Negro NFL Superstar QB Accused of Raping White Girl in 2012 Facing Accusation of Groping Uber Driver



I don’t follow sports but I do follow the news.

National Football League quarterback Jameis Winston has been accused of three crimes that I know of. Because of his status as a sports hero, bringing victory to the home team, he’s gotten away with rape, shoplifting, and now grabbing a female Uber driver by the genitals.

Between scumbag dog murderer Michael Vick and this black piece of excrement, no respectable white person should be watching the NFL or supporting its sponsors.

Fox News

Injured Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston issued a statement Friday denying an allegation that he groped a female Uber driver in March 2016.

The driver, identified as “Kate,” told BuzzFeed News that she picked up Winston in Scottsdale, Ariz. at 2 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, March 13. Kate said Winston “behaved poorly” during the ride, at one point shouting homophobic slurs at pedestrians, before asking if they could stop for food.

While waiting in the drive-thru line at a Mexican restaurant, Kate said Winston “reached over and he just grabbed my crotch.” She told BuzzFeed Winston kept it there for three to five seconds and only removed it after she looked at him and said, “What’s up with that?”

“I mean he’s an NFL quarterback and I’m 5 [feet] 6 [inches]. I’m not prepared for that,” Kate told BuzzFeed. “So I completely froze.”


Kate said she filed a complaint with Uber after her ride with Winston, but declined to file charges because, as she put it, “I didn’t want to be publicly known as the woman who Jameis Winston groped.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Fox News in an email that Kate’s allegation had been “shared with the NFL and we have reached out to Uber to request any information they may have.”

The Buccaneers, who drafted Winston with the first overall pick in 2015, issued a statement of their own saying they were obtaining further information about the report.

“We take these matters seriously and are fully supportive of the investigation that is being conducted by the NFL.”

In his statement Friday, Winston said, “I believe the driver was confused as to the number of passengers in the car and who was sitting next to her.

“The accusation is false, and given the nature of the allegation and increased awareness and consideration of these types of matters, I am addressing this false report immediately,” Winston added. “At the time of the alleged incident, I denied the allegations to Uber, yet they still decided to suspend my account.

“I am supportive of the national movement to raise awareness and develop better responses to the concerns of parties who find themselves in these types of situations, but this accusation is false,” the statement concluded. “While I am certain that I did not make any inappropriate contact, I don’t want to engage in a battle with the driver and I regret if my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable in any way.”

Winston, who led Florida State to the 2013 BCS National Championship, was accused of sexual assault by a fellow FSU student in 2012. The accuser filed a federal civil suit against Winston and the parties settled this past December.

The Daily Mail offers a little more insight into what the woman driver was thinking when the Nog sexually assaulted her:

In an incident report to Uber, which told her to go to the police, she said: ‘Looking back, I sincerely wish I would have kicked him out but he is apparently a big athlete in the NFL and he’s very physically imposing.

‘I was afraid that I’d make him more angry…he is NOT safe for other female drivers.’

Got that? A big entitled millionaire Nog is NOT SAFE for other women.


One more thing. That statement by Winston is nothing he had anything to do with. It was written by a lawyer, I believe. Furthermore, Winston is illiterate, unable to read and write and dumb as a dog turd, according to some accounts I’ve read.

Poor Erica Kinsman faced death threats and had to leave campus because she threatened the winning tradition at FSU.

What a fuxated POS place that is. Ditto the NFL.

Video: Negro Holding White Wife Hostage Shot Dead by Police

Burn the coal, pay the toll.

This is my feel good video of the day. The police officer is to be commended for excellent shooting.

Two minutes.

Published on Nov 16, 2017

Man shot dead by police after holding wife to gunpoint

Cop frees hostage with high-risk shot: Moment officer kills man holding his wife at gunpoint in Las Vegas

The footage shows David Nesheiwat pointing a gun at Phillip Pitts, 41, who is holding his wife and pointing a gun at her outside a shop in Pyle Avenue

He orders him to drop the gun and get away from his wife before firing four shots

The woman was injured in the shooting while Pitts later died in hospital

In the clip, police officer David Nesheiwat is seen pointing a gun at Phillip Pitts, 41, who is holding his wife and pointing a gun at her outside a shop in Pyle Avenue

After warning the man to step away from his wife, he fires four shots, and Pitts falls to the ground

Pitts’ wife, who has not been named, was also injured in the shooting
The couple were rushed to University Medical Center where the man died. The woman had to have surgery but is expected to survive

CNN Accuses Trump of Racism for Getting Basketball-Americans Released from Chinese Jail

This CNN fake news smear job was penned by Chris Cillazi, a fairly big name in liberal news analysis.

