Despicable California Governor Asks for Trump’s Help Tonight


California police allowed antifa to attack Trump supporters in Berkeley, leaving one man beaten senseless.

Start obeying the law, California authorities, and then we MIGHT offer you some help, which your lawbreaking asses do NOT deserve.

Or maybe not. Call the president of Mexico for help, you f*cking a**holes.


On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown sought federal help from President Trump by asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to declare “a major disaster” in California in light of the damage done by recent storms.

The East Bay Times reports: “Brown formally requested the declaration for the series of storms striking the state between Jan. 3 and Jan. 12.” He noted that “heavy rains, winds and snow, particularly in Northern California, left eight people dead and knocked out power to an estimated 1 million Californian homes and businesses.”

Brown’s request comes as Gov. Brown has challenged the Trump administration on climate change, immigration, Obamacare, and other issues.

Other Democrat officials in California have been open about their refusal to comply with Trump administration orders regarding illegal immigration. San Francisco’s police chief, sheriff, and mayor all made clear they would not enforce Trump’s immigration order, long before the order was taken to court. The San Francisco Police Department went so far as to cut ties with an FBI counter-terrorism task force in order to prevent officers from being involved in action that targeted illegals.

And California’s highest law enforcement agent, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, has been very open about his determination to fight Trump’s policies as part of the larger effort to retain sanctuary policies that harbor illegal aliens in the state.

But Gov. Brown would like some federal funds to help out in the short term, so he is asking the Trump administration for help.

Notably, Gov. Brown also used his “State of the State” address earlier this year to welcome Trump’s commitment to infrastructure spending.

Hollywood Values: Worthless Actor Wants Trump Voters in an “Urn”


We have a lot of work to do to clean up our culture. Staying away from Hollywood movies is one way to help “drain the swamp.”

Since America’s contentious and historic presidential election came to an end on Nov. 8, millions of citizens who feel shell-shocked by the result have found a patron saint of grumpiness and grief. His name is Michael Shannon.

Of course, a number of high-profile celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Susan Sarandon to Scott Baio have expressed their varied opinions about the election in interviews and on social media. Some, like Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks, have projected attitudes of hope and optimism despite differences of opinion with the president-elect.

That’s not Shannon’s style. In a series of interviews in the days after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the gruff 42-year-old actor, let his opinion about the election off its leash. “No offense to the seniors out there,” Shannon told Metro newspaper. “But if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.” (He was referring to this map, illustrating Clinton’s 504 Electoral College vote advantage among 18-25 year-old voters.)

In the same interview, Shannon offered advice to young people whose parents supported Trump: “You’re an orphan now. Don’t go home. Don’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t talk to them at all. Silence speaks volumes.”

Apparently you have to be a psychopath (or a Jew) to break into the movies these days. This is crazy talk of the first class.

Then in this interview on, he doubled down. “This country’s filled with ignorant jackasses,” he said. “The big red dildo running through the middle of our country needs to be annexed to be its own country of moronic a–holes. You can call it the United States of Moronic F—ing A–holes.”

Leave, jerk. #boycottmichaelshannon

This advocacy by celebrities to kill white people is getting tiresome. In 2014, Oprah Winfrey said all white people must die.

The more open this kind of talk is the more danger Caucasians are in. It’s not funny or clever.

EW caught up with Shannon at an event in New York to promote Nocturnal Animals, one of the 10 films in which he’s appeared this year. Tom Ford’s dark, slippery thriller features Shannon in a supporting role as a Texas lawman seeking justice for the victim of a violent attack (Jake Gyllenhaal). One of the movie’s many themes focuses on how anger can ultimately lead to catharsis – a notion Shannon is quite keen on right now.

“Ah, yeah, and there’s nothing to lose by speaking out these days, really,” he tells EW. “Who really cares what I think or what I say anyway? I have absolutely no influence or power whatsoever. I’m not saying it makes me feel better, but why not?”

Shannon added, “I’ve heard a lot of people saying, ‘Oh, we should give [Trump] a chance, it’s not that bad.’ And I’m like, ‘No, you’re wrong. Just look at the news. It is that bad.’”

Yep. He even looks crazy.

Faggy Jew Rutgers Professor Sent to Pysch Ward for Threatening to Kill White People


If you look up Kevin Allred, you’ll see that his rhetoric has gotten him into the news before. Although it’s impossible to know for sure, I believe he’s a homosexual Jew, which would account for his hate speech directed toward white people.

Amazingly, Rutgers University still has him on the payroll and in the classroom.

Daily Mail

A Rutgers University professor was reportedly taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after making ‘threatening’ comments about shooting white people, flag burning and gun control in light of Donald Trump’s election.

