NYC Nagger Named “Snooz” Tried to Shoot Girlfriend, Hit Teacher Instead


I’ve run across some laughable black names before, including Shitavious, but this is the first Snooz I’ve run across.

It would be interesting to talk to whoever gave Snooz his name in order to find out what was on their ape brain when that name was bestowed upon him.

Obviously, anyone named Snooz isn’t going to turn out to be a rocket scientist. This one turned out to be a shooter with a bad aim.

New York Daily News

This is his wake-up call.

A trigger-happy fugitive named Snooze was caught hiding out on Long Island Tuesday more than a week after he accidentally shot a city school teacher in Queens while gunning for his girlfriend, cops said.

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Negress Restrained wit Duct Tape, Zip Ties After Storming American Airlines Cockpit

Charlene Sarieann Harriott.

Damn! Te letter after g and te letter before Z quit working on m computer ke board toda. I ave to cop and paste letters to be able to write. Time for a new computer and tis one is onl 3 ears old. An bod ave an recommendations for a good brand?

This news item is another in a seemingl endless series of posts about bad behavior b nonwhites on airplanes.

New York Post

A passenger was taken into custody Wednesday after landing in Charlotte, NC, for attacking three airline crew members during the flight.

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Dumb NBA Groid Kills Self and MUDSHARK WIFE in Reckless Driving One-Car Crash


Negro brains are evolved in such a way that their reckless, dangerous behavior is uncontrollable.

Honestly, Negros should not be allowed to drive cars, which often become a weapon in their hands.

White women attracted to the “daredevil” Negro often end up dead because he messes up by engaging in stupid behavior.

NBC News

Former NBA player Rasual Butler and his wife, singer Leah LaBelle, died after Butler crashed his car early Wednesday on a Los Angeles street.

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News reports omit race of man arrested for hate crime hoax. College Fix determines he’s black.

I couldn’t find a mugshot of the perp so the (((powers that be))) are still protecting a Negro racial hoaxer.

The College Fix

Recent headlines declared that the suspect police say is responsible for racially charged graffiti found at the University of Maryland has been arrested, but none of those reports indicated the race of the suspect.

The College Fix, after repeatedly calling and emailing the university for comment, finally received an answer Wednesday. The 18-year-old suspect, Terrell Demonte Alexander, is black, a public information officer with the University of Maryland Police Department confirmed via email.

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South African Nagger Copper Thief Electrocuted (Video)

This is better than seeing a dead Nagger. You get to listen to him scream for 2 minutes, which is satisfying in a curious way. His skin was turned white in patches. As someone on youtube suggested, he probably now has superpowers, which he’s using to save Africa.

The incident was posted on youtube in 2016.

Africa is where these morons belong, in their own sh*thole countries.

Innocent Dindu Teen Murdered by Racist Cops Had a Gun, Video Shows


Daily Mail

Police have released a dramatic dashcam video that shows a 17-year-old pulling a gun and firing it at cops before officers shoot him dead in Arkansas.

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Overkill? Police Stand Guard Over Class on White Racism Taught by Marxist Negro Professor


Excerpt from CNN

A Florida university posted campus police outside a sociology class titled “White Racism” after the professor was flooded with harassing emails and messages — some of them openly racist.

“All that it takes is that one person to act on their views,” said Ted Thornhill, assistant professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University, in a phone call with CNN. “We’ve got to be cautious because you don’t know what people are capable of.”

Hey, Ted, you’re a coward. Eat my ass, pal. Are you planning to mention the word “Jew” in class and talk about Jewish supremacy?

I thought not.

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