Brown Couple Charged with Murder After Baby Dies of Malnutrition, Other Children and THREE DOGS Also Malnourished



The father of dead baby Hannibal Oceja obviously hasn’t been starving himself. He looks fat, if not obese. That’s him in his mugshot, above.

Mom Loreana claims that she’s been breastfeeding baby Hannibal. So, mom, how come he’s dead, a virtual skeleton?

Three of the four family dogs may be called to “testify” through photos of their bodies, which police say were malnourished.

What kind of monsters let a baby die of hunger unnecessarily. You’re looking at them.

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#metoo: Vegas Casino Mogul (((Steve Wynn))) Accused of Raping Woman–40 YEARS AGO!


Steve Wynn, born Stephen Alan Weinberg, resigned as CEO of his company earlier this month because of previous accusations of sexual harassment.

The accusations in this story involve criminal acts, but they will not be investigated because the statute of limitations has expired.

The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin strongly approves of #metoo because it has hit Jews disproportionately. His primary interest seems to be to see Jews disempowered, their reputations in tatters.

My view is more cautious. I’m worried about all the white male college students, office workers, and the next generation of white boys who stand to be destroyed through false accusations as feminists gain power in the workplace and in politics.

For example, some states have no statute of limitations on rape. It’s really not right that a woman can come forward and ruin a 70-year-old man’s life with a rape accusation that’s decades old.

Seattle Times

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A woman told police she had a child with casino mogul Steve Wynn after he raped her, while another reported she was forced to resign from a Las Vegas job after she refused to have sex with him.

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Vegas Gaming Mogul (((Steve Wynn))) Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Dozens of Shiksas as #metoo Scandal Ensnares Another Rich Jew

Steve Wynn has donated shekels to Republican candidates.

The left is demanding that they give the money back to Wynn.

Steve Wynn isn’t exactly denying that he’s had sex with his employees, but he’s not admitting it either.

Nevada Independent

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board is aware of the allegations that Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas casino mogul and influential Republican donor and fundraiser, engaged in sexual misconduct with former employees and is reviewing the information, newly-appointed board Chairwoman Becky Harris told The Nevada Independent Friday.

Several former employees told the Wall Street Journal in an article published Friday morning that Wynn, whom President Trump tabbed to be the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, pressured them to perform sex acts, including a manicurist who said he forced her to have sex with him in 2005 and was later paid a $7.5 million settlement. The newspaper said it interviewed more than 150 people for the story, many who spoke anonymously given Wynn’s immense power in the industry and the state.

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Man Who Survived Las Vegas Massacre Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver

Another mysterious death involving a survivor of the Las Vegas October massacre has taken place.

It’s almost unbelievable that so many survivors have since died violent deaths in less than two months since the mass murder.

A suspicious person might think something is going on that we don’t yet understand.

CBS News

LAS VEGAS — A man who survived the Oct. 1 mass shooting that killed 58 concert-goers and injured hundreds in Las Vegas has been killed in a hit-and-run in southern Nevada.

Roy McClellan of Las Vegas was killed Nov. 17 while hitchhiking on State Route 160 in Pahrump, about 50 miles west of Las Vegas.

His widow, Denise McClellan, told KSNV-TV she can’t understand why her 52-year-old husband survived the shooting, only to die in a hit-and-run. She says the mass shooting “was messing with his head” and that he was undergoing therapy.

“I’m angry. I feel that he was under the influence of something or drunk and didn’t want to get caught, so he bailed and left my husband laying there in the street. He doesn’t deserve that,” McClellan told the station.

The Nevada Highway Patrol says it is seeking the driver of a Chevrolet Camaro with front-end damage.

Stephen Paddock unleashed gunfire at an outdoor music festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino before killing himself.

I saw this story on Laura Loomer’s Twitter. She also has broken more news just now that casts suspicions on the official story.

Here’s her latest Tweet, as this post is being put together:

A payoff to the Sheriff?

The Italian Stallion Sylvester Stallone Denies Sexually Assaulting Teen

It’s highly unlikely that a 16 year old would go to the police with a false story of being forced into a threesome by Hollywood’s Sylvester Stallone.

If she wanted money she would have blackmailed him, not gone to the cops.

I assume that events happened the way the unidentified teen said they happened in 1986.

The question is what happens next.

How about nothing.

Hollywood stars are not known for their high morals. Sly’s fans will stick with him no matter what. He has enough plausible deniability to coast through this crisis without the raging feminist mobs crucifying him.

