Britain: Muzzie Hubby on Trial for Horrific Murder of British Wife Who Converted to Islam


There may have been a time when people were unaware of the murderous lack of self control exhibited by Muslims.

That time has long been over.

Any white woman marrying a Muslim ought to know that she’s courting the risk of death.

No sympathy for such a woman is to be found with this writer.

Islam is a Satanic cult that oppresses women, even to the point of murder. Yet women complain when a white male flirts with them, calling that the evil patriarchy.

Sinead is today’s winner of the Darwin Award. Who will be the winner tomorrow?

Daily Mail

A mother-of-four was brutally murdered by her husband after she continued to see a friend he forbade her from visiting, a court has heard.

Sinead Wooding, 26, was found dead in woodland in Leeds earlier this year. Her husband, Akshar Ali, is on trial for her murder.

A court heard this week how Ms Wooding had converted to the Muslim faith before meeting Ali, who she married in an Islamic ceremony in February 2015.

But the couple had a ‘volatile’ relationship and Ali ordered her not to visit family members and a female friend, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Ali, 27, and his friend Yasmin Ahmed are on trial for murdering Ms Wooding in a knife and hammer attack. The victim’s mother-in-law and brother-in-law are accused of helping to dispose of her body.

The court heard Ms Wooding had started to convert to the Islamic faith and changed her name to Zakirah before she met Ali, who worked on a food stall at Leeds indoor market.

The court heard the couple signed a marriage contract after an Islamic Nikah ceremony in February 2015.

Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC: ‘It was a volatile and sometimes violent relationship.’

The court heard Ms Wooding and Ali, of Potternewton, Leeds, had argued after drinking during a party on Thursday May 11.

Her burnt body was then discovered in woodland in the Adel area of Leeds on Sunday May 14.

She had been stabbed several times and struck repeatedly about the head.

A Home Office pathologist concluded several skull fractures were caused by at least one claw hammer.

It is thought that before taking her body into the woods to set it ablaze it was kept for two days in Ahmed’s cellar, the court heard.

Prosecutor Mr Campbell said a blood stain on the cellar floor along with numerous blood spots on walls matched Sinead’s DNA.

A neighbour spotted two people loading the body of a mother-of-four wrapped in a carpet into a car, a jury was told.

A trial is a waste of money when the evidence is this overwhelming. Keep the Muslim alive in a British prison is more waste.

Is anyone thinking of deporting this scum after he’s released in a few years?

Video: Negro Holding White Wife Hostage Shot Dead by Police

Burn the coal, pay the toll.

This is my feel good video of the day. The police officer is to be commended for excellent shooting.

Two minutes.

Published on Nov 16, 2017

Man shot dead by police after holding wife to gunpoint

Cop frees hostage with high-risk shot: Moment officer kills man holding his wife at gunpoint in Las Vegas

The footage shows David Nesheiwat pointing a gun at Phillip Pitts, 41, who is holding his wife and pointing a gun at her outside a shop in Pyle Avenue

He orders him to drop the gun and get away from his wife before firing four shots

The woman was injured in the shooting while Pitts later died in hospital

In the clip, police officer David Nesheiwat is seen pointing a gun at Phillip Pitts, 41, who is holding his wife and pointing a gun at her outside a shop in Pyle Avenue

After warning the man to step away from his wife, he fires four shots, and Pitts falls to the ground

Pitts’ wife, who has not been named, was also injured in the shooting
The couple were rushed to University Medical Center where the man died. The woman had to have surgery but is expected to survive

Britain: John Lewis 2017 Christmas Ad Features White Woman with Black Man and Mulatto Sprog

I won’t be running the John Lewis ad this year as part of my annual celebration of Christmas. Moz the Monster isn’t enough to make up for a despicable propaganda campaign urging white women to mate with black scum.

I guess when the woman in the video is found dead, they can blame Moz the Monster.

I’ll run the 2016 ad featuring Buster the Boxer instead:

Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog (Video)

A foul mouthed woman mocks those who work for a living. Less than two minutes.