Kevin Allred – best known for his women and gender’s study class ‘Politicizing Beyonce’ – was at his Brooklyn home when police arrived on Tuesday night.

Police had responded to his home after Rutgers police told NYPD that had Allred made ‘threats to kill white people,’ according to the New York Daily News.

Officers said they were there after several failed attempts to get in touch with him by Rutgers officials, but Allred told the Daily News he has no record of school officials trying to reach him.

Cops then loaded the adjunct professor into an ambulance and took him to Bellevue Hospital where he spent two hours and underwent an evaluation.

When he was released, he tweeted, calling the ordeal a ‘s*** show’ and said it was part of a crackdown on free speech amid Trump’s election.

Rutgers officials said a student had filed a complaint about Allred, but did not elaborate.

‘The Rutgers University Police Department responded to a complaint from a student and took all appropriate action,’ a Rutgers spokesman told

‘We have no further comment.’

Allred recounted the whole incident on Twitter and said police told him he was ‘a threat based on political statements’ he made on ‘campus and on Twitter.’

‘They’ve forced me to now undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital,’ he tweeted.

‘They brought me by ambulance tho i’m not under arrest technically.’

‘And this is for exercising my f***ing first amendment rights. i’m being labeled a threat and put in a psych hospital,’ he added.

This ‘is proof positive that Trump’s crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun,’ he tweeted.


Later on Twitter, he said he asked if conservatives would care as much about the Second Amendment if guns killed more white people.

‘In class, we talked about flag burning generally as a form of protest, and what does the flag mean to different people,’ Allred told the Daily News.

‘Then I made a comment, essentially saying, “Would people feel the same way about being so lenient with the Second Amendment if people went out and got guns to shoot random white people?”‘

He had also tweeted asking for the university’s response in addressing ‘the fears of MANY RU students for their safety in Trump’s Amerika (sic)’ following the election.


What a nutjob. Trump hasn’t taken office but Trump is cracking down on free speech, while Twitter is on a rampage deleting alt-right accounts.

There’s no word on whether Allred passed his psychological evaluation. Really, in the world of American higher education, he’s not that unique. He trespassed by directly claiming that whites should be dead. The university propaganda machine generally works at a more subtle level.

girl reacts naughty

Exposed: Trump Rape Accuser Made It All Up


Katie Johnson’s demonstrably false rape accusation doesn’t do anything to help women who were really raped. It does, along with numerous other high profile cases, show that the hatred of men by some women will cause them to make false rape claims.

Trump should file a lawsuit against this woman to teach her and other women who make false rape claims that you can’t do that.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The woman who alleged that Donald Trump raped her at age 13 at one of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘sex parties’ fabricated the story, has learned exclusively.

When the civil suit was initially filed last April, Trump’s legal team branded the allegations ‘disgusting at the highest level’ and a ‘hoax’ clearly framed to ‘solicit media attention or, perhaps… simply politically motivated’.

Clinton supporters had seized on the story as a possible knock out blow.

Then, last Wednesday, Katie Johnson suddenly cancelled a packed press conference at which she was set to reveal herself for the first time, saying she was ‘too afraid’ following a series of ‘threats’ against her.

On Friday, six months after legal papers were filed, the civil lawsuit was dramatically dropped.

Social media erupted with claims that the woman had been paid off by Trump or was so terrified by threats to her life from Trump supporters that she was forced to withdraw her claims.

But has learned that the real reason the suit was dropped is because the claims were simply NOT true.

The woman first sued Trump and Jeffrey Epstein under the name Katie Johnson – a name we know not to be her real identity – on April 26 in California federal court and filed an amended complaint in New York federal court in October, claiming she was subject to rape, criminal sexual acts, assault, battery and false imprisonment.

The court papers offered no corroborative evidence that her claims were true.

News that the allegations were dropped dismayed Hillary supporters who had hoped the claims would be the knock out blow for Trump’s election campaign – already rocked in recent weeks by a string of sex assault claims.

Thousands of loyal Hillary followers had opened a discussion about the rape claims on Twitter and other social media networks hoping to damage Trump’s push for the White House.

The Huffington Post jumped on the bandwagon of anti-Trump sentiment after she made her claims, asking: ‘Donald Trump Is Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven’t The Media Covered It?’

The rest of the article goes on to discuss the woman’s troubled history.

Would it surprise anyone if ultimately she’s tied to the DNC and/or Hillary Clinton?


Guy Who Chanted Jew S A at Trump Rally was Clinton Plant or Nut Case

george lindell

CNN, among other sites, has once again attempted to smear Donald Trump and millions of Trump supporters as antisemites.

