Negro DELIBERATELY Crashes Stolen Truck into Planned Parenthood, Injuring Pregnant Woman and Two Others


There is a higher god in morally bankrupt America today. The sacred Negro is normally top dog, but the abortionist trumps the Negro.

Observe that the governor of New Jersey weighed in.

New York Daily News

A man plowed a stolen bakery truck into a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey this week, hurting three people — including a pregnant woman, authorities said this week.

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Genetic Dead End: Vile (((Lena Dunham’s))) Total Hysterectomy Hopefully Means She’ll Never Reproduce


Hollywood sorceress Lena Dunham, who corrupted the morals of a generation of young women by making immorality look cool and hip, has undergone a hysterectomy.

I’m a little confused. I thought that this operation would make her sterile. However, she’s still talking about wanting children. I wonder how many she’s aborted already?

It would be a huge net loss to the world if she were to pass on her genes to children.

E Online

Lena Dunham is thanking her supporters who offered her words of empathy as she recovers from her hysterectomy, saying that while her heart is broken, they are now “linked forever.”

A vivid reminder of Dunham’s nudity on her HBO series. Barf bags, ready, ladies and gentlemen?

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Polanski Victim Slams Quentin Tarantino for Claiming Sex was Consensual


There’s nothing about Quentin Tarantino that’s likable.

As one of the commenters at Stormfront observed, he’s probably swallowed enough Jewish DNA (including Harvey Weinstein’s) that he’s become a Jew himself.

Defending the five foot Jewish Pole that no one would want to touch with a ten foot pole is beyond the pale. Tarantino must be a pedophile if he thinks that 13-year-old white girls want to be anally raped by a disgusting degenerate like Roman Polanski.

The Independent

Roman Polanski’s sexual assault victim Samantha Geimer has slammed Quentin Tarantino’s comments – after she said her encounter with the director wasn’t rape and she was “down to party.”


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Poll: Majority of Americans Do Not View Christmas as Religious Holiday

The liberal Pew poll is at it again, as is the Washington Post. They are offended by a “white” Holiday revolving around a white Jesus. So, they want you to believe you’re a racist if you don’t go along with the evil Jewish scheme to secularize the most holy of days.

Excerpt from Washington Post via NOLA

Christmas was a big day for President Donald Trump. His first Christmas as president gave him the opportunity to fulfill a campaign promise -technically.

Trump had promised his supporters – many of whom are upset at the increasing secularization of the Christmas holiday – that they would be able to say “Merry Christmas” again if they elected him.

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Alt-Right Takes Credit for Feminist-Fag “Last Jedi’s” Bad Reviews, but Box Office Strong


No one with respect for tradition wants to see his or her favorite fiction ruined by a (((Hollywood))) producer injecting post-modern feminist and faggot themes into storylines. The ability of alt-right trolls to raise objections to the corruption of the latest entry in the Star Wars franchise is an encouraging sign that the ability of Hollyweird to get away with soft indoctrination of audiences has come to an end.

Not only did the alt-right push out bad reviews but the trolls also got themselves some publicity for doing so.


An alt-right group named Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys is taking responsibility for flooding Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews of the Rian Johnson-directed blockbuster. One of the biggest headlines surrounding the film has been the fan backlash, specifically the movie’s shockingly low Rotten Tomatoes user score. As of this posting, “The Last Jedi” currently has a 54% user score from over 132,000 reviews.

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Former Miss Germany Suing Married Hedge Fund Lover for $15 Million Over STD and Promised OSTRICH FARM


I subscribe to the legal theory that if you deliberately and knowingly contribute to whatever predicament you’re in, then you lose your right to complain.

Aline Massel continued her sexual relationship with married Robert Gibbons AFTER she found out he was married. He continued to shower her with gifts, allegedly telling her that he was filing for divorce from his wife. Does that make Aline a high-priced call girl?

And isn’t an STD an occupation hazard faced by all whores???!!!

New York Post

A married hedge-funder wooed his beauty-pageant mistress with the promise of an ostrich farm in Uganda — only to gift her with an STD, a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit says.

Former Miss Germany International Aline Marie Massel, 31, revealed the alleged seamy details of her two-year illicit relationship with Autonomy Capital CEO Robert Charles Gibbins in new court documents.

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Prominent 9th Circuit Jewish Judge Resigns Over Multiple Nasty Sexual Harassment Accusations

Liberal San Francisco federal judge Alex Kozinski, age 67, has resigned. Credible accusations that the judge demeaned, degraded, and humiliated women law clerks led to the resignation.

Boorish, rotten, and even criminal behavior by Hollywood (((celebrities))) toward women who are whores at heart is one thing, but such behavior by a judge toward the shiksas serving under him as law clerks is quite another.

Abnormal interest in humiliating gentile women seems to be a Jewish characteristic. My own Jew lawyer constantly and openly harassed in particularly cruel ways the young, Mexican and white females who worked for him . It really seems to be in their DNA. (I was not terribly Jew wise at the time, although I should have been. I was shocked at his behavior.)

The good news is that Kozinski has been called out and President Trump gets to appoint his successor. More good news is that Trump gets to appoint as many as seven vacancies on the most “liberal” court in the country. By liberal, I mean the judges on that court believe they have the right to legislate from the bench, pushing the anti-white Cultural Marxist agenda.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A prominent U.S. appeals court judge announced his retirement Monday days after women alleged he subjected them to inappropriate sexual conduct or comments.


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