Claim: Albino Negroid Fashion Models Taking Fashion World by Storm


Celebrate ugliness. Honor the freak.

That’s the indoctrination of the Jewish controlled, faggot controlled fashion industry. The Jewish controlled press loves to celebrate that which is ugly.

I’ve linked to a few of the albino Negros featured in the Buzzfeed photo essay.

The Daily Mail ran a feature story on Shaun Ross, pictured below, yesterday. This albino madness is just one more example of the degeneracy of Western culture pushed on us by the elites.

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Negro DELIBERATELY Crashes Stolen Truck into Planned Parenthood, Injuring Pregnant Woman and Two Others


There is a higher god in morally bankrupt America today. The sacred Negro is normally top dog, but the abortionist trumps the Negro.

Observe that the governor of New Jersey weighed in.

New York Daily News

A man plowed a stolen bakery truck into a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey this week, hurting three people — including a pregnant woman, authorities said this week.

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White Woman Killed by Elderly Drunk Negro Pastor Driving in Wrong Lane


Shock. Jenna’s husband heard she was killed on a police scanner before the police notified him of her death.

Excerpt from CBS News

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. — Authorities say a Minneapolis 911 dispatcher was killed while driving to work when she was hit head-on by a drunken driver in Brooklyn Park – and her husband heard the call while monitoring emergency dispatch audio at home. The other driver was a retired minister, reports CBS Minnesota.

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LOL! Blacks Put on African Garb to Attend Black Panther

Blacks are giving the world a laugh, rather than demanding more gibs. If the movie distracts them, then I’m all for it until it turns out that movie inspires more black on white crime.

Hollywood Reporter

Fans noted in social media posts it was important for them to dress in a way that befitted a film heralded as a cultural movement.
Black Panther opened in theaters Thursday night and fans marked the occasion with some awesome outfits.

From traditional African clothing to character costumes, fans were ready to finally see the highly-anticipated Marvel film. And there were some costumes from the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America, too.

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Air Force Academy First Sergeant Admonished over “microaggressions” in E-mail on Importance of Good Grooming


An Air Force first sergeant held up Michael Jordan as a role model for all cadets.

Somehow blacks (I assume it was blacks) and higher ups in the Air Force considered this a racist “microaggression.”

Who even uses that word except for libtard morons!

There’s a survey at the source site for this post, asking whether the first sergeant was out of line. 91 percent voted that the Air Force is too politically correct.

Air Force Times

The first sergeant of the Air Force Academy’s cadet wing sent an email on cadet grooming standards Wednesday that included racially tinged language, prompting a rebuke from academy leadership.

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Jury Awards More than $37 Million to Family of Dead Negress Who Held a Gun on Police

CNN and the Baltimore Sun downplayed the fact that the black woman shot and killed by police had a gun and was threatening to kill them.

Thus, here’s another post sourced from the British press. A precedent has been set which essentially amounts to every black thug shot down by police is going to result in a judgement against them.

One nice thing though is that black Baltimore taxpayers are the ones who are going to have to pay this judgement, assuming that Baltimore’s blacks even pay much in taxes.

No one is saying the obvious: This is what happens when you let blacks on a jury. The verdict is insane. The Negress, Korryn Gaines, committed suicide by cop.

Daily Mail

A Maryland jury awarded $37million to the family of a woman who was shot dead by police.

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Wakanda: Comic Book Country Created by Jews Gives Blacks a Spiritual Homeland

Black Panther–the movie that wants you to feel guilty, white man. Also the movie that proves to blacks that “We wuz kangs.”

Paul Kersey weighs in at Amren on the highly publicized film.

As far as I can recall, the only similar cultural phenomena took place in the mid-50s when Disney gave white America a comic book version of the life of Davy Crockett, complete with a tall, dashing new star, Fess Parker.

With white Americans like Davy, America could never fail. At least, Davy was rooted in the reality of a real person.

Wakanda is total Jewish fiction.

Condensed from American Renaissance

Wakanda represents a spiritual homeland for blacks everywhere, a fantastical balm designed to soothe black self-esteem and emotionally support a people alienated from the world whites created.

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