Jewish Governor of Missouri Finally Resigns Over Sex Scandal

Adultery, an alleged nude picture, and blackmail accusations have plagued Jewish Republican Gov. Eric Greitens for months.

Facing impeachment, he’s finally resigned.

Another prominent Jew has become a nonperson because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Excerpt from CBS News

Gov. Greitens announced his resignation at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. Greitens, who faced possible impeachment over an extramarital affair and allegations of misuse of a charity donor list for political purpose, said he will resign effective this Friday at 5 p.m. local time.

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Felony Charges Involving Sordid Adulterous Affair by Jewish Missouri Governor Dropped by Prosecutors


The woman that Governor Eric Grietens admits to having an adulterous sexual relationship with claims that her Jewish lover took nude photos of her without permission in order to blackmail her into silence.

Doesn’t everybody do that?

I guess not because there’s been a movement afoot for a while now to impeach the governor.

If Greitens was pals with Trump’s lawyer MIchael Cohen then he might have paid her off to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Attorneys representing the state of Missouri announced Monday they will drop a felony invasion of privacy charge against Gov. Eric Greitens, after the attorney prosecuting the case was named as a witness in the trial.

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Sharing Nudes of Current or Ex-Partners Protected by First Amendment says Texas Court


Many of us have stated the obvious: If you don’t want your naked self on the Internet, don’t take naked pictures or videos.

As far as I’m concerned, if there’s no written agreement between a guy and his romantic interest, when she sends him nude photos, he has the right to do with as he wishes.

Revenge porn laws are anti-white and anti-male. This ruling is good news if you’re a white male.

Dallas News

Is distributing intimate photos of current or previous sexual partners without their consent protected by the First Amendment? A state appeals court says yes.

Now it will be up to the state attorney general’s office to defend the state’s “revenge porn” law, which was passed in 2015 and punishes those who post intimate images from previous or current relationships online.

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Married Teacher Bombarded Her Students with Naked Pics, Threatening to Fail Them All if they Didn’t have Sex with Her

Teacher of the year?

This hot to trot Latina told 40 boys in her class that she would fail them unless they had sex with her.

To entice the lads, she sent them erotic and pornographic photos of herself.

The classroom fun played out late last year, but I missed the story, so here it is, better late than never.

The Sun

A COLOMBIAN high school teacher forced students to have sex with her – and threatened to fail them if they didn’t.

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Ugly Americans: Two Mystery Meat Faggots Arrested in Thailand for Taking Naked Butt Pictures in Temples

The shameful Americans who defiled the sacred places of Thailand with their stupid faggot behavior should be allowed by the American authorities to rot in an Asian jail.

So far, they’ve only been fined a modest amount and blacklisted for their disgusting public faggotry. Maybe they will be jailed. They should also be caned. Let’s see those bloody butts after 20 lashes with a cane.

Fox News

Two American men who were reportedly honeymooning in Thailand were detained after they shared photos of their exposed butts taken at two famous Bangkok temples.

The pair, Joseph and Travis DaSilva of San Diego, both 38, were arrested at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok on Tuesday, just days after they uploaded photos of their bared backsides to Instagram, the Bangkok Post reported; the photos were taken at Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) and Wat Pho temples.

“They were detained as they were about to leave Thailand,” said Col. Cherngron Rimpadee, an immigration police spokesman. The colonel said the couple were on a “watch list” after their social media posts caught authorities’ attention.

“Once they are through with the charges, the Thai immigration police will revoke their visas and push for deportation,” he said, according to the BBC. “They will also be blacklisted from coming back to Thailand.”

He added that the two men admitted to taking down their pants and posing for photos at the temples.

The DaSilvas were charged with getting naked in public and fined $150 apiece. However, some Thai officials have told the media that there could be more serious charges. Officials are now seeking court approval to prosecute them on the Computer Crime Act for uploading pornographic pictures, Col. Jarupat Thongkomol said from the police station near the temple, Agence France-Press reported. They could face jail time.

The couple were in Thailand celebrating their honeymoon one year after tying the knot, according to San Diego’s NBC 7.

San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez said the men reached out to him for assistance. “Though I am very disappointed in their actions, I am talking to U.S. government officials to see what assistance we can give them,” Murray-Ramirez told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Wat Arun and Wat Pho, known to many travelers as the home of the golden reclining Buddha, are considered two of the holiest places in Thailand.

According to reports, this is not the first time the couple have posted images of their naked backsides online. The now-deleted Instagram account, @traveling_butts, followed their adventures across the globe with pictures of their bare bottoms at famous tourist sites around the world.

While some of the posts seemed harmless, the photos of the two men in Thailand triggered an intense backlash once they went viral, reported.

In 2015, two American women were arrested, fined and deported for taking nude photographs inside Cambodia’s Angkor Wat complex.

These two c*ck suckers give all Americans a bad name in Asia.