Published on Nov 14, 2017

I buy lobster with my EBT card and feed it to my dog. I brag about how it is better to collect food stamps than work minimum wage and pay taxes. I mock the minimum wage workers for paying for my food stamps. I show my free Obama phone next to my normal smart phone. I mention how I am on Social Security for depression.

Anybody who has a problem with this can go to work with their morals and pride while I sit on Youtube. You can have keep your morals while you pay taxes my benefit.

To all the people bitching in the comments you are just jealous:
If you want to confront me don’t be a text bitch. Come do it in voice here:

Here are a few random comments from youtube:

one day your tit will deflate then you’re going to be up shit creek!

I really hope her black boyfriend beats the shit out of her.

Goddamn you’re stacked.

Pure trash.

I think this video is fake as shit, meant to troll.

Nothing wrong with her that half a roll of duct tape wouldn’t fix.

With those cow tits you could probably make good money stripping. You would need to keep your mouth shut, though, because that voice is about as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard. I feel like I’m listening to a shitty remake of My Cousin Vinny.

Ghetto white bitch with a brotha recording it all.

53 Year Old White Female Social Worker Allegedly Kept 24 Year Old Negro Mental Patient as SEX SLAVE


Negros lie. It’s part of the way they evolved in Africa.

Maybe the crazy Nigga who accused Christy Lenhardt is lying. On the other hand, the lawyers say he had her naked pictures that she sent him.

If muh Nigga was bopping Christy can anyone explain how he was harmed. He was living the Nigger dream: Tight p***y, loose shoes, and a warm place to sh*t. Plus all the free skittles and grape “drank” he could imbibe.

New York Post

An Illinois social worker seduced and kept a 24-year-old patient as a sex slave at a mental institution, according to a federal lawsuit.

Ben Hurt, 24, took legal action Thursday against one of his former social workers, 53-year-old Christy Lenhardt, who he said sexually abused him for three years at Elgin Mental Health Center, news station WBBM reported.

“She engaged in all kinds of various sexual misconduct,” Hurt’s attorney, Joe Cecala, told the station. “The graphic details are every sex act that you can imagine.”

His lawyer claimed that the social worker spent months seducing Hurt, starting in 2014, before they had sex at the state mental institution.

“She’s accused of manipulating and seducing our client, repeatedly, and it took her about four months until she actually had sex for the first time with him,” Cecala said. “We have evidence of her perversion, both in her emails to the client, nude photos.”


Hurt, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in 2014 for battery against a police officer. The incident landed him at the facility, where his mom claims that Lendhart would make excuses to extend his stay, WBBM reported.

“They assured me that they were going to help me with my child,” Hurt’s mom D’Anntanette Lee told WBBM. “What they did to my son was wrong.”

Hurt, who was released from facility, also sued two other psychiatrists and the center’s director for allegedly ignoring the abuse.

Lenhardt was fired from the center in July but has not been charged with a crime.

Illinois State Police launched an investigation into the allegations, WGN-TV reported.

If Christy is guilty of miscegenation, then it’s time for the white population to practice shunning and shaming. No self-respecting white man should pay her the time of day. No employer should hire her. Let her go find a pimp to whore her out.

Tyrone explains Christy’s future:

I do have a question for Mandingo, though:

“Hot Felon” Turned Model Jeremy Meeks Earns $1,000,000 A MONTH Says Mudshark Wife in Bitter Divorce Battle



It’s always a pleasure to see your enemies making a mess of their lives.

Here we have a Jewess, a mudshark, and a worthless mulatto criminal involved in a scandalous divorce battle.

The best outcome, from a purely fantasy perspective, would be if the so-called hot felon were to take out his wealthy girlfriend when she ditches him and then off himself.

Meeks is a globalist psy op. He’s not there to sell products, but rather to encourage white women to mudshark. Hell, most women would probably not be aware that Chloe Green is a Jew, a member of a group of mixed race people with light skin.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks makes a million dollars a month, claims his estranged wife Melissa as their bitter divorce battle continues on.

Melissa is now seeking spousal and child support from Jeremy, 33, and, according to new documents seen by TMZ, has declared her income and estimated her ex’s.

