Justice for Beaten, Starved, Tortured, Murdered Nanny as Brown Couple Found Guilty of Her Murder



Both brown persons implicated in the death of a white French nanny in London, England, have been found guilty of murder.

The brown woman delusionally believed that her nanny was having sex with her white ex-boyfriend, a famous pop star in Britain whose life she tried to ruin when he broke up with her. The nanny had never even set eyes on Mark Walton of Boyzone.

Really, this story is another in the long line of stories that serve as a warning to white people to avoid becoming intimately involved with blacks and browns.


LONDON — A London couple delusionally obsessed with a former boy-band star were found guilty Thursday of murdering their French nanny and burning her body on a bonfire in their backyard.

A jury at the Central Criminal Court convicted 35-year-old Sabrina Kouider and 40-year-old Ouissem Medouni after six days of deliberation.


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F-ing Outrageous: Nigger Who Murdered Pastor’s Wife Gets Plea Deal

When People updated its readers on developments in the prosecution of three males for the murder of one of our finest examples of womanhood, the news site omitted the photos of the three suspects, seen above.


Pregnant Amanda Blackburn was murdered out of pure meanness during a daylight burglary. The only reasonable sentence for these three is death, but …


A second man has accepted a plea deal from prosecutors for his role in a deadly burglary in 2015 that killed pregnant Indiana mother Amanda Blackburn, PEOPLE confirms.

No one is safe, not even the people of God, when “they” are free to roam into our neighborhoods.

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Black Professor Begs Trump to Send Military to Chicongo


A black professor in America’s third largest city has begged President Trump to send in federal troops to restore order to that murderous dump by the lake.

As a symbol that the black population must abide by the law, that would be great.

But we know that Trump would be labeled a racist again by politicians and the media. We also know that thousands of encounters between the peacekeeping troops and the local nogs would be headline news every day, as one racism accusation followed another.

Obama is from Chicongo and he did nothing much to end murder and crime in his city. So why should Trump.

Trump might think about federal funding for more meatwagons for Chicago to travel the city to pick up the dead bodies littering the streets and sidewalks. That’s about it.

Full text by Professor Jason D. Hill of an op-ed published at The Hill.

President Trump, during your presidential campaign you made a promise to send federal troops to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., and also one festering with feral thugs and gang-bangers who are committing genocide among black Americans right in the great city of Chicago.

Sorry, professor, but the alt-right is more worried about white genocide by your people.

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Britain: That Acid Throwing Sheboon Has Been Sentenced to Life for Attack on Ex-Boyfriend That Caused Him to Kill Himself

How a decent looking white fellow could mate with the ape pictured is beyond my ability to understand.

Berlinah Wallace was acquitted of murder at her trial, but was found guilty of the horrific acid attack that left ex-boyfriend Mark Van Dongen maimed.

The only problem is that under British law she’s eligible for parole in a relatively short period of time.

Sky News

A woman whose ex-boyfriend went to a euthanasia clinic to die after she threw acid over him has been sentenced to life in prison.

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Nog Named “Genius” Plus Two More “Teens” Charged in Murder of Officer Amy Caprio


Eugene Robert Genius IV and two more nogs have joined Anthony Harris in being charged with murder in the death of a Baltimore police officer.

Genius, who takes his last name seriously since he’s from a long line of Geniuses, argued that since he was inside a home burglarizing it while Harris ran down Officer Amy Caprio that he shouldn’t be facing charges.

No one has said it but I believe that the Jeep used as the murder weapon was stolen by the four Dindus.

Baltimore Sun vis MSN

Three more teenage boys have been charged as adults in the killing of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio.

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Trump Goes After MS-13 “Animals” at Meeting with Parents of the Gang’s Victims


President Trump reached out to the families of MS-13 gang murder today in Long Island, New York.

During a meeting on the issue of gang violence, Trump reiterated his use of the word “animals” to describe the monsters who live to kill.

The president also promised to close what he called loopholes in immigration law that allow MS-13 to flourish.

All in all, this was a day that saw Trump and his audience of mostly Hispanics put America First.


At the Morrelly Homeland Security Center on Long Island Wednesday, President Trump accepted praise from local officials, law enforcement and parents of MS-13’s teenage victims for his commitment to crack down on the violent street gang that has wreaked havoc on pockets of the New York City suburbs in recent years.

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Toxic Negress Playboy Playmate Took a Fatal Dive from Tall Building with Son in Tow


Heh, heh. Stephanie Adams didn’t want her white ex-husband to have their remarkably white looking kid, so she did something drastic.

I’ll bet the doctor wishes he’s never seen her black ass in Playboy or in his bed.

New York Post

A former Playboy Playmate jumped with her 7-year-old son to their deaths from a Midtown hotel Friday — amid a nasty custody battle with her chiropractic ex, sources told The Post.

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