Data Show Baby Bust Hitting American Hispanics the Hardest

For the U.S. population to replace itself, the birth rate must equal 2.1 births per year per 1,000 women.

Let’s pick up the story about America’s declining birth rate with a focus on the above bar graph. The writer is the race realist with the strong interest in math, John Derbyshire.

Excerpt from UNZ

What’s that? You want to know the breakdowns by race? Shame on you!

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New Starbucks Policy Officially Welcomes Homeless Naggers to Sit All Day Without Buying Anything

The liberals who patronize Starbucks coffee shops need to get up close and personal with diversity.

Thanks, Starbucks, for making it happen.


Starbucks announced a new policy Saturday that allows anyone to sit in its cafes or use its restrooms, even if they don’t buy anything.

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Man Punches Deaf Prego Woman and Her Service Dog on Frontier Airlines Flight


Another bizarre, unnecessary crime has taken place on a plane.

Although no photos are available yet, it appears that the man who assaulted a service dog and a pregnant deaf woman is white.

Orlando Sentinel

A 59-year-old man punched a deaf pregnant woman and her service dog inside a Frontier jet upon landing in Orlando on Friday, Orlando Police said.


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Muslim Somali Nagger Mayor of Sheffield, England Hates Everything British


Maggot Maggot really should think about returning to Somalia and joining up with ISIS. Then we could literally blow his sorry black ass to pieces.


Sheffield’s new lord mayor Magid Magid, who entered politics to “fight xenophobia”, has declared the British monarchy “outdated” and said he would refuse to toast to the Queen.


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Beaner Allegedly Receives Starbucks Cup with “Beaner” Written on It

If you have the sense that God gave a cricket, you have to believe that a Latino employee at Starbucks who’s friends or relatives with the “victim” wrote the word “beaner” on a cup of overpriced mud as part of a conspiracy to cash in. After all, the two nogs in the bathroom incident at a Philly Starbucks were quickly given $200,000 each.

CBS Local Los Angeles

LA CAÑADA (CBSLA) — Nearly two weeks ahead of their day of nationwide racial bias training, coffee chain Starbucks is facing new accusations of racism after a Latino customer discovered a racial slur written on his coffee order.

Starbucks system of wanting to know my first name is offensive to me. It’s disrepectful to the customer to be shouting your first name, especially when the waiter or waitress is a callow youth.

McDonald’s has a number system, which is much better.

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Negro Customer Asked to Prepay for Meal Awarded 10 Grand by Tribunal

When a Chinese restaurant in Canada asked a group of youthful, foreign Negros males to prepay, it was engaging in unlawful racial profiling, says the Canadian government in all its majesty.

That bit of race realism is costing the owner a cool $10 grand.


The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ordered a Toronto restaurant to pay a black customer $10,000 Canadian dollars for racially discriminating against him and his friends.

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Marvel Says Muslim Superhero Film is on Their Agenda

Marvel’s effort to produce pro-muzzie poopaganda may not make the muzzies happy at all since Ms. Marvel is a female muzzie superhero.

That would be an insult to muzzie manhood, wouldn’t it? Will she change out of her burka into her superhero suit in a flash? It’ll probably be OK so long as Ms. Marvel is beating and killing white Christians (and maybe a Jew or two).


Marvel have a new film “in the works” in the shape of Muslim superhero Ms Marvel.

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