Video: Paris at War

Watch! French Police Run from Rampaging African Mob in Paris

Short at 8 seconds but telling as to why the riots in France drag on.

Read more at The Gatestone Institute Europe

PARIS ON FIRE: Riots reach capital’s centre – buildings set ablaze and police attacked

Diversity doesn’t work. It never has. It creates small incidents typically.

In Paris, a small incident has now led to a big riot.

Although this report does not make it clear, earlier reports and photos I’ve seen suggest that the rioters are Negroid Africans.

A very informative two-minute video is embedded at the bottom of this post. Following that one is another purporting to show the latest from Paris. It too is highly informative.

WIDESPREAD suburban rioting spilled into central Paris last night as hundreds went on the rampage over the alleged rape of a young black man by French police.

Officers were forced to unleash tear-gas on angry crowds as buildings and rubbish bins were set on fire around the Barbes Metro station, which is just around the corner from the Eurostar hub at Gare du Nord.

As fire crews went in to extinguish the blazes, lines of riot police were attacked, and shops were looted.

A policeman at the scene said: “Windows have been smashed and officers attacked.

“Small groups of protestors wearing hoods to hide their identities are causing trouble and then running away.

“Small groups of protestors wearing hoods to hide their identities are causing trouble and then running away.

“Everything is being done to try and disperse the crowds, but this could go on for a long time yet.”

Tension have been high in council estates in the Paris suburbs since February 2, when a man identified only as Theo was beaten up and allegedly raped.

The youth worker said he was sodomised by police with a truncheon, as well as being racially abused, spat at and beaten around his genitals.

One unidentified officer has been charged with rape, and three more with assault since Theo was sent to hospital.

He underwent emergency surgery, and has since been visited by President Francois Hollande, who has appealed for calm.

Police stations and squad cars have been attacked since, along with patrols trying to operate around France.

Last night’s protest at Barbes was an illegal one, with police in the 18th arrondissement refusing to give permission for it.

The areas is also close to the Sacre Coeur basilica in the Montmartre area – one hugely popular with tourists, including many from Britain.

Many fear a repeat of the mass housing estate rioting that blighted France over three weeks in 2005, leading to a State of Emergency being declared.

White Couple Who Adopted African Boy Claim Hate Crime, Police Disagree


Well, this could be the poster family for leftard America. Mom has a different last name from her (probably Jewish) husband, Maury. And there’s no word on the last name of Vasco the Wonder Boy from Africa. Maybe, like Cher and Madonna, he just has one name.

Vasco, the family’s adopted fashion accessory, has been the victim of a horrendous hate crime. Five (presumably white) classmates threw a watermelon at him, while laughing. And the police won’t arrest them and charge them with a hate crime.

Oy vey! The injustice of it all. It’s not like that blacks aren’t crazy about watermelon. Hate crime? No, an effort to be friends.

CBS Local LA

LAGUNA BEACH ( — By the time Cathleen Falsani and her husband, Maury Possley, met eight-year-old Vasco in Africa, he had lived most of his life as a street kid in Malawi.

The couple cleared all the bureaucratic hurdles and brought their adopted son home.

Now nine years later, the Laguna Beach family thought their worst battles were behind them. They were wrong.

“Now every time he leaves the house, I have a pit in my stomach that twists until I hear from him again,” Falsani said.

Last month, police said five of Vasco’s classmates at Laguna Beach High School drove up to his house and hurled a watermelon along with racial slurs.

Police looked at the security video, questioned the teens, filed their case and handed it to Orange County probation.

But they will not call it a hate crime. But Vasco’s parents clearly believe it is.

“There’s a watermelon thrown at the home of a black student – one of very few at the high school along with the racial epithet. How was that not a racist incident?” Falsani asked.

The security tape police will not release apparently shows the students laughing as they bought the watermelon at a Ralphs in Laguna Beach minutes before they tossed it at the family’s house.

Vasco’s parents said four of the five teens caught on video were so identifiable, police caught up with them easily. When officers questioned the students, they confessed, according to the parents.

“All five had admitted to participating in it. They were chanting our son’s name as they drove from the store to our home. As they drove away, one of them chanted an obscenity and ‘n’ word,” Possley recalled.

In a letter to parents, the Laguna Beach Unified School District announced it was cooperating with police and would “handle those involved to the fullest extent possible.”

The students were suspended for five days, which the family said was a slap on the wrist. Last Friday, Falsani said the school did not warn them about the teens returning to school.

“How could they not tell us and just assume that we knew the boys were going to be back in school. We didn’t have a chance to prepare Vasco,” his mother said.