Now if a parade of women step forward claiming rape, then all bets are off.


A 16-year-old autograph-seeker told Las Vegas police in 1986 that she was sexually assaulted by Sylvester Stallone and his bodyguard, but the matter was dropped when she declined prosecution.

Through a rep, Stallone today flatly denied the allegation.

“This is a ridiculous, categorically false story,” said his spokesperson, Michelle Bega, today after the story broke in the Daily Mail. “No one was ever aware of this story until it was published today, including Mr. Stallone. At no time was Mr. Stallone ever contacted by any authorities or anyone else regarding this matter.”

Police noted in their 1986 report, obtained by Deadline, that during their interview with the unnamed girl, she became upset numerous times, “crying and sobbing” as she recounted the incident. Asked if she wanted to press charges, the girl declined, saying she was too “humiliated and ashamed.”

The complete police report from 1986 can be viewed at the Daily Mail.

The teenager told police that the incident occurred in July 1986 at the Las Vegas Hilton, where Stallone was filming Over the Top. Meeting the actor, she asked for his autograph and a peck on the cheek. According to the police report, he signed a photo and told her he would give her a kiss she “would not forget” at a later date. The next day, she returned to the set with a larger picture for him to sign and encountered his bodyguard, Mike De Luca. They talked briefly and De Luca asked what she’d do if Stallone made a pass at her. “I would probably make a pass back at him,” she said. He gave her the keys to a hotel room.

Later that night, she went to the room and encountered both men in the hallway. She said she went with Stallone into his bedroom, where they began having sex. According to the police report, Stallone then asked if she’d ever had sex with two men. “No,” she told the actor, who then got up and went into the bathroom and brought out De Luca.

The girl told police the three then had sex without her consent. After it was over, she told the police, Stallone told her they would “beat her head in” if she ever told anyone.

The age of consent in Nevada is 16, and she told police that while she had initially consented to having sex with the actor, she had not consented to have sex with De Luca, who was killed by police in 2013 after a minor traffic accident in California.

The question I haven’t seen answered is who put the news media on to this story? The girl would be 44 years old now. Did she or her parents leak this info or was it an ex-employee of Stallone’s?

This story broke in 2016 but nobody paid any attention to it then.

Read more at the Baltimore Post Examiner. That’s a very long and highly detailed report of events. To me, the full police interview makes the girl’s story even more credible.

The Baltimore paper also has links to the story of Stallone’s alleged rape of his half sister and the payment of hush money.

Watch the G-rated trailer for Stallone’s X-rated movie, The Italian Stallion.

Award-Winning Mixed Race Porn Actress Talks About How She Got into Adult Films

Adult starlet Ariana Marie, born Hali Marie Waumans in Dallas, Texas, is a Latina, part Puerto Rican. In my experience Puerto Ricans are usually part black.

If Ariana is part black, it’s well hidden. She’s the type of girl that pornographers love because she could be of almost any ethnicity. Some porn sites have her listed as Caucasian, for example.

In one close up of her face (covered in ejaculate) that I saw for my research, I thought she was Asian. A lot of her fans may think that she’s Italian or Spanish, given her screen name.

I’ve excerpted the first 500 words of a longer article. The excerpt reveals the confused, hypocritical mindset of one of the most popular porn stars today. And before you read her thoughts, yes she does interracial with blacks and she does gangbangs.

Excerpt from the Las Vegas Review Journal

It’s an interesting enough story that Vegas model Ariana Marie has been selected as a Penthouse Pet of the Month. However, more interesting is that she was tricked and blackmailed into the world of adult movies.

At first, she didn’t want any part of the sex tapes, but now she has become her own porn producer and was voted Vixen of the Month for her on-screen shenanigans. She was also nominated for Best New Star of the Year at the AVN Awards show, held in January at the Hard Rock Hotel and named Twisty’s Star of the Month and then Twisty’s Star of the Year. But Ariana is trying to cross over to mainstream reality television.

She told me: “I’ve done some reality show pilots, so I’ve done that kind of stuff, but nothing that’s on TV, yet, so I’ll just do adult films until something mainstream hits. I got the Penthouse Pet award after just six or seven months into the porn industry.

I was webcamming at first, and then I gradually got approached to do some film work, which at first I didn’t really know what it really was. It was a little sugarcoated for me, but then I came out to L.A., did my first shoot, and kept with it.

