Aging Porn Star Stormie Daniels Allegedly Paid $130G for Silence on Trump Affair


The deplorables didn’t vote for Donald Trump because we believed that he’s always been faithful to his wives.

Trump denies, the porn slut denies. But on a day in which the sharks were feeding on Trump because of his alleged “sh*thole” remarks, the press decided to recycle an old story.

New York Daily News

A former porn star was paid $130,000 by President Trump’s personal lawyer a month before the 2016 election — part of an agreement to keep her quiet about an extramarital affair she had with the President, according to a report Friday.

Attorney Michael Cohen arranged the payment to X-rated actress Stephanie Clifford after her lawyer negotiated a nondisclosure agreement, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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She-Boon Cheerleaders spark wild brawl in Brooklyn high school

As I was sitting in the library watching the video of the teen-she-boon brawl embedded at the bottom of this post, a white male teen approached me and asked me what I was listening to.

Since the library closes in half an hour I have to make this story brief, but for the first time I self-identified LOUDLY as a NAZI.

For the record, I don’t consider myself a Nazi, but it seemed like an interesting idea to try at the time.

The kid, who was puffy white like the Pillsbury dough boy, asked me if I was in the KKK, brought up South Africa, and asked me why the girls in the video were fighting.

I told him it was in their DNA, loudly proclaiming that blacks are a violent race.

The part where I fell down was when he brought up Christianity and claimed that God wants us to love and be nice to all races.

Oh well. I refuted that claim, but I could see that he wasn’t convinced.

Anyway, I gave him something to think about, and maybe some of the patrons who overheard me as well.

New York Daily News

Several teens in a disbanded cheer squad took their fighting spirit to a new level when they flipped out and attacked rival cheerleaders inside a Brooklyn high school.

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New York City Subway Attack on White Woman Results in Arrest of Retarded Looking Negro

One more reason why judicially administered corporal punishment should be legalized. The boob and vagina grabing Nigga turned really mean when his ape advances were met with resistance.

New York Daily News

Police busted a 24-year-old man Sunday they say groped a young actress on a Greenwich Village subway platform and then pushed her onto the tracks.

Cops charged Kimani Stephenson with attempted murder, assault and sex abuse Sunday about 3 a.m., a few hours after nabbing him at his home in the Lillian Wald Houses in the East Village.

Cops were led to his home by a tip after releasing surveillance photos of the suspect hours after the Friday attack on the F train platform at 14th St. followed by video early Saturday.

A woman speaking from behind the door of Stephenson’s apartment hours after his arrest told the Daily News she had no comment.

The victim, Bonnie Currie, was transferring to the No. 1 train when she was attacked.

He came up behind me and he grabbed one of my boobs with one hand and he grabbed my vagina,” Currie told the Daily News Friday. “I told him to f— off and he pushed me onto the train tracks.”

After three shocked fellow straphangers helped her back onto the platform, she was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, where she underwent wrist surgery. She was also treated for a torn ligament in her left shoulder and a bruised femur.

“It’s that nightmare every woman has in New York — and it happened,” Currie, 22, said of the attack. “It was terrifying and unreal.”

Stephenson said nothing as he was led out of the 28th Precinct stationhouse after being charged Sunday. He was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court Sunday evening.

Totally DUMB Liberal Press Owned By Andrew Anglin’s Trolling After NYC Sword Murder of Negro by “White Supremacist”


A Jewish journalist wrote the following piece, which makes the trolling all that much more delicious and delightful.

New York Daily News

White supremacists lament backlash after fatal NYC sword attack

A white supremacist and neo-Nazi website condemned the racially-motivated sword slaying of a black man in New York City, with the admitted racists lamenting they will now be “unfairly discriminated against.”

Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin wrote in a letter posted Thursday that alleged killer James Jackson “does not represent White Supremacy.”

Jackson, a white Army veteran, is accused of plunging his 26-inch sword into 66-year-old Timothy Caughman in Midtown on Monday night.


