Update: That “Racist” Woman Confronting Trespassing Black Teens at Community Pool is Now FIRED!


In my previous post on Stephanie Sebby-Strempel she had been arrested on what appeared to be trumped-up charges.

She had ordered a group of black teens to leave a community pool. The blacks, presumably unarmed since the press never leaves “unarmed” out of any story involving black teens, claimed she assaulted one of them.

Then the police, who presumably were armed, arrested Stephanie. The police officers, possibly of the affirmative action variety, claimed she hit and bit them.

The official story seems implausible and isn’t backed up by the viral video taken at the pool.


Skincare company Rodan + Fields has fired one of its salespeople — dubbed #PoolPatrolPaula — after a video of the woman harassing a group of black teens at a community pool went viral.


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White Woman Yelling Racial Slurs Hit Black Teen at Neighborhood Pool, then Hit Cop, Police Say


Even more anti-white fake news greets you as you awaken this fine Wednesday morning.

The Facebook video of an alleged racist incident in South Carolina at a neighborhood swimming pool is embedded at the bottom of this post.

A white woman forgot that the sacred Negro gods can do as they wish in modern America.

She viewed a 15 year old negro as a trespasser at the community pool. When it comes to the negro there is no such thing as trespassing.

Your house and pool are his.

I didn’t hear any racial slurs in the video. I did hear the word “punk.” I also saw what might have been a push by Stephanie when the god blocked her movement toward a cabana type shelter as she threatened to call 911 on the young godlet.

Watch and see if you see more than I saw.

Charlotte Observer

A South Carolina woman is charged with assaulting a teenager at a neighborhood pool, then assaulting deputies when they went to arrest her.

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Former Trump Advisor Uses Racial Slur in on-air Heated Debate with Negro Commentator

“You’re out of your cotton-picking mind, nigger.”

Actually, “nigger” was never said.

The racial slur that has Fox News bowing to the sacred negro gods was “cotton-picking mind.”

I don’t know who coined the phrase, but I’ve heard whites use it to describe whites they disagree with: “He’s out of his cotton-picking mind.”

It just keeps getting more and more ridiculous how the negro worship in America leads to constant apologies.

What (((they))) is for you to apologize for being white. It’s not going to happen here.

New York Mag

David Bossie, President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, used a racist slur to attack Democratic strategist Joel Payne, who is black, during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday. In the midst of a contentious exchange, Bossie told Payne that, “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind.”

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Woman Dubbed #PermitPatty Calls Cops on 8 Year Old Niglet Selling Water Illegally


A certain fraction of white people in the USA are suffering from negro fatigue. Another group are still stuck in the negro worshiping mode.

Alison Ettel, nicknamed #PermitPatty now, denies there was any racism that motivated her to call the police on a black sprog selling water bottles without a permit.

Setting aside the issue of whether permits should be required (they shouldn’t), the propensity of our tinted obsolete farm equipment to believe that they don’t have to follow the rules is getting more and more tiresome.

It seems like we’re talking about the black lack of obedience to the simplest rules every day now.

When they don’t follow the rules and there are consequences, then the race card comes out.

USA Today

Video of a woman allegedly calling the police on a young girl who was selling water bottles in San Francisco across from the AT&T stadium Friday is going viral.

Race baiting fake Negro Shaun King always has to get his garbage thoughts in play:

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White Man Who Attended 2013 Halloween Party in Blackface is Indefinitely Suspended

A white male New York City government supervisor (MTA) is in a heap of trouble over a Halloween costume he wore five years ago.

He went as a black lawn jockey.

He hath defiled the sacred Negro gods.

His punishment hasn’t been decided yet. For now, he’s suspended while officials look over his union employment contract to see what they can do to sacrifice him to appease the angry Negro deities.

New York Post

The MTA has suspended the high-paid railroad boss who got a promotion even after his underlings reported photos of him in blackface.

Officials confirmed on Thursday that they have put general supervisor Richard Ranallo on ice “indefinitely” by order of Metro-North president Catherine Rinaldi.

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Girl Whose “nigger hunting” Video Got Her Fired from Restaurant Also Kicked Out of Air Force


The unforgettable Tabitha “Tabbie” Duncan is back in the news.

The last time we say her she’d been fired from her waitressing job after a “nigger hunting” remark was captured on video and posted on social media. The Air Force also issued a statement condemning her, but had taken no action.

Now the Air Force has acted. It’s in the process of canceling her enlistment.

New York Post

A Missouri waitress who spewed racist hate on social media lost her day job — and now has been thrown out of the Air Force, according to reports.

Tabitha Duncan boasted that she wanted to go “n—-r hunting” in an offensive viral video, leading the Social Bar & Grill in St. Louis to can her, the Air Force Times reported.

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20 Year Old Waitress Fired After Snapchat Video Surfaces with Her Boasting of Going “nigger hunting”

Even the U.S. Air Force is involved in condemning Tabby Duncan.

The overreaction may be crazy, but it’s typical.


Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Duncan, a 20-year-old Missouri waitress, was fired from her job after she was filmed in a SnapChat video talking about going ‘n****r hunting’. In the video, Duncan can be seen saying the racist comment while drinking a beer and riding on top of a pick-up truck. The 15-second video was posted to Facebook on Sunday, June 10.

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