She immediately called her son. “Honey, I’m so sorry the boys are back. He said I know. I’ve seen them all. He was the closest to angry to verbally angry he’s been since this happened. He said: ‘Five days mom? Really five days? Do they not even care?’” Falsani recalled her son saying.

Vasco’s parents said two of the students involved in the crime made racist comments to him a year ago, and the school district has not responded to their pleas to address racism.

The district did not return CBS2’s Stacey Butler’s phone calls and declined to speak with her in person.

Instead in an ironic twist, Vasco’s parents said a student film, approved by a student adviser, was shown in many classrooms and posted on the Laguna Beach High School website last week, then removed.

The film shows white students, wearing masks and holding baseball bats, kidnapping a black student and throwing a pillow case over his head.

“Really? What do we have to do to help you find what you’re supposed to be doing, and the way you’re supposed to be handling this?” Vasco’s mom asked with frustration in her voice.

So far, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office has not filed any charges.

The best solution for this family would be to move to an all black neighborhood to protect Vasco from the boys with a sense of humor. I’m certain that white mom will be a big hit with the local black men who are itching for a white woman to meet and greet. Besides, there’ll be plenty of watermelons at the local ghetto market for Vasco to chow down on.

planet watermelon

nigra eatin watermelon

asian girl watermelon

Both parents are award-winning writers. Mom has written a number of pieces on Christianity. Read more at The Dude Abides, the title of one of her books.

Shock Video: Savages Attack Referee in Congo

referee beat africa

Black lives matter? Apparently not in Africa. Especially if the black life is that of a referee.

The small amount of research I did on this topic suggests that sports riots are common in Africa. But would you believe me if I told you that the Afro-man was capable of quietly sitting through a game?

This is the shocking moment a referee is chased and savagely beaten by rioting supporters in Congo.

In a high pressured play-off tie between DCMP and Dauphin Noir, the match ended in carnage as a section of DCMP supporters stormed the field to attack the referee.

Upon hearing the final whistle, ‘fans’ burst onto the pitch and chased down the match officials who desperately tried to flee. One man can be seen slide tackling a match official to the ground as a large group pile in to beat the man.

Riot police desperately tried to protect the referee, who can be seen with a severely swollen and bleeding face, before he his carried from the field of play on a stretcher.

Absolutely disgraceful.

They’re like a pack of monkeys going after a banana. Or something like that!


Graphic Image Warning: Young Woman Savagely Beaten by Black Male Roommate She Found on Craigslist


danielle jones after

Negro men are just like white men except so much cooler and sweeter.
White guys are soooooooo boring.

That’s the media’s message to white girls. Some are smart enough to recognize bullsh*t when they see it. Others are like Danielle Jones. By the way, although the Daily Stormer labels her “white,” I’m not so sure that she isn’t mixed race.

Whatever her ethnicity, she made a huge mistake in not following the race realist’s mantra: Avoid the groid.

Daily Mail

A young woman from Miami has been in a coma for a week after her family said she was attacked by her roommate, a 35-year-old man she met on Craigslist.

Byron Mitchell assaulted Danielle Jones, 23, just a week after he moved in with her in a downtown Miami apartment, Jones’s mother, Aimee Nikolove, said.

He strangled her and cut her up on the night of her 23rd birthday, NBC reported.

Jones has a brain injury, multiple scars on her face and neck and Nikolove doesn’t know if or when her daughter will wake up.

‘I’m still in shock, I can’t comprehend that someone can do this to someone, mutilate them in such a way and try to kill them,’ she told NBC.

‘My daughter’s face is cut up like he was going to take her face off. She has a brain injury, no one knows what the prognosis is.’

Kaitlin Cabot, Jones’s cousin, said in a Go Fund Me post: ‘She is in a coma, intubated and holding on to life… If and she wakes, she will need extensive care and rehabilitation.’

Mitchell has been charged for attempted murder and told the police he acted in self-defense as Jones had a knife.

byron mitchell

Memo to lying Negro: Running away is self-defense, as is knocking a knife out of your attackers hands. You’re a liar, imbecile, and no one is going to believe your lie. Black lies matter.

Here’s the link to Justice for Dani, the gofundme page.

The video on NBC Miami shows the nonwhite bloodlines present in Danielle and her mother. Her cousin is, however, as seen in the video, Caucasian.

The next step in this drama is to hear from the sheboon mother who sh*t out Byron: He beez a good boy. Dat boy tells da truf. Dat white bitch were hurtin’ dat nigga. De bitch gotz what she deserfs.

dindu nuffins cookies

Like the comments I read on this story, the only real punishment for Byron is to do to him what he did to his victim. Then hang him.

Prison is always a vacation for blacks. And the family of Danielle (and her if she lives) will hear for the next 20 years what an innocent man Byron is.