Girl Whose “nigger hunting” Video Got Her Fired from Restaurant Also Kicked Out of Air Force


The unforgettable Tabitha “Tabbie” Duncan is back in the news.

The last time we say her she’d been fired from her waitressing job after a “nigger hunting” remark was captured on video and posted on social media. The Air Force also issued a statement condemning her, but had taken no action.

Now the Air Force has acted. It’s in the process of canceling her enlistment.

New York Post

A Missouri waitress who spewed racist hate on social media lost her day job — and now has been thrown out of the Air Force, according to reports.

Tabitha Duncan boasted that she wanted to go “n—-r hunting” in an offensive viral video, leading the Social Bar & Grill in St. Louis to can her, the Air Force Times reported.

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Missing 3 Year Old Girl Found Safe in Cornfield, Faithful Yorkie by Her Side

That is a big cornfield!

The Yorkie’s name is “Fat Heath.”

He may be a small dog, but he has a heart as big as a Missouri cornfield.


QULIN, Mo. — A 3-year-old girl is safe after spending the night in a rural Missouri cornfield, her faithful dog by her side.

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20 Year Old Waitress Fired After Snapchat Video Surfaces with Her Boasting of Going “nigger hunting”

Even the U.S. Air Force is involved in condemning Tabby Duncan.

The overreaction may be crazy, but it’s typical.


Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Duncan, a 20-year-old Missouri waitress, was fired from her job after she was filmed in a SnapChat video talking about going ‘n****r hunting’. In the video, Duncan can be seen saying the racist comment while drinking a beer and riding on top of a pick-up truck. The 15-second video was posted to Facebook on Sunday, June 10.

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Assistant Principal Accused of Using Excessive Force on Monkey 3rd Grader at Barack Obama Elementary School

There’s a sense of justice in knowing that a school named for Barack Obama is an out of control zoo.

The Daily Motion video violence lasts a minute and a half. A different video will start automatically after the relevant video ends. Click on the video and the stop button will appear. Tap it to end the next video.


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – The Barack Obama Elementary School employee said he has no ax to grind with the school district but wants to get the word out about how he says overly aggressive things can get inside of this elementary school.

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Jewish Governor of Missouri Finally Resigns Over Sex Scandal

Adultery, an alleged nude picture, and blackmail accusations have plagued Jewish Republican Gov. Eric Greitens for months.

Facing impeachment, he’s finally resigned.

Another prominent Jew has become a nonperson because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Excerpt from CBS News

Gov. Greitens announced his resignation at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. Greitens, who faced possible impeachment over an extramarital affair and allegations of misuse of a charity donor list for political purpose, said he will resign effective this Friday at 5 p.m. local time.

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Felony Charges Involving Sordid Adulterous Affair by Jewish Missouri Governor Dropped by Prosecutors


The woman that Governor Eric Grietens admits to having an adulterous sexual relationship with claims that her Jewish lover took nude photos of her without permission in order to blackmail her into silence.

Doesn’t everybody do that?

I guess not because there’s been a movement afoot for a while now to impeach the governor.

If Greitens was pals with Trump’s lawyer MIchael Cohen then he might have paid her off to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Attorneys representing the state of Missouri announced Monday they will drop a felony invasion of privacy charge against Gov. Eric Greitens, after the attorney prosecuting the case was named as a witness in the trial.

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Jewish Governor of Missouri Arrested for Blackmailing Ex-Mistress with Threat to Release Nude Photo

Republican governor Eric Greitens was a Democrat until 2015. I suspect he’s a RINO.

Whatever his politics, he’s a cheater. He also has some talent as a photographer since a nude photo taken without permission is at the center of the criminal charges against him.

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