The website reports Melissa’s million dollar figure was estimated off of her ex’s modelling contracts.

TMZ points out, however, that it’s not certain if Melissa had even seen her ex’s documents as she produced the figure.

Melissa says she makes $10,000 a month as a registered nurse in the Bay Area.

The couple have been going from strength to strength since then, and Chloe has even met Melissa and Jeremy’s seven-year-old son, Jeremy Jr.

Melissa is seeking sole legal and physical custody of Jeremy Jr.

In court documents seen by TMZ in which she applied for child support and spousal support, Melissa claimed her ‘hot felon’ ex ‘basically lives as a playboy with a rich girlfriend’.

Melissa claims her ex drives a $150,000 car and now has lots of pricey jewelry.

She also said fame had ‘gone to his head’ and that Meeks sees their son ‘maybe 2 days a month.’

But while Chloe, 26, is a multi-millionairess, thanks to businessman dad Philip Green, Meeks has only intermittently been working.

The prisoner turned model made his debut on the catwalk at New York fashion Week, and has been seen taking part in various photoshoots.


Single mother Melissa says, whatever his income, it is surely more substantial than her wages as a nurse at a young offenders institute.

She writes in the documents: ‘I am not yet sure of his income, but I am sure it is more than mine.’

In a interview with Inside Edition, Melissa said she was ‘in shock’ when asked how she felt about being ditched by her man for his new billionaire girlfriend.

‘I didn’t really know what to do’ a saddened Melissa said.

Melissa should have expected it. Meeks is a felon. He doesn’t play by the rules.

She may be glad he left when she gets a phone call one day telling her that he’s been arrested for murdering Chloe or some other meal ticket.

It’s why there’s a saying, “Avoid the groid.”


This May be the Weirdest Mudshark Story You’ll Ever Read


The only sensible part of this story is that a Chinese couple did NOT want to be stuck with raising a mulatto.

An IVF mum has revealed how she became pregnant with her own child and a surrogate baby at the same time.

After the babies were born, Jessica Allen and husband Wardell Jasper, from Perris, California, had to fight for custody of their own son – because a Chinese family were his legal parents.

Describing her experience for the New York Post, Jessica said the Liu couple’s frozen male embryo was inserted into her uterus in April 2016.

She and Wendell waited to have sex until a doctor gave them permission, and said they used condoms while doing so. However, she returned to hospital to find she was now pregnant with twins – initially assuming that both babies were Chinese.

Jessica said: ‘Not once during the pregnancy did any of the medical staff provided by the agency say that the babies were in separate sacs.

‘As far as we were concerned, the transferred embryo had split in two and the twins were identical.’


But they weren’t identical – through a rare medical incident called superfetation, she was naturally pregnant with her own son as well as the Lius’.

As the newborns were immediately taken away from her after birth in December 2016, Jessica did not immediately realise the babies were different.

It was only when Mrs Liu sent her a message reading ‘they are not the same, right? Have you thought about why they are different?’ that her suspicions arose.

A DNA test revealed one of the babies was Chinese but the other was biracial and belonged to Jessica and Wardell.

The Lius did not want the second child, but reuniting him with his biological parents proved to be anything but simple.

San Diego-based agency Omega Family Global said they aimed to give the baby to another the family or allow the Lius, still his legal parents, to put him up for adoption.

Jessica told them ‘we want our son’, but it took a costly legal battle, which ended with a judge ruling the family did not owe the agency or the Lius any money for them to bring the baby, named Malachi, home.

She added: ‘Wardell and I treasure Malachi with all our hearts. I don’t regret becoming a surrogate mom because that would mean regretting my son.

I just hope other women considering surrogacy can learn from my story.’

There’s no way that the Nog Wardell waited until the doctors said he could have sex with his mudshark. Self-control is sorely lacking in his race. I’m certain that his lack of self control resulted in the weird situation the Nog and his paramour found themselves in.

I hope the British taxpayers aren’t paying the bills for this creepy “fambly.” Miscegenation should be outlawed as it was in the past. Those sprogs are mistakes that Mother Nature will punish one way or another.