France’s Le Pen Meets Putin on Russian Visit, Seeks Friendship Not Cold War

Quick! Somebody do something about Marine Le Pen. She must be a Russian spy or something.

How can she sit there across the table from the new Hitler. Shocking! Disgusting!

Burn her at the stake like Joan of Arc.

MARINE Le Pen has pledged to ditch what she calls “the Cold War politics of the west” as she reiterated her support for both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

he poll-storming Front National leader met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow in her highest profile diplomatic visit since announcing her campaign for the French presidency.

And while meeting with the former Soviet strongman she committed to working with Russia and the US President to do away with the Cold War rivalries of the past.

She said: “I don’t see any good reason to engage in a Cold War in any form.

“Russia as well as the US is a great power.

“It’s very important for France to build up balanced relations with both of these countries.

“I think we could do that with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.”

She went on to claim it was time to drop trade sanctions against Russia, which were introduced by the EU after Putin moved troops to annex the Ukrainian province of Crimea.

Ms Le Pen told RT: “The priority is to allow cooperation between Russia and France, not only in culture but also in business and strategic cooperation such as in the fight against ISIS and also in energy.

France shouldn’t put limits on itself when it comes to improving relations with Russia.

“First of all, we should lift the sanctions [against Russia] that actually have been forced upon us by the European Union.”

It comes after claims Putin may meddle in the French election following allegations he helped Donald Trump ascend to the White House.

Ms Le Pen added: “I hear all the time French president Hollande talking about it, but I have never seen any proof to these accusations.

“At the same time, I see that Hollande does not ask the US for explanations, although it turned out the CIA eavesdropped on some European leaders and the 2012 candidates for the French presidential elections.

“I think we should stop this policy of double standards – this is what creates a sense of injustice not only for Russian people, but for many nations worldwide.”

Wow! There’s somebody running for office who doesn’t want to have World War III with Russia.

Make her your new president, France.

Video: Paris at War

Watch! French Police Run from Rampaging African Mob in Paris

Short at 8 seconds but telling as to why the riots in France drag on.

Read more at The Gatestone Institute Europe

PARIS ON FIRE: Riots reach capital’s centre – buildings set ablaze and police attacked

Diversity doesn’t work. It never has. It creates small incidents typically.

In Paris, a small incident has now led to a big riot.

Although this report does not make it clear, earlier reports and photos I’ve seen suggest that the rioters are Negroid Africans.

A very informative two-minute video is embedded at the bottom of this post. Following that one is another purporting to show the latest from Paris. It too is highly informative.

WIDESPREAD suburban rioting spilled into central Paris last night as hundreds went on the rampage over the alleged rape of a young black man by French police.

Officers were forced to unleash tear-gas on angry crowds as buildings and rubbish bins were set on fire around the Barbes Metro station, which is just around the corner from the Eurostar hub at Gare du Nord.

As fire crews went in to extinguish the blazes, lines of riot police were attacked, and shops were looted.

A policeman at the scene said: “Windows have been smashed and officers attacked.

“Small groups of protestors wearing hoods to hide their identities are causing trouble and then running away.

“Small groups of protestors wearing hoods to hide their identities are causing trouble and then running away.

“Everything is being done to try and disperse the crowds, but this could go on for a long time yet.”

Tension have been high in council estates in the Paris suburbs since February 2, when a man identified only as Theo was beaten up and allegedly raped.

The youth worker said he was sodomised by police with a truncheon, as well as being racially abused, spat at and beaten around his genitals.

One unidentified officer has been charged with rape, and three more with assault since Theo was sent to hospital.

He underwent emergency surgery, and has since been visited by President Francois Hollande, who has appealed for calm.

Police stations and squad cars have been attacked since, along with patrols trying to operate around France.

Last night’s protest at Barbes was an illegal one, with police in the 18th arrondissement refusing to give permission for it.

The areas is also close to the Sacre Coeur basilica in the Montmartre area – one hugely popular with tourists, including many from Britain.

Many fear a repeat of the mass housing estate rioting that blighted France over three weeks in 2005, leading to a State of Emergency being declared.

Three Sneaky Sh*tskins Used Facebook to Lure Woman to Gang Rape at Eiffel Tower

To repeat the top comment at the Daily Mail, “Anyone surprised by this?”

Daily Mail

Three men are behind bars after a woman was gang-raped having been lured on Facebook to the Eiffel Tower.

The Algerian men were arrested earlier this week in a Paris hotel under suspicion of raping the French woman in the Champs-de-Mars garden, which is close to the famous tower.

A police official said one of the men is suspected of chatting with the victim on Facebook before the alleged rape and arranged a date with her in the capital.

The Paris prosecutor’s office, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, confirmed the men had been jailed.

All three were given preliminary charges in the case and were remanded in custody.

It is not clear when the rape took place, only that the men were arrested this week.

The traitors in the French government who sold the people out for a few shekels are as guilty as the rapists. All of them should pay the ultimate penalty–death.

