Lovely Asian Woman Confronts her Savage Nigger Brass Knuckles Attacker in Court (Video)


A minute and a half local TV news report, above, covers this story well, a story ignored by the national media. The video below is a two minute local news report from 2017 that covers the initial reporting on the sneak black attack.

From the youtube information box:

WISN 12 News
Published on Apr 21, 2018
A tearful Pa Lor recounted her “nightmare of a story” in court Friday during a sentencing hearing for the teen who attacked her outside a south side grocery store last July.
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One of the comments at youtube said that blacks target Asians because they think that Asians are easy prey. That’s probably true. We should ally with the Asian communities to get action on the Negro problem. Another comment suggested one of my favorites–bring back lynching.

The nog’s girlfriend was in on the crime too.

In this video, it’s reported that Pa Lor fought off her attackers successfully, using pepper spray.

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Nickelodeon Cuts Ties with Hitmaker Jew Producer Rumored to be Pedophile


Haha. Even mainstream CBS reports Jew children’s TV producer Dan Schneider’s fetish for the feet of his pre-teen and teen stars.

However, the real story eludes Jewish owned CBS. Scroll down to read about a degenerate pervert involved in deflowering virgins, fathering illegitimate children, and paying for children’s abortions.

CBS News

NEW YORK — Nickelodeon is ending its relationship with longtime producer Dan Schneider, who has been with the network since 1993. The power player is one of the most prolific creators of children’s television, and masterminded some of Nickelodeon’s top shows, including “Henry Danger” and “iCarly.”

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Restaurateur Badly Beaten by Dine and Dash Black Savage Speaks



I don’t know how old Grant Redmond is, but he is old enough to be outmatched by a younger colored gentleman who has no qualms about attacking people.

Grant should have stayed inside Acapulco Joe’s rather than following a ghetto ape outside. He could have used security cam video to help the police find his food thief or just written off the cost of the food as a business loss. It wouldn’t be cowardly to do that. Just common sensical.

Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

Indy Star

When Redmond was brought to the hospital, surgeons had to remove part of his skull to address bleeding and a clot in his brain. He has a few fractures in his skull and possibly a cracked elbow. In fewer than 24 hours, his speech has improved dramatically, says his partner of 28 years, Robert Plank.

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Nigger Charged with Throwing Chihuahua Off 7 Story Garage Had Been Arrested 40 Times Before


It’s rare that I will use the word Nigger in a post, but sometimes it’s the only word that fits.

Animal lovers in San Francisco want to see the dog murdering monster get the maximum penalty allowed by law. I believe they will stay with this case and get justice for Dunky, the Chihuahua.

ABC7 News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The auto burglary suspect who hurled a chihuahua off the seventh floor of a San Francisco garage is no stranger to the law.

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Negro Monster with Long Rap Sheet Arrested for Torture Murder of Beautiful White Student Rachel Anderson

The police are not always our friends. They, for some reason (political correctness?), didn’t want the name and photo of the black bastard killer released to the public.

His record shows that he should have faced the death penalty decades ago.

ABC6 on your side

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — Columbus Police said an arrest was made in connection with the murder of a 24-year-old mortuary student. Anthony Pardon was arrested at his home in the Linden neighborhood Thursday night and charged with murder.

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South African Farm Murders (A Lauren Southern Video)

According to the Sunday Times Katie Hopkins is going to South Africa to publicize the plight of the South African farmer.

Here are two of her Tweets on the issue, featured in the article.

The former talk show host has almost 900‚000 Twitter followers. She writes for Rebel Media‚ a conservative Canadian website‚ with mostly white writers‚ self-described as a “fearless source of news‚ opinion‚ and activism that you won’t find anywhere else”.

South African farmers last year protested against their lack of safety and farm killings on a day dubbed Black Monday. Hopkins tweeted afterwards she would travel to South Africa to expose “#plaasmoorde”.

Hopkins believes farm murders and the brutality of the attacks are being ignored in South Africa‚ due to the race of the victims.

Andrew Anglin Advocates Pit Bull Genocide


I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I’m coping with my lack of Internet to keep posting until I get my own Internet access after New Years. Yesterday was just too cold to work on the patio of the public library. I can handle temps in the 50s, but not a high of 46 degrees and damp.

Now on to the first post-Christmas post, which offers a response to the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin’s insulting, inaccurate condemnation of my favorite dog breed, the pit bull.

It’s obvious that Anglin never spent any time around pit bulls.

I have. My “98 percent pure pit bull” that I found abandoned in 1999 spent 12 years with me. Every night he would fall asleep on my chest or neck. He never met a person he didn’t like. Especially children. He did bite me once. That was as he was in the middle of his stroke that left him permanently blinded in one eye and temporarily paralyzed.

This pit bull could be a twin to mine, whom I named Pup:

The bite was just a nip. The skin was not broken. He was in horrific pain. Any dog will bite when in pain as the vet will tell you.

My fox terriors and cocker spaniel bit me so many times or threatened to bite me that I lost track.

Excerpt from the Daily Stormer

Pit bulls are the niggers of the dog realm.

They even have evil, niggerlike faces.


Why are these horrible animals still legal?


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