Creepy White Teen Faggot Arrested for Oral Sex on 4 and 8 Year Old, Admits to 50 Sexual Assaults


Let me share with the world just how screwed up the thought processes of many Americans are.

I believe it was on the CBS comments page for this story I saw multiple comments comparing the faggot child molester here to Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore.

There is no comparison to be made. Judge Moore is a 70 year old man who has lived his life according to Christian principles.

As a young adult he sought a wife. In Alabama 40 years ago all the women in their 20s were already married and Moore wasn’t going to entice a married woman to leave her husband. So he dated teen girls of legal age. He has denied sexual misconduct in all cases, including the one case where a girl who was underage at the time accused him of engaging in “heavy petting,” as it was called at the time.

The perp in this case engaged in sexual acts that violate natural law. All same sex activities are a violation of natural law. But this gentleman went for a 4 year old and an 8 year old. Furthermore, he has allegedly CONFESSED to his CRIMES.

The moral rot resulting from indoctrination by (((Cultural Marxist))) professors and the media has left people’s brains so addled if they can’t see the difference between wooing a wife and molesting children.


RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say a teen who turned himself in to police has confessed to molesting some 50 children over the past years across Southern California.

Police say 18-year-old Joseph Hayden Boston was brought to a Riverside police station Saturday by his mother after he allegedly told her he had sexually assaulted two boys, ages 8 and 4, at a motel.

Officer Ryan Railsback says during an interview Boston confessed to the motel assaults. Railsback says he also admitted molesting about 50 children since the age of 10 in different cities where he had lived.

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Man Claims “Ageism” Over Starbucks Ban for Flirting with Teen Barista Who Flirted with Him

Creep and creepy are words that feminists use like the word “nigger” to label white men who just might accidentally have an erection now and then. The man in this story that is starting to take off in the media likes younger women. That seems to be a criminal offense now.


SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane man took to Facebook after he was banned from a Spokane Starbucks.

The man, who we will not identify due to the fact he has not been charged with a crime, said last week he was at Starbucks on Main Street in Downtown Spokane. He said wrote a note asking out a barista. He said she is 16 years old. He is 37 years old.

“I was flirted with by a barista. For some reason she thought I was funny. Said I was funny. So I gave her a note to see if she’d be interested in dinner,” said the man in a public Facebook post that has since gone viral, with almost 4,500 shares and almost 3,000 likes.

He said he went into the same Starbucks the next day and a Spokane Police officer told him he was banned from that Starbucks location. Apparently, Starbucks management thought something in the note was inappropriate enough to get the police involved.

If the bolded phrase isn’t enough to keep you out of Starbucks, you’re hopeless.

The police get involved when a girl doesn’ want to go out with a man? That’s ridiculous.

“I know the female Starbucks barista was of legal age to date. I broke no laws. I merely took a chance with my heart. I’m tired of hearing the word “creep” as any black person or gay person is tired of hearing certain words. I have a whole webpage dedicated to age gap love,” said the man.

Philosophically, I take the position that any man has the right to ask out any female and she has the right to politely reject his request for a meet up. However, the phrase “legal age to date” is probably not a valid phrase. Our heart-driven Lothario in this case should probably confine his dating to age 18 and up. However, his take is not creepy nor does it justify police involvement.

He said he feels he is being discriminated against because of his age. He asked his Facebook friends to call and complain to Starbucks.

But his call-to-action was met with some strong opposition.

Many people commented on Starbucks’ page applauding them for banning the man. Others commented on their own personal experience in the service industry. Even people who don’t go to Starbucks commented in support of the ban.

Man haters gonna hate.

fat feminist protester gif

And the conversation reached far beyond Spokane. People commented from Texas, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. And internationally as well, from Canada, Mexico and even the UK.

A Starbucks spokesperson said the company supports how management handled this situation.

“We have no tolerance for any such inappropriate behavior or harassment, and we will continue to support our store partners and local authorities investigating the situation,” said the Starbucks spokesperson.

But Starbucks did get some criticism on their page. One person said tossing him out was a little rash, and it seems excessive.

Spokane Police said any business has a right to refuse service to anyone for however long they choose. So Starbucks was legally allowed to ban the man from that location.

The last sentence is bullsh*t. (((Starbucks))) has no legal right to ban anyone because of their race or sexual orientation. Unless your race is white and your sexual orientation is heterosexual, aka NORMAL.

Harvard University suspends men’s soccer team over ‘appalling’ sexual comments


The war on normal white male heterosexuality continues with this demonization of normal male interest in females.

Harvard University has suspended its men’s soccer team for the remainder of the season because of sexual comments made about the women’s team.

A document dating back to 2012 – released by The Harvard Crimson student newspaper last month – rated the women’s team in attractiveness and included a series of lewd comments.

The men’s team are said to have called this document their ‘scouting report’.

University President Drew Faust released a statement regarding the ‘appalling’ actions after an investigation was launched before ultimately taking the decision to suspend the team.

‘The decision to cancel a season is serious and consequential, and reflects Harvard’s view that both the team’s behavior and the failure to be forthcoming when initially questioned are completely unacceptable, have no place at Harvard, and run counter to the mutual respect that is a core value of our community,’ Faust said.

‘I was saddened and disappointed to learn that the extremely offensive ‘scouting report’ produced by the 2012 men’s soccer team continued through the current season,’ University Dean Rakesh Khurana added in a statement. ‘As I have stated, such behavior is antithetical to Harvard’s fundamental values.’

The men’s soccer team, currently in first place in the Ivy League, were informed of their suspension via an email from Athletics Director Robert Scalise. They will forfeit any remaining fixtures.

