Trump Takes on Protesters in Massive Minnesota Rally


One of the two protesters at Wednesday night’s Duluth, Minnesota Trump rally held up a photo of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein. I believe the photo above is the one the protester used.

As you know, Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” was visited by a number of prominent people, including Trump, I believe. More famously, Bill Clinton made multiple visits to the island.

Neither of the two protesters gained anything other than fleeting fame from their stunts. Trump mocked them nicely, meeting with massive approval among the deplorables.

Fox News

President Trump taunted a pair of protesters at a rally he headlined in Duluth, Minnesota for GOP Congressional candidate Pete Stauber.

Videos of the incidents are embedded at the end of this post.

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That Skyscraper Climbing Racoon Whose Plight Captivated the World is Safe


Washington Post via NOLA

As a raccoon spent much of Tuesday climbing a 25-story skyscraper in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, the world watched, terrified that this suspense story would end in a tragic plummet. (It didn’t.)



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Muslim Amazon Employees Protest Increased Workload During Ramadan

America kills Muslims overseas, yet gives them special privileges at home. This makes no sense. We’re a schizophrenic nation.

Ignoring the special treatment they already get, Muslims want more. already gives Muslims their own PRAYER ROOM, the only religious group to be so privileged. If Muslims have their own sacred space at work, why not Christians (of all denominations) and Jews.

Since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a Jew, let a Christian prayer room be presided over by John Hagee, that shill for Israel. Why stop there, though. Get the Pope into a Catholic prayer room since he loves Muslims so much.

Now, these privileged Muslims are demanding a lighter workload one month during the year, the month of Ramadan. If Bezos thought that he could manage cheap Muslim labor while rejecting white labor, it looks like he better have a Plan B.


Amazon has often been accused of a toxic workplace culture, characterized by employee tracking bracelets and peeing in bottles.

But the company’s latest controversy is more religious in nature.

Dozens of Muslim Amazon employees are protesting their increased workload during Ramadan. The workers are based at Amazon warehouses in Eagan and Shakopee, Minnesota, about a half hour outside of Minneapolis.

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Not Welcome in Minneapolis: White Female SJW Verbally Abuses Fox’s Tomi Lahren in Foul-Mouthed Rant as Her Friend Tosses Glass of Water on Tomi


Yes, Mr. President, we are with Tomi. The vile insane feminist freaks who attacked her deserve everyone’s condemnation.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

One of the two young women involved in a brunch scuffle with Tomi Lahren spoke out on Wednesday to say that she stands by the incident and ‘doesn’t care’ that President Trump disapproves of her friend throwing water at the Fox News pundit.


Heavy has turned up a lot of information on disgusting puke Jasmine.

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Sh*tskin Somalis Allegedly Stealing $100 Million Yearly in Minnesota, Cash Transferred to Terrorists

Oh yeah, it’s nothing out of the ordinary to see a shitskin African migrant board a plane with a cool million in cash.

Nothing to see. Move on.

Unless you care to learn how easy it is for nogs (of the African variety) to steal massive amounts of money from a liberal government in a liberal state.

Make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure medication before reading this.

Condensed from Fox9

MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – For five months, Fox 9 has been investigating what appears to be rampant fraud in a massive state program.

This fraud is suspected of costing Minnesota taxpayers as much as $100 million a year.

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Minnesota Sentences Catholic Priest to 10 Years Probation for Sex with ADULT WOMAN

Here we have a case of a discriminatory law that treats women like they’re children by giving them special rights.

A Minnesota woman voluntarily had sex with a priest but later decided she was exploited.

He faced up to 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine, so he got off with a relatively easy sentence.

San Diego Union Tribune

A chance encounter in Rome led a Minnesota woman to seek spiritual solace from a San Diegan studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood, Jacob Bertrand.

She received his prayers — and a sexual relationship that Bertrand later described as “the second holiest sacrifice next to Jesus and Mary on Calvary.”

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Somali Cop Who Fatally Shot Justine Damond Finally Charged with Murder as “Blue Wall” of Silence Breached by Grand Jury


I think this is my 10th post on the Justine Damond murder.

Finally, we get to see Mohamed Noor, the cop who fired a bullet into Justine, killing her, in a mugshot instead of a police uniform.

Kudos to DA Mike Freeman for breaking through the blue wall of silence that had cops refusing to talk to investigators. Freeman is a hero for getting together a grand jury and issuing subpoenas to force zip-lipped cops to talk.

Excerpt from NBC News

A police officer who mistakenly shot and killed an Australian woman last July in Minneapolis was indicted on a charge of third-degree murder Tuesday, and the city’s top prosecutor blamed “uncooperative” cops for slowing down the investigation.

Officer Mohamed Noor was also charged with second-degree manslaughter in connection with the death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, according to records from the Hennepin County Jail. Bail was set at $500,000.

NBC News is ahead of itself. There is no evidence that Noor “mistakenly” shot Justine. That’s not the kind of mistake that’s easily made. From what we know about Noor, it’s conceivable that he deliberately killed her, based on his hatred of women and of white people. That’s only a theory, mind you, but if NBC can get ahead of itself so can the rest of us.

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