Cops Focusing on Young N*gger Sex Partner in Death of Teacher Gunned Down in Hail of Bullets in Her Driveway


Hollywood 1940s: The butler did it.

America today: The nigger did it.

The specific nog that police are targeting for investigation is the student who was found in a steamed up parked car with Rachel DelTondo at 2 A.M. several years ago.

Daily Mail

Detectives hunting the murderer of a teacher gunned down on her driveway searched the home Thursday of a man she was found with in a steamed-up car when he was just 17.

Cops removed bags of evidence from the home in Aliquippa, PA, after getting a search warrant which also covered Sheldon Jeter Jr’s phone records.

Jeter, now 20, was 17 when he was found in a car with Rachael DelTondo in Feburary 2016. She begged cops not to tell her then fiance about the discovery.

Funny how white fiances with sense will shitcan you when you’re discovered in a car at 2 A.M. with a young buck nagger, partly hidden from view by the steamed up windows.

White guys are funny that way, eh?

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Teacher Suspended in Underage Student Sex Scandal Assassinated in Hail of Bullets in Mother’s Driveway

We have another murder that is baffling police. This bloody homicide took place in Pennsylvania.

It’s unclear if it has anything to do with the sex-related accusations lodged against Rachel Del Tondo by the family of a teen boy. Or whether there’s something else involved, such as illegal drugs.

Whatever, when you fire a dozen or so bullets at someone’s back and half a dozen reach their mark, there’s serious intent to kill present.


A teacher in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, was fatally shot in her mother’s driveway on Sunday night, according to multiple reports.

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Toronto Canada Offers Visual Proof that Diversity is Our Strength

Thanks to Justin Trudeau you Canadians are getting even more diversity. Enjoy!

Latina Instagram Model Nearly Blind After South American Surgery to Change Her Eye Color

Nadinne Bruna’s natural eye color would match her skin–brown.

She wanted white women’s eyes to go along with her giant, inflated breasts and giant, inflated bottom.

She got blindness to go along with her white person’s eyes.

Given the hatred of white people by nonwhites, it’s amazing the lengths they go to in order to look white.

Excerpt from

An Insta-famous model has been left with the vision of a 90-year-old after having surgery to change her eye colour.

Some things are just ridiculous.

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Mystery Meat Lesbian Calls Killing of CHEATING WIFE a “mistake”

Atteraka Scotland, the alleged wife killer pictured above, is so manly she almost redefines the meaning of the word “dyke.”

She also almost redefines the meaning of the word “stupid.” Tiffany Scotland, the deceased “wife” had stab wounds. You’re not going to believe how Atteraka explains those knife wounds away.

I don’t think the police believe it either.

CBS News

REDMOND, Wash. – A Washington woman accused of killing her wife and leaving her beneath a carpet in their shared bedroom told police it was a “mistake.” Aterraka Scotland, 27, was arrested on Thursday for the murder of Tiffany Scotland, 26.

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Mystery Meat High School Water Polo Coach Charged with Molesting Seven Girls


A slimy looking overweight dark-skinned creep is facing 13 years in prison and 10 years in the county jail after the girls on his water polo team reported him to police.

The press never identifies the genetic origins of these swarthy perps who love to mess with underage white girls, but I believe this one is a Pajeet (an Asian Indian). However, he could be a Muslim from that same neck of the woods.

It’s beyond ridiculous that white parents would let their early teen daughters go to private pool lessons with anyone looking this creepy. However, one of the press reports I saw said that parents highly recommended him to the school where he was coaching. They need lessons in race realism.

Daily Mail

A water polo coach who worked at several southern California high schools and ran his own water polo club has been charged with molesting seven girls.

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Sickeningly Fat Mestizo with Giant MAN BOOBS Launches Career in Fashion Modeling


It seems like the agenda to normalize and even glorify freakishness and ugliness has been front and center a lot lately.

This comment on the story shows that others are noticing too: “The Daily Mail never ceases to amaze. At least once a week, you see a story, and think, ‘How can they go any weirder, or more bizzare?’ Yet here we are.”

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