Degenerate Lesbian Jew Singer Janis Ian Blasts Trump for Not Inviting His Enemies to WH Party


Wikipedia reminds those who have forgotten that when Janis Ian was 14 in 1965 she had a hit song promoting the idea that white girls should be having sex with Negro males.

Actually, Janis Ian (born Janis FINK) eventually came to realize it wasn’t males that caught her eye, but females. She herself never married a Negro, although she did marry a white man before ending that marriage and “marrying” a woman.

As is central to the Jewish temperament, she’s not happy unless she’s being critical, while acting holier-than-thou.

In short, she’s a disgusting animal who would inspire any “Nazi” to scream, “Gas the kikes!”

Scroll to the end of this post to see Ian/Fink with her “lovely” wife.

Excerpt from Huffington Post

Well, here’s a shocker. Our thin-skinned president-of-only-his-own-fans held the annual White House Hanukkah party a few days ago. Every president before him has made this a nonpartisan event, but not this time. This time, only the “good Jews” got to go. No Democrats were invited, Jewish or otherwise. No heads of major Jewish congregations who’d dared criticize him or his administration. Two Jewish Republicans were invited and should be ashamed of themselves for having attended.

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Sodomite Jew Conductor of NY Metropolitan Opera Accused of Pedophile Sexual Assault


This is really bad. The faggot music celebrity conductor was trying to turn normal white boys into fudge packers.

Lots of them. And the accusations have been known for decades.

The old faggot can check his Jewish privilege now. He’s been outed.


NEW YORK (AP) — New York’s Metropolitan Opera said Saturday it will open an investigation into allegations that its longtime conductor, James Levine, sexually abused a man three decades ago beginning when the man was a teenager.

Levine has been suspended.

Levine’s accuser, now middle-aged, contacted the police department in Lake Forest, Illinois, in October of 2016 to report that he’d had sexual contact with the conductor when he was under age 18.

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Aspiring NYC Model Desiree Gibbon Found Murdered in Jamaica

Attractive mixed race Negroidish looking Desiree Gibbon was identified as “Caucasian” in an article I saw in the Jamaican press.

To the darkies in dangerous Jamaica, Desiree would be a white woman. Her beautiful appearance would set off intense local interest there.

Whoever killed her (the Daily Mail reports that two women are suspects) believed they were killing a white woman.

CBS Local New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The family of an aspiring Queens model and filmmaker who was killed on the island of Jamaica is searching for answers about her death, but their efforts suffered a setback as relatives got ready to head to the Caribbean.

The family of Desiree Gibbon was in their home Friday without closure. The 26-year-old’s body is 1,500 miles away in Jamaica, where she was found slain Saturday in a small town outside the resort her grandmother owns in Montego Bay.

“Why did they beat her? Why did they slit her throat?” the victim’s aunt, Peggy Brunner, told CBS2’s Magdalena Doris.

CBS2 spoke to her mother, Andrea Gibbon, Thursday night.

“In a bush in the country, where she would never have traveled, not ever,” she said. “It was an isolated, desolate area, nothing there.”

Gibbon is convinced her daughter, who was looking for work on the island, was killed by someone known to her.

“My belief is that it was a cold, calculated, planned-out murder,” she said. “It wasn’t a random act of violence. It somebody she knew, and it’s somebody she trusted.”

Brunner is hoping that in the struggle, the suspect’s DNA was left behind.

“Desi is a strong girl. She’s very street smart,” she said. “She fought. She fought until her last breath.”

As the investigation into her killing continues, the family is now working to expedite the process to get a death certificate and bring her back to New York.

“I need her home,” her mother said. “I need to lay her to rest, and I need her here.”

Unfortunately, after being bound for Jamaica, Gibbon’s parents walked back into their apartment building, bags in hand. Their early-morning flight was canceled, delaying the most difficult trip of their lives.

The family will try again Saturday to fly to Jamaica in search for more answers, saying investigators have only said there is no one in custody for her killing.

The Gibbon family established a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral expenses and reached their $20,000 goal in just two days.

At the CBS National website, there are numerous comments calling out the family as scammers for setting up a GoFundMe. The family is clearly wealthy and should pay for her funeral expenses, which should NOT amount to $20,000.

Here are two news reports on the case.

More at Heavy.

Flirtatious Big Busted Brazilian in Court Over Biting Delta Flight Attendants During Drunken Rampage


Even though Ires is treating her crime lightly and she has enough money to pay for a top flight defense lawyer, she should go to jail.

Creating a commotion on a plane is a very dangerous thing to do, putting many lives at risk. She injured three flight attendants and attacked her fellow passengers.

New York Post

A Manhattan woman who threw a drunken tantrum on a plane from Brazil to New York has been arrested for biting at least three flight attendants during the airborne brawl.

Ires Alves Pereira punched her seat-mate in the face during the international flight on Nov. 27 before turning on the attendants who converged to calm her, according to court documents.

The 40-year-old proceeded to hit, kick, and bite airline employees as they tried to restrain the flailing drunkard, who still managed to break yet another passenger’s glasses, prosecutors said.

Pereira, who has both American and Brazilian citizenship, was eventually subdued with the help of fellow passengers and strapped to a seat for the rest of the flight.

