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Because of some work related to eventually moving, the number of posts and my ability to respond to comments will be cut back through Monday.

In short, I’m going to be doing plenty of moving type activity for the next 48 hours or so. Site operations should be back to normal on Monday evening, U.S. Central time.

A Sabotage Tactic That Will Change Everything If We Have the Courage to Do It

A simple tactic that will work if enough citizens of the USSA have the courage to do it has been brought to the forefront by Karl Denninger, dissident financial expert.

tax strike

Gonna stand up yet? Go on a national work (and thus tax) strike until this **** stops? Gonna hit the government in the only place it hurts and can be legally done (their tax receipts)?

Voting hasn’t done a damn thing for 20+ years, all the way back to Reagan.

Change tactics or admit you don’t care how many citizens are killed by the illegal invaders.

No action on your part is a declaration of not giving a ****.

OK, you say that NOT WORKING isn’t feasible for you. There’s a middle ground that I have pursued. It may be inconvenient for you but there are ways to reduce your “tax footprint.” I’m moving from an area where my property taxes were $5000 a year to a place where for a more expensive house, they’re $800 a year.

One commenter on the Denninger site moved from Washington state to Montana. He makes less money, but he lives better and pays much less in taxes. Read his story here.

If things are not brought under control by we the people, we’re all going to end up like the Greeks anyway. A few of us will be incredibly rich, while the great majority will live in debt and poverty. I’ll bet the Greeks wish they had rebelled, but for them it’s too late. It soon will be for us, too.