20 Year Old White Female Under Arrest for Murdering Man Who Asked Her to Stop Throwing Bottles in River

Daily Mail

A 20-year-old Louisiana woman has been arrested for the murder of a 46-year-old man who was beaten to death while recovering from brain tumor surgery.

Blaine Manalle, of Slidell, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Jeffrey Howell.

Howell was beaten to death during a brawl on a sandbar at West Pearl River on Saturday.


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3 Colored Ladies Sought for Big Theft of Tide Laundry Detergent


As much as I follow the news, I never knew that Tide pods were used by our darkie neighbors in the drug trade as street currency.

It must be easier for them to steal Tide than steal real currency.


Three women are being sought for cleaning out a Tangipahoa Parish Dollar General store of its supply of Tide Pods laundry detergent, a product that has over the years become widely recognized as ad hoc street currency in the national drug trade.

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She Invited Him Over, Answered the Door Topless, and then …


We want pictures! Of Rayna topless.

Actually, I have some interesting photos of the temptress. It appears that she may be a stripper, but I can’t be sure.


Authorities arrested a Harahan couple accused of trying to rob an Uber driver the woman had previously ridden with.

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Inspiration: Homeschooled Euro-American Teen Scores Perfect 36 on ACT College Entrance Exam


I hope this kid isn’t Jewish. There are instances of Jews changing their name from Cohen to Owen. Owens isn’t too far from that.

Insofar as I am aware Jews do not homeschool their children. Generally, they don’t enter the engineering profession either.

So, to the inevitable Jew or Not Jew question, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.


For anyone who has taken the ACT, a score of 36 means one thing– perfection. For Mandeville’s Joshua Owens it means a good shot at M.I.T. and a future of endless possibilities.

“I would like to go into Aerospace Engineering and follow the innovations,” he said.

Considering Owens scored a 30 on the ACT when still in seventh grade, it might be safe to say this latest achievement was no fluke.

Owens, the eldest of four, has been home schooled for most of his education. He believes that home schooling has offered more than he would have had in a traditional school setting.

“Home schooling gave me an advantage because the instruction is tailored for the individual. It’s not just about getting ahead,” Owens said.

It is only recently, the last two school years, that Owens has been attending an institution outside of his home. The Northshore Home Education Center offers classes from preschool through high school. The students are still technically home-schooled but the center offers tutoring and enrichment classes.

More importantly, for Owens, the school offers “dual enrollment” with Southeastern Louisiana in Hammond. He is presently enrolled in his third college math class, Calculus, at Southeastern. Hence a real jumpstart to college.

Kate Lundquist, his teacher and director of the Home Education Center, is amazed at her young protege.

“Joshua has a genuine excitement about Math and learning new things. He loves to learn,” Lundquist said.

In this case, learning has led to perfection.

“Obtaining extreme scores has a lot to do with critical thinking. It is one thing to know the subject material, but it takes critical thinking and ability to apply the knowledge. Learning is a goal, not a means to an end,” Owens said.

Owens is indeed a critical thinker. He scored as well as he did using his critical thinking skills, not crediting traditional ACT prep classes. He does not suggest or recommend the prep classes. But, Owens does credit his mom, Terri Owens, for allowing for a tailored curriculum that gave him an advantage not many students receive.

Terri said: “As a homeschooling family, we’ve had ample opportunity to raise-up our son in the way he should go, to include nurturing his curiosity, creativity and God-given aptitude. My hope is that the perfect ACT score will open doors for him, as he moves beyond high school to college and beyond.”

Owens’ genius is apparent. He says he would like to work in a field where he can shape the future by being an innovator. M.I.T. would be lucky to have him.

Homeschooling should be undertaken by more Caucasian families. With schools having turned into indoctrination centers with lower standards to ensure that diversity succeeds, the American white child would benefit enormously, even if not an alleged genius like Joshua.

Black Charged with Murdering Preggo White Girlfriend AND Her Parents Kills Self in Jail



Jatory Evans wasn’t taking any chances that his pregnant white girlfriend, Samantha, would survive his attack. He stabbed her 25 times and shot her 5 times for good measure.

While being held in the Jefferson Parish jail, Evans was found dead, hanging by a bedsheet.

You have to wonder if a guard, disgusted by the justice system today, didn’t take matters into his own hands and lynch Evans.

As to the dead girlfriend, thanks for killing your parents, bitch. Every mudshark who takes up with an ape puts a dozen people in danger. Do these women want to be dead? Do they want to see their loved ones dead? White people have to shun them and their mulatto mistakes. Maybe somebody will learn something if stories like this one are given enough publicity.

Excerpt from NOLA

The news of quadruple murder suspect Jatory Evans’ apparent suicide Wednesday evening evoked mixed emotions for the relatives of his alleged victims who are still grappling with their grief.