‘As we move forward, Harvard Athletics will partner with the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and other Harvard College resources to take additional steps to further educate the members of our men’s soccer team, and all of our student-athletes, about the seriousness of these behaviors and the general standard of respect and conduct that is expected,’ Scalise said in the email.

It’s one thing when your girlfriend tries to assert control over your masculinity. It’s another when a university does it.

ogle cover up

What Harvard has done is soft white genocide.

Is Hillary Going to Win Because Trump is Sexually Interested in Women?

vivienne westwood dress

Excerpt from Paul Craig Roberts

We all know that the hysteria over the Trump-Billy Bush locker room banter is orchestrated for political purposes. But consider the absurdity of it all. Trump’s private expression of sexual interest in an attractive member of the opposite sex has been declared by the presstitutes to be “extremely lewd comments about women.”

Is what is going on here the criminalization of heterosexual sex?

Feminist say that women do not want to be regarded as sex objects, but much of womankind disagrees, judging by the provocative way some of them dress. Clothes designers, assuming they are good judges of the apparal market for women, also disagree. At the latest Paris fashion show (October 1) Vivienne Westwood displayed a dress on which the female sexual organs are displayed on the dress.

Vivienne Westwood is a woman, a British fashion designer. She has twice earned the award for British Designer of the Year. The Queen of England awarded her the aristocratic title of Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE) “for services to fashion.”

At a ceremony honoring her at Buckingham Palace, Westwood appeared without panties and twirled her skirt in the courtyard of the palace. Photographers caught the event, and in Vivienne’s words, “ the result was more glamourous than I expected.”

As recently as 2012, Vivienne was chosen by a panel of academics, historians, and journalists as one of The New Elizabethans who have had a major impact on the UK and given this age its character.

In 18th century England, if historians are correct, young women would appear at evening social functions in wet gowns that clung to their bodies the better to indicate their charms. Some of them died of pneumonia as a consequence. They did this on their own accord to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

According to reports, robotic sexual partners are being created for men and women that are superior to the real thing. Other news reports are that young Japanese men go on vacation with their sex apps, not with girlfriends. There are indications that as the advancement in social approval of homosexual, lesbian, and transgendered sex progresses, heterosexual sex is acquiring the designation of queer. If Trump had expressed sexual interest in a male or a transgendered person, it would be politically incorrect to mention it. Only heterosexual sexual impulses are a political target.

sex robot and creator

We have reached that point in which women can appear in high heels with skirts that barely cover their nether parts and their braless breasts exposed, and men are lewd if they notice.

Do women really want it this way?

Is Hillary really going to win the election because Trump is sexually interested in women?

Trump is sexually interested in women, but it’s always been a two-way street. Women are sexually interested in Trump as well.

lucky trump cereal

Suddenly, Everyone is a Prude

clutching pearls


On Friday The Washington Post revealed unearthed 2005 raw footage from an “Access Hollywood” show. With his mic on, Donald Trump bragged with host Billy Bush about his exploits with women, saying:

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”


“And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”


“Grab them by the p—-y. You can do anything.”

The comments led to swift condemnation from several influential Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Preibus, and a host of other conservative pundits and politicians.

Still, Donald Trump said Saturday that he will “never” drop out of the presidential race.

When you look at how filthy television, movies, and music are today, there is little left to the imagination.

But selective fake outrage is exploding across the political spectrum today, with even Mike Pence turning on Donald Trump, as seen in his statement above.

Many, many thousands of shills for Hillary are commenting everywhere that Trump advocates rape. Some are saying that his comments prove he’s a rapist. Like this guy below. Nigel Farage responded.

Actually, Nigel, Trump didn’t say “it.” He talked about how when you’re a celebrity, women LET you do things they wouldn’t let mere mortals do. So, Nigel’s pithy defense doesn’t really capture the truth.

Let’s cut through the hypocrisy and feigned prudery:


Alex Jones Goes Full Putin, Ridiculed by Leftards

alex jones topless horse

Whatever your opinion of Alex Jones and his Infowars news operation (There’s a war on for your mind), it’s despicable that the left in America has created an imaginary crime against WOMEN and only women that is called “body shaming.” The left, however, thinks it’s perfectly fine to body shame WHITE MALES.

Alex Jones looks reasonably fit and manly on his horse in a picture taken somewhere in central Texas. But the leftards disapprove of the quality of manliness.

I know this isn’t an important story in the grand scheme of things, but the denigration of manliness and masculinity is an important attack point that (((they))) use to destroy Western civilization. Witness all the “pajama boy” type TV commercials that feature stupid, clumsy, ugly “white” males (who are often Jewish comedians mocking us).

Compare America’s weak and wimply pajama boy Negro president to Russia’s manly leader, Vladimir Putin, to see which country is sick in the head and sick to its soul.

Read the Alex Jones story at Raw Story.

Australia Cancels Visa of White American “Pick Up Artist” After Petition Gathers 62,000 Signatures While Muslim Rapists and Gropers are Freely Given Aussie Citizenship

jeff allen pua

Ever heard of Jeff Allen? Neither had I and I try to keep up with the manosphere as part of my research for this site.

Feminists and other assorted liberal moralists who think nothing of killing a baby and calling it “choice” are moralizing about what a scumbag Jeff Allen is.

PUAMORE describes him as a dating coach. In contrast, feminist website Jezebel paints him in a very negative light. Based on one woman’s experience with him, the Jezebel story shows he doesn’t take kindly to women canceling dates at the last minute.

Now his visa has been canceled, which is really quite undemocratic and discriminatory by Australia. Allen is a man who wants sex and plays with women’s minds to get it. Men who want sex are dangerous. Unless, of course they are Muslims who are part of a rape gang. Then they are OK with Australia.

For the record, there is no evidence I’ve found that shows that Allen has broken any law.

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