Rochester Feminist Prof Celeste Kidd Suffers Crushing Defeat, Leaves for UC Berkeley


A woman professor who had a sexual relationship with a male professor while she was studying under him made the news last year on Saboteur365 when she received national recognition for exposing a male professor as a lecher.

I know you’re going to be saddened to hear this but the Jewish president of the University of Rochester resigned because Professor Florian Jaeger was accused of sexually harassing women on campus. By sexually harassing, I mean having consensual sex with them.

Professor Celeste Kidd is suing the university for not doing what she wanted, which was clearly to fire the alleged harasser, Professor Florian Jaeger, who seems like a real ladies man.

Feminists held marches, got an investigation from the local US Attorney, and even went on a hunger strike, but Jaeger’s back!

The petulant Kidd and her hubby, who has a different last name, are leaving in protest.

New York Post

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A professor who was named one of Time magazine’s 2017 Persons of the Year for outing a colleague accused of sexual misconduct has resigned from the University of Rochester over the university’s handling of complaints against him.

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Soros: “everything that could go wrong has gone wrong”

If you’re against Donald Trump, you have something in common with George Soros. In a Thursday interview, Soros opined that Trump is “willing to destroy the world.”

Soros is willing to destroy the white race and white countries, so it could be that he’s simply projecting his own values on Trump.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

Liberal billionaire George Soros blamed the Trump administration for the current woes in society, adding that ‘everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.’

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Christian Crossfit Exec’s Belief that LGBT Pride is a Sin Causes Him to be FIRED


Russell Berger rebelled against the (((Deep State))) social engineering that requires everyone to worship sodomites.

His company, Crossfit, well aware that the Deep State can destroy it anytime via the IRS, OSHA, etc., quickly fired him.

In Stalin’s Soviet Union, it was the state that directly did the dirty work. In the USSA, the United Soviet States of America, companies do the dirty work for the Deep State in order to stay in business.

Daily Signal

Russell Berger, the chief knowledge officer for the fitness movement and company known as CrossFit, was fired Wednesday for saying that LGBTQ pride and celebrations of such are a “sin.”

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Principal Catches Teachers Having Sex in Elementary School Classroom: She Says There’s Nothing Wrong with it


Latin Lothario Justin Pinto was in his first year of teaching. It looks like his last year as well. He’s already been fired.

According to sources, Pinto wanted to bang every female teacher in the school. The aging race traitor Wilhide may not have been his only teacher lover.

Consider their trysts a win for students, though. Neither of the lovers has been accused of sex with students.

Daily Mail

Florida elementary school teachers, Justin Pinto and Samantha Wilhide, were caught having sex in a classroom by the school’s principal.


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Ominous: Judge Who Cut “Rapist” Brock Turner Some Slack Ousted by California Voters


Bad news for normal young males came on Tuesday in the form of a recall vote that replaced Jewish Judge Aaron Persky with a female judge committed to exterminating male heterosexuals.

Feminist mob rule is on the way, folks. Get ready for it.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — Northern California voters on Tuesday recalled a judge from office after he sentenced a former Stanford University swimmer convicted of sexual assault to a short jail sentence instead of prison. Voters opted to oust Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky. He was targeted for recall in June 2016 shortly after he sentenced Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a young woman outside a fraternity house on campus. Prosecutors argued for a 7-year prison sentence.


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Jewish Judge in Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case Facing Tuesday Recall Election Pushed by Feminists

Wow! It’s almost two years to the day that I published this piece on Brock Turner and Jewish Judge Aaron Persky, defending both of them.

Judge Persky was under a recall threat even then. The idea driving the recall vote this Tuesday is to impose mob rule (by angry man-hating feminists) on the legal system. They want to see long sentences for probable consensual sexual activity where the so-called victim has regrets later.

Los Angeles Times

Voters will decide Tuesday whether to recall Judge Aaron Persky, who two years ago sentenced Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail for assaulting a woman who lost consciousness after heavy drinking.

Turner, who was 19 at the time, was convicted of three felonies: two for digitally penetrating an unconscious or intoxicated person and one for assault with intent to commit rape. He served three months and must register as a sex offender for life.

Turner and the girl were at a frat party. Both were drunk. Both were attracted to each other the way that drunk, horny college students experience attraction. They left the party together after making out to go back to his or her place. I think it’s fair to assume that their plan was NOT to play a game of Scrabble.

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Filthy Nog Soccer Player to Marry TWO White Wimmens in Rio

A wealthy nagger ex-sports star shows his interest in white women by doubling down, leaving behind an angry nagger ex-girlfriend.

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