There’s frustration they won’t see Evans receive justice in a court of law for the killings he’d been accused of committing: the deaths of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sydney Hanson, 20; their unborn baby girl, Audrey; Hanson’s mother, Samantha Hanson, 45; and Hanson’s father, Dwayne Hanson, 46.

But there is a relief in knowing they won’t have to relive the horrific details of the Hanson family’s deaths during what would have assuredly been a difficult trial.

“Our family and friends can now look forward to a future without never-ending court dates and a painful trial,” Dwayne Hanson’s sister, Dawn Hanson, said in a statement released Thursday night. “We look forward to healing as a family and never having to stare evil in the face again.”

Meanwhile, Interim Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said Thursday that the department will conduct an internal investigation into Evans’ death at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, where he was awaiting trial on three charges of first-degree murder and one charge of first-degree infanticide.

The Sheriff’s Office also intends to review its jail protocols in light of the incident, which marks the third suicide inside the Gretna jail over the past two months.

“We’re going to meet with the parish to see if there’s anything we need to change to try and prevent this from happening in the future,” Lopinto said

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Evans, 29, of New Orleans, was found hanging from a bedsheet inside his cell around 4:26 p.m. Wednesday. He was taken to Ochsner Medical Center’s West Bank campus where he was pronounced dead about an hour later.

An autopsy will be conducted Friday, Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich said.

Evans was accused of stabbing seven-months pregnant Sydney Hanson multiple times in the upstairs bedroom of the family’s townhouse in the 4100 block of River Road in Old Jefferson on Nov. 7. He then stabbed Samantha Hanson 20 to 25 times and shot her five times, leaving her lying face-down in the front yard, the Sheriff’s Office said.



That’s all until later in the day. I’m calling it quits and getting some rest.

Beautiful Family Fights to Keep Alive Toddler Who Went 80 Minutes without Heartbeat in Drowning Incident


Warning: This story may make you cry and draw you closer to God.

This is my feel good story of the day.


On June 5, every parent’s nightmare became a reality for Lafitte natives Ricky and Shannon Matherne. Their 14-month-old son Adam, slipped out of their home unnoticed as the family was getting ready to leave for their daughter’s softball game. They found him lifeless in the family pool three minutes later.

CPR was performed until EMS arrived and transported him to the local hospital where he was revived. He went 80 minutes without issuing a heartbeat on his own. It was after being baptized in the emergency room that Adam’s heart once again began to beat, his parents said.

This was a child the couple never imagined having. Here is the backstory.

Ricky and Shannon grew up together in Lafitte and were high school sweethearts. In fact, his mother attended her mother’s baby shower when she was expecting Shannon, and he was best friends with her brother Jay.

“Shannon stopped being ‘Jay’s little sister’ around 1991. I graduated from Fisher in 1992 and attended LSU the following fall. Shannon graduated in 1994 and joined me there,” Ricky said.

The two were married in Lafitte in December of 1995 and already knew they wanted a family.

“We tried for some time before Rickey III was conceived,” Ricky said, but despite warning about complications, Grace was on her way not long after, and finally Avery, a happy surprise, was born 14 and half months later. At that point, the Mathernes decided their family was complete.

Until Katrina, the couple maintained a home in Lafitte despite their work as certified professional landmen, which took them all over the country. After Katrina, they moved to Slidell, and then to Pennsylvania in 2009 where their family grew again.

“When Avery turned 10, I began to panic about how quickly they were growing up and I knew I wanted to have another baby,” Ricky said.

He jokingly brought the idea up to his wife, and was surprised when she gave it serious consideration.

The two ultimately decided to leave it in God’s hands, and only a month later they were expecting their youngest daughter, Lea.

“She was such a joy,” Ricky said, and while they worried about her not having a sibling close to her own age, they decided that would be it for them.

Fate had other plans however, and nine months after a tumultuous weekend away in New York where nothing went as planned, they welcomed Adam John into their family.



“Adam brought out the best in us all. His personality is infectious. He is the most lovable, happy, and adventurous baby. Watching the relationship develop between AJ and Lea has been one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed and it moves me every time I think about it. Our lives weren’t perfect, but our family was,” Ricky said.

He particularly cherishes the daily routine with AJ.

“I would come home from work, and after dinner it was his bath time – his favorite part of the day. I would tickle his belly with my beard while he shrieked with laughter. As soon as I stopped he would uncover his belly and wait until I did it again,” Ricky said.

June 5 threatened to take Adam’s laughter away for good.

AJ’s accident has left their family devastated, but with hope as well. After being rushed to the hospital in Altoona, AJ was flown to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh for five weeks, and then went The Children’s Home to begin rehabilitation for the brain injury caused by oxygen deficit.

Eventually the family came full circle, bringing AJ home to Louisiana and Dr. Paul Harch in Marrero, who specializes in hyperbaric oxygen treatments. The treatments are not covered by insurance, but they are accomplishing what the Mathernes were told would never happen.

