Dual Israeli and American Citizen Natalie Portman Denounced by Israel for Boycotting Awards Ceremony

There’s this tendency among Hollywood Jews to politicize everything.

Remember all of them who said they were going to leave America if Donald Trump won?

We’re still waiting.

It’s odd that Natalie Portman refuses to visit Israel now. She holds dual citizenship, American and Israeli.

That dual citizenship law should be repealed. Pick one. Preferably, pick Israel.

Anyway, it never seems to occur to these people that you can ignore politics. Visiting a country isn’t necessarily approving its policies.

The Jews have every right to be upset with their former favorite actress.

Chicago Tribune

Actress Natalie Portman has snubbed a prestigious prize known as the “Jewish Nobel,” saying she did not want her attendance to be seen as an endorsement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Comey’s ABC Smear Job on Trump Draws Half the Viewers Who Saw Stormy’s Interview

Disgraced FBI Director James Comey weighed in on a variety of well-known people with ABC News last night during a long interview with George Stephenapolous. President Trump was harshly criticized. Since he fired Comey, I wouldn’t expect otherwise.

I’m wondering when Comey will be investigated and indicted for leaks and possible other crimes.

This post uses several mainstream media sources to put together a picture of the interview and reaction to it.

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Weird Blue Haired Lesbo Teacher Suspended for Indoctrinating Third Graders into Turning LGBT


Either a bizarre looking lesbian teacher is lying or a Texas school district is.

LGBT people have to recruit in order to grow their numbers and their political power. Impressionable youth are a good place to start. The dyke denies the allegations as stated by the school board.

I recall the slogan of one of the pedophile groups, perhaps the North American Man-Boy Love Association: SEX BEFORE EIGHT OR ELSE IT’S TOO LATE.

The same principle applies when it comes to normalizing degeneracy. Every dyke in America would like to be able to preach to little kids about the glories of perversion without being challenged.

Stacy Bailey needs to go munch some more carpet in a lesbian bar, or whatever.

Dallas News

A Mansfield ISD elementary school art teacher was suspended after the district received complaints from parents about her discussing her sexual orientation with elementary-aged students, district officials said Tuesday afternoon.

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Slutty Looking Young Teacher Charged with Oral Sex on 13 Year Old, Nude Photos, Tells Judge She Wants to Go Home to Hubby


This one doesn’t exactly look white, but I confess that I can’t guess her ethnicity other than to say that I think that she’s a hot-blooded, bullshitting latina. She also has a somewhat Jewish look.

What there’s no need to guess about is that she’s a flatterer. Latinas are good at that.

New York Post

A sixth-grade teacher in Arizona accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student performed oral sex on him in a classroom — and told the teen she wanted him “every day with no time limit,” according to court records.

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Craigslist Drops Personals Ads After Congress Passes Anti-Prostitution Bill



A bipartisan bill tackling human sex trafficking has driven Craigslist and Reddit to make some changes to their content. Twitter better get on the ball too because I’ve seen porn models advertising “dates” on that social media platform.

I don’t like the feminist angle on this type of legislation. Where are the holy men schooled in the Bible arguing against prostitution specifically and our overly sexualized culture more generally.

Rather than discuss morality, which could lead to an indictment of the current Jewish imposed culture which celebrates homosexuality, abortion, and general weirdness, the discussion is always about what some feminist yakking away about protecting women from men says.

It’s like women are powerless children.

Furthermore, the whores are celebrated, while wives and mothers are denigrated.

USA Today

Craigslist said it is dropping its personals section, citing the passage of a sex trafficking bill potentially leaving websites liable for penalties.

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Negro DELIBERATELY Crashes Stolen Truck into Planned Parenthood, Injuring Pregnant Woman and Two Others


There is a higher god in morally bankrupt America today. The sacred Negro is normally top dog, but the abortionist trumps the Negro.

Observe that the governor of New Jersey weighed in.

New York Daily News

A man plowed a stolen bakery truck into a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey this week, hurting three people — including a pregnant woman, authorities said this week.

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Genetic Dead End: Vile (((Lena Dunham’s))) Total Hysterectomy Hopefully Means She’ll Never Reproduce


Hollywood sorceress Lena Dunham, who corrupted the morals of a generation of young women by making immorality look cool and hip, has undergone a hysterectomy.

I’m a little confused. I thought that this operation would make her sterile. However, she’s still talking about wanting children. I wonder how many she’s aborted already?

It would be a huge net loss to the world if she were to pass on her genes to children.

E Online

Lena Dunham is thanking her supporters who offered her words of empathy as she recovers from her hysterectomy, saying that while her heart is broken, they are now “linked forever.”

A vivid reminder of Dunham’s nudity on her HBO series. Barf bags, ready, ladies and gentlemen?

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