“White Supremacy is a religion of peace, and the overwhelming majority of White Supremacists are peaceful members of society who do not agree with stabbing random black people with swords,” Anglin wrote. “The attack has nothing at all to do with the religion of White Supremacy, and white supremacists are under no obligation to apologize for this attack.”

Anglin whined in Thursday’s post that white supremacists will now “be subject to unfair scrutiny and prejudice.” He wrote that people with swastika tattoos, Skrewdriver T-shirts and shaved heads “will be unfairly discriminated against.”

The Daily Stormer founder also said that “society” should now rally around white supremacists, and encouraged people to “accompany” white supremacists on their way to work and to use the #IllRideWithYou hashtag on social media.

“White Supremacy is a Religion of Peace! Ride with a white supremacist today to show you are above hatred #illridewithyou,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Similarly fooled by the obvious satirization of liberal nonsense that always follows a Muslim terror attack were the Huffington Post, Democratic Review, and the liberal Raw Story.

You can read Anglin’s whole piece here.

Sexy Married Teacher All Smiles After Arrest for Sex with Student

Sarah Fowlkes is an anatomy teacher. I’m sure she was just teaching a young man the finer points of the female anatomy. Isn’t that part of sex?

So what normal man wouldn’t like to be better acquainted with Sarah’s anatomy?

I can hear a male judge now: “You’re too beautiful for jail.”

Setting aside whether this particular teacher is guilty or not, America’s moral standards are in the toilet. There’s no way that we can keep putting teachers in prison for “doing what comes naturally.”

Just as weed has been decriminalized, student-teacher sex will ultimately be too. Which is not to say that the change should make any of us happy. But until a fundamental moral transformation overtakes America, if it ever does, then the decriminalization of everything is likely going to continue apace.

New York Daily News

A Texas high school teacher has been charged for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student, police said.

Sarah Fowlkes, 27, was suspended from Lockhart High School after turning herself in Monday.

After being booked by police, she is seen smiling broadly in her arrest mug shot, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Her attorney, Jason Nassour, told KXAS-TV that she grinned in her mugshot because she knows she’s innocent.

“You’ve got a young lady who was arrested on the statement of a 17-year-old kid with no corroborating evidence. This isn’t a guilty person sitting there like they just got caught,” Nassour told the TV station. “When everything’s fleshed out it won’t be as it appears.”

The Lockhart High School student often met Fowlkes in person and communicated through messages, police said, adding that they “engaged in sexual contact.”

School officials learned about Fowlkes’ alleged relationship with the teen through a report on March 10.

The Lockhart Independent School District immediately alerted the police, which launched an investigation and contacted Child Protective Services.

he district suspended Fowlkes following the allegations. The science teacher has been employed with the district since Oct. 2014, the district said.

“I have very high expectations of myself as a teacher as well as of my students, and I hope that this will be a formula for achievement,” Fowlkes once said, according the district’s website.

There are more photos and more story at the Daily Mail and at Heavy.

If the gentleman in this last photo is Sarah’s husband, he has my sympathy. Cheating wives are a burden that no man quite knows what to do with.

Slain Jogger’s Family Hurls Ferocious Abuse Against Accused Subhuman Ape While His Family Says He Dindu Nuffin



So many of these stories play out with the family of the accused rapist and murderer of their loved one forgiving and even hugging him in court. Then they come to this site in response to my condemnation of the killer and say, “You are what’s wrong with this country, you fucking racist.”


In contrast to these pathetic indoctrinated losers we have the family of raped and murdered jogger Karina Vetrano, Sicilians I believe, going full bore after the subhuman monster who stole their daughter from them.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The father of murdered jogger Karina Vetrano has labeled her accused killer a ‘piece of s**t’ and a ‘loner loser’ in a seething update on Monday to her online memorial fund.

Former FDNY vet Phil Vetrano wrote he was in no doubt that the man who raped and murdered his daughter six months ago had been caught and said ‘he will pay for his crime’.

Vetrano, who discovered her body in a Queens park six months ago, then added that the $288,000 collected on GoFundMe as a reward to catch her attacker will now be donated to her favorite charities.

He also raised the possibility of a scholarship to her high school in her name to honor his daughter, who was a writer and published poetry online.