Cleaning up France is going to be an impossible job for Marine Le Pen. But perhaps she, working with President Trump, can pull a few rabbits out of the hat.

Jewish Extremists Attack Paris Journalist Over Coverage of Israel-Palestinian Conflict

At least some Jews living in the West fail to respect freedom of the press. Protesting media bias is a good thing, but this protest in France moved into intimidation territory.

The Guardian

A leading French journalist working for BuzzFeed was attacked by far-right Jewish extremists as a mob tried to storm the offices of the country’s national news agency in Paris on Thursday.

David Perrotin was protected by police after being surrounded by a dozen masked men brandishing batons.

The Ligue de Défense Juive was protesting against Agence France Presse’s coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Trouble broke out soon after 8pm when about 100 people brandishing flags and letting off flares tried to storm AFP’s offices.

As the crowd approached the entrance to the building, opposite the Paris stock exchange, tear gas was sprayed in their faces, and skirmishes with CRS riot police broke out.

Some of the demonstrators were shouting “We’re coming to get you!” at journalists, while others screamed: “Islamic terrorists!”

The Guardian fails to mention any arrests of the Jewish outlaws. It seems to be that some groups of violent protesters in Europe can escape arrest while white nationalists often get jailed.

The journalist has frequently exposed the work of the French branch of the Jewish Defence League, which is banned in both Israel and the US.

Perrotin was set upon by the gang, some of whom were masked. After being attacked, he managed to shelter behind police lines.

In June last year two LDJ members in Paris were found guilty of placing a bomb under the car of an anti-Zionist journalist. They were given prison sentences, but one absconded to Israel.

Despite the group’s reputation for violence, police on Thursday allowed LDJ flags – a black clenched fist against a yellow background – to be brandished openly.

The Jewish Defense League is banned in the U.S.? Well, even the SPLC calls it a hate group. Read more about the LDJ at Wikipedia. It has quite a history. If only Euro peoples would take the group’s principles and apply them to Euros.

The JDL upholds five fundamental principles
“LOVE OF JEWRY, one Jewish people, indivisible and united, from which flows the love for and the feeling of pain of all Jews.”

“DIGNITY AND PRIDE, pride in and knowledge of Jewish tradition, faith, culture, land, history, strength, pain and peoplehood.”

“IRON, the need to both move to help Jews everywhere and to change the Jewish image through sacrifice and all necessary means—even strength, force and violence.”

“DISCIPLINE AND UNITY, the knowledge that he (or she) can and will do whatever must be done, and the unity and strength of willpower to bring this into reality.”

“FAITH IN THE INDESTRUCTIBILITY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, faith in the greatness and indestructibility of the Jewish people, our religion and our Land of Israel.”

France Prepares to Make War on Hate Speech

christiane Taubira_0

Hate speech, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Laws that suppress so-called hate speech are intended to protect the feelings of nonwhites. We mustn’t have a Muslim in France have his feelings hurt as he sets about blowing something up.

A couple of days ago, I ran a story of Brigitte Bardot facing more legal troubles for her mild criticism of multiculturalism. If Christiane Taubira has her way, the violation of basic human rights, which blacks are incapable of understanding, is going to get much worse.

France’s Minister of Justice would like to see to it that a website that publishes the following graphic is banned. She would probably like to see the publisher jailed too.


Condensed by Paladin Justice from France 24

France’s government is looking to adopt a tough new stance on online racism, anti-Semitism and other hate speech that would allow authorities to shut down offending websites amid a recent rise in hate crimes in the country.

Justice Minister Christiane Taubira has said she will push for legal reforms that would help French authorities crack down on racism and anti-Semitism online in much the same way they do with paedophilia. The proposals include empowering French authorities to shut down websites hosting content that is deemed illicit without prior court approval.

Some people are applauding France’s aggressive approach. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, an international rights group researching the Holocaust and hate crimes, says it has observed a steady rise in racist and anti-Semitic speech online since it began studying the phenomenon 20 years ago. The increase has been exponential since the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

“France’s efforts must be congratulated,” Shimon Samuels, who heads the center’s Europe office, told FRANCE 24. “If child pornography and paedophilia have no place on the Internet, if advertising for things like alcohol and tobacco are controlled because they are considered noxious to children, then what about hate?”

What about hate indeed?

“Hate” has been dumbed down to include any criticism of Jews or other nonwhites. Worried about Muslim terrorism? Then you’re a hater? Jewish control of international banking? More hate.

France must open the spigots and let the cleansing waters of totally free speech wash over that nation.

And then the French must begin to deport Muslims, Jews, and other “French” men and women who have no clue as to what it is to be French.

They can start with Christiane Taubira.

Criticizing the car burnings in France by Muslims is hate.  Don't be a hater.  Enjoy the heat from the flames on a cold night and thank your Muslim brothers for caring about your comfort.

Criticizing the car burnings in France by Muslims is hate. Don’t be a hater. Enjoy the heat from the flames on a cold night and thank your Muslim brothers for caring about your comfort.