“On June 5th, our son (clinically) died in my wife’s arms and was dead for 80 minutes before a dedicated team of doctors and God’s mercy brought him back to us,” Ricky said, “We were asked to consider his quality of life. We were told that AJ can’t see, hear, swallow, or recognize us, and that he would never breathe on his own or move meaningfully.”


The Mathernes felt differently — literally.

“That was the day he first squeezed our fingers and we choose to give him the time to heal,” he said. “Since then, AJ’s life has been a series of small miracles. He continues to make small steps forward and is currently breathing on his own, focusing with his eyes, moving his body, responding to voices and other stimuli, and most heartwarming, smiling from time to time.”

The fight continues.

Family members set up a GoFundMe account and have held several fundraisers to help Ricky and Shannon pay for the expensive treatments. They call their efforts “Adam’s Hope,” and their motto is ‘With every breath, we hope.” Another event is planned for Sept. 30 at the Jules Nunez Seafood Pavilion at the foot of the bridge in Lafitte. There will be music, food and beer, raffles, prizes, a silent auction, and games.

Ricky said the response has been overwhelming for them and that AJ would never be where he is now without it. They are hopeful that they may be able to purchase a hyperbaric chamber, so that AJ’s progress can continue in their own home.

So far, AJ has completed 15 of 40 planned treatments.

Hope reigns.

“He is our baby. He gets agitated, angry, sad, but he calms when we hold him. We believe that he can experience love and joys and thus lead a meaningful life,” Ricky said. “We will pursue any treatments available that can improve his quality of life.”

To learn more about “Adam’s Hope”, go to: https://goo.gl/nfPmWz.

Attention White Ladies! When You Go Black, You Wear Prison Orange


Sandra Fugate is in jail while her ape boyfriend is nowhere to be found by police.

Fugate helped her shiftless piece of sh*t boyfriend do a home invasion in which a man was battered with a baseball bat to the head until he told the Nagger the combination to his home safe.

Both Fugate and her monkey boyfriend appear to have IQs of less than room temperature. Both of them are going to be out of circulation after their trials.

Here’s truth for Fugate: Once you’ve gone black, we don’t want you back.


Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives are searching for a burglary suspect accused of using the social media platform Snapchat to set up a Metairie home invasion.

Investigators have obtained an arrest warrant for Darrington Hemphill, 20, of the 4100 block of Beaune Drive, Kenner, said Lt. Jason Rivarde, spokesman for the department.

Authorities arrested his accused accomplice, Sandra Fugate, 18, of the 3500 block of East Loyola Drive, Kenner, Friday (June 9) and booked her with aggravated burglary and possession of stolen property.

Fugate admitted allowing Hemphill to impersonate her using her Snapchat account, an arrest report said. He used the social media platform to set up a burglary at the 19-year-old victim’s residence, located in the 6200 block of Riverside Drive, according to Rivarde.

Two men forced their way into the victim’s home just after midnight May 26 and hit him with a bat. They then took the victim’s shotgun, pointed it at his head and forced him to open a safe inside the residence, the report said.

The suspects stole “marijuana money” from the safe and left with the victim’s shotgun, the arrest report said.

About 16 hours later, State Police troopers stopped Fugate’s car on the Interstate 10 westbound on-ramp at Causeway Boulevard, according to Trooper Melissa Matey, spokeswoman for the agency. They pair was pulled over because Hemphill, who was in the passenger seat, wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

The trooper noticed Hemphill try to shove something between his legs and smell marijuana as he approached, an arrest report said. The trooper seized marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and a shotgun from the car.

Fugate told the trooper the drugs belonged to her, the arrest report said. She said she “found” the shotgun.

Both Fugate and Hemphill were booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on May 26 with two counts of drug possession with the intent to distribute, use of a firearm in connection with drug activity and possession of drug paraphernalia, Matey said.

At the time of their arrests, the shotgun had not yet been entered into the Sheriff’s Office’s computer database as a stolen firearm.

Bond for both suspects was set at $35,500. Fugate was released without paying on May 28 because of crowding at the jail. Hemphill, however, paid the bond and was released on May 30.

Before Fugate left the jail, she was recorded in a telephone call referring to property in the vehicle and the “lick they hit,” the arrest report said. “Hitting a lick” is slang for committed a robbery, authorities have said.

Sheriff’s Office investigators also eventually determined the seized shotgun had been reported stolen in the Riverside Drive burglary, the report said.

Detectives took Fugate back into custody Friday for questioning. Because of her admissions, they obtained a warrant to arrest her in connection with the burglary, the report said.

Investigators have not been able to find Hemphill.

To be a successful criminal, it takes discipline and intelligence, two qualities the Negro race lacks for the most part.

White women involved with blacks are going to be brought down. If you don’t look good in orange, ladies, then avoid the groid.