Lawsuit Reveals Why Companies Should Never Hire Scheming Negros in Responsible Jobs

Letting a hambone operate your computer system for your whole school. That’s real genius. As one school has found out the hard way.

Excerpt from the Indystar

Indianapolis-based American College of Education fired its information technology employee last year, according to court documents, but not before an administrative password was changed.

The online college then asked the man to unlock the Google account that stored email and course material for 2,000 students, according to a lawsuit filed by the college. The man said he’d be willing to help — if the college paid him $200,000.

Welcome to the new frontier of tech concerns in a business world that has come to depend on the cloud.

“A lot of organizations are using cloud-based services and online services like this,” said Von Welch, director of Indiana University’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. “Even under a good situation, somebody could leave and then you find out the cloud service you depend on gets canceled because maybe the bill didn’t get paid.”

The American College of Education offers online masters and doctorate degrees to teachers across the country. It’s headquartered in Downtown Indianapolis, but the students come from all over.

The college’s IT employees had been spread across the country, too, but the school decided early last year to give them the choice to move to Indianapolis or resign and take a severance deal. Other IT workers resigned, according to court records, leaving Triano Williams as the sole systems administrator when he was fired on April 1 after he refused to relocate from his home in suburban Chicago.

Before he left, the college alleges in a lawsuit that Williams changed the password and login information on a Google account. In May, returning students could no longer access their email accounts, papers and other course work. Google suspended access after too many failed login attempts to the administrative account.

School officials asked Google for help. Google, the college said, refused to grant access to anyone other than Williams, who was listed as the account’s sole administrator.

When officials called Williams, he directed them to his lawyer.

“In order to amicably settle this dispute, Mr. Williams requires a clean letter of reference and payment of $200,000,” attorney Calvita J. Frederick wrote in a letter to the college’s attorney.

Williams, meanwhile, filed a lawsuit of his own in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, claiming the college bullied him and discriminated against him and other black employees.

Williams told the school the password had been saved on a laptop computer that he returned to the school in May. The college, however, claims Williams erased the laptop’s hard drive and installed a new operating system. Williams’ lawyer told IndyStar that the college must have erased the hard dive.

Blackmailer is a term that fits the black man here. Negro logic or just another black scam artist at work?

he's a nigger

Is Black Genocide Right?

Written by Colin Liddell. Published February 16, 2012, but still very relevant.

The case in point is South Africa.

Alternative Right via

It strikes me that one of the main things about having a good debate is how it is framed. Get that right and the chances are something good will be the outcome. However, for too long now, when we consider questions of race, especially questions concerning the Black race, we have been framing things in completely the wrong way. Instead of asking how we can make reparations for slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid or how we can equalize academic scores and incomes, we should instead be asking questions like, “Does human civilization actually need the Black race?” “Is Black genocide right?” and, if it is, “What would be the best and easiest way to dispose of them?” With starting points like this, wisdom is sure to flourish, enlightenment to dawn.

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8 shot at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Miami on MLK Day

Blacks honored Martin Luther King on Marching, Looting, and Killin’ Day by engaging in some target practice. Their targets were other blacks.

The shooters will need to get in some more practice on the firing range since nobody was killed.

Excerpt from WSVN

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police and fire rescue crews are on the scene after eight people were shot during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.

According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, three juveniles and three adults were shot, and two other juveniles were grazed by bullets. The two juveniles who were grazed by bullets were treated on the scene and released to their parents.

Miami-Dade Police was among the multiple agencies that responded to the scene of the shooting at 6011 N.W. 32nd Avenue, in Northwest Miami-Dade, Monday, just before 4 p.m.

Five of the six hospitalized victims are listed in stable condition, according to MDPD. Another victim, described as a 20-year-old man, is currently undergoing surgery and is listed in critical condition.

At around 5:20 p.m., Miami-Dade Police confirmed they had detained two people for questioning and recovered two weapons from the scene.

“I now can report that we have two people detained and are being questioned by our detectives, Detective Marjoria Eloi said, “And we have two firearms that have been detained.”

7News reporter Ann Keil and photographers were about 1,000 feet away from the scene of the shooting, along Northwest 32nd Avenue and Northwest 62nd Street. They heard between four and six shots.

Moments later, the news crew saw displaced children crying after losing their parents when a stampede of attendees ran away from the scene in search of safety. Many police officers were seen carrying small children away from the scene.

As all of this was going on, parade-goers were seen ducking for cover underneath vendor tables and behind walls.

At one moment, six MDPD officers entered a nearby house with their guns drawn. It is unclear if this is related to the shooting at the park. The officers did not leave the home with anyone.

According to Keil, at least two women looked like they had been shot in the leg. Officers were seen picking up these victims by hand and carrying them away to safety.

Moments later, a man was seen on the floor in handcuffs.

