Horrifyingly Misshapen Female Claims to be AFRICA’S Kim Kardashian


Clearly, males of African descent have a different notion of what makes for a sexy woman.

The press has published several articles featuring numerous photos of her gross, misshapen body. The goal is probably to give white males a case of jungle fever.

Any white man who thinks this creature is sexy would probably just as easily mate with a female gorilla.

Many photos of Eudoxie follow.

Sputnik News

An African model amassed thousands of Instagram followers and even reportedly became somewhat of a celebrity thanks to her exceptionally curvy figure and fashion style.

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Black Feetsballer Arrested for Gun Threats Against 2 NFL Players and Old High School

Great news! Another black eye for the NFL.

CBS Sports

The NFL player at the center of the Dolphins’ bullying controversy appears to have used social media to threaten two of his former teammates.


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Deputy Assigned to Parkland School Did Nothing as Massacre Unfolded


You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist wearing a tinfoil hat to find this news to be bizarre. A Broward County sheriff’s deputy on the scene during the Parkland school shooting stood down.

Even more strange is that the deputy’s name is Scott Peterson.

There’s another Scott Peterson who’s sitting on death row, convicted of the murder of his wife, Lacy Peterson. Is there something symbolic about the name Scott Peterson I’m not getting?

Florida’s Scott Peterson has resigned and then retired in the wake of last week’s school shooting.


The Broward County Sheriff’s deputy who was assigned to be the school resource officer at Stoneman Douglas High School during last week’s massacre that left 17 dead resigned this morning after being suspended without pay, Sheriff Scott Israel announced on Thursday.

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South Korean Women Smuggle Gold Bars in Their RECTUMS to Avoid Tax

I don’t think we want to know exactly how customs in Japan extracted the gold from the rectums of SEVEN South Korean women.

I have read that Koreans are similar in values to Jews. The New Yorker reported in 2015 that the Talmud is a best seller in Korea and that every Korean family has a copy because the Koreans want to emulate the success of the Jews.

OK. I guess that means you smuggle gold by putting it inside the place where the sun never shines.

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LOL! Blacks Put on African Garb to Attend Black Panther

Blacks are giving the world a laugh, rather than demanding more gibs. If the movie distracts them, then I’m all for it until it turns out that movie inspires more black on white crime.

Hollywood Reporter

Fans noted in social media posts it was important for them to dress in a way that befitted a film heralded as a cultural movement.
Black Panther opened in theaters Thursday night and fans marked the occasion with some awesome outfits.

From traditional African clothing to character costumes, fans were ready to finally see the highly-anticipated Marvel film. And there were some costumes from the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America, too.

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Burglar Stops to Watch Porn During Home Break-In

The Latino who looks like the missing link, pictured above, was watching porn and masturbating while in the middle of the burglary of a combination business and residence.

Latinos have the reputation that they will stop in the middle of anything to engage in sexual activity. There’s certainly been a number of cases of drivers having sex while barreling down the freeway here in South Texas.

NBC Los Angeles

A burglary in Van Nuys got bizarre after an alleged intruder stopped what he was doing and sat down to watch porn.

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She Invited Him Over, Answered the Door Topless, and then …


We want pictures! Of Rayna topless.

Actually, I have some interesting photos of the temptress. It appears that she may be a stripper, but I can’t be sure.


Authorities arrested a Harahan couple accused of trying to rob an Uber driver the woman had previously ridden with.

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