Well, some of us may like to tell the truth about Jews, but that’s another story, certainly not one of wanting to gassixmillionkikes.

No real Trump supporter would be so insensitive as to be “accidentally” caught on camera chanting Jew S A instead of the usual USA chant.

The Clinton News Network is reporting this dumbass shill as a real antisemite who exemplifies Trump supporters.

The Jew S A guy has a history:

AZ Central

Reality has again hit George Lindell, this time with a video of him chanting at a Donald Trump rally in Phoenix garnering multiple views, or going viral (in the parlance).

The Phoenix man spent Monday trying to explain why his chanting what sounded like “Jew-S-A” at the Saturday rally was not meant as a slur.

“I want to talk to everybody,” Lindell said Monday. He’s a painter for hire and had a job scheduled, but he put it off so he could respond. Local television stations were calling, so were national websites. He said CNN was trying to arrange something.

Lindell needed to do the interviews, he said, to counter what people are saying about him. “They’re calling me racist, calling me all kinds of names.”

The Trump campaign has spoken out against the act. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that Lindell’s speech doesn’t reflect the campaign’s values.

“I think what he had to say is disgusting,” Conway told Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Some also have accused him of being a plant, a Hillary Clinton supporter paid to chant an epithet to paint Trump supporters in a negative light.

“Do I look like I got paid?” Lindell said.

He does not. He was sitting Monday in the sparse warehouse he uses for his painting business. It is also where he lives.

Lindell insists his chant was not a reference to the Jewish people or religion. He would not do that, he said. He would not denigrate an entire group of people.

“We’re all created equal,” he said. “We’re all different.”

Lindell said he has a rational explanation for his chant. What sounded like “Jew,” was in fact, he said, a chance to show allegiance with Spanish speakers who chant the country’s initials with a heavy accent.

Chew S A. That’s how a Mexican would chant.

Like Hillary, Lindell is trying to wriggle off the hook by spouting nonsense.

He’s the perfect shill, having achieved brief Internet fame in 2011.

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San Francisco Wants to Remove “Slaveholder” Names from Schools–Washington, Jefferson, and Monroe


All of that famous fog in San Francisco must fog up the brain cells.

It’s ridiculous beyond the pale to equate a military leader who gave you a country to a mediocre nonwhite poet. But race replacement is in the pleasant looking Matt Haney’s mind.

I have no idea how such a load of white guilt was placed upon his young shoulders, but he really needs to understand equivalency. White male who risked his life and his wealth to bring freedom to the colonies is not and never will be equivalent to a black female poet whose wordsmithing skills leave much to be desired.

Unless he’s either trolling us to get a rise out of us or he’s got an agenda that includes white genocide. Because when you obliterate a people’s history, it is genocide.

I would chalk up Matt Haney as another leftist loon, but I predicted this would be happening. And soon Washington, D. C. will be renamed Martin Luther King City. And so forth.


George Washington, the guy on the quarter, could soon be facing the ax in San Francisco as surely as his fabled cherry tree.

The president of the San Francisco school board thinks it’s time to consider renaming schools that bear the names of slave owners — including Washington and his friends and fellow presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.


Board President Matt Haney said Tuesday he will introduce a resolution before the board this month to clarify the rules for renaming San Francisco schools with an eye to encouraging the communities at Washington High School, along with Jefferson and Monroe elementary schools, to consider whether they want to make a change.

Another school that might want to think about a new name, Haney said, is Francis Scott Key Elementary School — which was named for the slave-owning lyricist of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“We need to have a conversation about this,” Haney said. “Especially at George Washington High School. We have school names in San Francisco that are not relevant or meaningful or inspire pride.”

Yes, Haney said, the name Washington — also shared by a state, the U.S. capital and a likeness on a dollar bill — might very well be such a name.

“I would not want to speak for the school community,” Haney said. “It’s a very tricky issue. I’m trying to stay away from condemning anyone. It was a very different time back then. But slavery was America’s original sin.”

Under Haney’s proposal, schools would be encouraged to form committees consisting of students, parents, teachers and administrators to study the issue. If the committee favored a name change, the school board would consider it. The board has the ultimate authority to change a school name.

Were Washington High to shed its name, Haney said, it might be a good idea to replace it with that of poet Maya Angelou, who attended Washington.

maya a

If slavery was the original sin, the second sin was not sending the Negro back to Africa. It’s not too late to fix that.

Breaking Video: Anti-Trump Scum Who Rushed Stage Hustled Away by LEOs

His name is Marlon Bando. Here’s a link to his Twitter page.

marlon bando

Judging from a rushed look at his Tweets, Marlon Bando is a Negro worshiper.