Excerpt from CNN

Trump is someone who likes to be praised. He likes to be adulated at all times — and tends to respond well to people who say nice things about him. (See “Putin, Vladimir.”)

He wants to get credit. Always. He seethes when either he doesn’t get the credit he thinks he deserves or sees someone else getting credit for something he did.

The three players — which include the younger brother of Los Angeles Laker Lonzo Ball — are accused of shoplifting during a trip to China to play a game. (They reportedly stole sunglasses from a Louis Vutton store.)

Trump told the media that he spoke directly to Chinese President Xi Jinping about the case. The three players were released on Tuesday and arrived back in Los Angeles at 6 p.m. PT Tuesday night.

Larry Scott, the PAC-12 commissioner — the conference that includes UCLA — quickly issued a statement thanking Trump. “We want to thank the President, the White House and the US State Department for their efforts towards resolution,” said Scott.

That “thank you” is apparently not enough for Trump, at least according to his tweet. He wants the actual players — LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill — to say “thank you.”

That the three players are all young black men should also not be lost here. Trump’s history on racial issues — both as president and as a private citizen — shows some level of intentionality when it comes to using racially coded language and taking advantage of racial animus and stereotypes for his own political gain.

The image of an older white man in a position of power demanding thanks from three young black men for saving them will set off a lot of alarm bells for people. And, understandably so, given Trump’s previous actions in the wake of the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in the ongoing NFL anthem protests.

Even if you take out the racial element, what Trump is asking for is to be thanked (or, more accurately, thanked by the “right” people) for doing his job.

Part of being President is trying to get US citizens out of dicey situations in foreign countries. That doesn’t mean that Trump’s personal appeal to Xi didn’t have any effect. In fact, it likely played a major role in the release of the players. But, demanding to be praised by three teenagers for what you did for them isn’t exactly presidential.

Maybe it’s “modern day presidential”?

Update: In scripted statements to the press once back in the US, the players did apologize. LiAngelo Ball specifically thanked President Trump and the US government.

The players also admitted shoplifting according to other reports I’ve seen.

In response to CNN, every politician seeks adulation. Witness Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s Tweet was trying to teach the black youths some manners. That’s all. There’s nothing wrong with it. When someone helps you, you say thank you.

3 Thieving Negro Basketball Players Arrested in China Back in U.S. Thanks to Trump


Deal-making American president Donald Trump struck a deal with China during his recent trip to gain freedom for the three alleged thieves pictured.

This one won’t go down in history as Trump’s greatest deal.


Three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in China last week returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Video showed the three freshmen greeted by a media scrum as they walked out of a Los Angeles International Airport terminal about 6 p.m. (9 p.m. ET).

US President Donald Trump earlier said he asked his Chinese counterpart to help in the case.

LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were allowed to leave after the situation was “resolved to the satisfaction of the Chinese authorities,” said Larry Scott, commissioner of the Pacific-12 athletic conference, of which UCLA is a member.

“We are all very pleased that these young men have been allowed to return home to their families and university,” Scott said in a news release

The three were arrested last week while their team was in the city of Hangzhou ahead of the squad’s season opener in Shanghai. They were questioned on suspicion of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store near their hotel.

The trio had stayed at the hotel, reportedly awaiting next steps in their case, while their teammates went to Shanghai, where UCLA defeated Georgia Tech 63-60 on Saturday. They stayed in China as their team returned to the United States over the weekend.

Scott did not say how the case was resolved; a conviction of grand larceny in China could result in years of prison. But Trump said Tuesday that he had asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help.

UCLA’s trip coincided with Trump’s two-day state visit to the Chinese capital, Beijing, as part of his 13-day trip to Asia. Trump told reporters that Xi had been helpful in working to resolve the case.

Scott acknowledged Trump, among others, in his statement.

“We are grateful for the role that our Chinese hosts played, and for the courtesy and professionalism of the local authorities,” Scott said. “We also want to acknowledge UCLA’s significant efforts on behalf of their student-athletes.

“Finally, we want to thank the President, the White House and the US State Department for their efforts towards resolution.”

The dindus got lucky this time, but I foresee more five finger discounts in their future. Sooner or later their luck will run out.

