Neo-Nazi on Trial for Mudshark’s Murder Pleads Not Guilty


Yes, interracial couples are disgusting to see, but blasting away at them isn’t helping our cause and it can get you put on trial for murder.

Travis Ricci is facing the death penalty.

New York Daily News

PHOENIX — An interracial couple was walking near a Phoenix park when authorities say a shirtless neo-Nazi began angrily yelling a racial slur and harassing the black man in the couple over dating a white woman.

There’s a lack of clarity in this case, but I believe that the story came from the black boyfriend. The wheelman, already in prison, may also be testifying against the defendant. The story doesn’t say for sure what the evidence against him is.

There’s one giant HOLE in the state’s case, however. Read on to see what you think.

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Nazi Symbols on Display at Ukrainian Nationalist March



Honoring and remembering our ancestors and their sacrifices is always a good idea.

Hundreds of people in the Ukrainian city of Lviv attended a nationalist march featuring Nazi symbols that commemorated a Waffen SS unit with many local volunteers.

Damn right. They wanted to be free of Stalin’s deadly brand of communism. Joining up with Hitler may or may not have had anything to do with Jews, but you’d never know that as you read this story from an Israeli source.

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Today is Hitler’s Birthday: German Theater Offers Free Admission to People Wearing Swastikas

A darkish Turk theater impresario is getting noticed for mocking Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany on Friday, April 20, Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

In an underwhelming, not very creative publicity stunt, he’s offering free admission to the premier of Mein Kampf, the title of his play mocking Hitler, to anyone who wears a swastika.

Did he think of this provocation all by himself or with help from the Israeli embassy!

Meanwhile, in America, at least one group will be holding a rally celebrating Hitler’s birthday. More on that after the story on the German political theater.

ABC News

The Konstanz Theater in southern Germany is offering visitors free tickets to an upcoming production of playwright George Tabori’s Hitler satire “Mein Kampf” by adding a provocative audience-participation element.

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Tanya Gersh’s Lawsuit Against Andrew Anglin Clears Legal Hurdle, Moving Forward

The HuffPo excerpt below was written by Andrew Anglin’s nemesis, Luke O’Brian. He’s the writer fixated on Anglin. Apparently, he’s looking for approval from SJWs.

The Jewish woman suing Anglin should only celebrate for a minute or two. Based on my experience with a lawsuit, there’s plenty of chances for the lawsuit to be dismissed. The problem for Anglin is that liberal judges don’t like Nazis and even if there is no basis in law for a trial and a judgement against him, the judges make their own law.

Excerpt from Huffington Post

Andrew Anglin, America’s most notorious neo-Nazi troll, can no longer hide from a lawsuit in Montana after the judge in the case determined on Tuesday that a federal court has jurisdiction in the matter.


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CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Cucked by Baked Alaska (Video)

Each small victory helps destroy the system. Thanks, Baked Alaska.

Seen at the Daily Caller. By the way, Daily Caller came in for criticism for running a video done by such a horrible racist Nazi like Baked Alaska.

Tennessee Resolution Denouncing Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists Fails

The Tennessee legislature had no opportunity to vote on a resolution introduced by a Democrat. It was quickly killed in committee.

The resolution called neo-Nazis and White Nationalists “terrorists” and called on the police to investigate these people. In other words, political beliefs would have been criminalized.

Jared Taylor’s Amren conference normally takes place in Tennessee every April. I suppose it could have been banned by the state if Taylor’s race realist crowd were designated as terrorists.


It sounds like the kind of legislation that should easily breeze through a statehouse, even in these politically divided times: a resolution denouncing white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

It didn’t even make it out of committee in the Tennessee legislature.


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SPLC Publishes Smear Job Linking the Alt-Right to Charles Manson, Neo-Nazi James Mason, and Right-Wing Terrorism

The SPLC published an article yesterday that attempts to smear white nationalists by associating the alt-right with “Nazis” who advocate terrorism.

The central focus of the rambling article is a man who in fact does call himself a Nazi. James Mason is the Nazi who befriended Charles Manson. Mason promotes Manson as the model for the dissident right.

In my opinion, if you seek to create a mass movement that will win back what we’ve lost, then Charles Manson is a poor choice.

Nazi James Mason is interviewed (38 minutes):

As far as I can determine, the only one of the websites mentioned in the SPLC piece that is still up is The others have apparently been banned.

The SPLC is a Jewish outfit that can’t be trusted. However, the mix of truth and distortion in the following offers insights into the Atomwaffen Division (AWD) and James Mason.

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