Los Angeles history teacher under fire over student’s Ku Klux Klan garb

Since the school where a student dressed as a Klansman for a class project is 96 percent nonwhite, we can safely speculate that the student and teacher in this story are nonwhite.

However, the press is leaving a different impression.

Fox News

A Los Angeles teacher has sparked outrage after allowing a student to dress up as a Ku Klux Klan member as part of a class project.

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Saboteur365 Offended Pakistan. Here’s What Their Government Did

On Wednesday and again on Thursday, WordPress notified me that some content on this site offended Pakistan and was being blocked in that country. I’ll share one of the boilerplate emails and links to the two images that offended Muslims.

Here’s WordPress’s notification to me plus the complaint by Pakistan that led to the blocking.


A Pakistan authority has issued a demand to block a file on your WordPress.com site:

Unfortunately, we must comply to keep WordPress.com accessible for everyone in Pakistan. We will not be challenging this demand, but if you wish to discuss what the legal avenues of appeal may be, please get in touch as soon as possible. There is usually a very short period of time in which objections can be lodged.

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NC Bank Employee’s Walking Dead Doll Labeled “Racist” by Black Female Customer

The white male credit union employee who had the stupid figurine above displayed on his workspace is facing disciplinary action because a gentlelady of color took offense at the silly thing.

Apparently the credit union management believes there is a right embedded in the constitution that blacks have the right to never be offended. At my university, the administration had discovered the right of students to never to be offended.

Isn’t the constitution wonderful? It radiates rights that are not in writing.


RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh bank is responding after a woman said she was offended by a “racist” figurine on a bank employee’s desk.

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HS Tennis Team Facing Discipline for Wearing White Bags Over Their Heads

There always seems to be a snitch around when youths express their natural racism in harmless ways.

When the evidence is delivered to a cuck administrator, the kids pay the price of offending the negro gods.

New York Post

Members of Georgia’s Telfair County High School tennis team are facing punishment after a photo of them wearing white paper bags over their heads surfaced on social media last week.

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British Guy Who Taught Pug to Make Nazi Salute Fined £800


Following World War II, freedom of speech was declared to be one of Four Freedoms, a core value for the entire world.

Britain has withdrawn support for freedom of speech.

Watch the video that resulted in Mark Meecham’s trial last month on hate speech charges. It’s embedded at the bottom of the post.

The only good news is that he avoided jail as he was sentenced last week.


Sky News

A man has been fined £800 after he posted footage on YouTube of a pet dog giving Nazi salutes.


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School APOLOGIZES for Asking Students to List Positive Aspects of Slavery

A middle school history book asked students to think about a balanced view of slavery. Then all hell broke loose.

An unidentified teacher is now suspended.

The Hill

A charter school in Texas apologized on Friday after students were asked to write a list of the positive aspects of slavery.

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Fire Her Now! Woman Professor’s Barbara Bush “amazingly racist” Tweets Spark Outrage

A weird, fat, ugly, misshapen feminist professor has sparked outrage across America for calling Barbara Bush a racist on Twitter.

She’s not the least bit contrite after being smacked down by normies. In fact, she claims that since she has tenure she cannot be fired. That was the gasoline on the fire.

Adding to her affirmative action points that come from being a leftist, feminist female, she’s also a MUZZIE!

One great thing about the reporting by the Fresno Bee is that the reporter who wrote the story contacted Randa Jarrar’s ex-husband. It seems he doesn’t think much of her either.

Fresno Bee

All options are on the table in dealing with the Fresno State professor who called Barbara Bush “an amazing racist” hours after Bush died at age 92, university president Joseph Castro said Wednesday.

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