I Just Reported this Netflix Video for Child Pornography

This one’s been heavily down voted on youtube. There’s a movement to report it for child pornography, which I just did.

Sample comments:

Did Netflix just post child pornography?

under the bush admin laws were passed that consider even 2d animated depictions of nude, underage children to be child pornography. so yes, they did.

Um…yeah, What the fuck?! With something like this I may just cancel my Netflix membership.

Report this video to YouTube for Child Pornography because that is what it is.

More netflix original garbage made to brainwash our youth. Sad

Telling kids that it’s ok to kiss a man’s penis is not ok. I canceled my Netflix membership today and I urge anyone with integrity to do the same.

It’s good to see people boycotting Netflix.

Official Trailer: Get Me Roger Stone

Opinions about Roger Stone are flying fast and furious on youtube. From the youtube information box, we learn:

Published on Mar 29, 2017

The whole world was shocked by the rise Donald Trump, but there was one man who had been plotting it for years: Roger Stone. Diving deep into the mind of the master manipulator, Get Me Roger Stone provides a raw perspective on the transformation of American politics. Coming exclusively to Netflix on May 12, 2017.

President Donald Trump seems to have distanced himself from the controversial Stone, who has used the word “Negro” and thus gotten himself banned from CNN and MSNBC. Stone remains close to Alex Jones.


n the first grade, Stone claims, he broke into politics to further John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign: “I remember going through the cafeteria line and telling every kid that Nixon was in favor of school on Saturdays… It was my first political trick”.[17]

When he was a junior and vice president of the student government at a high school in northern Westchester County, New York, he manipulated the ouster of the president and succeeded him. Stone recalled how he ran for election as president for his senior year:

“I built alliances and put all my serious challengers on my ticket. Then I recruited the most unpopular guy in the school to run against me. You think that’s mean? No, it’s smart.”[18]

Given a copy of Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative, Stone became a convert to conservatism as a child and a volunteer in Goldwater’s 1964 campaign. In 2007, Stone indicated that he was a staunch conservative but with libertarian leanings.[17]

During the 2016 election cycle, Stone was banned from appearing on CNN and MSNBC after making a series of offensive Twitter posts disparaging other television personalities.[60] Stone specifically referred to a CNN commentator as an “Entitled Diva Bitch” and imagined her “killing herself”, and called another CNN personality a “stupid negro” and a “fat negro”.[61]

Stone’s Tweets tend to be combative:

Netflix Dear White People Writer–“F*ck White People”

The upcoming Netflix show Dear White People reveals the openly hostile attitude toward the white race by the (((entertainment industry.)))

Since the trailer broke yesterday, there’s been pushback from white people who don’t like to be demonized by the Jew. As usual with these slimeballs, they denied any malevolent intent.

Then, due to the work of Internet sleuths came a direct declaration of hatred toward whites from one of the show’s writers.


Sure, this tweet is from months ago, sent in fact on the night Hillary lost (it would have likely come right after it was obvious Trump was president) but wow … this is kinda, sorta racist, right?

Jack Moore writes politics for GQ Magazine and is also a writer on the Netflix original series called, “Dear White People”.

Guessing Moore doesn’t have the most optimistic or positive opinions on white people in general.

Just a guess though.

The pushback against this sort of dangerous talk includes a call for boycotting Netflix.

The homosexual gentleman who created the show describes it as a love letter to his WHITE boyfriend. Nice trolling by muh nigga, but does the ape really think his crap is going to build a bigger audience.

The Huffington Post story on the series is essentially fake news, claiming many white writer/critics love the show.

Hey dumbass HuffPo. They’re JEWS!!!

Anti-White Netflix Series “Dear White People” Creates Whitelash

Definition: A whitelash is a backlash by white people.

Haha. The Daily Mail reports that the short preview below has 17 times more dislikes than likes.

Make this the most disliked video on youtube. Then, cancel Neflix.

(((Chelsea Handler))) Insults Melania: “she can barely speak English”


I was going to illustrate this story with a screen capture from the Chelsea Handler sex tape, or one of her many nude photos, but decided to play it straight. It would be too easy to mock her use of nudity and sex to promote her far-left political views. It would also be easy to ignore her except for the fact that the Jewish entertainment industry keeps giving her TV shows.

She’s not funny, for sure. But she’ll do anything for publicity to shore up her sagging career, which would match her sagging breasts, except they’ve been lifted by silicone.

That ((())) symbol has been getting a workout lately with all the Chosen Ones spouting their anti-Trump nonsense. At least Handler had sense enough to lay off Barron.

New York Daily News

Melania Trump isn’t welcome on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show — because the comedian wouldn’t be able to understand her.

Handler wouldn’t interview the First Lady on “Chelsea” because “she can barely speak English,” she told Variety at the Sundance Film Festival.

“I don’t respect either one of those people,” she said about the Trumps.

The First Lady, who grew up in Yugoslavia, speaks Slovene, English, French, Serbian and German.

This isn’t the first time Handler has taken shots at Trump’s accent.

“Trump said Melania will give two or three more speeches,” the comedian tweeted on Oct. 28. “Hopefully an interpreter will be present.”

“Tim Kaine delivered a speech entirely in Spanish. Still easier to understand than Melania,” she wrote on Nov. 4.

Handler, an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter during the presidential election, said she was going to register as an independent because “it isn’t working, this two-party system.”

“That’s what I’m going to make my agenda about: educating anyone I can while also getting educated,” she told Variety.

You know that Chelsea Handler wouldn’t mock and ridicule a Mexican maid who speaks no English. That would be racist. But Handler is a Jew mocking a Goyim. Isn’t that by logic also racist?

First Ladies should be left alone with two exceptions. The first was Hillary Clinton, who was as much a politician as Bill, and thus fair game.

The second exception was Michelle Obama who became the nation’s scold, trying to shame us for disagreeing with her husband and changing school cafeterias for the worse.

michelle-melania_trump obama