The​ raging traveler –​ ​who appeared in court Wednesday in a skin-tight ​T​-shirt and jeans– was hit with assault and other charges, and released on $100,000 bond.

As she left court toting Louis Vuitton luggage and a Chanel purse, Pereira thanked the federal agents for sandwiches she’d eaten while in custody.

“Thank you for the sandwiches, I love bacon,” she ​said flirtily. “You picked the right one.”​​

“You look very fashionable with your luggage,” the agent bizarrely responded.

Pereria ignored questions as she left court.

Revoke her American citizenship. Following her incarceration, Ires must be banned from the United States and from international flights. The risk of allowing her curvaceous, entitled, narcissistic self on an aircraft is too great.

Jihadist Filth Linda Sarsour Gets the Loomer Treatment



Laura Loomer’s Jewish chutzpah was on display on Tuesday as she went after Sharia Law advocate Linda Sarsour. The hijab wearing, Trump hating, Jew hating Muslim got what is being promoted by Laura as “Loomered.”

The Trump assassination play Julius Caesar and Hillary Clinton have both been Loomered in the past. If Loomer is Jewish controlled opposition, she’s earning her money.

Loomer went wild on Twitter on Tuesday, sharing her day of excitement with her fans.

I’ve pulled six selected Tweets out for display here. Click on her name to visit her Twitter to see more.

OK, this is minor political theater, but disrupting a university sponsored event has some value. It’s too bad that Loomer doesn’t have a “Troll Army” like Andrew Anglin’s to confront the Muslim menace. As it is, she has to confront the left alone.

My view is that she’s not a Jewish psy op, but rather a person with a strong need to be somebody. She could be somebody on the left, but for whatever reason she’s rejected the liberal politics of most Jews and allied herself with the alt-light. As long as she doesn’t claim to be a leader of the alt-right I don’t mind her at all. In fact, she did some good reporting following the Las Vegas massacre.

Jew Developer of World Trade Center, Larry Silverstein, Collects Another $95 Million


Sky News

American Airlines and United Airlines have agreed to a $95.1m (£71.9m) settlement with the developer of the Twin Towers.

The commercial carriers’ agreement to the payout to World Trade Center Properties, owned by developer Larry Silverstein, puts an end to a 13-year litigation.

In total, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 terror attacks, which were claimed by al Qaeda and its then leader Osama bin Laden.

Just six weeks before the attacks, Mr Silverstein had signed a 99-year lease for the site, which is jointly owned by New York and New Jersey.

The airlines’ insurers are understood to be covering the cost of the payout.

Mr Silverstein has already received a $4.55bn (£3.4bn) payout from his own insurers, six years after the attack.

The latest settlement must now be approved by Alvin Hellerstein, the district judge overseeing the majority of civil litigation stemming from the attacks.

The property developer had initially sought $12.3bn (£9.3bn) from the airlines and airport security companies.

Two years ago, Silverstein Properties won an appeal which found that the judge had underestimated the company’s losses due to the attacks.

The final payment would have totalled $97m, but was reduced when two of American and United’s insurers become insolvent during the case.

Silverstein Properties said they were “pleased to have finally reached a resolution”.

American Airlines, who themselves lost 23 employees and family members, said they would “never forget that terrible day and its lasting impact”.

United Airlines declined to comment.

More than 2,750 died when American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the North and South World Trade Center towers.

A hijacked American Airlines flight crashed into the Pentagon just outside Washington DC, killing 187 people.

A fourth airliner, United 93, was also taken over and believed to be heading for Washington DC, but it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers and crew tried to regain control.

Silverstein opened a rebuilt One World Trade Center – the tallest building in New York and the sixth tallest in the world – in November 2014.

Dumb Lowlife Subhuman Arrested for Punching White Woman in the Face on NYC Subway


Derek Smith is an example of why we in the south made them sit in the back of the bus in their own section.

I believe victim Sam Saia is a social justice warrior/feminist who has hopefully learned that her pet monkeys are ready to rip her face off.


New York Daily News

Cops arrested a man suspected of punching a woman in the mouth on a Brooklyn train after she criticized him for “manspreading.”

Derek Smith, 56, was busted Saturday in the underground assault on 37-year-old Sam Saia, police said.


“It was a big relief for me,” Saia told the Daily News after learning about the arrest. “I’m happy that he’s caught.”

Saia was riding the N train through Bensonhurst on Thursday morning when the man sitting next to her opened his legs wide, crowding her into the side of the subway car.

The man allegedly flipped out and got in her face after she asked him to make room for her.

“B—-, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b—–s like you, you f—ing c–t!” the man yelled, according to Saia.

The surly straphanger punched Saia in the mouth, splitting her lip and thrusting her head against the wall of the subway car. A fellow rider sprinted through the car and grabbed Smith. He got off the train at the next stop.

Saia said she tried to file a police report immediately but got the runaround. The NYPD has opened an investigation into her claims. Now she’s looking forward to moving past the ordeal.

“If I don’t have to, I don’t want to face him again,” she said. “I just want this to be over.”

SJW Saia has it backwards: Let’s make antiracists afraid.