Negro Thug Picks on Injured White Boy, and then …. BAM! (Twitter Video)

I can’t find this one-punch white victory on youtube.

The story is a simple one. A Nog predator tries to pick a fight with a smaller white boy who has an injured hand. The Nagger spits on the boy to provoke him. The stupid Nog didn’t notice the boy’s friend lurking nearby. One punch was all it took.

All of this took place in what appears to be a high school classroom with the teacher present but apparently too afraid to deal with the situation.

With this kind of violence being a daily occurrence in many integrated schools, it’s no wonder that white educational achievement is being dragged down by the presence of the filthy apes.

Asian Guy Bans Thieving Blacks from Store, Gets Called Racist (Video)

The location looks like Australia. Two minutes.

Published on Apr 15, 2017

Sample youtube comments:

You can’t ban them from your stores, that won’t work. You have to ban them from your country. Then your planet.

All the businesses within walking distance of blacks are having to install the same glass enclosures you see at the zoo that allows humans to safely interact with unpredictable, violent apes.

The people complaining the loudest are the people that don’t have shops or live anywhere near these third world imported thugs.

Why do white people complain? They are the ones that insist that we are all equal, they elect the politicians that bring them into the country. I say if white people are not smart enough to know the difference they deserve everything they get. Bring some more in.

No matter where you are in the world, it’s always the same

Negro Worker Fired By Tesla Claims “hotbed” of Racism in Lawsuit

A gentleman of color who briefly worked for Tesla in it’s automobile plant in California has filed a lawsuit complaining among other thing that the word “Nigger” can be heard in the plant, uttered by fellow workers.

I suspect that in a demanding job atmosphere that lazy, incompetent black workers do get called “Niggers” by accident once in a while.

It’s human nature to detest those who are paid the same as you but who put in less effort or who simply have less ability.


Tesla Inc.’s production floor is a “hotbed for racist behavior,” an African-American employee claimed in a lawsuit in which he alleged black workers at the electric carmaker suffer severe and pervasive harassment.

The employee says he’s one of more than 100 African-American Tesla workers affected and is seeking permission from a judge to sue on behalf of the group. He’s seeking unspecified general and punitive monetary damages as well as an order for Tesla to implement policies to prevent and correct harassment.

“Although Tesla stands out as a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the electric car revolution, its standard operating procedure at the Tesla factory is pre-Civil Rights era race discrimination,” the employee said in the complaint, filed Monday in California’s Alameda County Superior Court.

Tesla has roughly 33,000 employees globally but has never publicly released its diversity statistics. More than 10,000 people work at its sole auto-assembly plant in Fremont, California, where the United Auto Workers have launched a campaign to persuade workers to join the union. On Tesla’s most recent earnings call, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk acknowledged that the company recently fired about 700 workers for low performance.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Marcus Vaughn, who worked in the Fremont factory from April 23 to Oct. 31. Vaughn alleged that employees and supervisors regularly used the “N word” around him and other black colleagues. Vaughn said he complained in writing to human resources and Musk and was terminated in late October for “not having a positive attitude.”

Tesla didn’t have an immediate comment on the lawsuit.

Larry Organ, an attorney at the California Civil Rights Law Group, said that Vaughn reached out to him after the law firm sued Tesla on behalf of other African American employees who complained about racial harassment this year.

A Tesla assembly line worker sued in March, claiming the company did little to stop co-workers from harassing him. In August, a judge sent the case to arbitration. A judge also partly granted Tesla’s request to compel arbitration in a case of a woman who sued in November 2016 complaining about pervasive harassment.

Musk Email

According to Monday’s complaint, Musk sent an email to Tesla factory employees on May 31.

“Part of not being a huge jerk is considering how someone might feel who is part of [a] historically less represented group,” Musk wrote in the email. “Sometimes these things happen unintentionally, in which case you should apologize. In fairness, if someone is a jerk to you, but sincerely apologizes, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept that apology.”

“The law doesn’t require you to have a thick skin,” Organ said in an interview Monday. “Tesla is not doing enough. It’s somewhat akin to saying ‘stop being politically correct.’ When you have a diverse workforce, you need to take steps to make sure everyone feels welcome in that workforce.”

The case is Vaughn v. Tesla Inc., Superior Court of the State of California (County of Alameda).

Managing diversity is a bitch. When a group of inferior, entitled workers aren’t pulling their weight, everybody gets upset.

But professors keep saying “Diversity is our strength.”

Professors who’ve never had a real job for a day in their lives.