Two Mississippi Cops Fired After Negro Claims They Beat Him During Traffic Stop


James Barnett’s injuries are real, but not terribly serious.

The question is how did he incur those injuries? He says he was beaten by two police officers for no reason.

The cops aren’t telling their side of the story because they’ve already been fired. They need a police union to protect them from hoaxes.

The Grio

Two Mississippi police officers who were fired after allegations of assaulting an African-American man are facing possible additional charges, according to ABC News.

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Mississippi Woman Recognized for Saving Thousands of Stray Dogs


Here’s a great story of a nice dog lady.

As inspiring as her love for dogs is, Jeanette Unruh should be married and having children. Dogs in need are one crisis, but there’s a demographic crisis too. A kind-hearted woman could produce many kind-hearted children who could carry on her work.

After the story, I share a little news about my two foxes.

Excerpt from the Clarion-Ledger

She has seen a stray dog who had the hair burned off her face.

She has seen the X-rays of strays with broken bones and shotgun pellets all over their bodies.

She has seen a stray dragging her hind legs to the point they were rubbed raw. An X-ray revealed a BB lodged at the top of her spine that left her partially paralyzed.

But there is a happy ending to all of the above because Jeanette Unruh of Macon cared enough to rescue them, nurture them back to health, then find them a good home.

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Married Mudshark Mom on the Run from Police with 16 Year Old Black Student


Race treason has combined with adultery in the case of a former Mississippi teacher.

Nicole Jackson, married with one child, is wanted by police for sexual battery on a juvenile, a Negroid youth named Oscar Neal, Jr., but who goes by “Pooh Gotti.”

He must be the coolest nigga in the school with that name and a white p**** notched on his d***.

That demon of lust known as Jungle Fever should put Nicole in prison for a good long time.

Daily Mail

Police have launched a desperate search for a high school student and a teacher who are believed to have run off with each other.

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12 Year Old White Boy Attending “Diverse” School Hangs Self After YEARS of Bullying


UPDATE: Andrew’s family claims that his bullying was related to his coming out as a BISEXUAL. Read more at the New York Post. Apparently, there were threats of physical violence directed toward him.

According to startclass, Southaven Middle School is almost half black. Throw in Hispanics and other darker students and whites are a minority.

No one in this story has the courage to interject the role that race may have played in Andrew’s suicide. What we have, thanks to various pieces published by Jared Taylor over the years, is anecdotal evidence that blacks torment white students routinely.

Given all the stories we’ve seen, it’s reasonable to speculate that Andrew’s death is related to black aggressiveness toward whites. The school did nothing to stop his torment either. It’s Negro worship writ large in Mississippi just outside Memphis, Tennessee.


Andrew Michael Leach, a sixth grade Southaven Middle School student, committed suicide after enduring bullying.

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Trump Tours, Speaks at New Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

American President Donald Trump played the role of Daniel walking into the lion’s den on Saturday.

The state of Mississippi built a civil rights museum in the state capital of Jackson, which opened Saturday.

Some black leaders boycotted the opening because Trump, whom they call a racist, attended at the invitation of Mississippi’s white Republican governor.

Depending on how you look at it, Trump either:

A. played with the minds of Negros by showing that a racist could disrupt their day; or

B. Trump kowtowed to blacks by showing up and saying some nice things about the civil rights movement.

Only Trump knows what was on his mind.

What is clear is that black leaders showed their narcissistic selfishness by rejecting the opportunity to lobby Trump for more gibsmedat for blacks.

The Telegraph

US leader Donald Trump called for an end to racial hatred Saturday at the launch of a museum dedicated to victims of white-supremacist violence in America’s Deep South, a ceremony boycotted by several black leaders.

The president’s attendance at a private gathering to open the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History next door, which came at the invitation of the state’s Republican governor, had triggered a backlash from some who marched in the movement to win those rights, including veteran US congressman John Lewis.

Lewis – a Democratic lawmaker from Georgia who also skipped Trump’s presidential inauguration in January – said Friday that the president’s “attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum.”

Democratic US congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi joined Lewis in the boycott.

Trump did not reference the controversy in his tribute, opting instead to stay on script.


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Defiant Trump Going to Open Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Spite of Black Hostility

USA Today reports that President Trump will tour the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Saturday, give a talk to civil rights leaders, but will not address the general public.

A number of high profile Negros are named by USA Today as boycotting Trump’s appearance. The average Negro also seems to wish that Trump would stay out of Mississippi.

It appears that (((you know who))) are inflaming their pets to try to provoke some sort of confrontation in Mississippi on Saturday.

Excerpt from Washington Post via NOLA

JACKSON, Miss. – The president is coming to America’s poorest, blackest state to open a civil rights museum on Saturday, and people in the neighborhoods surrounding that gleaming new tribute to the past would rather have Donald Trump visit their present.

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Excerpt from TAKE YOUR CHOICE Separation or Mongrelization By Theodore G. Bilbo

This excerpt is from Chapter 1 of the book. I’ve made no effort to clean up the formatting issues. There are 1,400 words in the excerpt. The book was published in 1947.

Although the race problem may seem to lie dormant at times, it continually exists, lives on and
on and som etim es rages w ith all the fury of a jungle beast. It gnaw s at the very vitals of our
existence, in time it w ill sap our strength and destroy the greatness of our American way of life
unless solved properly and permanently. The time has now come when we mustdevote all the
necessary efforts to set our household in order and to find a perm anent solution to this
heretofore unsolved problem .

From the time of slavery through the bloody years of the W ar Between the States and the days
when the S o u th drank from the bitter cup of Reconstruction down to the present tim e, the N egro
problem has been before the American people. It has been, and is today, our greatest domestic
problem. No other issue has been such a source ofconstant friction, has demanded so much
thought and attention, nor has lasted so long. V olum es have been w ritten, great speeches have
been made, sermons have been preached, but the Negro problem has been passed on from
generation to generation. The difficulties have increased with the passing years, the obstacles
have become so great that some students of the question have cried out in weariness and despair
that there is no solution.

W e refuse to accept a defeatist attitude. An answercan and must be found. In the past four or
five years overtwo hundred books have been written by Negroes and white Quis lings pleading
for Negro equality, while only five or six books have been w ritten in behalf of the preservation
of the w hite race and w hite suprem acy. Let those who now plead that this is not the tim e for
discussing the race question obtain any of these two hundred books or any current N egro


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