Nog Parents of Nog Football Player Demand $12 Million From School After Attack by Other Nog Players (Video)

How are schools supposed to protect others, even other negros, from the black attack, which often erupts suddenly and without warning.

The only way would be to ban all negros from attending school, which is a great idea, but isn’t going to happen.

The school calls this a “hazing incident.” They refuse to call it what it really is, feral nogs on the loose–the black attack.

New York Post

MOBILE, Ala. — Four more students will be charged after a locker room assault on an Alabama high school football player was caught on camera.

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Police Brutality: Nogs Upset over Arrest of Negress in Waffle House Causing Black TITTY EXPOSURE

As usual the Negress wrestling with police dindu nuffins.

The place of arrest was the Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama. Less than two minutes.

The treatment of a 25-year-old black Mobile woman who was arrested early Sunday morning inside a Waffle House in Saraland by white Saraland Police officers is quickly driving outrage in Alabama and beyond.

I’m outraged. How about you.

I’m really, really pissed that the cops didn’t just shoot the squealing sheboon. Or at least duct tape her mouth and the mouths of other squealing sheboons.

Being a cop must lead to a strong feeling of disgust toward Negros.

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Cord Cutting Explodes as 56 Million Americans Do Without Pay TV

While Americans are pulling the plug on cable TV, there’s never any analysis of why, so let me speculate.

I know a woman who is totally disgusted by her soap operas that she’s watched for decades. Seeing a naked white male in bed with a naked Negro male, the two of them kissing, isn’t her cup of tea. It’s soured her on the whole TV viewing experience. There’s way too much diversity for her.

For similar reasons, I stopped watching TV, other than the news, documentaries, and old movies, around 1992 or even earlier. So-called entertainment was anything but entertaining.

Millions are feeling the vibe that TV is not a necessity. I’ll bet most of them are white.

Excerpt from Techcrunch

Bad news for traditional pay TV: cord cutting is accelerating at a pace faster than previously estimated. According to a new industry report from eMarketer, there will be 22.2 million cord cutters ages 18 and older this year – a figure that’s up 33.2 percent over 2016. The firm said it’s had to revise its forecast as the pace of cord cutting has increased. Previously, it believed there would only be 15.4 million cord cutters in the U.S.

In addition, the so-called “cord-nevers” – meaning those consumers who never choose to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite TV in the first place – is growing, too. While the pace of that growth is slower – a more modest 5.8 percent this year – the total number of cord-nevers is higher. eMarketer says there will be 34.4 million U.S. adult cord-nevers in 2017.

When you combine the cord cutters and cord-nevers, there will be 56.6 million U.S. non-pay TV viewers this year.

By 2021, eMarketer says the number of cord cutters will nearly equal the number of cord-nevers with 40.1 million for the former, and 41 million for the latter.

The firm attributes its revised forecast, in part, to the growing list of live streaming and over-the-top platforms that are now available.

In addition to existing players like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, in under a year’s time we’ve seen new entrants in the live TV streaming space like AT&T’s DirecTV Now, which arrived late last year; YouTube TV, which launched in April; and Hulu Live TV, which arrived in May. There’s also a growing number of sports streaming services, including fuboTV and Stadium. Meanwhile, major companies have announced similar plans to enter the live streaming space, including CBS Sports and ESPN.

And that’s just live streaming TV.

The on-demand market, which includes Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and others, is growing, too. Even Disney is prepping its own Netflix competitor.

“Younger audiences continue to switch to either exclusively watching [over-the-top] video or watching them in combination with free TV options,: noted Chris Bendtsen, eMarketer’s senior forecasting analyst.

“Last year, even the Olympics and presidential elections could not prevent younger audiences from abandoning pay TV,” Bendtsen added.

Another factor accounting for the decline in pay TV viewership has to do with the way we’re now watching video content. U.S. adults simply aren’t watching TV as much as they used to, says eMarketer. The average time spent watching TV, excluding digital, will drop 3.1 percent to 3 hours, 58 minutes – that’s the first time it’s fallen below 4 hours per day, eMarketer notes.

Digital video viewing, meanwhile, has jumped up 9.3 percent over 2016 to reach 1 hour, 17 minutes.

NAACP occupies Jeff Sessions’ office to protest his nomination as AG

Simple problem to solve: arrest them. Trespassing is a crime.

The big issue is whether blacks can dictate who Donald Trump’s Attorney General can be. They believe they can. Let’s hope they’re wrong.

