Mystery Meat Feminists Install “Dismantle Whiteness” Mural on USC Campus

It looks like a damn sign to me. How is a sign a “mural,” as the press is reporting?


A mural intended to spark conversation and to “challenge racism, sexism and xenophobia” was installed on the University of Southern California campus this week.

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Criminal Case Dropped Against Female SJW Who Grabbed Trump Supporter’s MAGA Cap


Excerpt from Oregon Live

Prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against a 30-year-old woman who grabbed a pro-Trump hat off of an apparent alt-right demonstrator and threw it on the ground.

Kelly Marshall Baur was scheduled to go to trial this week on charges of misdemeanor harassment for taking the hat off of Jacob Lortie’s head on June 4 as a crowd of Patriot Prayer demonstrators were disbanding from a “Trump Free Speech Rally” in downtown Portland.

Baur claims to be a farmer and filmmaker. The linked article implies she’s a parasite. Her actions suggest she’s a psycho.

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White Guy Tattoos Entire Body BLACK, Even His Eyeballs


The motivation to do what you see in the photo above is beyond my ability to comprehend.

If I had to make a guess, I would say there’s some very deep self-loathing going on, along with a strong desire for attention.

Maybe it can viewed as a cry for help.

While legal theory may claim that people own their own bodies and can do with what they wish, we should outlaw extreme body modifications, including gender reassignment surgery.

The Sun

A MAN has gone to ink-redible lengths to cover his entire body in black tattoos, including his eyeballs and the inside of his lips.

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Model Minority Stabs Woman to Death in Library, Slashes 77 Year Old Man Who Tried to Stop Him


There’s no information about alleged killer Jeffrey Yao other than a brief line in the Daily Mail report that says he was “mentally ill.”

In crazy America, I don’t even know what that means anymore.

In the country I grew up in, people formed families, with the wife bearing children and the husband angling for a career that would pay enough to support and expand his family. The country was 90 percent white then and white Christian family values prevailed in what was essentially a white world.

Mental illness was rare, and people who acted crazy were institutionalized in the state mental hospital at Mandeville, Louisiana. Later, someone got the bright idea that mental cases should roam free, supported by the state.

Fox News

A man armed with a hunting knife stabbed a woman to death Saturday inside a public library in Massachusetts, authorities said.

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Disgusting Pig Rosie O’Donnell Tried to Bribe Two Senators but Probably Won’t be Charged

America’s favorite fat dyke has created a stir with the millionth episode of her Trump Derangement Syndrome. Rather than accuse Trump of rape of something like that, which I think she’s done before, she’s tried to unsuccessfully derail Trump’s tax reform bill.

She claimed it was worth $4 million to her. Does this loon even have that much money!

New York Daily News

Rosie O’Donnell offered to pay Republican Senators millions if they voted against the tax cuts bill — and her critics are calling it bribery.

The fiery comedian on Tuesday night promised to give a cool $2 million a piece to Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) if they voted against the reforms.

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Tranny Has Two-Hour Meltdown in Heathrow Airport After Mistakenly Hearing “man” Description


A tranny drama queen made a huge fuss in London’s Heathrow airport after mistakenly hearing a MUSLIM security officer use the word “man” to describe her/him/it.

This freak got what it wanted–attention.

It also got a trial because after all, Muslims are higher in the pecking order than trannies.

However, all is well for our enraged tranny.

Daily Mail

A transgender model, who mistakenly believed Muslim Heathrow security staff called her: ‘Man’ got in the face of one officer and shouted: ‘This guy hates transgenders and wishes me dead.’

Frequent flyer Francesca Camicia, 23, who was travelling to Italy for breast augmentation shouted: ‘You’re the terrorist,’ during a two-hour meltdown.


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Professor: Trump Won’t Leave WH When Impeached or Defeated in 2020

A LSU professor takes out the hatchet and scalps President Donald Trump in an NOLA column that’s bizarre in its outlandishness.

The insane hypothesis proposed by Robert Mann has sparked 500 comments at NOLA, many more than even the Saints stories get.

This FAKE NEWS is worthy of The Onion. The professor should be writing comedy for Senator Al Franken-stein rather than teaching at a university.

Impeach Professor Robert Mann, not our glorious leader!


By Robert Mann, Columnist

In the annals of sore losers, few presidents stand out like John Adams after his loss to Thomas Jefferson in 1800. On Inauguration Day, the testy Adams passed up his successor’s swearing-in. He left the White House, boarded his horse-drawn coach and fled toward Quincy, Mass., before sunrise.

Adams’ offense was leaving too soon. The question worrying me, however, is: What if Congress ousts Donald Trump by impeachment — or he’s defeated for reelection — and he won’t go?

Before you sneer at this notion as preposterous, consider the exhausting list of our president’s normalized behaviors and outrageous offenses that, two years ago, would have been unfathomable: A torrent of lies and insulting tweets, public affection for tyrants, turning the presidency into a profit center, alleged obstruction of justice, unabashed racism, praise of Nazis and stunning denigration of the State Department, FBI and CIA.

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