Mom with Son Fathered by Negro Bemoans Her Fate in Social Media Post

If telegony is correct, the race traitor who wrote the following carries around Negro DNA. Any children that Ashleysomebody may have with a white man are still going to be part Negro. Ugh

Read all the responses to Ashleysomebody’s whining at

Here’s the first comment, and a smart one it is:

Try and think about it from the perspective of a male… not only do you want someone to “take care” of you, but also your half black son. Being a single mother is hard enough, but now every time your man goes out in public with your son, every other person is going to think that you cucked him with a black guy and he was so spineless that he stayed with you to raise this guys kid. What kind of self respecting, sane man would ever sign up for that arrangement?

At least if the kid was the same race people might think it’s his boy, he wouldn’t feel such intense shame at being seen in public with him, but you chose to create this obstacle for yourself and it’s not up to any man to just accept it.

Like others have said, you should probably focus on being independent and supporting yourself first. At which point, you might start looking for eligible black men to step into that role, because at least they won’t have the same stigma about being seen in public with your son, or much less of one.

When that time comes, you should take a hard look at your own worth to a man and maybe set your standards accordingly. Beggars can’t be choosers, as the saying goes.

And another, from a white male who mated with a Nog and has a kid as a result.

Let’s reverse the roles here. I’m a single attractive man with limited education and career prospects. I’m never going to be able to make the money to support the better life I’m looking for. I hooked up with a black women and got her pregnant. She wanted an abortion but I demanded she have the baby. She left me after our baby daughter was born and now I’m taking care of my beautiful baby girl by myself. This woman was nothing more than a player and she used me only for sex.

I’m looking for an attractive high quality women who is ambitious and can love and take care of me and my daughter. When I say ambitious, I actually mean someone who has money and resources to support my dreams of a better life. I will love this lucky lady with all my heart, but my daughter will always come first. My daughter is my world after all.

When white woman I’m dating find out I’m a single father with a biracial child, they run the other way. Why are white women are so racist? Did I even mention my father doesn’t want anything to do with me. He says I’m a foolish man who makes poor life choices. He says I’m not worth the hassle of dealing with. My father is so racist it’s unbelievable.

Can people tell me it’s not me, but society that is the problem here.

Jew Math Professor’s Sperm Creating Super Race of Jewnigs


Watch yourself in the men’s room at Target, guys. That fellow in the next stall making those moaning sounds may be Ari Nagel. If you see a Negress waiting just outside the bathroom door being handed a cup of something, you can bet it’s super dad Nagel.

Nagel might be a little off. His desire to create a new super human species, which could be called the Jewnig or the NigJew, is part of the Jew’s brave new world he has planned for us. It’s megalomania.

Just think, at the rate Nagel is going, an entire army of Jewnigs will probably be ruling the world in 20 or 30 years.


New York Post

This Father’s Day, he’s still the most in-demand dad in town.

A year after The Post revealed that CUNY math professor Ari Nagel had fathered 23 kids — some conceived the old-fashioned way, others involving sperm handoffs at public spots such as the Atlantic Center Target in Downtown Brooklyn — he’s back. Nagel, 41, has donated his supersperm to even more women, resulting in four kids born since last Father’s Day. And eight other ladies, from Florida to Maryland to The Bronx, are currently pregnant because of him.

In fact, wannabe mommies from all over the globe have reached out to Nagel after seeing his story in The Post: He’s had inquiries from Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and even China.

The Sperminator’s summer is jam-packed with trips timed to ovulation schedules. He’s flying to Israel this week to meet a woman who will have Nagel freeze his sperm at a clinic in case her first attempt at pregnancy is unsuccessful. After that, he’s off to Vietnam. “This crippled woman’s story really hit home,” he said of a 30-something left in a wheelchair after a debilitating motorcycle accident a few years ago. “She said, ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’ You just have a vibe that she’d be an amazing mom.” Plus, it will diversify his portfolio: “I don’t have an Asian baby yet.” In mid-July, a hopeful from Taiwan is flying in to New York to see if Nagel can make her dreams come true.

In every case, the women are covering the cost of the flights. But, as always, Nagel charges nothing for his sperm.

“It’s a lot of fun [traveling], actually. Of course, no one’s ovulating in Hawaii — it’s Toledo, Ohio, and Flint, Michigan,” he said, insisting he loves helping strangers.

“Creating a life and saving a life are my proudest moments. I donated my bone marrow twice and I never got to meet the recipients, I have no idea who it was,” he said. “[Fathering children] is a lot more fulfilling. It’s an honor to be chosen.”

As The Post reported last year, the Sperminator often uses public restrooms — Target, Starbucks — for procuring samples: “Once a location is chosen, Nagel will go into the bathroom, pleasure himself while watching porn on his iPhone . . . and ejaculate into an Instead Softcup, a type of menstrual cup. He then delivers the specimen to the woman, who goes into the ladies’ restroom and inserts it into her cervix.”

Nagel insists there’s no shame in his game. “There’s homeless people in that Target bathroom all the time. What I’m doing is the least of their problems. You have people showering [in the sinks] there,” he said. “They should give us some free diapers for all this free press,” he said.

Pregnant Bronx mom Paige Moxey “met him in the Target,” she said. The 30-year-old health-care worker, married to wife Jasmine Belle, is due in February.

Good grief! That last paragraph says that the Sperminator is actually donating sperm to lesbians.

My God, what decent man would want his blood kin to be raised by two carpet munching, taco bumping mommies.

For that matter, what decent man would want children by these porkers below?

Shouldn’t what Nagel is doing be illegal? If the law won’t act directly, the best we can hope for is that a family court orders Nagel to pay child support to all his sassy black female moms.

Hitting a Jew in the shekels is the most painful thing I can imagine happening to a member of the tribe. Unless a judge ordered him to live with his Nubian princesses.

Congratulate Her! She’s Getting Married

Someone should set up a gofundme page to help pay for her medical expenses and her eventual funeral.

I started to reply to her: “Is he a Nigger?” but decided I didn’t want to lose my Twitter account. Instead, I Tweeted her: “Is your insurance paid up?”

Anyone with multiple accounts, go have some fun.