Porn Slut Olivia Nova, 20, Who Spent Christmas Alone Found Dead


Since most of the initial photos of “Olivia Nova” I saw showed what barely appeared to be a white female, I suspect the industry tried to whiten her up.

The photos I’m posting reveal the truth, I believe, which is that she was mixed Asian and white. That’s my speculation anyway.

No one should be surprised when porn sluts off themselves, but God there’s an outpouring of fake grief on the Internet over the death of this whore.

It’s all those fake tears that really expose the left as complete fools.

Fox News

Adult film actress Olivia Nova died at age 20 on Sunday in Las Vegas, joining a growing list of young porn stars to succumb to untimely deaths.

Nova’s cause of death is unknown.


I’m certain it was drugs that killed her, quite likely a deliberate overdose.

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Mystery Meat Mailman Charged for Sex with Dog


Did Brian Chapman initiate sex with a male or female dog? Does it even matter?

Shockingly, bestiality carries a 90 day jail sentence, maximum. The alleged perp, in spite of his English name, looks like an American Indian or a Mexican to me. Bestiality is a normal part of Mexican culture. I’m not so familiar with Indian lifestyles.

Daily Mail

A householder raised the alarm after catching a mailman in Minnesota having sex with his dog.

The man became suspicious because mailman Brian Chapman, 21, spent far too long in his garage when he was supposed to be delivering parcels to his rural home outside Crookston.

The resident, identified only as TAL, had his home kitted out with a security system which notified him on his cellphone when someone came onto his property.

The Smoking Gun said the man was ‘going to call the post office to have them tell his mailman to stop going into his garage to leave packages.’

But before he did that he reviewed the footage from the surveillance cameras around his home and was shocked and disgusted by what he discovered.

In court documents Polk County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kyle Olson said Chapman was recorded on camera on February 7 entering the garage around lunchtime and putting down a package before engaging in a ‘sexual act with a dog, which was in the garage.’

Chapman has been charged with burglary, which is a felony, and bestiality, which is a misdemeanor. The documents accuse him of having carnal knowledge of the dog.

Chapman, who lives in Crookston, has not yet entered a plea and was not available for comment.

Breaking: Murder Charges Filed Against Palm Springs Cop Killer John Felix

flashing red light gif


Let’s follow this mystery meat story to whatever logical conclusion we can.

Alleged cop killer John Felix has to me what sounds like a white name. When the cops were trying to corral him, they spoke to him in Spanish. Looking at him, he looks like he has a heavy infusion of Dindu genes. So is he a white Hispanic, a white Negro, of will his race be classified as white for statistical purposes.

Diversity sucks. It’s also confusing.

This sewer rat carefully planned his deadly assault on the Palm Springs police, as we learned today.


RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) — Charges of murder and attempted murder have been filed against the suspect who authorities said shot and killed two Palm Springs police officers, officials announced at a press conference Wednesday morning.

Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin announced 26-year-old John Felix of Palm Springs had formally been charged on Wednesday in the deaths of officers Jose Vega and Lesley Zerebny.

Hestrin said Felix was charged with two counts of murder with special circumstances, three counts of attempted murder, unlawfully possessing an assault weapon, unlawfully possessing a firearm after being convicted of a felony, unlawfully possessing ammunition after being convicted of a felony and possessing stolen weapons.

“This individual wanted to kill police officers. He armed himself with a weapon to kill police officers. He put on a vest so that he would be protected, so that he could kill police officers,” Hestrin said. “That’s the motive. He wanted to gun down police officers because they wore the uniform.”

MORE: Gunshot sounds from Palm Springs police shooting captured on surveillance video

Felix had previous convictions for active gang membership and activity, Hestrin stated. The stolen weapon was an AR-15, according to the district attorney’s office.

Authorities said Felix would be eligible for the death penalty. Hestrin said his office would make the determination on whether his office will seek the death penalty within three weeks.

George Soros’ Black Lives Matter is bearing bitter fruit in the murders of cops nationwide. There’s only one candidate and just a few public officials (white Sheriff Joe Ariapiao and black Sheriff David A. Clarke) willing to condemn the murder-advocating Communist conspiracy masquerading as a civil rights organization.

This Photo Shows That Bernie Supporters Should Be Wearing Plastic Bags Over Their Heads

bernie supporterrs

Looking at the creatures that turned out for a Bernie Sanders rally, you’re struck at how nonwhite (but not black) and how ugly they are.

Whew. Eyewash please.

eyewash gif

Really, almost all of them are fags, lesbians, possible trannies, and mystery meat. Throw in the gamma pajama boys and the fat rights hipster women, and there’s literally no one normal there.

None of them would be capable of building anything, much less a country that resembles traditional America, where tranquility, job security, and economic progress were the norm.