“[This happened] too close to home,” said witness Tammy Meeks, who was attending the celebration with her family. “I mean, I had my son out here, my nieces and nephews were here, and my main concern was to make sure they were OK. My main goal was to get down and cover them so they wouldn’t be harmed. It’s terrible. I mean, this is supposed to be Martin Luther King Day. This should be one of the one days out of the year where whether you’re white, black, Hispanic – no matter what you are, we come together and just have fun and care for one another. And it’s senseless that we can’t just do that on one day of the year.”

By 4:30 p.m., only a few vendors were left packing up their belongings and tents, visibly disappointed and disheartened after the peaceful day took a violent turn.

They are just like us, only darker. Right? Right? …

Liberals blame black dysfunction on “the legacy of slavery.” They’ll still be doing that a thousand years from now, if the earth hasn’t been destroyed by black overpopulation by then.

Hollywood’s Jewish Fake History Says Negress Put Men on the Moon, When Truth is it was NAZI Rocket Scientists


Although it’s been awhile, I’ve been to Huntsville, Alabama many times. There’s rocket themes everywhere, a reminder of the glory days that America enjoyed when it was 90 percent white. Huntsville is where the German rocket scientists were settled by the federal govenment after World War II.

The article featured in this post sets the record straight about America’s program that allegedly put a man on the moon.

Hollywood Jews have produced a very successful box office hit that creates a fraudulent history that says without N*ggers, America could never have gone to the Moon. Not just any N*ggers either, but sassy Nigga women with smart mouths.

The Jews have ignored the work of serious white men, some of them rocket scientists kidnapped from Nazi Germany toward the end of World War II and brought to America under duress.

Jewish treachery toward white Americans seemingly has no boundaries of truth to constrain it. From the magic Negro Bill Cosby to N*gger mammy rocket scientists, the Hollywood Jew has proven his hatred of the European-American over and over. He will do anything for money and to help the process of making the white race go extinct. As the Germans knew:

In the movie Hidden Figures Americans are being brainwashed with the Fake History that we couldn’t have made it to the moon without sassy black women doing the math. Paul Kersey has already pointed out that the flight path trajectory was actually developed by a white Southerner, Dr. Jack Crenshaw. But there’s an even more Politically Incorrect truth: we couldn’t have done it without Germans—specifically, Nazi rocket scientists. For that matter, we probably couldn’t have launched the Star Wars anti-missile program and won the Cold War. I know. I was there. And the shameful treatment America meted out to one of those scientists, Arthur Rudolph, troubles me to this day.


As older readers may recall, at the end of the war—that would be WW II for us octogenarians—our government took the role of the coyote and smuggled a few illegal aliens into the country. In “Operation Paperclip” we snatched Wernher von Braun and his team from under the nose of the advancing Soviets and transported them in darkest secrecy to the desert of White Sands Proving Grounds, near El Paso. There they resumed work where they had left off in Germany. (Attn. Editor Peter Brimelow: Is it possible that not all illegal immigration is bad?)

14 April 55 In an unprecedented ceremony held at Huntsville High School, 103 German-born scientists, technicians, and members of their families became American citizens. Among those taking the oath of citizenship was Dr. Wernher von Braun. Von Braun’s team continued their rocket experiments by re-assembling and firing Hitler’s leftover V-2 rockets that we had confiscated when we invaded Germany. Eventually—now get this—on an appointed day these foreigners were smuggled from Texas into Mexico, from whence they merrily sashayed across the Rio Grande bridge and legally immigrated into the U.S.A.! Eventually, they became American citizens.(Right, a 1955 citizenship ceremony in Huntsville High School, in which 103 German nationals swore the Oath of Allegiance.)

In 1955, the team was moved to Huntsville, AL, and to its sprawling Redstone Arsenal. When President Kennedy announced the goal of sending a man to the moon, the team transferred to the newly-formed NASA, where they became famous in the eyes of the world during the glorious days of the dawning Space Age. Von Braun was chosen to head the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. Then came Explorer, Gemini, Apollo, and on to the moon!


I’ll bet you didn’t know that Gay Niggers from Outer Space tells the absolute truth about Niggers in outer space, did you?

Adolf always get’s a laugh from gay N*ggers.


Black Fugitive on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List Arrested in Texas

The tipster who informed the FBI that Strickland was living in El Paso, Texas deserves a commendation for alertness and good citizenship. Actually, according to Wikipedia, the FBI offers a $100,000 reward for its most wanted fugitives, who tend to be more nonwhite than the general population.

The coward who killed two of his fellow blacks in cold blood deserves the same mercy he showed his victims.

Fox News

A man on the FBI’s 10 most-wanted list for allegedly killing two men in Milwaukee was arrested Sunday in Texas after spending nearly six months on the lam, authorities said.

