Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin Answers with Bullsh*t When Asked Whether Obama’s Separation Polices Outraged Her


Radio talker Michael Berry was playing the CNN interview with Senator Tammy Baldwin over and over tonight. As he said, “Is she stupid or does just want us to believe she’s stupid?”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) fumbled her response in an interview Wednesday when asked by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin if she ever spoke up and raised her voice about family separation under the Obama administration.

“So many people in this country are certainly outraged by the cages, the thermal blankets, and the facilities housing these kids. You know, they were all there in 2014 under President Obama. And my question to you, Senator Baldwin, did you up against them then?” CNN’s Baldwin asked.

Read the transcript and watch the video below of the ridiculous beating around the bush by Baldwin.

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Communist Revolutionary West Point Grad Spencer Rapone Kicked Out of Military

H/T to Moon Man.

My post last year about the dirty Communist infiltrator Spencer Rapone suggested that he be kicked out of the military AND be made to pay the cost of his West Point education.

Well, he’s out of the service anyway.

His papers show a less than honorable discharge.

Excerpt from

WATERTOWN, N.Y. — The images Spenser Rapone posted on Twitter from his West Point graduation were intentionally shocking: In one, the smirking cadet opens his dress uniform to expose a T-shirt with a blood-red image of socialist icon Che Guevara. In another, he raises his fist and flips over his cap to reveal the hand-scrawled message: “Communism will win.”

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Busted! Media’s Belittling of Trump’s Jobs Tweet Another Example of FAKE NEWS

There’s enough bull manure in the press’s condemnation of President Trump’s Friday jobs Tweet to fertilize all the corn fields in Iowa.

Excerpt from Politico

President Donald Trump moved markets and busted norms on Friday morning with a tweet about the May employment report more than an hour before the numbers came out.

The post appeared to skirt strict rules on government employees not commenting on the highly sensitive economic data until an hour after its public release at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time.

That the press would blast Trump over this Tweet is just another example of them digging their own graves that much deeper.

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Little Rocket Man Strolls Across DMZ into S. Korea, Offering Peace Deal and Denuclearization


It wasn’t long ago that the press was playing a different tune regarding Kim Jong Un.

Remember when Trump dubbed him Little Rocket Man in a UN speech? And Kim called Trump a dotard.

Kim was accused of sending out two women spies to kill his brother.

There were the frequent missile tests and detonations of nukes too.

Hawaii had a missile attack scare (caused by an idiot Hawaiian employee who screwed up).

The press was alive with claims from experts that Trump was going to cause World War III, or at least a new Korean War.

The difference a little time makes, combined with a president who doesn’t kowtow to foreign leaders the way Obama did.

Following the story, let’s consult with someone who is alarmed at what may happen next.

Sky News

North and South Korea have agreed to a “complete denuclearisation” of their peninsula in historic talks between the two leaders.

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Judge Ruins Trump’s State Dinner by Ruling that the President Cannot Stop DACA


Is President Donald Trump a failure because so much of his agenda has been ruled illegal by liberal judges?

(((Globalists))) have been installing open borders, liberal judges on the bench for at least 50 years. Probably more.

Many of them were confirmed with help from cowardly Republicans who talk a good game, but rarely deliver. Judge Bates was appointed by Bush Jr.

In a personal insult, tonight’s pro-DACA ruling came as President Trump and First Lady Melania held their first state dinner, hosting Emmanuel Macron and France’s lovely First Lady.

Indigestion anyone?


A federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration’s decision to end deportation protections for some young immigrants, saying the White House was “arbitrary and capricious” in moving to end the Obama-era DACA program.


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Trump Broke His Promise and Now Elephants Will Die

The elephants will be voting Democrat in 2018.

They’re upset with President Donald Trump’s administration’s decision that allows on a case-by-case basis the import of elephant trophies.

How anyone can say that going on an elephant hunting safari is sport is beyond me. Elephants are sitting ducks for men and women with big guns.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly begun allowing more trophy hunting of African elephants, despite President Donald Trump’s pledge last year to uphold a ban on importing parts of animals killed by big-game hunters.

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U.S. Army Drops Hand Grenade Throwing Requirement from Basic Training Because …


If President Donald Trump is counting on the American army to actually get into physical fights with America’s enemies, he might need to rethink his constant bragging about the military.

Between the gays, soyboys, trannies, lesbians, and out-of-shape couch potatoes, America isn’t going to fare well against China, North Korea, or Russia, should there be battles with those armies.

Please Mr. President, no war!!!

Scroll down through the excerpt to see who it is that critics are blaming for the army dropping a long-standing requirement.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The United States Army will no longer require recruits to show they can throw hand grenades 25 meters because many of them can’t throw the explosive far enough, it revealed on Friday.


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