White youths, sadly brainwashed by patriotic appeals, will continue to fight losing wars while they lose their lives and limbs. When those young white males realize that they’re fighting to keep these shitstains sucking on the public tit, they will no longer be willing to fight. America has already won its last war. It won’t be able to field an army in the near future–at least not an army that isn’t loaded with gays, trannies, and lesbians all making some kind of political point.

Vladimir Putin is smiling. Russia merely has to wait until this sick country collapses of its own silliness.

Mystery Meat NYC Strippers Claim Wall St. Dirtbags Deserved to Be Drugged and Robbed

roselyn keo and samantha barbash

All the strippers I’ve ever known were students at the univesity. Urban universities have them in class in significant numbers.

All of them, whatever their race or ethnicity are BAD NEWS. In honest conversations with the ones in my classes and ones I met through other students, they generally hated men. Latino females were the worst. They hated men, white men especially, and they were greedy.

Let’s get into the mind of a stripper through this article in the New York Post.

New York Post

Rich Wall Streeters had it coming when they were swindled by a ring of buxom strip-club workers, one of the women involved claims.

The curvaceous crooks at the Scores strip club specifically targeted wealthy ­“a–holes,” men who were usually married and who deserved to be drugged and bilked, former dancer — and now conspiracy and fraud defendant — Roselyn Keo tells New York magazine.

Keo and accused mastermind Samantha Barbash preyed on clients who treated them badly to get revenge, Keo said.

“That’s why I think we got greedy. Because of the amount of stress we had to endure. We’re just like, ‘You know what — these people are f–k­ing pissing me off. Just for that, I’m going to max out his credit card, like a penalty. You’re going to be left with a zero balance. Zero credit line. Just for being annoying,’” Keo told the magazine.

The vindictive vixens preyed on doctors and Wall Street executives, spiking their drinks with MDMA and ketamine, causing them to black out.

The girls certainly had no conscience when it came to breaking the law. I guess there’s a lesson: Never annoy a stripper. Better yet, avoid them at all costs.

I once knew a nice fellow who was a fugitive from the law. Not that I knew he was a fugitive. His girlfriend was an ex-stripper. She turned him in for a few thousand in reward money. Scum! He had turned his life around, except for his weakness for her.

“It sounds so bad to say that we were, like, drugging people. But it was, like, normal,” Keo said.

When the men called the club to complain about their credit-card bills — including one totaling $135,000 — Barbash would turn on the charm, Keo said.

“You were so happy. Don’t you remember? You were tipping everyone,” she would say, according to Keo — adding that the men usually didn’t call police for fear their spouses or bosses would find out.

The strippers felt no guilt about conning clients who disrespected them or made sexually crude requests, Keo said. “There’s something extra satisfying about persuading a man who thinks you’re trash to spend his time and money on you,” she dished.

“Preferably so much that in the end, they hate themselves. It’s like, ‘Who doesn’t have any self-respect now, mother­f–ker?’

The hate I’m hearing could have easily come out as murder if the ladies had gone unchecked for much longer. They were out of control

There are pictures of more of the Scores girls implicated in crimes at the link. They’re all nonwhite. If strippers are bad girls, nonwhite strippers would seem to be doubly so.

And then there’s this … Stay out of strip clubs!

fat pole dancer gif

Nonwhite “British” Scumbag Voyeur Who Filmed 3,000 People with Hidden Cameras Sentenced to Four Years

george thomas

George Thomas, no matter that his name isn’t Pashmar Wadzits, is still an Indian (dothead), and not British. Calling him British, whih the media are doing, is an insult to the true indigenous peoples of Britain.

I first saw this sordid story on Jonathan Turley’s blog. Dr. Turley hints that he thinks the sentence is too light. The perp had multiple cameras hidden in many locations over a ten year period.


The images of unsuspecting people going about their daily business, and having their privacy breached in this way was appalling.

Thomas’s offending was extraordinary, not just because of the sheer numbers of people he filmed but also due to the highly organised way, in which he saved, stored and filed the footage.

I would like to thank all of the companies that have assisted and supported the police through this investigation, particularly Thomas’s former employers who were pivotal in helping us to identify him.

Due to the nature of the offences Thomas’s offending, I must consider if he has committed other offences that we are not aware of.


Voyeurism isn’t unique to any racial or ethnic group, but the stories coming out of India today that don’t get much attention in America indicate that Hindu attitudes toward sexuality are bizarre by Western standards. So many rapes there on public buses. It’s disgusting.

Thus, these creatures would likely be happier back in their homelands.

The perp after serving his four year sentence will be placed under a sexual offenses order for 10 years. He really should be deported, though. We have enough perverts without having them come into the West from India.