Defying Trump, Caravan Mestizos Enter U.S. but Probably Will Be KICKED OUT

According to Wikipedia, the U.S. has been legally obligated to take a certain number of asylum seekers every year. That law has been on the books since 1951.

Recall that the Caravan is an annual event, and because of pushback from President Trump, the number of people seeking entry into the States is significantly lower than in past years.

The fact that these so-called asylum seekers are safe in Mexico, but did NOT apply for asylum in that country exposes the propaganda agenda that the caravan espouses. These marginally intelligent mestizos don’t want asylum–they want to take over America.


TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) – U.S. immigration officials began processing a trickle of asylum applications on Tuesday from a caravan of Central American migrants camped at the U.S.-Mexico border, despite criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump of their attempt to enter the country.

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Report: Caravan Mestizos STOPPED from Entering U.S. Per Trump’s Orders

In putting this post together, I’m seeing a conflict between reports.

The leftist Guardian, which is generally reliable, focuses on the Caravan invaders who walked across a heavily traveled bridge in Tijuana toward the U.S. side of the border, where they were turned back.

In some of the Tweets on Sunday’s border events, there’s a different story being told. Our favorite Jewish lady, Laura Loomer:

The Guardian

Nearly 200 Central American people who have been travelling north through Mexico for a month with the aim of seeking asylum in the US have been stopped at the border after inspectors said a crossing facility could not accommodate them.


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Caravan Mestizos Set to Rush the Border on Sunday as U.S. Threatens Arrests

It’s crunch time in California.

The parasites massing at the border are expected to cross the main pedestrian bridge into the States from Mexico.

Don’t allow them to do that.

Once their sandals touch American soil, a liberal judge will free them, while Governor Jerry Brown will fete them with a state dinner.

Schools in the south were integrated because Ike sent in the National Guardsmen with FIXED BAYONETS. Break out the bayonets, form a solid line, and let the blood flow if a mestizo is foolish enough to try to break the line.


Hundreds of migrants who continued the journey north after a “caravan” of Central American immigrants disbanded earlier this month after being singled out by President Trump have now reunited at a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, Reuters reported. And if they have their druthers, many of them will be inside the US by the end of the weekend.

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Migrant Mestizo Caravan Arrives at U.S. Border Seeking Asylum

Fox News ran the above photo as part of its coverage of the arrival of the shrunken migrant caravan at the U.S. border.

It’s a nice pro-asylum seeker propaganda image. We’re supposed to feel sorry for such a nice young family with a baby.

Feeling sorry for people is not enough reason for accepting them into your country.

Their own country should work on making everyone safer. The problem is that none of the countries of origin for the mestizos is capable of producing a safe place.

Fox News

A group of about 50 Central American migrants who fled southern Mexico in late March have reportedly reached the U.S. border and plan to seek asylum.

Naturally, the liberal press is implying cruelty by President Trump for separating children from adults. The thing is that adults who bring children along from Central America are exposing them to danger.

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Oregon Guv Kate Brown to Refuse Trump’s Guardsmen Request


Leave it to hipster Oregon to elect a spinsterish, sexually frustrated looking woman as governor.

Women like Kate Brown hate Donald Trump, if for no other reason because he’s never made a pass at them.

As far as #metoo is concerned, Brown has nothing to worry about. Feeling her up might be worse than feeling up a tranny. I don’t want to find out and neither do you.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The governor of Oregon says she’ll resist any attempt by Donald Trump to deploy her state’s National Guard detachment to protect America’s southern border, and California’s governor appears poised to follow suit.

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Montana Governor Refuses Trump’s “Twitter whim” Request for Guardsman


In his lust for more Democrat voters, Governor Steve Bullock of Montana apparently views illegal border jumpers as a positive for America.

“They do the jobs Americans won’t do,” and all that crud.

Apparently, Montana has a Democrat governor because white people fleeing the mess they made in California are bringing their same liberal values with them to Montana.

This post covers Bullock’s idiotic claim that the border crisis is a whim, then goes into the laws giving power to the President to use the Guard for border duty.

Washington Times

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock says he’ll never deploy National Guard troops “based simply on the whim of the President’s morning Twitter habit.”

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Breaking! Trump to Sign Proclamation Ordering National Guard to Mexican Border

Fox News

The Trump administration announced Wednesday that President Trump will sign a proclamation to send the National Guard to the southern border immediately in response to what it described as an “unacceptable” flow of drugs, criminal activity and illegal immigrants.

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