This comes one day after her mother hurled abuse Chanel Lewis, who police say has confessed to raping and killing her daughter on Sunday as they came face to face for the first time in court.


Cathy Vetrano was joined by her husband Phil and dozens of relatives and friends to watch Chanel Lewis, 20, be arraigned at a Queens Criminal Court court on Sunday night.

‘Now your nightmare begins,’ she screamed as Lewis was formally charged with murdering Karina in Spring Creek Park on August 2.

Mrs Vetrano, who has maintained an active public profile since her daughter’s murder, earlier deemed him a ‘savage’ and a ‘demon’ who ‘must get his justice’.

She and her former fire fighter husband vowed to attend all of Lewis’s court appearances after news of his arrest spread on Sunday.

NYPD detectives arrested Lewis, an unemployed 20-year-old, at his mother’s house in East New York, Brooklyn, on Saturday after matching his DNA to traces found under Karina’s fingernails.

Police say he has made ‘detailed’ confessions about raping and strangling Vetrano since being taken into custody.


I’ll bet there will be plenty of guys in prison willing to kill this ape for Phil and Cathy Vetrano. The justice he deserves is not a comfortable cell with TV and snacks, but rather a shiv in the gut.

His family, as usual when the suspect is black, are talking about the police having arrested the wrong man.

Lewis was staying with his father at the time of the murder and had gone to the park ‘angry’ on August 2 because there were too many people in the house, sources told New York Daily News.

He had never met Karina before when they crossed paths, but sources say Lewis had a ‘deep seated aggression’ towards women.

The Queens District Attorney’s Office would not comment on the theory on Monday morning, telling ‘It’s an ongoing investigation.’

Detectives honed in on him after reviewing a 911 call from May last year, two months before the murder, which reported a man acting suspiciously near the park in Howard Beach, Queens.

He is facing one charge of second degree murder with more likely to be brought as the District Attorney’s investigation continues.

The NYPD scratched around for leads for six months before their first contact with Lewis on Thursday.

The news that he had been arrested came as a shock to the Vetrano family who said it was ‘too early’ to say how they felt on Sunday.

‘We hoped to get to this point one day.

‘We didn’t know if or when it would happen.

‘We can’t even really respond to how we feel, we don’t know yet,’ Mr Vetrano, who was supposed to have joined his daughter running on the night she died, said.

The couple commended the ‘magnificent’ NYPD which they said had worked ‘tirelessly’ to solve their daughter’s murder and also gave themselves credit for keeping the case in the public eye.

Lewis’s father, retired elementary school principal Richard Lewis, however said his ‘humble’ son couldn’t have been involved with such a violent crime.

‘Chanel would never have gone to do what they say he has done. He hasn’t had a fight in his 20 years,’ he told The New York Post.

Mr Lewis rushed to the 107th Precinct in Queens on Sunday where press had gathered after his son’s Saturday night arrest.

There, he told proudly how Chanel was an honor roll student at Martin De Porres High School in Far Rockaway, Queens, and said he had been the victim of muggings.

The suspect’s father said that while he was sorry for Vetrano’s death, he believes his child is innocent.

In a plea to the jogger’s parents, he said: ‘I’m sorry to hear about [your daughter], but I’m sure that [Chanel] would not be a part of that.

Theresa Forbes, his half-sister, said she believed he was being framed because he was black.

‘I think the cops framed him because he’s a black person.

They couldn’t find anyone else to pin this on, so they pinned it on my brother.

Do blacks really believe this nonsense or is it some kind of collective mental instability that makes them think that they are NEVER guilty of anything?

The DNA evidence against Chanel Lewis is probably bulletproof. Maybe he shouldn’t have picked an Italian girl to kill. Revenge is just around the corner.


Great Police Work Leads to Arrest in Rape/Murder of Queens Jogger Karina Vetrano




The man arrested for the rape and murder of lovely Karina Vetrano last August has been identifed by police as 20 year old Chanel Lewis. His family says they’re in shock because he dindu nuffins. He does appear similar to the suspect in the police sketch.