The president of the NAACP and the head of the group’s Mobile branch are occupying the Alabama senator’s Mobile office until he withdraws from consideration as President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general or the group gets arrested.

The protest at Sessions’ Mobile Senate office was among several demonstrations held statewide against Sessions’ nomination.

Sessions was the U.S. attorney in Mobile in the mid-1980s when then-President Ronald Reagan nominated him for a federal judgeship. But the nomination failed amid allegations that Sessions made racist remarks toward a colleague, said the Ku Klux Klan was “O.K.” until he learned that members smoked marijuana and that he called the NAACP and liberal organizations “un-American” and “communist-inspired.”

“As a matter of conscience, the NAACP has chosen not to remain silent on this critical matter,” Birmingham NAACP head Hezekiah Johnson said outside Sessions’ Senate office in Birmingham. “Our main concern is centered around the reality of voter suppression. We have found no evidence of his ability, past or present, to be impartial and unbiased as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America, especially in the areas of civil rights, voting rights and equal protection under the law.”

Johnson was referring to the voting fraud case against blacks in Perry County that resulted in acquittal. Black critics of Sessions accused the then-U.S. attorney of fiercely pursuing voter fraud cases against blacks while ignoring similar cases against whites.

The Birmingham NAACP head added there was “no evidence that [Sessions] has been a supporter, let alone a champion” of civil rights.

But Sessions’ supporters said he was the victim of a smear campaign in the 1980s to derail his nomination. They pointed to Sessions successfully seeking the death penalty against a KKK member Henry Francis Hays in the murder of a black Alabama man.

A spokeswoman for Sessions’ confirmation said the characterizations of the senator are “false portrayals,” pointing out that the attorney general nominee has the support of black elected officials.

I hate to say it, but the NAACP leadership are puppets of …

jews did this gif

A black woman speaks common sense:

Video: Nagger Beats Up on Smaller White Boy in Alabama Middle School

Video captures a Mau-Mau terrorist terrorizing a smaller white youngster.

Published on Nov 21, 2016
This video originally uploaded to Facebook shows a violent bullying incident at Semmes Middle School in Mobile County, Alabama. The video was uploaded by the victim’s brother on November 13, 2016 and has been watched by millions of people. Mobile County Public Schools has called the matter “very serious” and says disciplinary action has been taken.

Alabama High School Student Uses Stun Gun on Teacher (Video)

stun gun attack al

This short video offers another reason for folks to home school their children. The public schools seem to be in chaos today.

An Alabama student pulled a stun gun on a teacher who tried to stop her fighting with another female student. The altercation was caught on camera, and the shocking footage made it to web. The girl has been arrested and charged with felony assault.
A Mary G. Montgomery High School student, whose name is not being released due to her age, was reportedly having a conflict with another girl when a teacher came to break up their fight, according to the Alabama Media Group.

The student in question attacked him with a stun gun she had on her, Mobile County Sheriff’s office said.

I don’t see the stun gun in this video. Is there a stun gun?

UPDATED: Watch Live! Monster Crowd Greets the Donald in Mobile–Happening Now

Watch Live

Mr. Trump has just started to address an amazing crowd tonight.


Donald Trump entered Mobile, Alabama’s Ladd-Peebles Stadium tonight like a King being greeted by cheering throngs of his subjects.

Wearing his “Make America Great Again” cap, this one in red, and dressed in a blue jacket, white shirt, and no tie, Trump’s remarks brought forth repeated cheers. Many present were holding “Trump” signs that were waved enthusiastically.

This event was billed as a pep rally. That it was. It was reminiscent of a high school pep rally, minus the football team and the cheerleaders.

The Donald spoke in plain language, seemingly unencumbered by a script. One woman who waved a copy of Trump’s “Art of the Deal” best selling book, was invited to approach the podium where Trump autographed it for her.

Deal making, illegal immigrants, the economy, the stupidity and incompetence of America’s leaders, were all subjects touched upon during his address. Trump also reiterated his love of Israel to the crowd, which erupted into cheers.

Trump mentioned his wife, who was not present, to the crowd several times. He also stated how much he “cherishes” women and vowed to tackle women’s health issues as president. He also extended his comments to Obamacare, vowing to make the healthcare system work for all Americans.

All in all, Donald Trump had an amazing, special day, which included taking a few jabs at Jeb and the dishonest press.

More analysis of this hugely important campaign event will be forthcoming later, as warranted by media analysis.