Nagger Star Wars Actor, Rapper Attacks America in Viral Video

With 14 million views and counting on youtube, actor Donald Glover who raps as Childish Gambino, has a hit on his hands.

The so-called music sounds like nigga-babble. Which means that critics are loving it.

Distilling the so-called art to its essence, America is a bad, racist place where the negro is the victim.

Let’s see soma dat praise for da chitlin’ man.


Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover) had a busy Saturday night.

Yesterday, May 5, in addition to hosting SNL, the performer dropped a brand-new single and music video, and the song is resonating with people all around the country. Titled “This Is America,” the video opens with the unsettling juxtaposition of cheerful music and an execution of a black man by gunshot, leading into Gambino’s first verse. That dichotomy is a common thread throughout the video, as we simultaneously see contrasting images like joyful dancing taking place against a backdrop of violence.

I would bring up the Yahoo comments, but there aren’t any. I suppose that Yahoo doesn’t want us deplorables commenting and thus spoiling the narrative that chitlin’ man has created great art that tells the truth about what a sh*thole America is.

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Singer Shania Twain Forced to Apologize by Internet Lynch Mob for Saying She Would Have Voted for Trump if She Were an American

What do we keep advising people called out for political incorrectness?

Never apologize.

The lynch mob after singing Shania won’t stop until they get a taste of blood. Apologies rarely do any good.

Shania Twain has taken to Twitter to say sorry for ‘offending’ anyone by admitting she would have voted for Donald Trump.

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Virginia Tech Girls Lacrosse Team Sings “nigger” in what Coach Calls “teachable moment”

The revolting music video at the center of this flap over the so-called n-word is about a white (Jew?) rapper who wakes up on Friday as a cool black guy. Naturally, since he’s white he has a small d*ck, but when he turns black, he has a big schlong.

The mainstream websites covering this story gloss over the anti white message by Lil Dicky, whose name refers to his male member.


A video of the Virginia Tech women’s lacrosse team chanting the N-word while singing “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky was a “teachable moment,” head coach John Sung told the told the Roanoke Times.


Lil Dicky looks like a Jew, which I just confirmed on Wikipedia. His Freaky Friday has almost 60 million views over six days. He’s partnered with nog Chris Brown.

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Oriental Actress Puts Weird Rocker Marilyn Manson in Hot Seat Over “China man” Remark


The bar just keeps sinking lower for #metoo, as we predicted.

A gook actress nobody ever heard of or cares about has shared with the world an insult from gender bender pop music icon Marilyn Manson.

Yi is just trying to stay in the news and is failing badly.


In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, actress Charlyne Yi accuses Marilyn Manson of sexual harassment on the set of “House” during its final season. “Yes this happened a long time ago — on the last season of House he came on set to visit because he was a huge fan of the show & he harassed just about every woman asking us if we were going to scissor, rhino & called me a China man, she wrote”

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Eminem: ‘A F**king Turd Would Have Been Better As A President’ Than Donald Trump

Although I don’t follow him, Eminem strikes me as a wigger who’s sided with anti-white people to build a fan base. It’s a disgusting thought to think that he might be influencing young white males to hate their race, but I suppose it’s happening.

As far as I’m concerned what celebrities have to say about social issues, science, or politics is NEVER newsworthy, except for the notion that they have an outsized influence on public opinion.

Eminem’s anti-Trump video embedded at the bottom of this post has 43 million views. I’m sure that most of the viewers were on drugs when they watched, but still it’s an impressive number.

Huffington Post

Eminem has no regrets about calling out Donald Trump and the president’s supporters, even though some of them may be fans of the hip hop star.

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Hip-Hop Star Erykah Badu Sees the Good in HITLER and Cosby

A crazy Nigger celebrity with an opinion has drawn criticism for her comments about Adolf Hitler and Bill Cosby.

Actually, anything said by any celebrity that favors Hitler is good for the alt-right because what was Hitler about other than nationalism.

Maybe Badu reads the Daily Stormer and we’re seeing the Anglin effect?

The Independent

Erykah Badu gave an interview to Vulture with a slew of problematic opinions – including one about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

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Black Music Mogul Russell Simmons Accused of RAPE by Four Different Women


Rape is a crime. Have any of the women who’ve accused Russell Simmons of that heinous crime gone to the police?

The police would launch an investigation if there was a complaint lodged with them. Lying on social media is not a crime, but lying to the police is.

To me, complaints lodged on social media by women who accuse men of bad conduct are not very credible.

Page Six

Music mogul Russell Simmons has been accused of rape by four women and additional “violent sexual behavior” by others who knew him professionally since the early 1980s, reports said Wednesday.


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