“The guys that got me into the industry — they weren’t licensed; they weren’t bonded; and they weren’t agents, but they posed as that. They were just trying to get girls to come in and make them some money, but I was 20, so I didn’t really know what I was doing — like if it was all legitimate — and it seemed that way when I met with them, but it wasn’t until I got on set and I realized it was like actual porn.

“I was like, “Oh, my God.” They told me that I was going to do some films, but nothing was going to be shown in the U.S., so I didn’t have to worry about my family knowing or anything like that. I was completely tricked.”

Q: What on earth went through your mind as you walked onto the set and realized you had to do what you were going to do?

A: I started crying, I was so upset. I think I was more upset because they lied to me and they didn’t tell me what it was at first. But I got myself together and it was weird because I felt like I was doing something wrong, but at the same time, I still wanted to do it. Does that make sense? I still had that little tingle about going and doing a scene or something. Maybe it was curiosity? I don’t know. I’ve always been kind of a shy, quiet person, but I’ve always been the one to go do something crazy, I guess you could say.

I never gave my parents a reason to ever question what I was doing because I was always like a goody-good. Then to my horror and shock, I found out the movie, Porn Pros was going to be right here.

These girls really tell good stories, don’t they. LOL. They should try their hand at writing fiction.

Ariana’s job, whether she knows it or not, is to promote miscegenation by changing the erotic template of the white male porn consumer.

Pornographers know that most white men are not attracted to black women, so they push “exotics” like Ariana into prominence.

Pornographers are playing with the white man’s mind. Our (((friends))) are subsidizing free porn in order to promote soft white genocide via luring white men into interracial sexual relationships. They are not altruists. After all, what other products do our friends give us for nothing?

Suspicious: Couple with Henderson ties die in crash after surviving Las Vegas shooting

This story was at the top of the Las Vegas Review-Journal website Sunday evening. It’s the latest suspicious death involving a survivor of the Las Vegas massacre.

A redditor has put together a short post that identifies at least four suspicious deaths related to the mass shooting.

Las Vegas Review Journal

They couldn’t live without each other.

When Dennis Carver realized the loud cracks weren’t fireworks but instead rapid gunfire, he jumped on top of his wife, Lorraine Carver, to shield her from the bullets.

“That’s just the kind of love they had for each other,” Brooke Carver, the couple’s oldest daughter, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Their love was selfless.”

Minutes earlier, the couple had been line dancing and singing along to country performer Jason Aldean at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on Oct. 1.

It was during the third or fourth lull in gunfire when the two got up, hand in hand, and started running. They ran for their lives and didn’t stop until they got out uninjured, their daughter said.

Two days after the shooting attack, the couple, who lived in Henderson part time and owned a plumbing company, returned to their Riverside County home in California.

They would go on to spend the next two weeks more in love than ever with each other and with life.

“After the shooting, they heard from all of the people they cared about most. They were so happy,” said Brooke, 20. “The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment.”

But on the night of Oct. 16, the couple’s younger daughter, 16-year-old Madison Carver, heard a loud bang outside her window. When she ran down the street and rounded the corner, a familiar vehicle engulfed in flames came into view. Dennis, 52, and Lorraine, 53, had died together less than half a mile from their home.

According to the Riverside County Fire Department, their vehicle crashed into a metal gate outside their community at 10:50 p.m. on the 20000 block of Avenida De Arboles. It took firefighters nearly an hour to completely put out the fire, the department said in a statement.

‘Little pieces of them’
Where others see a tragedy, the couple’s daughters see a show of love.

If they had to lose both their parents at the same time, they said they’re thankful it happened so close to the time of the Las Vegas massacre.

“We were so relieved when they got out of the shooting alive,” Brooke said. “But I also think we’ve been given little pieces of them that we would’ve never gotten if the shooting hadn’t happened right before they died.”

Their father was strong and independent and always put the people he loved first. Their mother was humble and generous and appreciated the simple things in life — like a hearty laugh or a colorful flower arrangement.

Three days after the shooting, Brooke said she was on the phone with her father. They asked about each other’s days and their plans for the weekend.

“Hey, you think I should get roses or different flowers for your mom?” her dad asked her.

There was no special occasion — no birthday, no anniversary.

“He just wanted to give my mom a reason to smile after the shooting,” she said. “I swear they were more in love those two weeks than the last 20 years.”

There’s a lot of treacle in this article designed to deflect attention away from the unbelievable circumstances under which this couple died.

The mysteries, contradictions, and suspicious behavior associated with the Las Vegas massacre are just too much to be coincidence.

So, what’s going on?