Terry A.D. Strickland, 24, was arrested in El Paso and booked into jail. He had been charged in Milwaukee on two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Strickland was among a group of man arguing in front of a Milwaukee home July 17, authorities said. Witnesses saw him go inside the house, emerge with a gun and fire into the small crowd. Authorities said Strickland shot and killed Maurice Brown Jr., 38, who was on the ground, then turned to Michael Allen Reed, 39, and shot him in the head.

“It was vicious,” Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said when Strickland was added to the FBI’s most-wanted list last month. “It was unnecessary. Neither individual posed the slightest threat to Mr. Strickland, but they paid with their lives for occupying the same space.”

Brown’s wife told Fox 6 Now she had been praying for an arrest and justice for her new husband. They had been married only a few months before Brown’s killing.

Authorities have said Strickland fled from the shooting in a black SUV, abandoning his 18-month-old daughter inside the house, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The FBI said agents were led to Strickland after receiving a tip that he may be temporarily living in El Paso. The FBI in El Paso and the El Paso Police Department arrested Strickland early Sunday morning during a traffic stop. He was taken into custody without incident.

Biloxi, Mississippi Facing Backlash Over Renaming MLK Day “Great Americans Day”

coon clapping gif

Oops! Somebody made the colored folks angry. The blacklash has started. Where it will end, nobody knows.

One thing I know. All Communist, woman beating, whore-mongering plagiarizers should have their own day. Right? Right? …

So, the coon asks a good question. How will YOU be celebrating Martin Luther KIng day?

NBC News

The city of Biloxi, Mississippi, faced backlash after publishing notices that it would be observing “Great Americans Day” on the third Monday of January — more widely known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The city’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts announced on Friday that Biloxi’s non-emergency municipal offices would be closed on Monday “in observance of Great Americans Day,” which is also the federal holiday celebrating the birth of the nation’s most celebrated civil rights hero.

The posts have since been deleted.

According to a statement released by the city’s mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, the origin of “Great Americans Day” was traced back to a December 1985 City Council decision that proclaimed the third Monday of every January would “honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as other great Americans who have made important contributions to the birth, growth and evolution of the country.”

Gilich said he believed the city’s Code of Ordinances should be updated.

“In my opinion,” Gilich said in a late Friday evening statement, “that is the appropriate step to take, for the holiday to have the same name as the federal holiday.”

The mayor did not address who wrote the social media posts and why they chose to reference “Great Americans Day” rather than the notable federal holiday. Biloxi celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day every year with a large parade — an event the mayor himself noted.

“This city’s longstanding support of our annual MLK celebrations speaks volumes about our support for this holiday,” the mayor added in his statement. “In fact, we’ve always celebrated this day as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.”

Mississippi, along with Alabama and Arkansas, also celebrate Robert E. Lee Day on the third Monday in January as well. Lee led the Confederate forces during the Civil War.

Users on social media were vocal about their opinion of Biloxi’s reference to “Great Americans Day.”

“In my opinion,” Gilich said in a late Friday evening statement, “that is the appropriate step to take, for the holiday to have the same name as the federal holiday.”

We always called him “Martin Luther Coon.” That custom prevailed after his day replaced President’s Day. Martin Luther King Day became Martin Luther Coon Day for many in the South. That’s still true. And why not. The official story about MLK is bullshit propaganda worse than the bullshit told by the Communist regime in the Soviet Union.

America’s Lady Liberty Portrayed as Negress on New Coin

Liberty is a concept created by Europeans, not blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. However, the now politicized U.S. Mint will be offering coins that depict Liberty as a concept shared by other groups.

This psy op, this PC nonsense, is an affront to the European-American. These coins should be boycotted. If you want to buy gold there are other alternatives.

Excerpt from Fox News

Lady Liberty appears “in a new light, as an African-American woman,” in a $100 gold coin unveiled Thursday, officials at the U.S. Mint have announced.

The 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin shows a woman’s head in profile with a crown of stars. It features the year of the Philadelphia mint’s founding, 1792, as well as 2017. The reverse side of the coin depicts an eagle in flight.

The coin is the first in a series. Future 24-karat gold coins will show Liberty in designs representing Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans, according to the mint. From the late 18th through the early 20th century, most U.S. coins featured depictions of Liberty as a woman of Europen ancestry.


The War on European-Americans is being fought on many fronts. Soon, we’ll be carrying around $20 bills that feature a Negress whose contribution to America was truly marginal, if it even exists at all.

Make no mistake, the New World Order wants the white race worldwide to go extinct. The Caucasian originating in Europe is the only ethnic group worldwide that is capable of thwarting the globalist’s enslavement of the world’s human population.

The new gold coin is just another in death by 10,000 cuts of the globalist’s sword.

Some past examples of Lady Liberty and liberty themes from World War I:

And while we’re at it, take a look at this one, depicting Germans as apes. The comparison of blacks to apes isn’t racist when whites have also been similarly compared.