Poppy Bush Hospitalized in Critical Condition, But Allegedly Stabilized and Recovering at Age 93

Most people understood that when Barbara Bush died, it would take it’s toll on Poppy. However, the crisis hit sooner than most of us would have expected.

The old man’s incentive to live has been taken away. The humane thing would be for the medical professionals to just let him go.

When he goes, secrets that we would like answers to will die with him.

What role did he play in the Kennedy assassination?

Was he responsible for the attempted assassination of Reagan?

What did the Jews promise him for invading Iraq the first time?

Chemtrails, UFOs, pedophile rings and more are topics he could shed light on.

How’s that New World Order thing working out for you, Poppy?

Have you been kept alive by transfusions of children’s blood?

What’s Skull and Bones about?

Excerpt from CNN

Former President George H.W. Bush is in intensive care, a day after a funeral was held for his wife, Barbara Bush, CNN has learned.

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Kate Steinle’s Killer Wants Federal Gun Charges Dropped Because of Trump Tweets

Dumb, dirty illegal moron Juan Garcia Zarate is merely a pawn in the giant game called “Get Trump.”

This idiot is incapable of understanding American law. I mean, he didn’t get it when he was deported five times, so what’s the chance he would understand his “civil rights” lawyer’s claim that Trump led a “vindictive prosecution” of his client.

Someone should ask him to explain how following the law is vindictive.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — The illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, but was acquitted of murder, is now suing the federal government. His lawyers say additional charges against him are “vindictive.”

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Busted: Watch David Hogg and the Kids from Parkland in Trailer for Student Film (Video)

Less than three minutes.

Three of the student survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting are seen in the above trailer for a student film.

There’s no denying that the most hated kid in America is an actor. You may recall that he issued a statement last week saying that’s he not a crisis actor. Let him explain this.

A number of comments at youtube note how phony and scripted the kids are when talking to the press.

The following comment by a member of the GLP forums explains why Hogg is so reviled by awake Americans.

But do victims who may also be actors:

-Have professional handlers ready to go?
-Are they able to totally monopolize ALL media coverage during an event involving 3000 students? (none of these students were shot or did anything remarkable)
-Do they stage interviews hours ahead of the incident?
-Do they repeatedly get caught rehearsing their lines?
-Do they already have funding lined up from special interest groups?
-Does only the school’s drama club get any media attention?
-Do they take smiley group photos right after a mass murder and then go outside and do their victim speech?
-Do victims defend the same people and agencies that caused the tragedy yet have talking points against an unrelated party?
-Does the incident show up on Google days before it happens!

There is nothing organic or not suspicious about these kids.

Teen “Crisis Actor” David Hogg Says He Hung Up on White House When Invited to Trump’s Listening Session on Guns


By now everyone who’s awake in America hates disgusting runt David Hogg.

He can’t help being a runt, but he can help being an virtue-signaling attention whore. He’s the kid you hated when you were in school. Full of himself.

It’s not provable that he’s a crisis actor, hence the quotes in the title. What is clear is that he’s a tool of the (((Deep State))) pushing his gun control message. You’d think the powers that be would have found a more sympathetic role model than Hogg.

Excerpt from The Independent

A survivor of a shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School has said he hung up on a phone call from the White House.

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Now We Learn That FOUR Broward Deputies Waited Outside School as Shooting Happened


Within the ranks of law enforcement it’s rare that one cop will criticize another, unless the cop being criticized has some kind of racism accusation against him.

Yesterday, it came to light through Chief Postizzi that FOUR Broward County deputies stood down as mass murder took place in the Stoneman Douglas high school.

Let’s remember that Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is a liberal Jew with a gun control agenda. We should be asking the question of whether he wanted a maximum body count that he could use to promote that agenda.

Scott Israel should do the honorable thing and resign. In addition to four cowardly deputies, Israel’s department had multiple warnings that alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz was dangerous, but they never arrested him.

With cops like these, the American public needs guns more than ever.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

Coral Springs police officers were “stunned and upset” to learn that four Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies were stationed outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and had not entered to face an active shooter, sources with the Coral Springs, FL police department told CNN.


Scroll down to learn more about the corruption charges leveled against Israel two years ago.

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Narrative Change: Modern Britons are Descended from White People, Not Black Cheddar Man


Well, that was quick.

You’re not going to believe this.

The ancestors of today’s British were white, not black!

You and I are probably descendants of the “Beaker people.”

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Stonehenge has a proud place in Britain’s history as one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe.

But, according to a major new study, modern-day Britons are barely related to the ingenious Neolithic farmers who built the monument 5,000 years ago.

Instead the British are related to the ‘Beaker people’ who travelled from modern-day Holland and all but wiped out Stonehenge’s creators.

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Billy Graham, evangelist pastor, New World Order stooge, and counselor to presidents, dead at age 99

A celebrity wolf in sheep’s clothing has died.

The Reverend Billy Graham passed on to his heavenly reward this morning at his home in North Carolina.

Graham was an ardent integrationist. No one can deny that.

He sold the pipe dream of racial unity to southern Christian white people who otherwise would have more fiercely opposed the so-called civil rights agenda. In short, he divided the white race, which was this New World Order stooge’s mission.

NBC News

Billy Graham, the charismatic North Carolina pastor who took his evangelizing crusades around the country and the globe, died on Wednesday morning, according to officials of his organization. He was 99.

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