men began shooting handguns.

“They were all there for a very positive reason when somebody opened fire,” Love told FOX 19.

At a news conference Sunday, Colerain Township Police Chief Mark Denney said that none of the eight people wounded appeared to have life-threatening injuries, including the children, who are ages 8, 6 and 2.

The 22-year-old has been identified as Autum Garrett, of Huntington, Ind.

Denney said the two gunmen who fled on foot haven’t been identified or arrested. He wouldn’t discuss details of the investigation into the shootings.

There were no indications of a forced entry by the gunmen, who entered the house through the front door, Denney said. He said it’s unclear why the victims were shot.

“We don’t know if they were targeted, or this was intended for someone else,” Denney said.

Colerain Township called in the Cincinnati Police Department to process the crime scene, which included a search of the home after police obtained a warrant.

Did someone owe one of the shooters money for drugs? In general, when the shooters are white they are identified as such by police, but when they’re black, race remains out of the picture.

Whoever the shooters, opening fire on children watching TV is a despicable thing to do. Both shooters should face the death penalty for premeditated murder and attempted murder.

Woman Dies After Being Set on Fire Two Years Ago by “Pure Evil” Boyfriend

Judy Malinowski was a mother of two. She and boyfriend Michael Slager were arguing before he doused her with an accelerant and set her afire. She suffered from burns over 80 percent of her body. It’s surprising that she lived as long as she did. She was 33.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — A woman left bed-ridden in a hospital after a disfiguring attack in August 2015 has died, according to her family.

Judy Malinowski was set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, Michael Slager, after a fight at a gas station in August 2015. Slager was sentenced to 11 years in prison for Felonious Assault and Aggravated Arson in December 2016.

After seeing the story, State Representative Jim Hughes introduced legislation to further punish in cases like Malinowski’s that maim or disfigure. Legislators are currently looking over a bill in the state Senate to add at least six years of jail time for anyone who uses an accelerant where the victim is permanently disfigured or disabled. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill Wednesday after it was unanimously approved by the House last month.

After the attack, Malinowski endured at least 52 surgeries. Prior to one of her operations last December, Malinowski struggled to speak to ABC 6/FOX 28 as she spoke about her suffering and desire to see “Judy’s law” through to help prevent others from a situation like hers.

The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office has said it will seek murder charges against Slager should Malinowski die from her injuries.

Julie had a sad, tough life. According to Metro she had survived ovarian cancer. In the fire attack, which Slager denied, she lost two fingers, her ears, and most of her hair.

She called her boyfriend “pure evil.” Looking at him, I don’t doubt it. Taking on a bad boy for a boyfriend is even more dangerous than taking on a black one. Slager deserves the death penalty, carried out on a woodpile set afire by Julie’s friends and family. Then, drag him out of the fire and let him suffer.