Their fellow fags will greet and treat them as heroes.

The rest of us should shun and shame them.

40 Year Old Woman Teacher Sent Nude Pics, Nasty Love Letters to Student


I hope that no white boy was forced into a sexual relationship with LaToya. That’s just too nasty to even think about.

Why do these women think they’re going to get away with their crimes? Like all boys, the boy “confided” in his friends about the sex with teacher.

Word gets around. It always does.

Fox News

A former nutrition teacher in Maryland has been indicted on charges of sexual abuse of a minor.

LaToya Nicole Parker, 40, allegedly abused a 17-year-old male student from St. Charles High School between January and May of this year, according to The Bay Net.

Parker is accused of “brazen” actions in an attempt to lure the student. The teacher would allegedly remove the teenaged student from the classroom and buy him meals at restaurants.

She also allegedly wrote “love notes to him” that began innocently, but later turned lewd as she would request sexual acts. Parker allegedly showed the student photos of herself, both of her naked and performing sex acts, The Bay Net reported.

An investigation into Parker’s actions began in May after adults — who heard about what was going on from students whom the 17-year-old victim confided in – reported the alleged activities to authorities.

Maryland State Police reportedly found 50 photos and one video match the victims’ description on electronic devices they confiscated from Parker.

Parker taught family and consumer science at the school and was placed on administrative leave after the sheriff’s office received reports of her misconduct, Fox 5 DC reported. The school’s principal said she was then temporarily assigned to an administrative building.

Parker, whose bond is set at $20,000, is facing charges of sexual abuse of a minor, sexual solicitation of a minor and displaying obscene material to a minor. She’s been ordered to be electronically monitored and cannot contact any minors.

Parker’s indictment follows a 206-count indictment for Carlos Deangelo Bell, a 30-year-old former school aide and track coach – also in Charles County, Md. – who was accused of sexually assaulting several male students while he was HIV positive.

I go to sex parties’: Bosnian TV host fired after admitting she’s a prostitute


Politics, law, education, art–every aspect of life is downstream from culture.

If the West does not clean up its degenerate, devolving, pornified culture then there’s not much chance that the swamp is going to be drained in Washington or anywhere else. For example, the U.S. state of Alabama has had three governors in recent years who’ve resigned because of some illegal actions. Within the federal government, the possibly illegal spying on the Trump campaign offers another example of the death of morality. The list goes on and on.

Central to the health of a culture is the existence of tight-knit traditional families that consist of a husband, a wife, and children. I once had an Italian colleague whose philosophy was that it was him, his wife, and his children against the world. Nothing would ever damage the mutual loyalty he cultivated in his inner circle.

In contrast, this news item out of Europe features a white female that one cannot easily picture as being loyal to anything other than her own selfish desires. She’s trash, but how different is she from the average?

Until a spontaneous uprising against crooked politicians, corrupt celebrities, and everyday dishonesty manifests itself, the collapse of the West will continue.


A Bosnian TV presenter has been fired from her job after the station she worked for was flooded with complaints over her admission she also worked as a prostitute.

Senada Nurkic, 26, presented ‘The Powerful Program’ on Serbian TV channel Pink. In late January she revealed that she was involved in prostitution, unleashing a torrent of complaints that led to her losing her day job as well as her show being axed.

A spokesperson for the channel confirmed the show’s cancellation due to complaints over its content and Nurkic’s behavior. However, they did not confirm that the prostitution claims were behind the presenter’s firing.

“Though the show was conceived as entertainment, without the intent to offend or humiliate anyone – and the ratings were high – the management decided to pull it from the night lineup… due to numerous complaints from viewers,” Express magazine report.

Nurkic, who uses the stage name Maca Diskrecija, meaning Pussy Discretion, was also recently kicked off Instagram for posting nude photos.

“Prostitution is a job like any other job. I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Nurkic said to the Kurir website after it was revealed that she moonlights in the sex trade.

Prostitution is illegal in Serbia, however, Nurkic says she does not fear the law because she has friends in high places.

“I am not afraid of jail,” she said. “Those who want to lock me up for whoring should instead help me pay the bills and earn money that I need to live. I have a boyfriend who is a politician and he won’t allow me to get arrested.”

Describing her clients, Nurkic said: “My services are used mainly by businessmen. When their wives aren’t at home, I come to have sex parties with them in the apartment, and sometimes they come to my place.”

“It is mostly beautiful and handsome guys that come,” she continued. “Some girls can only dream of that, I swear to you. Moreover, they pay me and give me some expensive gifts – perfumes, lingerie, jewelry.”

Prostitution may have been practiced in the Victorian era in England and the U.S. Fine. But it was not legal and not approved of.

If you believe that the #1 goal should be to restore the traditional family to prominence, then ask yourself how allowing boastful whores to brag like this one does contributes to a family-oriented culture.