This Saboteur365 post from August 17 of last year describes the efforts of Phil Vetrano, Karina’s father, to prod the world into helping him find his daughter’s killer. Both Phil and the girl’s mother have vowed Scilian vengeance upon their girl’s killer. I love their attitude. This is one g*ddamned Negroid killer who isn’t going to get a hug and forgiveness from the family.

We should all be ecstatic that a subhuman maggot has been removed from the streets. Many thanks to Phil and the NYPD for their unceasing efforts to solve this case.

karina vetrano

New York Daily News

The got him.

Cops made a long-awaited arrest Saturday in the savage slaying of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano, police sources said.

Detectives were grilling the suspect — a Brooklyn man who was linked to the victim through DNA recovered from her body — at the 106th Precinct stationhouse in Howard Beach after nabbing him Saturday afternoon, sources said.

Charges were pending but the man was expected to be hit with murder counts.

He was described as an East New York resident in his 20s who lives in public housing and had no history of violent crimes, sources said.

A law enforcement source said detectives zeroed in on the man after combing through stop and frisk reports from the neighborhoods near the scene of Vetrano’s killing.

The suspect was questioned last year after cops spotted him acting suspiciously in the area.

Detectives tracked him down in recent weeks and obtained his DNA — leading to his arrest, sources said.

The NYPD was expected to hold a Sunday news conference announcing the high-profile arrest.

“I’m literally shaking right now,” a close friend of Vetrano’s said after rushing over to the family’s Howard Beach home. “I want to see his face. I want to see if I know him.”

The 30-year-old Vetrano vanished on the night of Aug. 2 after leaving for a jog through Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach.

Her father found her lifeless body facedown amid towering weeds about 15 feet off the desolate path while helping police search for her.

phil vetrano

Vetrano was raped and strangled after putting up a furious fight, authorities said.

The slaying sparked a massive manhunt that yielded few clues.

In the days and weeks following her killing, Vetrano’s parents Phil and Cathy made a series of impassioned pleas for someone to turn in the perpetrator.

NYPD officers were posted outside the Vetrano home Saturday night. Reached by phone, Phil Vetrano refused to comment.

Police recovered the murderer’s DNA from Vetrano’s body, but the sample didn’t match anyone in either New York or national DNA databases of convicted criminals.

Cops also cobbled together a sketch of a “person of interest” seen in the park around the time of the murder, but it failed to produce a break in the case.

Earlier this week, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce revealed that investigators had a “strong lead” in the case.

“We’ve had many strong leads as you know, but they haven’t made any progress in the investigation,” said Boyce. “That area … where Brooklyn meets Queens, we’ve looked through every summons, every arrest from the 106 Precinct right into the 75 and 73 (precincts).”

Vetrano’s family and the NYPD used the case to push for the state to allow familial DNA testing, which would create partial matches with the killer’s relatives.

“This is a powerful investigative tool that we want made available to the NYPD and the public,” Deputy Chief Emanuel Katranakis said in a Daily News interview on Jan. 26. “There is clearly a public need for the victims and the victims’ families to bring closure in some cases and to fight crime.”

The State Commission on Forensic Science was expected to review the request next week.

Phil Vetrano called familial DNA testing a “no brainer.”

“He can grow a beard. He can cut off his genitals and become a female,” Vetrano said on Thursday as he marked the six-month anniversary of his daughter’s death. “That will not matter, because he cannot change his DNA.”

As detectives began the search for her killer, Vetrano’s family put together a GoFundMe page to collect donations that would be used as a reward.

By Saturday night, the family had raised more than $287,000.

Hours after news reports surfaced of the arrest, a neighbor walked over to the Vetrano home and shook the hands of the cops posted outside.

“These are the heroes. Nice job, guys,” he said. “God bless them and God bless the NYPD.”

Even if you never give up, you still might not prevail in your search for justice. That’s just a fact of life.

But every family that has an unsolved murder in their history should be happy that this case was solved. Now it’s up to the prosecutors to build an airtight case. It’s also up to a judge and jury to dole out the strongest penalty the law will allow. If only that penalty were death, but New York has banned the death penalty.